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  • Love you! GIVEAWAY: @kay.eye.m

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  • This literally made me fall asleep in my Mac & cheese 😭🙌🏻🧡☁️✨ I’m @agingerly on Instagram for the giveaway entry! 🤞🏻

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  • I was almost finishing my work night shift when the video dropped in my phone screen and all I could think was: THANK GOD, as soon as I get home I’m gonna watch Julia, let all the stress out and sleep like a baby 😄😄 you really are one of a kind 💗💗

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  • Quelle douceur! Your videos appease me so much. And hearing the tinkling of those bottles 😍 my fav kind of video! Thank you so mich for organising this giweaway. I've been wanting to buy Kindred Black products but cannot afford them right now. My instagram account is @nrnmjnsz . Have a lovely day 💐

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  • When you coming to England to do a collab? I think its time you deserved a massage 😀🙏 ps I love your content you was one of my inspirations to start my own channel ❤🙏

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  • I adore this video! I always thoroughly enjoy n find peace in your ASMR trinkets....but this goodness. My main thought the entire video was that you just seemed so happy. Not that your others you dont seem out of sorts or u friendly....I just got such a different vibe from you with this one. Perhaps it's just me...I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned or felt the same way. I would start to drift off...tingles the entire time...n then I'd just smile grandly, along with you. I think perhaps I feel that I sense a playfulness n your personality moreso in this video than nay other ASMR that I've taken in....your shoulder shrugs n smiles n in awe exhales, etc. This just makes my heart happy n makes me blissfully tingly, emotionally n physically. Thank you💓💓💓

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  • uwu

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  • You could do a video, in which you actually use these products on someone. 😍 Still enjoyed it that way too.

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