Shaving my boyfriend's head (first time in 13 years) 💌

This was Nick's decision! He's been debating on whether or not to do it for weeks and finally decided to go for it. He thinks he will grow it back but is glad for the change. I love him with whatever hair he chooses, please be kind when sharing your opinions ❤️🌹

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  • I love him with any hair!!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz9 månader sedan
    • itsblitzzz he looks good!😊

      Greg DobbinGreg Dobbin7 månader sedan
    • We know and we love to see it!! 🤗💖🎉

      G. M.G. M.9 månader sedan
    • He looks great both ways😊

      Dark Owl StoriesDark Owl Stories9 månader sedan
    • He looks younger!

      Erin KrugerErin Kruger9 månader sedan
    • You guys are so cute. This vid made me smile 😊

      Rain MareeRain Maree9 månader sedan
  • Pretty nice !

    Alena MAlena M14 dagar sedan
  • Nick jonas with the shaved head !

    HattyHatty17 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one who thinks he looks like Rick from Rick and Morty

    ima_weeb_ima_weeb_18 dagar sedan
  • aww, you two ...❤️

    Lee LeeLee Lee29 dagar sedan
  • But but but his hair looks so coool 😵🤩

    N. NovakN. Novak2 månader sedan
  • Нику в школу пора. Домашние задания сделал? 😅😃😂

    Олег КачергисОлег Качергис2 månader sedan
  • Не знаю как красивую девушку зовут, за фигуру респект👍. Ник - крутая причёска.👊

    Олег КачергисОлег Качергис2 månader sedan
  • Meanwhile, there's me who's already horrifically balding at age 18.

    Skiba's StuffSkiba's Stuff2 månader sedan
  • julia is so sweet and supportive i love them x

    Em QEm Q3 månader sedan
  • Embrace the skin. Reggae 69.

    Nate TaiapaNate Taiapa3 månader sedan
  • Haha i got a commercial about shampoo which said "long hair goals" 😂😂

    LisaLisa3 månader sedan
    • 😂😂

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • great shirt. great hair color. great head of hair. nicks a good looking dude

    Joey CoxJoey Cox3 månader sedan
  • Needs to shave those eyebrows. Gaddamn!

    jmgrampajmgrampa3 månader sedan
  • Oh my god he is so cute🥰 you two are beautiful toguether 💗

    Luiza BettiatiLuiza Bettiati4 månader sedan
  • Ben stiller?

    Nikolas MoldenhauerNikolas Moldenhauer4 månader sedan
  • omg his hair color is so cool

    abendrotabendrot4 månader sedan
  • Your boyfriend looks like young George Clooney 👍

    ALEXxpress ShortsALEXxpress Shorts5 månader sedan
  • I know people don't like the mess of a hair cut but usually its great for the environment to leave the hair outside, especially if its long. The birds pick it up for their nests and other critters could use it to.

    Witch's Brew ViewsWitch's Brew Views5 månader sedan
  • such a good looking couple

    Shannon SimShannon Sim5 månader sedan
  • I have the same hair as him and have been wanting to shave mine too for years. Think I’m gonna take the plunge

    walshywalshy5 månader sedan
  • @itsblitzzz Does Nick take a 5AR inhibitor? Gotta insure those locks :-)

    Cosmic PowerCosmic Power5 månader sedan
  • Holy shit, he must’ve been itchy for WEEKS 😂

    Thelegend27Thelegend275 månader sedan
  • siete meravigliosi 🌷

    Red Shadows Art RitaRed Shadows Art Rita5 månader sedan
  • You both look like as relative

    Alenna BerezovaAlenna Berezova5 månader sedan
  • awww!!

    akxxshiiakxxshii6 månader sedan
  • Your boyfriend is very handsome!!

    Corazon IndomableCorazon Indomable6 månader sedan
  • Very nice couple and good haircut. :)

    MartinaMartina6 månader sedan
  • You love him sooo affectionately you are shaving his head....very happy to see your true love

    narayanan kothamangalamnarayanan kothamangalam6 månader sedan
  • Before was better but I like how he trusted her

    J. S.J. S.6 månader sedan
  • that looks so much better!!

    krankenheim13krankenheim136 månader sedan
  • He looks younger with short hair!!!

    Annie RAnnie R6 månader sedan
  • he looked like a hot crazy scientist with the long hair hahahah

    Bianca PicchiBianca Picchi6 månader sedan
  • Shorter bro. Go shorter. Fully shorn dome is amazing. 😉

    LocumRexLocumRex6 månader sedan
  • the kiss for good luck part i’m gonna cry

    Brianna LozanoBrianna Lozano6 månader sedan
  • His hair hasn’t grown almost nothing in 13 years 😂

    Super SonicoSuper Sonico6 månader sedan
  • Looking great nick

    Cheryl TaitCheryl Tait7 månader sedan
  • it looks really good!

    kuromikuromi7 månader sedan
  • he gives me aquarius/ virgo energy 🥺💗💗

    God is good!God is good!7 månader sedan
  • My dumbass thought he suddenly aged and I had grey braids two years ago💀

    KK7 månader sedan
  • Why is ur hair grey? You look pretty young

    Valeria 099Valeria 0997 månader sedan
  • I think he needs to groom his eyebrows

    LIeb LeeLIeb Lee7 månader sedan
  • I think the short hair looks wayyyyyy better in my opinion

    Sarah AlhazeemSarah Alhazeem7 månader sedan
  • Geralt of Rivia becomes Henry Rollins.

