Extremely satisfying morning routine 💯

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  • ANYONE ELSE hitting a wall with the pandemic? Full burnout? Vent below / share your tips. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • I’ve been over it since the day this mess started and I lost my job because of it. It’s been such a struggle but thankfully my beloved husband has been taking care of me and I’m getting unemployment. That actually helps a lot financially because not all of us are wealthy.

      Blasian GoddessBlasian Goddess21 timme sedan
    • @Heather R just the fact that you are using the word viruses in a general way without acknowledging how different their pathologies and modes of transmission can be is very worrying. I don't know what "science" you've been reading on coronaviruses or on COVID 19 specifically, but many medical professionals considerably better educated than you on these specific topics agree that while masks on their own do not prevent transmission, they do decrease the chances of transmission, and that is a precaution worth taking. It doesn't sound like you are working as a nurse, and if your friends and family are comfortable with you not wearing a mask, that is their choice. But in public, where you will undoubtedly interact with people with compromised immune systems, you should have the basic decency to wear a mask and take any other basic steps (such as distancing) to reduce the chance that you could be an asymptomatic carrier. I have friends with diabetes, Crohn's, and Lupus, elderly parents, and I am the mother of a young baby, and the fact that people are saying "just be healthy and you won't get it" as the death toll mounts fills me with disgust. It's so blatantly self-serving.

      woudgywoudgy5 dagar sedan
    • @Kay Daniels | @Kay Daniels | definitely cannot go wrong with either golden getaway - safe travels with love & blitzzz 💛 🌴

      ----Månad sedan
    • @Kayla MacRae Yes you do! Thanks for stating safe!! ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • @-- i would love to travel out to Greece or Ireland in a few months

      Kay DanielsKay DanielsMånad sedan
  • Julia u seriously r a societial simpleton. It is OK. We am what we am! Hehe. That is eagle rock talk! Keep smiling ;)

    Dee ADee A6 timmar sedan
  • You’re so incredibly naturally beautiful without any makeup on

    ArikahArikah5 dagar sedan
  • Yes yes please! A hair journey/update/routine! I’ve been losing my hair for a full year due to postpartum and just plain ol hormones! It sucks, I’m insecure about it. I thought about cutting it all off but I can’t bring myself to do it again. I’m trying Vegamour, it’s okay so far...

    Tuna BeanTuna Bean7 dagar sedan
  • I miss hardcore shows!! Going to Catholic Mass , AA meetings, and house shows!! Sick of this plandemic!!!

    vadermask//mass retaliationvadermask//mass retaliation8 dagar sedan
  • Is that a TERROR hoodie that someone is wearing?

    vadermask//mass retaliationvadermask//mass retaliation8 dagar sedan
  • Did you share the hair loss video? I have to check. I have been experiencing hair loss and it's completely new to me and is so upsetting, to say the least

    Suzanne DonovanSuzanne Donovan12 dagar sedan
  • luv this vid

    ICYWT.ICYWT.14 dagar sedan
  • Without self-care, I would be climbing walls! Today I did some yard work, and sat outside with a coffee.

    Charles F. RobertsCharles F. Roberts20 dagar sedan
  • Hair routine Plz !

    Layla RoseLayla Rose21 dag sedan
  • Yes, a hair journey video would be much loved! I have been struggling with hair loss due to health and life stress. Thank you for sharing your experience and life with us, always appreciated!

    Meg BradburyMeg Bradbury21 dag sedan
  • I've had days of total anger and frustration lately. I've worked through the pandemic as a childcare worker. I can't wait to not wear a mask 9 hours a day, and for the kids to be able to see me smile 🥺. I also miss my freaking friends. I stopped hormonal bc right before the pandemic. It was terrible timing as condoms became impossible to find! My skin is still freaking out.

