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  • Greetings from Germany, Berlin. Mmh lecker! 😉

    Lana RaymanLana Rayman4 dagar sedan

    KittyPlaysKittyPlays2 månader sedan
  • Potato pancakes look great 😋 Greetings from germany ✌🏻

    Eva LOEva LO2 månader sedan
  • I just posted on another video but I was afraid to say this...i am a recovering heroin addict (6 months clean) and your videos have helped me SO much beyond belief. I thought asmr was a joke till I found you. I use your tips and healthy habits and you and your videos have and are helping me so much through my recovery. I'm also manic depressive with social anxiety and severe PTSD. I am working on exposure therapy to due to cutting things out in the same way. I just wanna say thank you so much for all you do. You help me and people like me so much. I adore you. 💜💕 P.S. I am also passing these good habits to my almost 2 year old daughter and she loves audiobooks also. (Mainly fairy tales 😊) but I'm trying to be the best me for her. And books are amazing. Also what do you think of the app headspace?

    Jamie GriffittsJamie Griffitts3 månader sedan
  • Wish I could get one

    Ryan CaiazzaRyan Caiazza3 månader sedan
  • Very therapeutic for me

    Ryan CaiazzaRyan Caiazza3 månader sedan
  • Do you avoid eating meat? Great video 👏👏👏

    Ashley NoelleAshley Noelle3 månader sedan
  • i think they should do this to youtube comments - it would reduce hateful comments, and provide an intimate and beautiful way for fans to interact with one another

    Lauren The LesbianLauren The Lesbian3 månader sedan
  • I just discovered ASMR 5 days ago and you were the second person I watched. At first I thought it was some weird kink/fetish and felt strange watching but I became so incredibly relaxed and calm I could barely keep my eyes open and couldn’t stop. I’m a highly sensitive person/empath and have severe anxiety and have meditated and done qigong for almost 15 years and they seem to pale in comparison to how calm and relaxed I feel watching your video. So I wanted to thank you so very much for what your doing to help people heal/feel better. It really is amazing and your are definitely a healer and I wish you all the best in your healing as well. Blessings 🙏🏻

    M. B.M. B.3 månader sedan
  • I come from Germany cologne and yes they look good and that you even knew that some of us eat it with apple sauce is great lmao 😂

    Draco malfoy‘s wifey : melissaDraco malfoy‘s wifey : melissa3 månader sedan
  • L O V E .. 🤍🤍✨♥️

    VivianaViviana4 månader sedan
  • Thank you 💕

    Katherine Mae LarsonKatherine Mae Larson4 månader sedan
  • nobody: literally nobody: julia: chilling in the bath in her thumbnail

  • Lol I thought you were making breakfast then it was sangria haha

    emem4 månader sedan
  • Ok clever thumbnails ☺

    Titank ProductionTitank Production4 månader sedan
  • 3:15 THE CUTTING WAS SO ON FLEAK WITH THE MUSIC I had to watch this scene like 23 times.

    Laura BarthLaura Barth4 månader sedan
  • 3:16 love how you matched the sounds of the cutting to the beat of the song 😍

    lilac_hartlilac_hart4 månader sedan
  • Oh my goodness I can pickup the New Zealand accent so easily

    bellatui bellavibellatui bellavi4 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia, I'm from Germany and your Potatoepancakes are looking really yummy, they look a little different around here. They are called Kartoffelpuffer btw :)

    MintothedieMintothedie4 månader sedan
  • this comment section is so positive ahh 😭💕

    beatricebeatrice4 månader sedan
  • She has very kind eyes

    NOT created anythingNOT created anything4 månader sedan
  • You did very well with the "Reibekuchen" (pancake) 🤩

    Nes QuickNes Quick4 månader sedan
  • Wait. What was that ice tray with the handle?

    Kelsey SradejaKelsey Sradeja4 månader sedan
  • I just saw peach vodka in the pre view so i thought that i would check it out becouse Hey peach vodka but i accually enjoy this video thank you.

    yesyesyesyesyesyes5 månader sedan
  • The beginning of this video made me cry. It felt so emotional to feel connected to people all over the world. Thank you for being such a phenomenal person and a ray of light for so many of us ❤️ also so cool to see you make Latkes! I’m Jewish and latkes are some of my favorite things to eat

    Rachel GelmanRachel Gelman5 månader sedan
  • One of genuine person you are Julia, I can relate with you more like I am mostly 365 days without make up but yeah I do skincare alot.. so i can relate 🙂

    Haseena MumtazHaseena Mumtaz5 månader sedan
  • Amazingggggg- everything.

