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  • 2:16 oooh

    Hand movement Yam ASMR and Yax GAMINGHand movement Yam ASMR and Yax GAMING6 timmar sedan
  • Melanie is not doing anything and she’s making me fall asleep. I think it’s her beauty

    Hand movement Yam ASMR and Yax GAMINGHand movement Yam ASMR and Yax GAMING6 timmar sedan
  • Did it bother anyone else that the silver part of her hair kept getting mixed up in the brown part of her hair or was it just me

    Bluestone OceanBluestone Ocean8 timmar sedan
  • This video is so underrated

    Alice TsuiAlice Tsui8 timmar sedan
  • Ive known since I was a teen that I didn't want kids. I told my fiance when we first got together that I never wanted kids, and he felt the same way. 10 years later and we are still on the same page lol I truly wish you the best figuring out what is best for you and your life❤

    dizziemddizziemd8 timmar sedan
  • Melanie is the DEFINITION of the 😌 emoji

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  • Thank you😉☺️

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  • never seen this channel but the tig ol bitties SUBSCRIBING

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  • I’ve missed these types of videos 💛

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  • I love that excitement in her voice when she says "Are you staying for dinner"?

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  • a que huele Melanie?

    Sophia AguilarSophia Aguilar11 timmar sedan
  • Oh yea & having an animal sanctuary & growing my own food 🙌🏼💯💯💯

    Amanda EllixsonAmanda Ellixson12 timmar sedan
  • Thank you julia, i loved this. I wanna say that i too am “bad at taking naps” as you put it haha i can’t do a nap thats under 2 hours 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Amanda EllixsonAmanda Ellixson12 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful hands, nails and tattoos 😊 your voice is super soothing too!!!!!!!

    neicole ghiblineicole ghibli13 timmar sedan
  • My favorite part is the end when she gives them a drink and a snack. The tingliest part for me!

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  • Ella todo el video😌

    bauti igbauti ig13 timmar sedan
  • When she started spraying the horny juice

    baise tout le mondebaise tout le monde13 timmar sedan
  • I love you but i don't like soft spoken 😭

    Dolores SanchezDolores Sanchez14 timmar sedan
  • "Donna, I LOVE U !! ^^"

    R BaptistR Baptist14 timmar sedan
  • melanie the whole time: 😌 me if i was her: 🤭🤣🤠💃

    xsunflowerxsunflower14 timmar sedan
  • so glad I found your videos- so relaxing!! thank you!!

    Amy JansAmy Jans14 timmar sedan
  • I love Donna’s unique hair color. Her style reminds me of Aveda. Love the atmosphere and asthetic you create!

    Heather GoerlichHeather Goerlich14 timmar sedan
  • Melaine Martinez

    Lucas FerreiraLucas Ferreira15 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for the heating pad alternative. I was legit going to buy an electric one and now I think I’ll try finding one on Etsy instead.

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  • C r o n c h y h a i r

    Orange JuixceOrange Juixce16 timmar sedan
  • no chin ass lmaoo

    Andres EcheverriaAndres Echeverria16 timmar sedan
  • i love her music!!❣️

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  • Can we get a whisper video like the whispering in your Curology ad? 🙃

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  • Looovee itttt 👍👍👍👍⚘🌷🌻🌼💐🌺🍀🦄

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  • Sending love to everyone in the comment section❤️ this is such a supportive community

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  • Birds of the feather flock together.

    Class and DeterminationClass and Determination19 timmar sedan
  • The best video I ever watched

    Melania De PascalisMelania De Pascalis20 timmar sedan
  • I love the leopard print pants. Reminds me of some I had years ago.

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  • Soft spoken vids are my faves 😍 I watch them over and over

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  • I love this video so relaxing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎧🌙

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  • This shit is working in my car that’s how tingly it is! 🖤 thank you and thank you kitty

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  • Agradecido con el algoritmo de youyube!

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  • Wait is that real Melanie Martinez

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  • Her hair really is beautiful. I watched this vid with no sound and it was more relaxing.

    VeronicaVeronicaDag sedan
  • Very beautiful girl no

    Samantha LopezSamantha LopezDag sedan
  • Reading makes me sleepy too! If I look at the phone, I always go to bed after midnight... If I read, maybe I resist until 11 pm 😂

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  • This is the first time i've seen her face

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  • Paige is such a relaxing model to watch. Like she seems genuinely soooo relaxed and chill, she's so cute I love her

    marinedelmarinedelDag sedan
  • the little facial expressions she makes when ur talking about her r absolutely adorable awh(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    amandaamandaDag sedan
  • I just want to know...what's for dinner?