    Owen EvansOwen Evans7 månader sedan
  • If it makes him feel any better, I think he pulls off short hair very well. He has hair versatility

    Stux BC4LStux BC4L7 månader sedan
  • Shorter!!

    sylvianbluesylvianblue7 månader sedan
  • I think of David Byrne when his hair is long

    sylvianbluesylvianblue7 månader sedan
  • That's a BUZZ not a SHAVE!

    Bald BeardedBald Bearded7 månader sedan
  • It looks good!!!!

    Elle JeeElle Jee7 månader sedan
  • That's not a headshave but just a shorter hairstyle which suits him well. He should try a short fade on back and sides. It would cope very well with his slightly receding hairline.

    hairycueballhairycueball7 månader sedan
  • bro this man really be lookin like guzma

    meme7 månader sedan
  • He reminds me so much of Steve-O after his fresh cut. Looks really good!

    Anne WrightAnne Wright7 månader sedan
  • Looks like your boyfriend needs his head shaven. Good video, Blitz! : )

    Osagie E. GuobadiaOsagie E. Guobadia7 månader sedan
  • He kinda looks like beetle juice

    ツNyanツNyan7 månader sedan
  • Julia I love how happy you look with him. I know you have been together for years now and you’ve both sincerely worked through struggles together and it is so refreshing to see you smiling so much with each other.

    Keenan FoulkeKeenan Foulke7 månader sedan
  • That's exactly what I'll be doing in a very short time... clippers in one hand and this video guidance in the other 😄🤳🏽 I subbed right away 😉👍🏽

    2-Tone Kit2-Tone Kit7 månader sedan
  • It looks great Nick suits you

    ASMR sounds4therapy Sounds&visualsASMR sounds4therapy Sounds&visuals7 månader sedan
  • Looks great, Nick!

    Kay MauriceKay Maurice7 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or does he look Iike Shinsou with white hair??!

    Jessica AJessica A7 månader sedan
  • Nick looks so much younger with his hair shaved. And I definitely agree with his final thoughts of "shave your hair". It doesn't matter whether you're a guy, a girl, or however you identify yourself, SHAVE YOUR HAIR. At least once in your lifetime. It's so liberating, honestly. I did it a few months before I turned 17, and continued shaving it for a few months before finally deciding I wanted to grow my hair back out again. 3 years later and my hair now goes down to the lowest part of my collarbone. The initial stages of growing your hair out from being shaved is a bit annoying (always waking up with crazy hair going in every direction), but it's totally worth it in my opinion. ❤

    Alyssa FlemingAlyssa Fleming7 månader sedan
  • 😆😆😆😆😆 look good 💇🏻‍♂️

    meyra Meyrameyra Meyra7 månader sedan
  • I thought it was gonna be bald

    AxelRadAxelRad7 månader sedan
  • As a man I must say that he looks really good either way. 👍

    SemmeleinSemmelein7 månader sedan
  • How many sherwin Williams shirts does he have? What’s he write? Also yeah fading it in the back looks good otherwise it sorta looks like a helmet but I’m not hating that the same haircut I have right now cause I went to great clips...

    kiel claytonkiel clayton7 månader sedan
  • He looks like Steve O now!

    Alexandra MatierAlexandra Matier7 månader sedan
  • I love it! I shaved my head in April this year for the first time ever, I have always wanted to but never had the courage. Then I thought to myself; "why am I so attached to hair? it's just HAIR. It grows back!" so my husband did it for me and we both love it. I have never felt so beautiful, badass and confident. I honestly don't know if I'll ever have hair again.

    xenowhorexenowhore7 månader sedan
  • Late to this party of watching, but he kind of looks like Joe Jonas with it shaved.

    Caty BethCaty Beth8 månader sedan
  • Miss your videos. Hope ur okay❤

    Loubna HassaninLoubna Hassanin8 månader sedan
  • I love you guys ❤️

    Abby NormalAbby Normal8 månader sedan
  • Why does her boyfriend look like her dad......

    Allexxander BurrAllexxander Burr8 månader sedan
  • 13 YEARS?!

    Miss GirlMiss Girl8 månader sedan
  • His eyebrows make him look 20 years older.

