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  • PLEASE share your experiences below if you suffer from headaches or migraines. Have you found any treatment options that work long term? Have any of you tried Cove? ( )

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
    • I think my migraines are somewhat hereditary. My grandma had migraines and insomnia when I was growing up until she had her hysterectomy, and then they stopped. I've been having them since grade school up until my second year of university. In addition to the family history, I think my migraines were correlated to stress/anxiety. I successfully came off my anxiety medication in May 2020, and I haven't had a bed migraine since then. Now, if I do get one, it's usually from lack of caffeine, dehydration, or fatigue (which is a symptom of iron deficiency). I still remember the worst migraine I ever had. It lasted almost a day, and I had tunnel vision. My head hurt so bad I threw up. I felt the pain in the back of my head all the way down my neck. I was at my then-boyfriend's house when it happened, and he was so freaked out that he almost took me to the hospital.

      Isabella RoseIsabella RoseMånad sedan
    • I've had such bad headaches lately so looking for tips! I think it's all the screen time

      Lauren WilsonLauren WilsonMånad sedan
    • When I feel a migraine headache it’s usually from not having enough macro balanced in my meals, or I’m dehydrated. And working too much without relaxing. If it’s a tension headache I try to stretch with Dr Jo here on SEcrone. Good luck to you all!

      April WrightApril WrightMånad sedan
    • Just drink water watch asmr and try to sleep

      Commission SwampertCommission SwampertMånad sedan
    • @Mr. Clean Headaches true. Migraines not always cured by only water.

      Blossom WellBlossom WellMånad sedan
  • That breakfast intro was amazing.

    Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez8 dagar sedan
  • My worst migraines happen when I change altitude. I only get a couple a month but they are horrible.

    Tina GingrichTina Gingrich15 dagar sedan
  • You have a great voice and come across so fluidly. You don’t have any umms and uhhhs. I love all of your content and would love to hear some voice work. Thank you for all of your hard work for all of us. I know I appreciate you and I know I am not alone.

    Tina GingrichTina Gingrich15 dagar sedan
  • You should be a model. But thanks for being an asmr goddess.

    Mike JohnMike John19 dagar sedan
  • I work with an upper cervical chiropractor who has incredible success with chronic migraine patients. I am also a chiropractor, but I would consider "upper cervical chiros" to be headache experts. Definitely worth a shot! We see miracles every day.

    Colby WilsonColby Wilson25 dagar sedan
  • I frequently have migraines and practicing Moshe Feldenkrais' excercises definitely help me reduce the pain

    Caro RojasCaro Rojas28 dagar sedan
  • Your life seems calm and collected I wish mine was...

    BAD ASTROBAD ASTRO29 dagar sedan
  • 15:48: Me: Wow this is so cozy at least it isn't thunder Thunder: Flash! Me: Spoke too soon o______o

    Classic LeslieClassic LeslieMånad sedan
  • Was that the car you adopted meowing at 0:12 or part of the song? Sorry so curious 😛

    Zay XoZay XoMånad sedan
  • Best of luck with the voice acting. I would love to hear an audiobook narrated by you. It really annoys me when I don’t like the persons voice! Your videos like this really remind me to take better care of myself. And I also love smart wool socks. Have a great day.

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • Hey Julia, just wanted to thanks for everything. I have been following you since day zero i guess, have never commented before. I hope everything is great with you❤️ i made my sister also addicted to your contents too. We love sleeping side by side and listening your ASMRs together.. We don't even have an insomnia anymore but listening your asmrs always🤗 Sending love from Turkey❤️ Btw would love to hear some of your secrets/insides about living with a boyfriend in 10 years (was it this much?🤔) and in Corona times? I've started to live with mine for almost a year now. Would be lovely to hear some of your experiences of dealing with ups/downs.. Love you, big hugs xx

    Cemre UcarCemre UcarMånad sedan
  • That plate is very big and flat

    ZathreinZathreinMånad sedan
  • Awesome kitchen knife!

    johan van der sandtjohan van der sandtMånad sedan
  • What is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?🤍

    Irit ZarubinskyIrit ZarubinskyMånad sedan
  • I would totally love to have an audiobook read by you. That would be amazing!!!!

    Hunter MichelleHunter MichelleMånad sedan
    • 🙂❤️❤️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • A supplement regimen of magnesium, B2, Ginger root and Coq10 , determining my dietary triggers and getting on a preventative changed my life. I was a chronic vestibular migraineur and now get maybe two a month that last less than a day.

