ASMR getting you ready for bed 🌙 skincare, brushing, massage, rain 🌧

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In tonight’s video, I will be traveling to your home and helping you wind down for bed in a relaxing atmosphere. I will perform all steps of your nightly routine to ensure a great night of sleep and will leave you with some pleasant, soothing visuals. I have taken notes of your personal preferences for future nighttime visits. I will make sure you are comfortable and safe before leaving your home. I hope you find this treatment relaxing and it brings you a sense of peace any time when you may need it.
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*The content and information presented in this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*


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  • How are you guys feeling? You can use the comments section to talk about your day, vent, share your hopes/fears, or anything else. I hope this video provides a relaxing escape from everything else going on in the world. I'm here for you and so grateful for this amazing community. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz10 månader sedan
    • I needed this so badly- schools been getting pretty tough lately. Thanks for the amazing video, as always. We appreciate the content :D you should try a dim lighting for sleeping asmr, it helps alot of people's brains turn off. A warm and aestheticly pleasing lighting is a good option too. But, of course, you do you.

      S t a r tS t a r tMånad sedan
    • U,

      stephanie kosinskistephanie kosinskiMånad sedan
    • @jordana ward xxd

      Ariana AriasAriana Arias2 månader sedan
    • Thank you for kindness and support. I would love it if you could do a full body massage with talking because you voice is🙌🏽 and it would help me sleep.

      Rich CeeRich Cee3 månader sedan
    • You are the sweetest. Thank you.

      Jul CalabreseJul Calabrese3 månader sedan
  • I am just tired all the time -- mentally, emotionally, physically , really wish i could have an asmr massage right now😔

    Jasleen KaurJasleen Kaur4 dagar sedan
  • So stressed with school but your videos always kept me feeling positive :) thank you

    kuronekokuroneko5 dagar sedan
  • I watch this every night. Only one that makes me sleep when Im anxious

    Luka BravenboerLuka Bravenboer5 dagar sedan
  • Your acne are so big

    Bilal Ayub bhattiBilal Ayub bhatti6 dagar sedan
  • **me actually searching for this**

    SweetiePieSweetiePie7 dagar sedan
  • Just subscribed❤️

    Jazz BlackellJazz Blackell8 dagar sedan
  • Julia, I started using curology after seeing this video last spring, and it literally saved my skin. thanks for this partnership, it was truly life changing

    natalie zuelkenatalie zuelke10 dagar sedan
  • Hello

    NOT created anythingNOT created anything10 dagar sedan
  • J K

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  • Vedapu mumum

    naveen kumarnaveen kumar19 dagar sedan
  • I think this might be my favourite ever ASMR video for bedtime. I just keep coming back!

    Emma RowEmma Row19 dagar sedan
  • Thank you asmr

    Ahmed AliAhmed Ali26 dagar sedan
  • i’m not doing good

    emma johnsonemma johnson27 dagar sedan
  • Your videos are so amazing they always calm me down or help my tension relax! This video in particular is one of my favorites

    Makayla WarnockMakayla Warnock28 dagar sedan
  • all of your asmr videos are amazing but this one is something else for me

    Helin GülHelin Gül29 dagar sedan
  • Which microfone does she use? Is there anyone that know

    melisa moremelisa moreMånad sedan
  • Still my absolute go to video. I love this video so much. It's like magic. It really calms me down and able to sleep. Thank you😘

    Petra HalPetra HalMånad sedan
  • I love your voice. I was obsessed with the voice of the actress of serena joy in hand maids tale and your voice is very similar

    stolentoilet ASMRstolentoilet ASMRMånad sedan
  • Ever since i saw your melanie collab i automatically subed to your hannel your asmr is best. Your voice is so soothing..

    Sang'gre CelesteSang'gre CelesteMånad sedan
  • Literally obsessed Julia ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

    Emms ASMREmms ASMRMånad sedan
  • Have you ever done an asmr hypnosis meditation video? With calming and reassuring affirmations?

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • Blitz: *Shows me a picture of a bunch of people chilling in a barrel naked in the middle of the woods.* Also Blitz: "Just wanted to leave you with some images of peaceful serene life." 👁👄👁

    Audrey Is DeadAudrey Is DeadMånad sedan
  • I loveeeee your voice!!!