    KingaKinga5 månader sedan
  • Your potato pancakes look so good i'm making some for myself for dinner tonight! Love that you're making German recipes! :)

    inger louiseinger louise5 månader sedan
    • Hope they turned out well!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • The voicemails MADE ME CRYYYY!!!! I hope my ASMR channel can do that for people like you have done for so many!! Xo Much love beautiful xo

    Tahsha ReneeTahsha Renee5 månader sedan
  • You really are inspiring, amazing and just all around wonderful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Michelle HarrisMichelle Harris5 månader sedan
  • What a beautiful Idea. Hearing the voices of people. Thousands of miles away from you, and across the world who are impacted by something you make, produce and put out into the world.. Fantastic!

    kittykatykatkittykatykat5 månader sedan
  • When the narration transitions into the music ... 💫✨

    Shauna RobertsShauna Roberts5 månader sedan
  • I have no idea if you'll see this comment but, wow am I so thankful to have found you. SEcrone recommended your nail care video you just uploaded a few days ago and I absolutely loved it! But coming across this...this is something I havent seen any other ASMRtist do. Those voice messages, are so so touching. It's not often we find individuals who care so much about being connected with others, being healthy, positive, influential, happy. Your content is beautiful and life changing girl, I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU for putting so much time and effort aside for us. ♡

    Princess NaenersPrincess Naeners5 månader sedan
  • Soooo hashbrowns..

    Kristine PlummerKristine Plummer5 månader sedan
  • So pretty

    careless islandercareless islander5 månader sedan
  • The way she peels the apples 🥴

    I drank the cat UrethraI drank the cat Urethra5 månader sedan
  • Since the day you posted this video i got it in my to-do list. But between work and college, i hadnt a single moment to sit and watch it. Today i didnt feel too tired before sleep and got to watch it to relax. Thank you always for your incredible content and good vibes 💕

    ValentinaValentina5 månader sedan
    • Thank you so much. Finding balance can be so hard, keep up the great work. Hope you find some time to relax this week. ♥

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • *☼ hey julia - fun entry ^^*

    JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V lJC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V l5 månader sedan
  • I've never seen the using of nectarine in the salad. Very strange🙄.

    Katie YTKatie YT5 månader sedan
  • Your skin looks absolutely amazing!! Please do a skincare routine

    Keiko HKeiko H5 månader sedan
  • Hey this might sound out of nowhere 😃but where is your phone case from 🤔🤔

    Zceee XZceee X5 månader sedan
  • Wow❤️

    kat lindsaykat lindsay5 månader sedan
  • I love your videos. Always makes me feel so good to see your content ❤️

    April WrightApril Wright5 månader sedan
  • Hello really enjoyed watching your video! The mesages are so true and so tender... Enjoy yoyr week! helenamybeauty.over-blog.com/2020/09/mode-tendances-automne/hiver-2020-fashion-fall/winter-2020-trends.html

    Helena OopsHelena Oops5 månader sedan
  • I love you so much!!!

    brookebrooke5 månader sedan
  • I don’t know, but... it seems like all that you do is relaxing, why you have anxiety? Could you do a video please

    Estetica MargoEstetica Margo5 månader sedan
  • Hey just buy ALOE LEAVES cut it in small pieces .. and freeze them .. it’s great for for your skin and hair and most people importantly it will help the burn .

    nina kemashvilnina kemashvil5 månader sedan
  • I love how interactive you are with your subscribers, you are very genuine and this is wonderful to hear these voices ☺️😊❤️

    Suzy BenzSuzy Benz5 månader sedan
  • Me too, I started crying hearing all those voice messages. So sweet

    Gillian McFGillian McF5 månader sedan
  • i loove Schnitzel with smashed potatoes and Sauerkraut ♡♡

    T. HT. H5 månader sedan
  • This is a beautiful idea

    Manuel “Skizo” LucchiniManuel “Skizo” Lucchini5 månader sedan
  • The fact people class " influencer" as a job is hilarious 😂

    Itching2ScratchItching2Scratch5 månader sedan
  • Beautiful colourful body

    Raza KhanRaza Khan5 månader sedan
  • I just love how I never have to worry if she making it up ...

    Brian VincentsBrian Vincents5 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia! Your potatoe pancakes looked amazing!! 😍 Greets from Austria 😘😘

    this is Anneliethis is Annelie5 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia. Maybe you will not read this comment, but I just watched the year old video where you speak about your mental health and wanted to wish you all the best. I have been following the channel for quite some time now and am going through some very bad time right now, and your channel helps me a lot. Wish you all the best and thank you for the channel!