    Murphy, RMurphy, RMånad sedan
  • your videos always bring me a sense of calm! thank you Julia

    Kelsey QazKelsey QazMånad sedan
  • Your tattoos are beautiful!!.Can you please refer me to your tattoo artist?

    Dorcas LpknDorcas LpknMånad sedan
  • Relpax for migraines that last more than 24hrs has helped me a lot. Beware of seizure meds they prescribe for prevention like topomax as they can give extreme side effects which for me included severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Mimi RaverMimi RaverMånad sedan
  • indica helps me with headaches

    Soul TribeSoul TribeMånad sedan
  • I've gotten headaches since I was a teenager. I've tried everything, except botox which ive heard helps. But im still hesitant on it.

    angela isayanangela isayanMånad sedan
  • I love that vacuum! I have the same one. It's awesome.

    ann henryann henryMånad sedan
  • Do you have to lock your cats out of the bedroom when you are making your bed? It's impossible for me to make my bed if I don't lock my cat out! LOL He thinks it's play time!! So funny!

    ann henryann henryMånad sedan
  • I very effectively treat migraines with a zero carb diet. I determined I am intolerant to the naturally occurring chemicals and pesticides (intended to fight predators) in plants. Salicylates, amines, polyphenols, tannins to name a few. I have had migraines since childhood and didn't remember life without a headache. They became debilitating in my 30s. Now I am mostly free of them. I do have other triggers like strong scents and lack of sleep that can cause them but mostly I'm free. I wish for you a path to this freedom. I highly recommend Heal Your Headache by David Buccholz.

    Ela G.Ela G.Månad sedan
  • Cold pack on the head (ice in a bag), and sit in a hot bath to take away headaches.

    Elizabeth WackenhutElizabeth WackenhutMånad sedan
  • 👍

    Ulugbek DavletovUlugbek DavletovMånad sedan
  • I love how whenever there’s a slightly comfy surface in shot, your cats gravitate towards it lol

    Marie GMarie GMånad sedan
  • She serves me Chanel No 5 vibes. I don’t know if that makes sense.

    austin evansaustin evansMånad sedan
  • I wish I had this motivation, but everyday has just been the same lately 🤷‍♂️

    Alysen EndresAlysen EndresMånad sedan
  • Has anyone told you how similar you look to Gal Gadot?? Your so lovely 💕 I would love a wonder woman themed asmr

    Romie_ KittieRomie_ KittieMånad sedan
  • Just a friendly tip to eat your fruit before your egg and bread. Will digest better😁 (you may already know this)

    Ez PaigeEz PaigeMånad sedan
  • does cove work outside of the us ?

    Nicklas RatzkaNicklas RatzkaMånad sedan
  • Thank you for the videos you create! They help me come down from a long stressful day of work. I was thinking about your customer service type videos and had an idea, if you're open to suggestions..... When you are applying something to or touching our face you should dub in a pre recorded sound that you create to make it more realistic. We'd be able to close our eyes and actually here the sound. For instance, when you're wiping our face with a reusable cotton round, maybe we can hear the sounds of a cotton round brushing against something. The same could go for a makeup brush... Not sure if I'm making any sense, I've just been trying to figure out why im not connecting to the customer service type videos as much as your other ones. If this isn't something that you're interested in, no worries! Thank you again for all that you do, I really appreciate the time and effort and thought you put into your videos! Thank you!!!

    Sylvana HardestySylvana HardestyMånad sedan
  • I love that your cooking is simple and wholesome. Nothing gimmicky. Not over the top. You are an amazing SEcroner. Truly love your content 💘thank you!

    April WrightApril WrightMånad sedan
  • I love your smile I the beginning in the shower.....IDK. Just sexy....sorry

    Nick GrrrNick GrrrMånad sedan
  • Wow voice acting! So excited for you! I can totally see you narrating audiobooks!

    Missy GirlMissy GirlMånad sedan
  • my mom suffer from migraines every month and she can barely do anything

    karurakaruraMånad sedan
  • ,😳😳

    Alberto CHAlberto CHMånad sedan
  • I get botox for my migraines. I went from 3-4 a week to 2 a month.

    Natalie DoveNatalie DoveMånad sedan
  • God damn Why is she so hot

    Raccoonscale sRaccoonscale sMånad sedan
  • I love your voice!! That’s so awesome

    Kaitlyn TowlerKaitlyn TowlerMånad sedan
  • The ending threw me off I though my phone froze.

    wecreatemonsterswecreatemonstersMånad sedan
  • one of the most beautiful hands evaaa

    Grigorij KharitonovGrigorij KharitonovMånad sedan
  • Okay I LOVE desperate housewives

    nicole sebastiannicole sebastianMånad sedan
  • I never knew that I needed a plate with a rim on it until I saw one.