  • I really like how you post asmr, but also show us your life outside of it. No hate to asmrists who dont I just felt pretty important to know about her life.

    S t a r tS t a r tMånad sedan
    • @Aria What'd I just say. She posts more about her life than asmr. I don't need to be a stalker to love someones content. I enjoy it so much that I watch it as soon as it comes out. Im not a stalker, regular people with favorite channels do that. Also what? I don't know every detail I was just saying I felt important for once-

      S t a r tS t a r t5 dagar sedan
    • @S t a r t you sound like you need all content creators to be transparent with their lives

      AriaAria5 dagar sedan
    • @Aria I watch all her videos- im a loyal subscriber. she shows us her life i dont force it 🤦🏽‍♀️

      S t a r tS t a r t5 dagar sedan
    • @S t a r t stalker

      AriaAria5 dagar sedan
    • @Mxqle Yeah, thats why I said that. Shes one of the only asmrists I know who does this-

      S t a r tS t a r tMånad sedan
  • Whenever my anxiety acts up to the point where I'm over thinking things before bed, I always watch this video as it's my favourite and instantly calms me down

    Tattooed Blonde Punk ArtTattooed Blonde Punk ArtMånad sedan
  • This one here belongs in a museum of the highest quality of Art. Absolutely 🤌🏼😙❤️ perfect

    Arely HolguinArely HolguinMånad sedan

    Keanu GonzalesKeanu GonzalesMånad sedan
  • The fact that your voice is so relaxing, you almost never show your face in your video which I think makes it so much better 😂❤️

    BeautybyEZBeautybyEZMånad sedan
  • I'm here for the hands.

    DysfunctionaIDysfunctionaIMånad sedan
  • So relaxing

    Filthy Weeb.Filthy Weeb.Månad sedan
  • I honestly can’t watch anyone else’s videos like these, only yours relaxes me. I rewatch your videos every night before bed please make more like these and the massages ❤️

    Lauren NicoleLauren NicoleMånad sedan
  • I went through roaccutane as a teenager it was the solution to my acne

    8-Bit Rach8-Bit RachMånad sedan
  • О, Господи, глаза было трудно оторвать

    Допустим это такДопустим это такMånad sedan
  • When I first watched this video, I thought this was a real business and started looking it up 😂

    MangopoppyMangopoppyMånad sedan
  • I watch this video every night to go to sleep, and last night it was actually raining and it was dimly lit and the experience was so nice.

    Quinn FQuinn FMånad sedan
  • My Mom and Aunt can relax me so much hearing voices rubbing my head and hair. They both taking care of me during my sleep walking episodes

    Joseph BoatmanJoseph Boatman2 månader sedan
  • is it a face massage huh

    Drogba DrogbaDrogba Drogba2 månader sedan
  • as if you are giving me a massage 💆

    Drogba DrogbaDrogba Drogba2 månader sedan
  • when I hear your voices I immediately sleep

    Drogba DrogbaDrogba Drogba2 månader sedan
  • I love the video but good lawd does she have a chest

    Evelyn BlackwoodEvelyn Blackwood2 månader sedan
  • Curology 💯💯

    Anele BKAnele BK2 månader sedan
  • I watched this while drinking hot chocolate at 3 am. And I slept great. So ye trust dis girl 🤣 no but for real, love your videos❤❤

    S T A RS T A R2 månader sedan
  • This is the best of all asmr videos. Please make binaural version of it ❣

    SevcanSevcan2 månader sedan
  • No one Me when she says cbd: i dOnT wAnT yOuR wEEd

    HoneyFlower asmrHoneyFlower asmr2 månader sedan
  • Tomorrow is the last day of school. A saturday. We have a Google meet call for 1-2 hours. My birtday is in 3 days. Its 18.12.20. I cant wait to finally relax and get to put my books away in the closet for 2 weeks. And deep clean my room and declutter my stuff. Im so happy and exited. Today I wrapped gifts for my cousins. 6 and 4 years. I did a pretty good job. My last school work for the year was for gym class. I got to TaKe selfies in various places. I ofc played some minecraft. Merry yule, merry cristhmas, happy holidays.

