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Trying to figure it all out in Los Angeles, CA.



  • I love when she's says amazing things about melanie and she dose her beautiful joyful smile 😁🤩

    Jay KeeleyJay Keeley6 timmar sedan
  • As someone that has been lucky enough to have horses her whole life and knows just how amazing they are I am so glad to welcome someone as amazing as you to the horse community!!!! You need to move to Yorkshire in the UK! I have a minimum wage job and I manage to rent my own house and have my own horse and live fairly comfortably!

    Samantha HardmanSamantha Hardman7 timmar sedan
  • I want thattttttttttt

    TheTinyTeaCupTheTinyTeaCup8 timmar sedan
  • Her: Hey Melanie!! Wanna- Melanie: *Im here*

    s p i d e r d a n c es p i d e r d a n c e8 timmar sedan
  • Video: 44 minutes Melanie: 😌

    Lisa ÁvilaLisa Ávila8 timmar sedan
  • Melanie in the start og the video:👁👄👁 melanie in the rest of the video: ➖👄➖ after the video:⚫️👄⚫️

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  • mate

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  • enyone there?

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  • hello?

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  • do tatoos hurt?

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  • do i win a prize for watch the video

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  • hi

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  • Love her music so much💕💕💖💖

    alyssa Mirafuentesalyssa Mirafuentes9 timmar sedan
  • Phoebe is talented and beautiful and very blessed to have Julia as a friend!

    Kalanthe ColeKalanthe Cole10 timmar sedan
  • I just discovered your video. One question I have is, are they real?

    cksammicksammi11 timmar sedan
  • The asmr girl through out the video: hhheyeh ghuys *in whispers* Me:🔇😀🔇 Melanie: 😌 Me:💗🤩🤗💗✨💫☄️

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  • I don’t watch asmr, I’m simply here cuz this I’m has been living on my SEcrone recommendations and I love Melanie Martinez so this is a very interesting experience

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  • Melanie : 😌 Me : 🗿

    kira iikira ii13 timmar sedan
  • I need an appointment with you ASAP! This looks so relaxing.

    Xiana SantanaXiana Santana14 timmar sedan
  • The video starts at 2:22 (for the asmr lol)

    Little StarLittle Star14 timmar sedan
  • wait you make your own deodorant?? recipe!!???

    Kristin ZimmermanKristin Zimmerman15 timmar sedan
  • If you ever come to Brazil, I would be honored to be one of your models lol love your work

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  • Just watching this video for the first time a year later but wow I didn’t know you’re from Maryland! I’m from Maryland too :) loved this vid -<3

    Gina GaeblGina Gaebl16 timmar sedan
  • Esse vídeo sempre me relaxa

    alinne saravaalinne sarava16 timmar sedan
  • He's kinda cute tho😂

    Joey LJoey L16 timmar sedan
  • You talk way to much

    Chris MillerChris Miller16 timmar sedan
  • Could u make an update when he gets out 🤭

    Th3 W4yneTr4inTh3 W4yneTr4in16 timmar sedan
  • she’s so gorgeous, I cannot-

    arixiello •arixiello •17 timmar sedan
  • Imagine being able to have the patience enough to pole dance like that. The pure talent lol.

    SweetiePieSweetiePie17 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    White RosesWhite Roses17 timmar sedan
  • this is the lady that is danielle in "for all mankind" tv show?

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  • I just made that same leap - I grew up with horses and just started leasing. My biggest conversation before leasing was talking with my boyfriend about the time commitment. He’s used to me spending one day a week at the barn, but now I need to be out there at least 4. Yeah, the money is scary, but the time is somehow more scary to me!

    Rachel SullivanRachel Sullivan19 timmar sedan
  • Awww

    Anne HargreevesAnne Hargreeves20 timmar sedan
  • 4:02: Mels Smile 😊 It made my Day!!!

    KA WellsKA Wells20 timmar sedan
  • Btw Veganaise is pronounced with a J sound like vegetable, not like vegan. I got this info from their website. Their company is so old, it predates “vegan” even being a thing

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  • He looks like a Greek god

    Lalie Q.Lalie Q.21 timme sedan
  • You look beautiful

    Animalmon Inc.Animalmon Inc.21 timme sedan

    Madison ClarkMadison Clark21 timme sedan
  • As a horse owner of nearly 20 years I can confirm they are a walking void for money. But their worth every single penny! He seems very calm to say he has just arrived and a very handsome lad. Can’t wait to see the journey you take together. Horses are incredible for helping with stress and anxiety 💗

    Hayley SheridanHayley Sheridan21 timme sedan
  • Ha the last video I watched from you was in like 2011 to cut up t-shirts! So glad you’re still vlogging, now to catch up on videos!

    iiiskyllliiiskylll22 timmar sedan
  • I love this video so much😍❤it is so relaxing

    Nikki SmitskampNikki Smitskamp22 timmar sedan
  • Watching this helped me cope with my Sunday evening blues. Your soothing voice, the golden hour light gently fading on Devendra's relaxed face... This looks dreamy. This is relaxing for my ears and my eyes, thanks a lot.

    M CastelainM Castelain23 timmar sedan
  • Sometimes I think I'm pretty and then I see girls like Elizabeth and then I still think I'm pretty but can't help but admire how GORGEOUS she is 😊

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  • First pass should be down not up,then up for against the grain if you want bbs.

    Wayne RoweWayne RoweDag sedan
  • What an ironic name for a sleep ASMR channel lol

    Morgan CarrelMorgan CarrelDag sedan
  • just watching this makes me feel comfortable and relaxed

    athena alsentzerathena alsentzerDag sedan
  • One of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen!

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  • It's missing that one day I'll invite kylie jenner

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  • How she not making any facial expressions I would be lik 😌😏😾😃🙄😫🤔😒😎😀😄😆☺️🥲🤣😂😂

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  • So beautiful

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  • 𝕨𝕠𝕨

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  • zzzzzzzzz m sleeping dnd

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  • Tengo envidia de la chica que acaricia el pelo me melanie😭

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  • Devendra 😍😍❤

    Shikha ChaurasiaShikha ChaurasiaDag sedan
  • damn, you are good at this

    Wojciech KuchcikWojciech KuchcikDag sedan
  • how does one get a melanie in their house

    SammySammyDag sedan
  • here kitty kitty! I never got to now my brothers cat from the kitty stage and i also never thought i was a cat person. i still love dogs, but every time i see a cat like the one i lived with for 5 years with my brother i get all mushy! i live at home now and my parents wont let me have a pet. my spaz is lost now and might even be dead. i really really miss him. that black spot on his nose. the grey and black steaks of fur on his head. the softness and comfy position in my lap. his meow. everything. i wish i had enough money to live on my own so i could adopt evety animal at the humane society.

    BeckemoBeckemoDag sedan
  • I’ve been look for this video everywhere😭✋🏻

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  • wow i never noticed you were so thicc

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  • Melanie : * respira * Yo : SISISISISISISISIS ( el meme de la cardi)

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  • Hi

    ꕥSleepy BxnnyꕥꕥSleepy BxnnyꕥDag sedan
  • Is that agent pamento?

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  • Beautiful feminine woman,, love it <3.

    Jon SmithJon SmithDag sedan
  • Love your videos.

    Nelda RendonNelda RendonDag sedan
  • Melanie: 😌 Me: 👾

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