I'm not happy.

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  • Almost didn't upload this video because I hate the way I pronounce the word "twenty" (why do I say it so much in this video??). Now you know.

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • all you need is love

      s8nchos8ncho23 dagar sedan
    • Julia, just a thought... I get the whole sponsorship deals, but have you considered writing ✍️ ? You have a brilliant mind and I can only imagine what it would be like to read an ebook created by you. You have been through so many life challenges that reading your memoir in black and white would be beautiful. Thank you for being so authentic 🤗 Peace, love & light Sweetie pie.

      Samantha Katz HypnosisSamantha Katz HypnosisMånad sedan
    • why dont you hire an editor?

      Brendon FrettonBrendon FrettonMånad sedan
    • So glad you uploaded this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for giving me pause as a creator. Because of you, I'm thinking about the quality of life I want to live, not just what videos I want to make. I stopped partway through the video to write this, so I'm not sure if my next thoughts are in alignment with your future, but a lot of content I consume is posted through a platform called Kajabi. (No, this is not an ad for them :) ) I looked into it and it's not for me, but many of the creators I watch have mentioned that they appreciate the way it allows them to engage with their audiences directly, without being on social media, and gives them a way to earn revenue by charging their audiences for content. Your videos have been invaluable in helping me with insomnia and I'd gladly pay for your work. Sending big hugs and appreciation. Thanks and big love to you!

      Your Pal, ErinYour Pal, ErinMånad sedan
    • I remember watching a vid of yours a while back and you said when you were younger you were super into making money, l think the quote was st like “why would I hang out with friends when I could be making money?” I think it’s great that you’re listening to your heart instead of just being in a pattern and not changing it. I’ve never been motivated by money and st I think it’s nice to be a tiny bit money motivated because then I could be more financial stable.

      Ruby RayneRuby RayneMånad sedan
  • I'm 90 percent of the time unhappy But I'm dealing The world is a shit show and it's seemingly not getting better but I find love in the little things

    Daniel RossDaniel Ross3 dagar sedan
  • I just wanted to encourage you Julia to keep doing what you need to do and what you want to do. We are here to watch you. 😊 I found you on here about a year ago and have watched most of your videos. I went into the hospital on December 8th and was fighting for my life on a ventilator for 11 days. I’m still not 100 percent but I’m better than I was. Still on oxygen, but I kicked Covids ass! 💪🏻🙏🏻 Anyways....I have been having a hard time sleeping because of my lungs and fighting to breathe some nights, so I have been watching your videos and it’s been a life saver for me. Thank you for your kind spirit and please don’t get discouraged just keep pressing on! ♥️😊☮️

    Letha PowellLetha Powell3 dagar sedan
  • Your struggle is totally understandable. Unfortunately participating in this corporate manipulation is a necessary part of making money on SEcrone. It's great that you are thinking critically about your values and how you can find that work/life balance. I think you will find so much more satisfaction and happiness in communicating what is important to you over making more money. One of the most important feelings as a person is feeling accepted and understood, and I hope you can find that by sharing your stories on youtube and finding more self-expression and authenticity. Love this!

    pronatalist69pronatalist695 dagar sedan
  • im sorry youre frustrated- but can tell you have your reasons. i love your videos and your voice is always soothing. best of luck to your future and hope you will continue to include your audience

    Ashley ParksAshley Parks7 dagar sedan
  • Your sincerity, sharing and educating your followers will make it a stronger more loyal following. Your candidness and sharing the challenges of the work is AMAZING and keeps us glued to your content! You are appreciated. Thank you for the beautiful visuals. Love it all!!! Mae & TinkerBelle 💖😘

    Student TimeStudent Time10 dagar sedan
  • You're brave to close on a house you've never seen in person....that's a helluva commitment!

    Marc ApplewhiteMarc Applewhite13 dagar sedan
  • Can someone help me understand? Can't you make money on SEcrone just with ads that play during the video?

    April ShowersApril Showers13 dagar sedan
  • You're not the only SEcroner unhappy. Many others took breaks.

    kauigirl808kauigirl80814 dagar sedan
  • I love your ASMR videos and look forward to them.

    JilliejakesJilliejakes15 dagar sedan
  • I appreciated this! I hope you find a balance you’re comfortable with between your happiness and that moneyyyy! You made my 2020 better, and I hope 2021 is so so much better for you! x ✨💚

    Gloria OrtizGloria Ortiz17 dagar sedan
  • U look amazing

    TRE57 ProductionTRE57 Production19 dagar sedan
  • I get you... I just talked on Instagram about how I don't wanna be an influencer. But as others said: Just start your video qith a "this video is sponsored by blabla", you can do that in a creative way, look at Cody Ko for example. :D Or have you considered to make money with your own products or service? With your following you could make money out of anything. Probably more money than with the sponsorships even.

    plantifulalexandraplantifulalexandra20 dagar sedan
  • Yes! 🙌 nothing feels better than sticking to your truth, I think. It’s all a process, and I am thankful you shared this with us in a way that felt authentic to you. Excited for your new content this year!