    Belinda JoBelinda Jo24 dagar sedan
  • House work, yard work, cooking ,hobbies, playing with the pets, call everyone you have in your contacts list, even if just to say hello, share your stories and listen to others on how they are combating this horrific event , remind others they aren't alone, and though social distancing has made the phrase "we're in the same boat" terribly incorrect we can take a small amount of solace in the "we're all in the same storm". We have to remember that we can and will get through this, it shouldn't be long now, and of course that we still need to take care of ourselves and each other.

    sci fisci fi24 dagar sedan
  • If you can find a doctor who specializes in micro gut bacteria, they can test a stool sample and see what your gut flora makeup is to guide you with the correct probiotics. It is very easy to take the wrong ones and make things worse. I went on the keto diet (not for everyone, maybe try paleo) and it cleared up my skin with radiance including a real clarity for my cognitive functioning. Acne is a direct result of your gut flora being in an unbalanced state and cutting out flour products (I know, I love bread too!) made a huge difference reducing the inflammation in my cells, thus taking away many aches and pains. Thank you so much for supporting others with positivity and well-being. May you have a blessed day!

    CorporalTyWeberCorporalTyWeber25 dagar sedan
  • I apologize if this has already been done, but I would love a video about your skincare routine!

    KBeeKBee26 dagar sedan
  • Yes please please share a video of your HAIR JOURNEY 💆🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️

    Man WomanMan Woman26 dagar sedan
    • Yes we want it!

      Manisha GullaManisha Gulla26 dagar sedan
  • In the UK we have essentially been in complete lockdown for almost a year, as someone with chronic illness I’ve basically been shielding almost 13 months and my anxiety is so conflicted, I’m anxious about how much has changed, yet anxious about things starting to open back up.

    Rebecca HeathfieldRebecca Heathfield27 dagar sedan
  • Loved the video! Your lips are so pretty! The color is light pink I kept staring at them the whole video

    D KD K28 dagar sedan
  • Yes to the hair journey vid 😌

    heather m.heather m.28 dagar sedan
    • Yes really need that video

      Manisha GullaManisha Gulla26 dagar sedan
  • Just a heads up Julia, green juice is best on an empty stomach. Drinking it with a meal can slow the absorption of its nutrients and end up getting consumed by bacteria in your gut.

    Samantha FritzSamantha Fritz29 dagar sedan
  • You will feel so much better when the birth control hormones are out of your body 😊 Its been 1 year for me and Its still the best decision Ive made.

    Kaya PapayaKaya Papaya29 dagar sedan
  • All my Puzzles I bought them from this publisher *( **www.amazon.com/ZiZou-Puzzles/e/B08SPYC278** )* . He publish different types of Puzzles *( Sudoku/ Kakuro/ Word Puzzles/ Warships...)*

    THE JOCKERTHE JOCKER29 dagar sedan
  • Did I see you use reusable napkins? They looked really cool. May I ask where you purchased them?

    Ana CastilloAna CastilloMånad sedan
  • I literally hit my wall few weeks ago I miss going out to dinner with my Bae ❤oh and mascne is REAL! My whole chin and cheek sides are not happy

    Elizabeth A.Elizabeth A.Månad sedan
  • No Pants Gang has been pretty synonymous with the pandemic.

    Wild WalnutWild WalnutMånad sedan
  • I just wanted to say I am so happy I stumbled upon your SEcrone channel several months ago. Your videos are some of my favorites. They are so relaxing in a way I haven't experienced watching other SEcroner's. So, with that, thank you. Keep up the great work, lady.

    Fantasia TackettFantasia TackettMånad sedan
  • I have developed a deeper relationship with myself and healed with some inner child work, so that’s a positive from this all but at times I do feel lonely, being single during this, is so hard sometimes and feel just a bit over it really, so I am probably a bit burnt out from it all. Better days ahead 💜💜 thank you for your videos, I love them

    RachelRachelMånad sedan
  • That's so funny, I totally commented on one of your insta-stories recently about doing Sudoku and watching your massage videos when I'm anxious. Looks like we had the same thought ❤️

    Angela TirabassoAngela TirabassoMånad sedan
  • I miss going to the movies.

    Clarence OddbodyClarence OddbodyMånad sedan
  • I LOVE sudoku, and I love you too

    pandaneapandaneaMånad sedan
  • I...I bought the mop ❤️

    Toby SandozToby SandozMånad sedan

    _ *SuperGamerVani* __ *SuperGamerVani* _Månad sedan
  • Plandemic is my safe word :D

    Satoshi SamuelSatoshi SamuelMånad sedan
  • Definitely hitting covid burnout 😓

    momolovespink86momolovespink86Månad sedan
  • I would love a video on your hair health journey. I really appreciate the way you approach EVERYTHING, pretty much. So much wisdom. Much love~*

    Lisa AlluvialLisa AlluvialMånad sedan
  • Those deep breaths! I would watch more "relax with me" videos 10/10

    Isabella RoseIsabella RoseMånad sedan
  • Can you explain how to play sudoku please😉

    Iran AcevedoIran AcevedoMånad sedan
  • Would love to know more about your hair, Julia.

    Kellie CardenKellie CardenMånad sedan
  • Thank you for the box breathing walk thru 😌

    kendall barramedakendall barramedaMånad sedan
  • Same. This past month I am just over it. You would think we would get more used to it but ok more over it. I’m an ICU nurse so I do have some normalcy because I still go to work but it was just been a hectic crazy year. I feel you!

    Stephanie GuzmanStephanie GuzmanMånad sedan
  • I really enjoyed this video

    Sarah MjSarah MjMånad sedan
  • I use EFT Tapping when I feel panic attacks starting. Has been super effective for me.

    AniabasAniabasMånad sedan
  • Loved the breathing exercise, With how so many people are feeling right now I think a video on anxiety and depression would be great

    Elizabeth AnElizabeth AnMånad sedan
  • Recall Gov. Newsome.

    Lionhead0475Lionhead0475Månad sedan
  • I would love to see you do a video on anxiety strategies!

    Ellie LitchfieldEllie LitchfieldMånad sedan
  • Do these make you run to the bathroom just curious (the cooked apples raisins) I love it. I stopped wearing pants at home years ago lol.

    Niche MildiNiche MildiMånad sedan
  • We have been isolating a year end of this month, it's been rough. Humans are social creatures. ❤️

    Niche MildiNiche MildiMånad sedan
  • This “anniversary” of the pandemic is really hitting me hard.

    SessaSessaMånad sedan
  • if there’s a Lowe’s near you, you should definitely go there rather than Home Depot!! The co-founder of Home Depot has endorsed Trump and donated to his campaign

    CamrynCamrynMånad sedan
  • Dried cranberries taste like sweated horse saddle. I've just realized that. I'm not joking. They really taste like that!

    pile333pile333Månad sedan
  • Really interested to hear about your contraception journey if you'd be happy to share at some point! I have such bad reactions to hormones. I'm trying natural cycles app at the min but not sure how it'll go

    Six PenceSix PenceMånad sedan
  • Ditto here in Cleveland Ohio.

    Nora YoungersNora YoungersMånad sedan
  • Okay hear me out... the apples but as an oatmeal topping

    Natalie CucinaNatalie CucinaMånad sedan
  • Fuck corner of the mouth pimples. Me and my homies hate corner of the mouth pimples.

    Natalie CucinaNatalie CucinaMånad sedan
  • Oh Julia ❤️ I love the rain aswell we get it a lot in uk 🇬🇧😊 I love seeing you prepare meals so relaxing 😎 we’re hopefully coming to the end of our 3rd lockdown in April, when I can finally get back to work.I’ve had my covid vaccination .... which I’m glad about .... I’ve found this particular lockdown since late December particularly hard to stay motivated etc, but will be happy to be back at work looking after my lovely clients 😊 do you know when you’re moving house Julia? Love & hugs to you all Tracy xXx

    Tracy O'learyTracy O'learyMånad sedan
  • I would watch that stress reduction/coping video so fast ! Thanks for the awesome content ❤️

    sunlightstoragesunlightstorageMånad sedan
  • I take hormonal birth control pills too. Why did you takd them? PCOS?

    Emma SoteloEmma SoteloMånad sedan
  • Please do a hair loss/regrowth video.

    Serena AnahitaSerena AnahitaMånad sedan
  • I can't get it out of my head that Julia looks uncannily like Anna Khachyian from Red Scare podcast. Does anyone else see the resemblence??

    ggbubbly456ggbubbly456Månad sedan
    • Yes she sure does look like her!

      Anne DanerAnne DanerMånad sedan
  • Your cats are so cuteee omg

    S GS GMånad sedan
  • When I mop the floor in my undies, it's fair to say that I look a little less stylish.

    Richard WightmanRichard WightmanMånad sedan
  • could you make a video about your knives please?

    lovelybrokenponylovelybrokenponyMånad sedan
  • i have diffuse alopecia since 2018, smth triggered it and hasn t stoped since, lost about 50% of my hair because of it.

    bluesbluesMånad sedan
  • What brand of bagels did you use? I've been recommended to eat a gluten free diet by my doctor and I'm having trouble finding good gluten free breads :-/

    Jacquelyn AJacquelyn AMånad sedan
    • The one I ate in this video is Canyon Bakehouse - they are my favorite GF bagels! Udi's also makes great ones. ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • PLEASE tell me what mop that is...my libman needs to retire !

    Ezra GlennEzra GlennMånad sedan
  • I'm in the country that is the worst in dealing with the pandemics. I'm graduating in college this month, without seeing my friends, having classes online. I'm feeling so overwhelmed, so burnt out, so tired, I can't even explain the extension of the tiredness. I'm trying to fulfill my time with joyful activities, but some days I barely manage to get out of bed. I'm hoping that the vaccine comes quickly to us and life can go a little back to normal. Thanks for the video, Julia. It's soothing and helps to relax and feel calm in this unbearable times.

    Rachel BianchiRachel BianchiMånad sedan
  • A really great app for breath work is called Kardia. You all should try it!

    Tess MotyckiTess MotyckiMånad sedan
  • I think we’re all feeling the same and just so over all of this. My son finally just started back school 5 days a week this week for the first time in a year and I haven’t even realized how difficult it has been remote schooling him and trying to keep with with zooms for a kindergartner until he went back. It’s my first glimpse of normalcy (even thought his classroom is anything but normal with COVID precautions) but it still made me cry because it’s a small step towards it.

    annabeth1122annabeth1122Månad sedan
  • I just learned about box breathing from Yoga with Adriene!! She included it in her most reason 30 day yoga challenge!

    jamiejarsjamiejarsMånad sedan
  • I think that COVID is never going to go away and it’s something that you can’t be afraid of anymore so you just have to stop being afraid of it and just start living your life again

    Rachael ReinRachael ReinMånad sedan
  • A video on stress/anxiety/depression is a great idea.. its also important!

    Soph WSoph WMånad sedan
  • I'm feeling the same way re: burnout. Unmotivated, feelings of worthlessness, and boredom are all things experienced in the last month. I work in an addiction residential treatment centre and teach/counsel stress management. Thank you for sharing your life as well as providing this information to us. You have talked about this in the past but I think social work or psychotherapy is something you should consider.

    Maris ElizabethMaris ElizabethMånad sedan
  • You are so lovely ⭐️

    LemonMarzipanLemonMarzipanMånad sedan
  • Thank you for this video, I love seeing your mindful habits!

    Eve McGlynnEve McGlynnMånad sedan
  • I am the same with reaching my limit, I have had many stressful days where i don't want to life to be like this anymore. I am dealing with pressure from university and finding the motivation to stay hopeful as well as get my work done is really difficult. We will get through this though, there are brighter days ahead!

    LauhrenLauhrenMånad sedan
  • Really enjoyed this one. Hit such a wall, but this inspired me to have a healthy breakfast atleast! xoxo

    HattyHattyMånad sedan
  • Hey Julia! I hope you’re doing well, and if not, that you can find ways to feel better. I just wanted to say you’ve been a really positive influence in my life in terms of how you just ‘own’ everything that you do and work towards, and don’t feel the need to explain your interest or ‘justify’ it to others. I’ve grown up being shamed sometimes for the things I liked or was passionate about and seeing other people fully lean into themselves and be unapologetic about that is so helpful. You’re a great role model for others and a guiding light right now and hope my words can help to remind you of that if you need the reminder. All the love in the world, Sophie xx

    sophie msophie mMånad sedan
  • I had to self isolate for a year because of being immunocompromised after having kidney transplant surgery. As soon as I was able to start seeing people again the pandemic hit so it's been rough 😭 The only thing getting my through right now are my college classes, and even then I'm burned out. I've started doing daily phone calls or video chats with friends so that has helped a lot! I'm looking forward to starting my spring garden this year too. 😊Also, wearing pants are overrated.

    Erin HeaberlinErin HeaberlinMånad sedan
  • I really appreciate how you are filling time with meaningful chores and tasks. Pre- pandemic it was easy to ignore or push off household duties- because we were so busy going places outside our homes. Now it’s more important than ever to take time to focus on our immediate space. Thank you for the reminder- and keep up the good work! 💕

    Elaine StoneElaine StoneMånad sedan
  • I love your tile floor!

    D'Aubigny MacCoinneach MacGillemichaelD'Aubigny MacCoinneach MacGillemichaelMånad sedan
  • Good app for gaming is elevate it has math and English games

    m3rl3b34uty *m3rl3b34uty *Månad sedan
  • I just love her minimalist approach

    Imra CoraImra CoraMånad sedan
  • YES. I just hit my wall and the depression has been REAL.

    Lauren FuhringLauren FuhringMånad sedan
  • After living normally in Florida for two weeks..........I definitely have had enough of the “ mask” life now that I’m back in NY. Fall asleep to your ASMR vids EVERY night. TY❤️

    thefullrackthefullrackMånad sedan
  • The proverbial wall has been hit. Over all things Covid.

    Holly McCormickHolly McCormickMånad sedan
  • Yes please share with your hair journey. Im also experiencing hair lose. It sucks.

    Saraa OrtegaSaraa OrtegaMånad sedan
  • Would love more tips on how to cope with stress - Thank u Julia

    Dani GrossmanDani GrossmanMånad sedan
  • I love the Lumosity brain games app.

    NeatNeatMånad sedan
  • Please make a video about your hair journey... I am going through so many issues with my hair. 😟

    Jiayin Rose SongJiayin Rose SongMånad sedan
  • Definitely feeling like I've been burning out and just wanting to escape somewhere. Thank you for sharing!

    Olesya DovgalyukOlesya DovgalyukMånad sedan
  • Othello is a great board game to play

    Sabrina CarmenSabrina CarmenMånad sedan
  • Any morning without the need for pants is pretty satisfying.

    Tiffany BallardTiffany BallardMånad sedan
  • You’re so inspiring, Julia! I have only found you in the past year through an ASMR video but your vlogs have really helped me during covid times to appreciate the little things and prioritise lovely, mindful rituals in my day. Also, stewed apples (minus the dried fruit) is something my mum used to make for me all the time growing up 😍 So much nostalgia, I am totally trying this recipe.

    eveeveMånad sedan
  • yessssszzzzzszsszsszsss! 💘 during quarantine, I found my Sudoku books from elementary and have been using them to give my eyes some rest from screen time and energize my brain during my morning routine

    daisybuttdaisybuttMånad sedan
  • I moved from Los Angeles to small-town PA in the middle of the pandemic (July-August 2020). When the later fall hit, with the rain (what's that?) and gloom and sinus aches (forgot about those), coupled with mask wearing and everything being shut down, I felt pretty grim, but I exercised relentlessly. Then winter hit full bore and I felt suffocated and isolated. SEcrone exercise videos really helped...but I can't wait for spring.

    Miles WatsonMiles WatsonMånad sedan
  • I would really appreciate a video about dealing with anxiety. I have been really struggling - more than ever. I have trouble doing things that are “normal” for me such as going to the store, going to work, etc. I am sure the pandemic has amplified how I feel but it has been so hard! Things like going to see my massage therapist used to be a place of self care and now I can’t even do it. Last time I tried I fully had a panic or anxiety attack. Any tips or sharing your strategies would be amazing. Thanks!

    Shelby SShelby SMånad sedan
  • Thanks for the breathing tip! When you are holding, are you holding your breath or pausing?

    Shelby SShelby SMånad sedan
  • It’s my senior year, and it’s been really hard to handle all this, especially right before I’m about to leave for college, I’m finding motivation in all the little things lately to keep pushing myself on! Hope everyone else is doing well and keeping themselves happy and healthy! ❤️

    Jebus 2Jebus 2Månad sedan
  • Have you ever tried kondolini meditation?

    Chris GuiverChris GuiverMånad sedan
  • I also felt in the last few weeks that I was on edge. I think your skin is always wonderful. 🇧🇷 Eu senti também nas últimas semanas que estava no limite. Eu acho que sua pele esta maravilhosa sempre.

    Mariana MouraMariana MouraMånad sedan