    People are always asking me if I know Tyler DurdenPeople are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden5 månader sedan
  • Greens! Beans! Potatoes! Tomato’s!

    estie ABestie AB5 månader sedan
  • what camera do you use?

    Mariah ASMRMariah ASMR5 månader sedan
  • Try bayrische Creme (bavarian Cream ! 💓

    Paula HelenePaula Helene5 månader sedan
  • you are so wonderfoul, don't give up you will overcome the anxiety with no pressure we are so thankful and inspired🌸🕊💟

    noa_lans 333noa_lans 3335 månader sedan
  • The voicenotes part like immediately made me ugly cry.

    JenJen5 månader sedan
  • 7:20 When you're talking about Sunburns. The best thing you can use is Australian Gold Blue Aloe Freeze Gel on it. I have used it everytime I have got a horrid sunburn. The best method is to use cold washcloths over the area after applying the gel. The next best method is to apply it before sleep and wear a shirt so to not get any in the bed covers. My dad learned the above treatment when he was first stationed in Hawaii in the 1970s.

    gwagbladegwagblade5 månader sedan
  • Rösti’s are great they look yum It reminds me of when I was little my mom made them regularly but she did bacon in them 😊 I hope u enjoyed your delicious meal

    KatrienWoestadKatrienWoestad5 månader sedan
  • Sunburn rub black tea bags wet of course over the areas

  • The woman from Peru is sooooo cute!

    Alice WestAlice West5 månader sedan
  • Your editing is amazing.

    MoeMoe5 månader sedan
  • 😭 😭 😭 OMG I’m seeing myself through this voice notes! They represent me! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOU BEING ALIVE AND SHARING LOVE AND HEALTH WITH US 🙏🏼 hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

    Mayara MarquessMayara Marquess5 månader sedan
  • I had extreme horrible worst sunburn of my life last summer and tbh the only thing that actually took the pain away for bit was having an alcoholic beverage. Also wearing long-sleeved super soft t shirts made it feel nicer too 👍

    KylieKylie5 månader sedan
  • Oh my gosh those voice notes are gorgeous! My heart!

    Sleepy StephSleepy Steph5 månader sedan
  • What a great idea Julia! See all the people you help. 😉 amazing

    Wendy QuarlesWendy Quarles5 månader sedan
  • The potatoe pancakes look like our swiss speciality which is called "rœstis". It's the same recipe but only one big pancake in the pan and sometimes we add some small pieces of bacon and a sunny side up egg on the top. Very light 😁... Guten Appetit

    lilie 02lilie 025 månader sedan
  • Greetings from the little town in germany where they filmed parts of dark (Stahnsdorf).😀 Your potato pancakes look quiet good and even as a german I feel inspired by this!

    Franzi S.Franzi S.5 månader sedan
  • That lady from Peru apologising for her English speaking perfectly good English, bless her.

    4me &theanimals4me &theanimals5 månader sedan
  • Do u speak german? Nein. I love him

    BiancaBianca5 månader sedan
  • So when do you work ?

    JohnnyJohnny5 månader sedan
  • Loved this video, Julia 🥰. The beginning was so heartwarming 💜. Hope your anxiety is better. Regarding the potatoe pancakes, I love using them as meat replacement when doing homemade burgers 😁.

    A FA F5 månader sedan
  • I‘m from germany, bavaria, where these potato pancakes are so popular. Yours look really good😍tempted to try them out aswell. My dad used to do them for me but in my opinion he grated the potatoes too fine and put too much fresh onion in there😂 still love em tho

    Victoria LakomskiVictoria Lakomski5 månader sedan
  • I watched you for a long time and I met you first on Instagram, I don't remember how. I'm from Brazil, and for me your ASMR is the best. there are videos that I've watched 50 times. I love your tips and natural products because I'm vegan. thanks for everything. gratitude Lovee uuu

    Mariana MouraMariana Moura5 månader sedan
  • i get excited seeing when you upload a new video. my favorite youtuber for SURE !!! :)

    Ava CappelliAva Cappelli5 månader sedan
  • Julia.....I am very fair skin...I only burn and freckle. I know this will sound odd, but other than alone. I have used straight vinegar. It helps take the sting out of the burn. Stand in your shower/tub I have dabbed with handful of cottonballs... for the bad sunburns, it of course smells like vinegar but does really aid in getting that zing sting out. Love your videos. I am so very sorry you struggled with anxiety. My Mom, RIP had nervous breakdown while I was in my teens, I am now 50, and dealt with anxiety as well. She was able to get her self help with a therapist and was a different person, after 10 years. I am glad you see a therapist. Prayers for strength and endurance. You enjoy that yummy drink. Good luck with your sunburn. Hugs dear Julia, you are a gem. I certainly love your videos....