    LluviaLluvia22 dagar sedan
  • Fuck Capitalism.

    Marsellus WallaceMarsellus Wallace25 dagar sedan
  • Damn sis.

    Esmeralda HutchersonEsmeralda Hutcherson26 dagar sedan
  • good for you girl! I have so much respect for you being so honest about how you make money on SEcrone.

    amy kempsteramy kempster29 dagar sedan
  • I'm starting not to enjoy SEcrone period and one of the reasons is because of illogical punishments and censorship against the 1st amendment right

    Classic LeslieClassic LeslieMånad sedan
  • I see what you’re saying, but one of the things I love about you is your brand deals/sponsors aren’t incredibly obvious. With most people you can tell right away when something is a brand deal because they’ll say “#sponsored” or try to sell you something right away, but your brand plugs feel very naturally enmeshed with your genuine content. Have you ever thought about making money by being paid for ASMR in person? Like you could open a studio or travel and find a way to give a person an ASMR experience in real life in exchange for money. There are some concerns, like safety, but you’re just so good at connecting! I wish you could find a way to bridge SEcrone and real life in a way that pays you well and gives you the ability to do what you love because you’re being paid for your own talent and expertise.

    Sara MackSara MackMånad sedan
  • Something I admire about your channel is you keep it real. Your channel has made me more aware of my sustainability and introduced me to amazing products. Native deodorant is now my favorite. I have never felt you incorporated lots of products which I love about your channel. Stay true to you Julia 💙

  • Happiness is an illusion set in the absence of sadness

  • Must be great to decline so many brand deals 😅

  • Blitz!! Why don’t you just stick the sponsored content in the beginning and then move on to your video!! That’s what a bunch of other ASMR artists do and it’s no big deal and often pleasant! 2-5 min at the beginning of your video and then you just say: ok, now on to the video! I feel like it’d be super stressful to try to cater an entire video around one brand/product! But wait, now that I’m thinking about it you’ve done this already with audible! Is that not a format that you find more manageable?

    kw 8278kw 8278Månad sedan
  • Its funny actually because as a new SEcroner, with no brand deals, I feel like I have more creative ability than bigger names like you and I'm almost like nervous to get "too big" that my creative license is pulled away from me and I wont be able to just create what I want to create. I have thought about this for a while now and I'm happy to see that you're annoyed and wanting to take back your voice. You rock !!!!!!!!!!

    Rachel JeanRachel JeanMånad sedan
  • Please stay strong

    Wrestle EntertainerWrestle EntertainerMånad sedan
  • Thanks for your videos. I really enjoy them. I have a hard time sleeping so your videos helps.

    Kevin ODonnellKevin ODonnellMånad sedan
  • You’re one of the few channels who’s ads I truly don’t mind and barely notice because they are things that I can tell you truly use and fit your personality. We’ve all got to make a living, but I’m happy you are taking charge of what and when you decide to them for your own mental health.

    annabeth1122annabeth1122Månad sedan
  • I’d totally pay for a membership to your channel. :)

    Amy LynneAmy LynneMånad sedan
  • 1. Hire an editor. 2. Tell manager bring only certain types of products to you. 3. As some who has worked decades and countless types of jobs, welcome to the world of hard work. Next you should sock as much as you can away and invest it so when you’re my age you can sit back and not have to work for money, instead your money works for you.

    Charlie RCharlie RMånad sedan
  • Very insightful, I really appreciate you making this video, I hope those goals come to fruition for you going forward. 😊

    Pinky LexusPinky LexusMånad sedan
  • Loved seeing you on pajama pants podcast! Get Jaime Lynn in there for a collaboration

    jjmdirectorjjmdirectorMånad sedan
  • Would you consider having a Patreon or something like that to allow more income without needing to work with brands? You have a lot of fans. You may be surprised by how many would be willing to make monthly contributions to support your channel. Artists deserve to be paid for their work.