    TraceguyRuneTraceguyRuneDag sedan
  • She 💤😴


    Harold g stalington is hereHarold g stalington is hereDag sedan
  • Others beauty dont take away from your own, have a good day or night you sexy beasts 👹😩

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  • Really good ASMR video. Sound is super clear & calm, Awesome Video!

    Donald BakerDonald BakerDag sedan
  • USA: Did somebody say *oil* ?

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  • OMG! Finally! So happy you've done another session, can't wait for tonight to relax and unwind, you help us go to sleep so peacefully. Please do more! ❤️❤️

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  • 18/6/21 jay wheeler<3

    Iman Shalom01Iman Shalom01Dag sedan
  • Melanie is so quite KKKKKK

    Luna SilvaLuna SilvaDag sedan
  • The tea looks like dried spiders and I can’t unsee it!

    Mr. BeldingMr. BeldingDag sedan
  • My 5 year old son loves to watch ASMR with me and will ask me to rub his back. You were the one to start him on his ASMR journey, thank you!

    Elizabeth EnglandElizabeth EnglandDag sedan
  • Holy hell how did you get Mel up in here!? Edited THATS HOW? JUST BY TALKING THROUGH INSTAGRAM!??? We love you Melanie! You are so kind!

    Luka LilaneLuka LilaneDag sedan
  • When she started massaging her shoulder I was waiting for a pop lock it cracked scracle pop

    qurakuku adachiqurakuku adachiDag sedan
  • Can you please do an energy work video like you used to do? I love and miss those and your so great at it. Thank you for another great video. <3

    Twilight MacTwilight MacDag sedan
  • wow..finally u r back ...with ur original asmr much i missed this typ of content u dnt knw.

    Tanni's world...Tanni's world...Dag sedan
  • Its amezing

    Ashok SinhAshok SinhDag sedan
  • Someone playing with my hair is my fav and surest tingle trigger ❤🌟😴growing up I used to run my fingers through my hair whenever I was getting sleepy or before bed I didn't realize it was soothing me to sleep😊

    Elizabeth A.Elizabeth A.Dag sedan
  • I’m sure that cat is happy 😸😸😸

    George BelloneGeorge BelloneDag sedan
  • Que bonito gatito😍🐈

    Mayi toMayi toDag sedan
  • her smile- OMG its so cute :3

    Chloe Somerton-Wiseman (STUDENT)Chloe Somerton-Wiseman (STUDENT)Dag sedan
  • She’s beautiful and I loved how you guys had some conversation throughout the video.

    Grace SharplessGrace SharplessDag sedan
  • I don’t know about anybody else, but I actually like the background noises. I grew up in the inner city and most of my ASMR experiences happened with city noises. The beeps and cars, airplanes etc, actually give me more tingles!Sometimes I feel like the pressure for ASMRist to try and make it so prefect is not necessary every time! Keep up the amazing videos, they’re all amazing!!

    jacklynjacklynDag sedan
  • This is the kind of energy I needed tonight

    Jessica CruzJessica CruzDag sedan
  • OMG! Conocí a Donna en un concierto de Lewis Capaldi en Madrid... Es una reina dentro y fuera del escenario. Kisses from Spain. 💋❤️🇪🇸

    singluluersingluluerDag sedan
  • So many people I know who get migraines (myself included!) get really bad reactions to Meyers products 🥺 just to warn anyone else who has problems w that :’( on a brighter note.... if you’re about egg breakfast moments... highly recommend stewing cherry tomatoes and folding them into soft fluffy scrambled eggs! Or eggs and beans... sounds weird but my friend made them for me the other day and wowwww. I guess it’s a recipe from Oaxaca ! Very very good. Especially love it drenched in chili oil, but that’s just me:-)

    Cybelle CorwinCybelle CorwinDag sedan
  • Love chef John. His voice is so soothing. Plus the food 👌🏼

    Chloe StuckChloe StuckDag sedan
  • This is such a beautiful video through and through. The purity of the friendship, the softness, the peace. Thank you so much Julia!

    Abigail CohenAbigail CohenDag sedan
  • I can't believe i lived 46 years without these videos- these are everything. 💯❤️

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  • Way to engaging for me... I need whispered to go into a sleepy mode 💤💤💤💤 What w Shane

    Carolina ReaperCarolina ReaperDag sedan