    Carolyn MangipudiCarolyn Mangipudi5 månader sedan
  • YASSSS love the Dark reference

    Brooke DonovanBrooke Donovan5 månader sedan
  • You are breathtaking! From Russia with love ❤️🇷🇺

    Elya TimElya Tim5 månader sedan
  • this is so beautiful. thank you for being so genuine on here. its incredibly inspiring and refreshing.

    D DowD Dow5 månader sedan
  • My grandma comes from a german family and she makes the same recipe, only hers are a bit fattier haha Thank you for existing Julia

    Camila DiasCamila Dias5 månader sedan
  • Oo Wielkopolskie placki ziemniaczane(plyndze).... lepsze jak są starte tak rzadziej :)....Polska pozdrawia :)

    didi dexterdidi dexter5 månader sedan
  • In the autumn my friends and I meet to have some "Zwiebelkuchen und Federweißer" which translates to onion pie and new wine (the fermentation just started). It's a tradition in southern Germany where there are a lot of vineyards.

    Ann MariAnn Mari5 månader sedan
  • That was very cool hearing from different people all over the world. What a great idea!

    Angela TillmanAngela Tillman5 månader sedan
  • Omg this is not a joke and you are my light. You helped when I was bored and insirped to do things that I didn't know I can do. And you just are the sweetest person I saw on youtbe🤗

    daniella. playzdaniella. playz5 månader sedan
  • I thought I heard her say we could get audible for $6.95 a month or something like that. Did anyone else hear that?

    Stephanie ShteirmanStephanie Shteirman5 månader sedan
    • Hi Stephanie! Currently their promotion is one free month with one audiobook of your choice and unlimited audible originals! In the past, the promotion has changed during different times of the year but this is the only code at the moment and there has never been a promotion that is continuously 6.95 a month indefinitely. Hope this helps. ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • I am from Germany and I know much nice recipes. My favourite food is stuffed cabbage-leaves (mostly with kidney-beans or some sort of vegan minced meat) with brown sauce and mashed potatoes.

    DunkelschwarzDunkelschwarz5 månader sedan
  • I am totally the 2nd "Hi Julia"!

    Desert RoseDesert Rose5 månader sedan
  • Fav Austrian recipes: Kaiserschmarren, Semmelknödel mit Linsen, Frittatensuppe, Seitanschnitzel

    elizzzabethelizzzabeth5 månader sedan
  • Julia don't put oily products on burnt skin!! they work as a top for warmth under your skin... try aloe vera, better if the plant!

    elisa bettaelisa betta5 månader sedan
  • “Whatever you have is perfectly normal and great.” I love you, Julia ❤️

    AnnazRafAnnazRaf5 månader sedan
  • Listening to you listening to the voice memos made me tear up 🖤 I wish I had sent one - I didn’t feel like I had anything positive to share. It’s weird to feel so connected to you even though you don’t know me. I’ve also been feeling intense agoraphobia lately and am doing exposure therapy. I haven’t been brave enough to try alcohol yet, but I recently bought some. The first step 😅

    HayleyTiefHayleyTief5 månader sedan
  • I recently tried to use zucchini instead of potato for the potato pancakes and it‘s soo good! Try it if you can ☺️

    JuliaJulia5 månader sedan
  • The original recipe for sangría is red wine and lemon soda/ sprite/ soda, with pieces of orange or lemon, and ice cubes. This drink is a typical Spanish drink. Greetings from Spain!!🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

    Susana SSusana S5 månader sedan
  • Ohh so cool you are doing a german recipe :)) I'm german and we certainly love our potatoes! I think your Kartoffelpuffer look really yummy, my mom usually also adds carrots in the mix and an ungodly amount of butter of course hahaha

    Mary LambMary Lamb5 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia! Just commenting on the German dinner. Your "Reibekuchen" look amazing! Especially for a first try at home. Here you mostly get them around winter and they are also great with a savoury twist like gravy. I'm glad you enjoyed them! Also: love your content! You're one of my favourite people to watch

    HenrikeHenrike5 månader sedan
  • That entire Intro 🥺 Made me so emotional! Just Beautiful! 5:32 Omg I Love you 😂❤️ 12:33 I LOVE THIS SHOW!! 🤩 13:59 WOW 😍 I always enjoy the many food Inspiration 💖 You're always trying something New & the presentation NEVER disappoints 😋 Sending much love your way Julia, hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Jailyn SoTalkativeJailyn SoTalkative5 månader sedan