    Taylor ElnickiTaylor ElnickiMånad sedan
    • She already has a patreon! The link is in the description of the video. She talked about it awhile ago, how she was unsure for a long time whether or not to create one but people kept asking so she did.

      sashulya40sashulya40Månad sedan
  • So, I just stumbled upon your account, watched a sponsored video, then left halfway to a video of yours a year back and watched it all the way till the end. And it was then I was feeling the same difference between the two videos. I subscribed to the channel. And was going to a recent video to leave a comment that how absolutely gorgeous you are. I am truly taken. And then I saw this video, and I can't help but admire you for being who you are. You are so strong and I can't help but also relate with how you feel. You definitely should go for what your heart is saying. I know it will cause some difficulties down the line. But some difficulties are better than other ones. And life is all about facing problems. So what. And throughout this video I was like, yeah girl I totally understand that, and yes yes that's the best decision, yeah it's alright. So true about that private life keeping private. Don't let the world pressurize you otherwise, you are so precious, you need to take full care of yourself. So, don't know if you will read this long comment. But girl I love you truly from the heart. I just feel it in me. Also thought so much not to say it. But yeah now you know.

    Khadija MaryamKhadija MaryamMånad sedan
  • Don’t want to throw anyone under the bus but I ended up unsubscribing from asmr glow for this exact reason it’s turned into a sponsorship channel and it doesn’t feel authentic to me anymore

    RagnarokRagnarokMånad sedan
  • I've always truly admired your authenticity with us ❤

    M TranM TranMånad sedan
  • I think you’re the real deal. Appreciate your honesty and love your asmr talent!

    Hovermaster 4000Hovermaster 4000Månad sedan
  • You are such a beautiful soul and I enjoy your work and your videos. This video really opened my eyes as to how hard it really is to be an influencer on SEcrone. I use to think it was easy and that anyone could post whatever they want whenever they want. Thank you for always being you and thank you for being so raw and truthful. ❤

    two bite brownietwo bite brownieMånad sedan
  • I don't know about this channel. But SEcrone subscribers seem to stagnate a lot. Especially, in ASMR.

    Ringel BlumeRingel BlumeMånad sedan
  • tldr?

    MadDragonMadDragonMånad sedan
  • You need an editor.

    krankenheim13krankenheim13Månad sedan
  • That's the downside of someone paying you, they have a say in what you do

    Tom ATom AMånad sedan
  • Hi Julia, i feel like any products you endorse on SEcrone sound very authentic and that you really use these products. I didn’t know that it helps you out more by me liking or commenting on your videos so I will go back and do that now for the videos that I’ve watched of yours so far. Maybe this will help a little in your goal of only having the partnerships that you really want or the amount of them you really want. I came across your channel and started watching it during the pandemic. It’s really helped me out. You said something about pharmaceutical withdrawal and I would love to hear more about this because I am going thru that right now also and it’s been extremely difficult.

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • Yo i respect you

    Morgan LiptakMorgan LiptakMånad sedan
  • House, taxes, Utilities, repairs, all complicate your life, GL

    Advanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILDAdvanced Wild Animal Training - ACE in the WILDMånad sedan
  • Thank you for sharing your feelings! We support you in whatever you choose to bring forward in 2021- Those Brand deals sound stressful. I appreciate the way you push back on scripts, I always feel like the way you communicate your direct experience with products feels natural. I also love the idea of you getting to make more videos where you don't have to answer to anyone's approval and can be spontaneous.

    Lauren MooreLauren MooreMånad sedan
  • I just found you last night somehow and very happy I did....I learned a lot from this so I thank you!! I will say the older you get the less you wish to share with random people..(that is a learning experience; ) Plus, it’s just better to protect yourself and save the exhaustion from explaining things down the road...I get it !! I am rather older than you so trust me I know! You are a plethora of talents I can see you doing cooking, DEF ACTING, making your own brand of oils and skin care....sky is the limit for you....I am kinda jealous BC I wish to hell I had started at your age on YT; but I just started last FEBRUARY!!... I wish you the best and plan on continuing watching you!❤️✌🏻🌱

  • Follow your heart that's always the answer ✌️❤️☀️🙏

    Kenny 'D'Kenny 'D'Månad sedan
  • this shows you have a lot of integrity! good for u!

    rena wilhelmrena wilhelmMånad sedan
  • Im not happy either...💔 I love you thgouh I relly hope things get better for you and other but.... That's all I care about....

    Scars 350Scars 350Månad sedan
  • The honesty.

    Yellow A S M RYellow A S M RMånad sedan
  • It's so awesome hearing this I never even noticed you sponsoring anything. The fact you realized you needed a change before completely losing yourself is impressive. A lot of people don't realize that until it's too late. You're amazing and can't wait to see more form you ❤

    Vina BVina BMånad sedan
  • that ending 😂😂😂 i hope you find more happiness with your channel situation soon 💜

    m.arualm.arualMånad sedan
  • You should seek to become a fashion model you’ll find immense success

  • You’re like a Angelina Jolie but asmr

    GrahamGrahamMånad sedan
  • Happiness is temporary. You don't feel it all the time. Thinking positively though there is always more of it so just know it will come again.