    The Autumn WindThe Autumn WindMånad sedan
  • for my migraines I prefer to treat them naturally. Ill start by making a cup of camomile tea and add ginger root to it. I get bad ones and that generally takes a lot of the edge off, although in circumstances when they are extremely stubborn I take " My Brain". The combination of the two usually does the trick although sometimes the my brain causes additional nausea, but ill take that over the migrane with the nausea.

    BadnewsbirdBadnewsbirdMånad sedan
  • I recreated your soft scramble but with parmesan cheese and it was so good! Thanks for the idea! 😋

    Jocelyn GarciaJocelyn GarciaMånad sedan
  • Good Chef!

    penachipenachiMånad sedan
  • Is it weird of me for wanting to request a video of you showing the way you organize your sock collection &/or your closet? 😄😆 I love you Julia!!!

    Payton SloverPayton SloverMånad sedan
  • Great. Now i am hungry 🤤

    REDarri MusicREDarri MusicMånad sedan
  • Julia!

    Karen IbethKaren IbethMånad sedan
  • Have you told us where to get the frying pan? It always makes the perfect eggs 😍

    Life as VivLife as VivMånad sedan
  • aww love jen’s videos!

    canonettecanonetteMånad sedan
  • Dave’s killer bread, 21 seeds, EXCELLENT they make thin, thick, English muffins and organic

    Cheri RCheri RMånad sedan
  • Migraines occur from lack of proper food combining mainly unless its a physical reason - Blossom Well

    Blossom WellBlossom WellMånad sedan
  • I get migraines pretty frequently to the point where I’m nauseous and have them getting them since my first period. I wanted to try cove but it’s not available in my state. I really love the concept though and hope they ship to my state in the future because this will actually help me a lot and keep the costs down.

    Lextraray xoLextraray xoMånad sedan
  • Oh my God, you so similar to Dasha Zarikovsky.. Good video .

    Fantasy ASMRFantasy ASMRMånad sedan
  • Mushrooms would be a great addition to the eggs, for a change up.

    David TomlinsonDavid TomlinsonMånad sedan
  • man, these are some chill vibes

    xirtetxirtetMånad sedan
  • I just watched the interview with your friend Brandon and the parallels with his and my own life compelled me to want to say I hope hes in good spirits . I hope his family/ daughter are well. I just know he is going to get out n really flourish in life 🧡 Happy New year!!

    Ivan KIvan KMånad sedan
  • Love the video!! Are those our place plates I spy? 😍

    Liv GreeneLiv GreeneMånad sedan
  • Hello my dear!Concern follower of Brandon I'm baffled is he in jail??Please I know some of his pass and I too have a loved one in prison.Brandon needs support 💜 ❤ 🙏 Peace

    virgie ortizvirgie ortizMånad sedan
  • Where did you get your plates?

    Victoria WhiteVictoria WhiteMånad sedan
  • have you moved yet? i am so pumped to see where you go and a house tour if possible lol

    ENIG MAENIG MAMånad sedan
  • Girl you are so pretty

    YunaYunaMånad sedan
  • Narrating audiobooks is so much harder than I thought. I narrated a couple of short items on my other channel. Next, I worked on recording a short sci-fi story and a much longer book (R L Stephenson's 'Travels With A Donkey In The Cévennes'). I put many hours of effort into narrating and editing and I have still haven't managed to upload them. My advice would be listen to varied narrators plying their craft then try reading a short story or even a poem with feeling. Also try applying for voice-over/continuity work on a tv station. Best of luck with it. ( has royalty-free books to use)

    Terry McGearyTerry McGearyMånad sedan
  • Luv your tattoos!!! For migraines try Migralam

    jorge Diazjorge DiazMånad sedan
  • Your beautiful

    Jeff KilgoreJeff KilgoreMånad sedan
  • Did you get a lot of dislikes? I wanted to leave a like to help you out but it didn't show on the counter.

    MaxEzeMaxEzeMånad sedan
  • Nice to see how you treat yourself so good :))

    Monique JacobsMonique JacobsMånad sedan
  • What is your favorite chapstick

    C3- btcC3- btcMånad sedan
  • I personally get bad headaches in the fall, I've been thinking it could be seasonal effective disorder. Lots of water and fresh air tend to help

    CameronCameronMånad sedan
  • Thank you, I’ll definitely check out Cove!!