    Luke FarabeeLuke Farabee8 månader sedan
  • A marvelous head of hair. Recommendation...the Keana Reeves close clip from Speed

    wrybreadspreadwrybreadspread8 månader sedan
  • I wish I could be your friend

    HelloKittySamHelloKittySam8 månader sedan
  • hi! I'm writing this but I know you probably will never see this.. I just have to say that I'm really grateful that I found your channel on SEcrone, I'm a brazilian girl and I suffer from anxiety disorder since I was thirteen and now I'm eighteen. you are so sweet and gives me a really good sensation and hope. everytime I watch your videos I stay calm and relax and how I wish I was your friend... I just wanna to say thank you and don't give up of anything girl. you're an inspiration to me

    Camila de Araújo AbreuCamila de Araújo Abreu8 månader sedan
  • i aspire to be as cool as she is.

    Kaylyn LoveKaylyn Love8 månader sedan
  • Well he was cool to share this on your SEcrone channel! Also we are all bored in quarantine so these are the videos we find entertaining. He looks great! Plus I think his thick eyebrows help balance it out too.

    Amelie Says HolaAmelie Says Hola8 månader sedan
  • He looks weird but not in a bad way dont get me wrong just unusual the mixed black grey hair the thic eyebrows the dark eyes he does not look like a simple boring dude

    memberberriememberberrie8 månader sedan
  • Is that natural grey hair.

    APTILNTMAPTILNTM8 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz can't believe my mom thought l had grey hair in a picture l took the day before yesterday, l told her lt was the water from the rain making the hair grease stand out. She laughed because she didn't want to believe me.

      APTILNTMAPTILNTM8 månader sedan
    • haha, yes

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz8 månader sedan
  • I love this it looks so good wtf

    Makayla BerryMakayla Berry8 månader sedan
  • hes so hot and his grey hair omg

    Nicole WhitbyNicole Whitby8 månader sedan
  • I just saw your curology commercial! Congrats!

    Danielle McFarlandDanielle McFarland8 månader sedan
    • thank you!!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz8 månader sedan
  • C A L V O O O

    FBIFBI8 månader sedan
  • Nice vid, really wholesome.

    Jonathan LotterJonathan Lotter8 månader sedan
  • Unrelated, but I just saw your curology ad and it almost put me right to sleep haha

    Chisel1210Chisel12108 månader sedan
    • I just posted that too!!!!

      Ciara NuccetelliCiara Nuccetelli8 månader sedan
  • I was watching another ASMR video and your Curology AD played and I legit got goosebumps from it! I even knew what videos you or Curology took them from 😂 thank you for always soothing me even in your ADs!

    Ciara NuccetelliCiara Nuccetelli8 månader sedan
    • 😄❤️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz8 månader sedan
  • He looks so fucking sexy. The gray pattern in his hair is sick. He doesn’t look old at all, he looks my age (late twenties) and his hair line is the ideal. If it’s recessed then it was too full before. But yeah the back needs some work but definitely a better job than most novices would do 🖤

    TatianaTatiana8 månader sedan

    DavidDavid8 månader sedan
  • does anyone know if that song is on Spotify??

    bland walnutbland walnut8 månader sedan
  • When can we expect more asmr 😢

    Madeline GoodwillMadeline Goodwill8 månader sedan
  • You are so lovely together. 🥰 It looks good as he has a good bone structure.

    M RBGJM RBGJ8 månader sedan
  • This should have been an ASMR video!

    Ana PeAna Pe8 månader sedan
  • I shaved my head 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it!! ❤️ Nick you look stunning 👌🏿

    Nicol ohne eNicol ohne e8 månader sedan
  • Your bf looks kinda like lauv

    Kim MariyahKim Mariyah8 månader sedan
  • I lovee youuuuu uu please write a comment 😍😍😍

    nazan Akıncınazan Akıncı8 månader sedan
    • ❤️❤️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz8 månader sedan
  • Why do I find this video so cute

    HBKSpainFanHBKSpainFan8 månader sedan
  • He’s beautiful! My dad used to say “ God only made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair” 🤣🤣🤣 my dad was bald!! Nick you look great

    Cheri RCheri R8 månader sedan
  • Hello Juliaaaa!! 🦋Hope your day is lovely as ever, I’m wondering which SEcrone channels you like ! I am in love with your channel & how it inspires me to live a life that is thoughtful, loving and happy ! any suggestions for more channels you enjoy would be appreciated !

    Hollyann ShieldsHollyann Shields8 månader sedan
  • “Shave ur head” 💀 say less Nick...

    Allie ScottAllie Scott8 månader sedan
  • Tip: IMO I would trim the eyebrows just a HAIR! (see what I did there? lol) But seriously, I would slightly trim them & by slightly I really mean only a TINY bit. Without the hair your eyebrows are more pronounced. Unless you don't plan on keeping the buzz cut for very long.

    Allison SimpsonAllison Simpson8 månader sedan