    Angela BrownAngela BrownMånad sedan
  • 18 minutes of self-loathing. Omg. Just do what makes you happy. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

    Shannon FlamanShannon FlamanMånad sedan
    • that's what you took away? hmm.

      Lodane ErisianLodane ErisianMånad sedan
  • Get an editor? More time, more content, more room for where brands might fit better. Just an idea.

    CessilyCessilyMånad sedan
  • Time to overthrow the man

    mishamishaMånad sedan
  • Can’t wait for more authentic content! ❤️

    Taina ClarksonTaina ClarksonMånad sedan
  • It’s really refreshing to see someone being honest about this. I feel like many people in the world are getting really tired of all the ads being thrown in their face all the time. We have come to a point where we have evolved and been exposed to ads so much, that ad company’s now try to advertise without being obvious about. It’s getting so old. I feel bad for many influencers, because they have such amazing content and they don’t need these brands to be interesting. Most of the time the influencer is better off without them I feel. I appreciate her speaking about this, and she truly is trying to be authentic with her followers. I love and support that. Sending you love and light for this year. 🙌✨

    Brooke BurgeBrooke BurgeMånad sedan
  • Whatever you decide to make, I will watch it with joy because I follow you for you (the part of you I see here of course, I acknowledge you are a multi-faceted person and we only see part of the complex and beautiful human being you are. I hope I explained that well...) and your unique take on things :) And whatever you create has you in it, so yay! I also never mind the sponsorships because they always feel genuine. ♡

    Loes LinLoes LinMånad sedan
    • Oh and your pronunciation of the word "twenty" is lovely, even after reading your comment before watching the video I didn't notice it at all. Someone wished me softness for this year, softness from others to me but most of all softness from me to myself and I wish that for you too :) ♡

      Loes LinLoes LinMånad sedan
  • Happiness is more important. You go girl!

    Reverse MycologyReverse MycologyMånad sedan
  • love you! love your content! thank you for all that you do.

    Olga Cecilia venegasOlga Cecilia venegasMånad sedan
  • 🌻🌻🌻🌻 👍👍👍👍

    Jacob NealeJacob NealeMånad sedan
  • Alternate title: Julia understandeably rants about the dread of capitalism. But for real im glad she feels safe letting it out,social media is a vehement space

    Arzod YeetusArzod YeetusMånad sedan
  • I actually love you Julia.

    Karolinka DrogoshKarolinka DrogoshMånad sedan
  • Relax! We love you just as! Please don’t goooo

    Roxy Lucero-MarquezRoxy Lucero-MarquezMånad sedan
  • Guess what? Your passion has turned into your job. LOL! Welcome to the workforce. Ha! Now you just have to find that work/life balance. Good luck and congrats on your success so far!

    Dave HamlinDave HamlinMånad sedan
  • That's a tough spot for u guys to be in, because in being super 100% real and authentic, it's not always brand friendly so no money, but u can censor urself to the point that ur not even urself anymore but make bank... that's hard

    jgirl 34jgirl 34Månad sedan
  • Good for you!

    Nizzolena2Nizzolena2Månad sedan
  • I don’t mind sponsored content at all! It’s a way to earn revenue for video creators and you deserve to be compensated and to have financial stability! Love your videos and hope you’re doing well!

    Julia R.Julia R.Månad sedan
  • I was curious about your YT name - Yey thanks! And it’s a great name :)

    Gemma LumleyGemma LumleyMånad sedan
  • It was very clear and made a lot of sense :). Thanks for sharing your experience with youtube and your future plans! Best of luck with your new house!

    Neena DeiblerNeena DeiblerMånad sedan
  • Thank you for this

    AlbaAlbaMånad sedan
  • Gosh I just admire you so much. Thank you for your honesty and authenticity always. You’ll figure this out ❤️ we’re all rooting for you and here for your journey

    Abigail ScottAbigail ScottMånad sedan
  • I just love your honesty, pursuit of a healthy mental and your overall natural humor. So excited for you :)

    kendall barramedakendall barramedaMånad sedan
  • Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something. So fuck looking for happiness. Just think cool.

    Andy UGoonieAndy UGoonieMånad sedan
  • Julia,I suggest taking a look into Essentialism by Greg McKeown! figure out what is essential in your life and say NO to everything else! I love your content

    LauraLauraMånad sedan
  • More ASMR. You’re my favorite by far. 💕

    Brenda BBrenda BMånad sedan
  • Pretty sure most of us who have been here for a long time just want to support you and see you happy Julia. 🤗 You do you boo...and thank you for making life a little less lonely.