    Amara BAmara BMånad sedan
  • You are just so cute

    1000cal baby1000cal babyMånad sedan
  • Have you talked to your friend that was in prison?

    Rod 23Rod 23Månad sedan
  • I like your hair

    DravyDravyMånad sedan
  • what was the stretching video you were following along to? I have fibro and have been trying to find a good video to help with stretching!

    Eowyn SoranEowyn SoranMånad sedan
  • so relaxing~

    evangeline ASMRevangeline ASMRMånad sedan
  • where s your phone case from

    Zceee XZceee XMånad sedan
  • Hey girl, Check this video out to help with your migraines. 2 amazing functional medicine doctors.

    DeepaGrewalDeepaGrewalMånad sedan
  • ❤️

    Paige SternbergPaige SternbergMånad sedan
  • I love the giant plates you use, so much room to put different macros and micro nutrients in a beautiful way. I've also been loving making picturesque breakfasts specifically and setting a spread for myself; I call it romancing the ordinary

    Liv FulfilledLiv FulfilledMånad sedan
  • I love the cats, I wish we could see more of them, I have 15 fur babies and I love all of them to death🐈🐈‍⬛🌾

    QueenSaphiraQueenSaphiraMånad sedan
  • Crazy how I currently have a headache & your here literally coaching me about headaches & migraines ❤️😭 so needed this !!!

    Young & MendingYoung & MendingMånad sedan
  • You have a nice bedroom...

    Annie MacAnnie MacMånad sedan
  • My goodness you're georgouse ⚘😍 shout out from Chicago love u 😏

    MixzMixzMånad sedan
  • The “can you get me a towel” cracked me up bc I also do that 🤣

    Tatiana lopezTatiana lopezMånad sedan
  • Do you have a daith piercing? Several friends have gotten them specifically to help with migraines. Their results have been mixed, but I am thinking of getting one myself to test the theory. Hope you are able to find relief! 🙏🏼♥️

    Melissa KesslerMelissa KesslerMånad sedan
  • Juliaaa! Your cats are always so sweet ♥️ They look so happy! As always loved the video... Very relaxing and motivating, gently, to me. Sending love, Always. ♥️

    Lisa Pignol-WirtzLisa Pignol-WirtzMånad sedan
  • Fiverr and Upwork are great sites to get easy experience doing voiceover and voice acting work

    Jessica CastleJessica CastleMånad sedan
  • My aunt had them for so many years and she was going to have to go on disability bc she tried to go on a special diet and use several medications. Her doctor suggested botox finally bc you have to go through so much testing for insurance to pay for it but she got approved. She has maybe had 1 or 2 a year since she started the botox and she used to have 15 + a month.

    Josephine KellyJosephine KellyMånad sedan
  • TRY soft scramble with goat cheese AND caraway seeds. on top of toasted bread. I die. you die. we die. it's delicious.

    Paula G.Paula G.Månad sedan
  • Been suffering from migraines since high school (am mid-30s now). If I catch them fast enough, I can take Excedrin Migraine to kill them.. otherwise, Sumatriptan. My doctor had me start taking Migravent a few months ago and it really has decreased the number of migraines per month! I take one a day, my brother takes two and finds that helps him more. YMMV, but worth a try. Mine are triggered by hormone changes (week before/during my period, usually) and rapid barometric pressure changes.

    supertokssupertoksMånad sedan
  • I had the worst migraines in 2020 as well. The longest was two weeks back in August and it was horrible! I got myself checked with every possible cause it could be but luckily nothing was found and it was "just" migraines. We lost a family member in February, then Covid happened and I stopped taking birth control so I think it was a weird mix of just everything happening around me and in my body. Here's to a better 2021 hopefully and less damn migraines.

    ver nicever niceMånad sedan
  • We got a nice bit of ASMR at the end, I love water sounds. :) For migraines, I find herbs work very well along with baths with epsom salt and essential oils. But if you can get body work done as well (sacral cranial, acupuncture, osteopathy, massage) those are also very helpful. So are CBD products.

    ShikaApatheticShikaApatheticMånad sedan
  • So relaxing thx for the video 😚

    MojesMojesMånad sedan
  • Where is this pan from?

    Samantha FunkSamantha FunkMånad sedan
  • Nice video! Want to press "like", but I must ask Putin 😔

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  • 2:02 with Gucci??

    • Goat cheese..

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan