Giving myself an EXTREME makeover at 2 AM

What could go wrong?

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  • Re: Bathtub. It's a cat toy. A fake mouse on a stick. Hope this clears up some real concerns 😆. Thank you everyone for the love on this video! ❤️❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz4 månader sedan
    • Julie I love your hair and how it is straight on you, but I noticed that you have curly hair and I wanted to ask you if you know or tried to do the "curly girl method". I hope you are well, I love your videos! Kisses from Argentina.

      Luci FerrerLuci Ferrer4 månader sedan
    • Lol, I was seriously concerned🤣

      Nicole HansenNicole Hansen4 månader sedan
    • you look in similar way as ourteny cox charecter monica from friends

      Shriram HalyalShriram Halyal4 månader sedan
  • its just makes me happy seeing her happy :)) is that weird to say ? nvm

    MxDMxD4 dagar sedan
  • A present from Your Cat in the shower? Or a present to Your Cat?

    Lana RaymanLana Rayman4 dagar sedan
  • Gorgeous!

    LisaLisa6 dagar sedan
  • Love this so beautiful 🖤🖤🖤

    Diana AlexandriaDiana Alexandria9 dagar sedan
  • You so beautiful ♥️

    Mariam MMariam M16 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful color!

    ChaCha18 dagar sedan
  • you're so sweet!

    Ribolla GiallaRibolla Gialla20 dagar sedan
  • My favourite part is: “ you know what? Suck my d*ck, let me live.” I felt that

    Leonor DuarteLeonor Duarte29 dagar sedan
  • You returning 4 dresses for your makeover and just buying a turtle neck is such a vibe 😂

    didithurtdidithurtMånad sedan
  • beautiful!

    Greta VainauskaitėGreta VainauskaitėMånad sedan
  • Absolute Goddess

    Olga IgnashovaOlga IgnashovaMånad sedan
  • I can relate on the whole don't wear makeup and or dresses and high heals since my late teens and early twenties😎✌️

    Sapphires1985Sapphires1985Månad sedan
  • Angelina Jolie!!! Great style love the black outfit!!!!! Love your taste in style!! Black hair looks great

    Sarah AlhazeemSarah AlhazeemMånad sedan
  • We love a sexy villain lewk.

    Avery GrantAvery GrantMånad sedan
  • You have such a perfect Cupid’s bow ( top lip)

    Victoria TaylorxoVictoria Taylorxo2 månader sedan
  • Giving off some serious Audrey Hepburn vibes girl. ❤

    SarahSarah2 månader sedan
  • I think u pretty and that outfit is so cute 💗💗

    Selma HemdanSelma Hemdan2 månader sedan

    PaulPaul2 månader sedan
  • How tall you are

    lara satriclara satric2 månader sedan

    Maddie MaddioMaddie Maddio2 månader sedan
  • love your tattoos

    LouiebearLouiebear2 månader sedan
  • You look lovely! It’s definitely not as fun to get all dressed up when every part of it is out of your comfort zone, I’m glad you did stuck worth what felt right instead of going with the dresses. And that outfit looks stunning on you:) Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    michellemichelle2 månader sedan
  • Yumi from code lioko be like ♥

    Ivana MedvedjIvana Medvedj2 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lara OliveiraLara Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • you should check out this dress! I feel like it would fit into your aesthetic :D

    OlenkaOlenka2 månader sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    jai the veganjai the vegan2 månader sedan
  • This music at the beginning. Tune!! Who’s if by?

    Michael JosephMichael Joseph2 månader sedan
  • I love the new jeans, and the new look!

    Kierra JacksonKierra Jackson3 månader sedan
  • What is that song! Love it and love the hair !

    Clairese ArmourClairese Armour3 månader sedan
  • Cute cute cute

    Tina MckimTina Mckim3 månader sedan
  • U look great. I like your red toes too.

    Tresa DunfordTresa Dunford3 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Kerry ChristensenKerry Christensen3 månader sedan
  • You're beatiful

    MichyBun87MichyBun873 månader sedan
  • You look amazing naturally beautiful

    Christine Nadia RATTANSIChristine Nadia RATTANSI3 månader sedan
  • You look amazing ! Love the video

    Jenn PJenn P3 månader sedan
  • Good for you girlfriend! You look amazing as I knew you would. Also, how tall are you Julia?

    Lana CampbellLana Campbell3 månader sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥 I love your energy! So happy to be following your channel ❤️

    Aileen KimAileen Kim3 månader sedan
  • Im 30 and I've worn foundation maybe 5x in my life! I totally felt the "max that i'm comfortable with" comment. i hate the feeling of makeup too :) looking good girl

    Brittany CBrittany C3 månader sedan
  • SMH, people telling you you can’t buy shoes. 😆

    Lindsay AcostaLindsay Acosta3 månader sedan
    • Christian Louboutin shoes, no

      Kristina ZhylenkovaKristina Zhylenkova3 månader sedan
  • I’m going through a breakup and was trying to watch like breakup content related videos / how to move on etc but NOTHING has made me feel as optimistic and happy as this video. Thank you Julia 🌱❤️

    Mia SeissingerMia Seissinger3 månader sedan
  • you look beautiful, I love how your cheekbones stand out and I feel that the black color highlights it

    Sofia SalasSofia Salas3 månader sedan
  • I can't even tell youuu how cute u r being here It's sooo exciting to see u excited throughout. Keep doing what makes u feel fresh. Luv u😘😘

    Aishani PatnaikAishani Patnaik3 månader sedan
  • you look very lovely. really highlights your beautiful eyes

    donovanjd3donovanjd33 månader sedan
  • So pretty, you look like a super model 😃

    Jacqui ReddyJacqui Reddy3 månader sedan
  • You are absolutely gorgeous!!!! ❤

    Ashlee SteinheiserAshlee Steinheiser3 månader sedan
  • You look

    Vonita TVonita T3 månader sedan
  • you’re so pretty!!!!

    Alondra MoralesAlondra Morales3 månader sedan
  • 🥺♥️

    Jacco ScherjonJacco Scherjon3 månader sedan
  • 💗😊

    Caitlyn JacksonCaitlyn Jackson3 månader sedan
  • Ughhhh she’s literally so beautiful

    natalie camposnatalie campos3 månader sedan
  • U so beautiful

    مجدولينمجدولين3 månader sedan
  • 10:51-10:52 uhhh... STUNNING

    Natasha MeeksNatasha Meeks3 månader sedan
  • You look beautiful with and without makeup. I love the darker hair!

    XannahXannah3 månader sedan
  • Beautiful from the inside and the outside!! 💜🙏😌

    Patz FloßdorfPatz Floßdorf3 månader sedan
  • Your a natural beauty. Great outfit.

    Tracy WilliamsTracy Williams3 månader sedan

    Manas PrabhuManas Prabhu3 månader sedan
  • Beautiful 😍 . I love the eyeliner

    Lesley DLesley D3 månader sedan
  • 😆 the outfit reveal. I thought it was gonna be something wrong wild

    Megan SnyderMegan Snyder3 månader sedan
  • Donald Drapers French wife vibes

    alishaalisha3 månader sedan
  • shoes appear to be Christian Louboutin, Just Nothing in Nude for those wondering

    krankenheim13krankenheim133 månader sedan
  • I’m not one to usually comment. But Ive really got to say, Your personality always brings a big wide smile to my face. What a genuine good person to look up to. Thank you. Also your asmr is such a go to for me. Just wanted to remind you amongst all us commenters that you’re awesome haha.

    Rebecca SentenRebecca Senten3 månader sedan
    • ❤️❤️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • syncing the wet hair flip @ 2:04 with the music was so impressive what

    qualitygranolaqualitygranola3 månader sedan
  • You look hot af! Love you both ways though! With or without a glow up 😊❤️

    Ella CurtisElla Curtis3 månader sedan
  • your reveal catwalk was so cute ahaha i loved that smile!! you look amazing. shocked it took you this long to dye your hair dark!! if you have any dye left i think you should dye your eyebrows!!

    stephsteph3 månader sedan
  • The makeover was such a success! Hope you feel as gorgeous as you look

    Lara LarroyedLara Larroyed3 månader sedan
  • Black hair looks great, eyeliner looks great, new black duds look great! I’m super loving that silver ring belt buckle, how it’s this minimal elegant pop in the sleek chic black head to toe look you put together. And the shoes are understated & sexy. The look seems quintessentially you-simple, exquisite perfection!

    Julie SchneiderJulie Schneider3 månader sedan
  • Love the black hair! I wore a black bob wig for Halloween and everyone said it suited me, maybe I should go darker for winter too? This is such a relatable video, I actually bothered to blowdry my hair for the first time in weeks today so it actually dried nicely :'D

    LizTiddingtonLizTiddington3 månader sedan
  • You look fabulous; love the heels 👠

    Shannon EverleighShannon Everleigh3 månader sedan
  • Wooow! You look amazing!!!!