    Sarah SloanSarah SloanMånad sedan
  • You are drop dead gorgeous 🥰

    Olga IgnashovaOlga IgnashovaMånad sedan
  • Most artists feel that tension between art and commerce. Especially in the music business.

    Vin CeVin CeMånad sedan
  • You're a real one! Love the outro 🖕🏼off 😂

    L AL AMånad sedan
  • I love you

    Dale DDale DMånad sedan
  • This must be how politicians feel trying to satisfy their donors. And how media organizations must feel trying to satisfy their advertisers and owners.

    HeyoSpeakerHeyoSpeakerMånad sedan
  • Thank you so much for sharing. Look forward to your videos no matter what you share...even the brand deals. I just live to watch and listen to you.

    Marlene KanipeMarlene KanipeMånad sedan
  • Plz Mam upload your ASMR vidios.... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Vaishnavi KVaishnavi KMånad sedan
  • take ur time girl! we trust you

    Silvana MigliavaccaSilvana MigliavaccaMånad sedan
  • I wish you the best Julia. I've been a sub for two years to your channel. My coworker just found your channel a week ago and she loves you. All the best to you in your life journey 💗😘 Blessings

    Moses BarrMoses BarrMånad sedan
  • I hope you can find a better balance between being creative and being a self-employed boss. You just need more time in the day. Although i love your editing style maybe getting someone to edit a sponsored video or two could save you enough time to make projects you really love. We will be here for you and NOT bored to tears. I loved your travel videos and would love to see maybe a series where you make tshirts in the back of a van? ;)

    ovary easy eggsovary easy eggsMånad sedan
  • Yes!!!! More ASMR videos please!!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️😘

    Tracey FrederickTracey FrederickMånad sedan
  • Hi, I have a ton of respect for you, Julia!

    TunaroniTunaroniMånad sedan
  • Managers never have your best interest. Dont get fooled. They see potential in being able to profit off of you due to your numbers. If you were to have a few thousand they wouldnt even be managing you. Its a business and nobody HAS YOUR BEST INTEREST in this cold game. Dont fool yourself and go in with a Sharks attitude as you are swimming with Sharks in this business.

    Alpha OmenAlpha OmenMånad sedan
  • Thanks so much for your honesty. I bet if you had a Patreon, many people would want to support you. I don’t know if that’s something you would consider but it could be a way to reduce the amount of brand deals you need to do per month. All the best 🧡

    CamilleCamilleMånad sedan
  • your transparency is so appreciated & respected, i hope you know this!! love seeing you be comfortable with your needs, i think it's very eye opening & inspiring for people who need to do the same. ♥️

    jessTMjessTMMånad sedan
  • You need a larger production team now that you’re growing! Many creators even on the smaller side still hire an editor to cut down on production time and pump out more content!

    Chelsea PurdumChelsea PurdumMånad sedan
  • WOOOOOOW!! ✨✨✨ Thaaaank you for seeing and experience this things in that way!! 💛 I think that you’re right, everything it’s changing all the time and we need to be open and flexible for our needs. You’ve said something about ads that has open my eyes into something that I was feeling but I didn’t find words. It’s about being NATURAL, I think that when someone sign a contract feels that the responsibility of your content automatically becomes part of the partner, as a relation. You need to feel comfortable with their values and at the same time you feel that you want to give the same, and there it’s where’s appear the things that we don’t like: Trying to seek approval, this happens when we don’t value what we are or what we do, when we judge ourselves. So... the point for me it’s if I value my job, my process and what am I, WHY I need to fit into the idea of something that I don’t really VALUE. So... PLEASE yes, feel free to make this videos, to delated tomorrow if you feel like, or whatever. Not everything must need to be on our Present. Me what I do this time of my life it’s share all I need asking myself from where and for what and it’s getting so much better. Sometimes I post about feelings that are changing but I need to express, (usually this ones I know that I’m going to put them away on the right time) The other feelings that for me are conclusions of learnings, (usually stays, because I recognise all of me in them instead of only some parts as the others). Thanks for being so natural and generous sharing yourself, you’re inspiring ☀️

    Sofía RucabadoSofía RucabadoMånad sedan
  • How do you ruin a perfectly good hobby? Try and make a living at it!

    Brian WilsonBrian WilsonMånad sedan
  • Same about wearing a mask forever now after this year, especially going in medical field

    Taylor CasonTaylor CasonMånad sedan
  • more of this please

    pa3331pa3331Månad sedan