    Bum BurinBum Burin3 månader sedan
  • OMG JULIA the final reveal was EVERYTHING!!! i see you gurl in yo red bottoms hunnyyy yasss you looked fire so stunning it was like i was looking at Angelina jolies cousin or some shit you killed it sis! Youve inspired me to wear black turtlenecks and black high wasted jeans because thats what i feel so comfortable and confident in right now and the heels girl yasssi love to see it🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    The MangoThe Mango3 månader sedan
  • I absolutely LOVE what you said in the video when showing these (insanely cute btw) shoes. I am quite tall as well, probably taller than you, and love wearing heels despite everyone around always willing to comment critically on this. You have a beautiful personality and the candid way you handle social media is very brave and unique. Lots of love Julia

    white catwhite cat4 månader sedan
  • Julia, would you listen to Daniel Johnston's Hi How Are You album and give your thoughts:)

    Allison AAllison A4 månader sedan
  • Beautiful

    Lindsey CorreiaLindsey Correia4 månader sedan
  • I’m loving this look! I am not a dress or heels girl either.

    GOOD Life MOODSGOOD Life MOODS4 månader sedan
  • Pretty in black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cassie Temple-BoyerCassie Temple-Boyer4 månader sedan
  • nice toes

    fayhamhfayhamh4 månader sedan
  • In the immortal words of Shaggy Roger's...."Zoinks!" You look stunning. Having said that you're always beautiful!

    Michelle LudlowMichelle Ludlow4 månader sedan
  • ur just so cute 🥰

    Jasmine SolanoJasmine Solano4 månader sedan
  • I hate turtle necks but Julia feeling herself in it really makes me wanna get one. You look great💗

    Boglárka BujdosBoglárka Bujdos4 månader sedan
  • Beauty♥️

    Monique RodriguezMonique Rodriguez4 månader sedan
  • Yaass Mrs Peele..

    GewglesuxGewglesux4 månader sedan
  • I think you look fabulous and beautiful.

    ASingularWomanASingularWoman4 månader sedan
  • Que bella!

    Steve VegaSteve Vega4 månader sedan
  • Model perfect

    Denyse EspositoDenyse Esposito4 månader sedan
  • The modeling photos she would take 😍

    Ooops •Ooops •4 månader sedan
  • So cute babe!!! This is YOUR LOOK 🔥🔥🔥

    Swirly SwirlsssSwirly Swirlsss4 månader sedan
  • You look Gorgeous!!!! Suits You perfect. Black hair looks great on you!

    Laura RicheyLaura Richey4 månader sedan
  • I legit thought this was going to end in a shaved head.

    Rori JacksonRori Jackson4 månader sedan
  • I LOOOOOVE IT! I’ve been obsessed with black turtle necks for years now too, Since 2018 is my everyday thing and I adore it, it really is a huge emotion getting a new one, they always feel amazing and fit different too. Love the outfit and LOVE the hair, this video gave me the coolest vibe. Sending lots of love from Puerto Rico! xx.

    Rose Cortés SantosRose Cortés Santos4 månader sedan
  • You are very beautiful without makeup but you also look amazing here! (and you have awesome bone structure) I also love your style. This outfit looks great. Someone commented that you are giving Angelina Jolie vibes and I think they're right. I think it's the combination of the chic, elegant clothing with the tattoos and the rich hair color and classic cut. Your ASMR videos are very relaxing by the way.

    Elizabeth LElizabeth L4 månader sedan
  • Love it.

    Katherine SmithKatherine Smith4 månader sedan
  • we love a hot bitch

    Camille PeifferCamille Peiffer4 månader sedan
  • You looked amazing before lol but even better now. 😍

    courtney massacourtney massa4 månader sedan
  • I am usually not fond of the total black outfit but you look great !! it suits you so well

    Clarisse F.Clarisse F.4 månader sedan
  • You looks amazing =)

    Anke NordlichtAnke Nordlicht4 månader sedan
  • So beautiful ❤

    Natty 623Natty 6234 månader sedan
  • what brand/where did you get the turtleneck?? it literally looks perfect

    delaney stratdelaney strat4 månader sedan

    Irina AzcarateIrina Azcarate4 månader sedan
  • you completely KILLED this look. i love everything about it, the shoes, the hair, the shirt, the jeans, the makeup, PERFECT

    Samantha PaigeSamantha Paige4 månader sedan