    Beans BeansBeans Beans2 månader sedan
  • Its the way i keep coming back to this video

    Ariana DavisAriana Davis2 månader sedan
  • Clicked for the beautiful sweater and stayed for the asmr.

    Kaori KanzakiKaori Kanzaki2 månader sedan
  • This is one of my favourite ASMR videos ever. I keep coming back to it and I swear I’ve never seen the ending. Keep up the good work!

    kk2 månader sedan
  • Thought I wouldn't like these - but I love these roleplay videos! Definitely want more of them :)

    Michael BurkeMichael Burke2 månader sedan
  • It's like a real air through my face, bit surprised 24:44

    cahyowlcahyowl2 månader sedan
  • Wow.

    Cinthia ReyesCinthia Reyes2 månader sedan
  • The internet is so weird but I love it

    AmyAmy2 månader sedan
  • 2020/12/07 i miss this kind of videos .

    I D VI D V2 månader sedan
  • I start school tmmr thx this really helps 🙏💓💓💓💓💓🥺💓💓

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  • My favourite video keep coming back to this! Thank you xx

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  • It's feel so relaxed 😌 wow ,so calm and soft.I like it alot,thank u.

    Chen AlexChen Alex2 månader sedan
  • My brain feels like fuzz right now and i dont wanna get up what is this sorcerry

    •Frost Bite••Frost Bite•2 månader sedan
  • back again

    Riley And friendsRiley And friends3 månader sedan
  • Ambience created is perfect

    Sabrina SaadSabrina Saad3 månader sedan
  • Some time stamps for myself: 2:58 - visual triggers start 4:16 - she starts to talk 5:45 - 💛 some soft thunder 💛 8:50 - ✨✨✨ 12:40 - she keeps distracting me with her hand movements here 14:28 - the lid sounds here are 🔥🔥🔥 16:35 - 🔫👌👌💯 21:18 - ✨ some soft spraying ✨

    • ZeraReota •• ZeraReota •3 månader sedan
  • Julia did a video 2ish years ago about oil cleansing and how it cleared her skin. I'm curious if she still uses that in conjunction with Curology...

    Victoria EspinozaVictoria Espinoza3 månader sedan
  • i keep coming back to this video

    Riley And friendsRiley And friends3 månader sedan
  • Pleassse do more videos like this one!! ❤️❤️

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  • Cant wait to let go of worries. Thank you.

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  • This helps me fall asleep every time. Thank you so much!

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  • Another one like this please! So comforting 💓

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  • This helpt me sleep cool this works i felt she was hear Lol what is called what she dose?

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  • I'm being real she is my favourite asmr artist and I hope she dosent stop making vids anytime soon as long as she is enjoying making them tho because mental health comes first coz doing thing you don't enjoy can cause problems so yea❤

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  • Can you please do more of these nighttime routines? I love the lighting

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  • No cats on the bed heeheehee. Each of us have our own journey in this life time. Thank you for sharing part of your journey!! Everyone should focus on their own journey and not be so focused on another’s. Do let the haters bring you down! I enjoy your channel and am cheering for you!!

    Jacqui ReddyJacqui Reddy3 månader sedan
  • is it just me or when she was reviewing the steps I thought the page was blank, and when she put down the book and it had a full out organized chart. i almost fell out of my chair...

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  • ASMR Quinn!!! 👑

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  • I love your channel so much. I’ve been following you for a while but I just wanted to drop a reminder of how lovely you are!!

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  • 2:58 that looks like killua’s outfit (Killua from hunter x hunter)

    pixie cool beanspixie cool beans3 månader sedan
  • "How are you guys feeling" Oh well, ya know, terrified my rights are on the line as a woman and as part of the LGBT community. Watching my sibling whos under the age of 18 break down bc theyre terrified of what comes after the election. But ya know. Things could be worse. I could have COVID. I could be homeless. I could be 💀💀

    Celest GrayCelest Gray3 månader sedan
  • was there a storm going on cuz it was hella relaxing

    The Mesoamerican ArchivesThe Mesoamerican Archives4 månader sedan
  • please make more videos like this!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  • I wish curology had international shipping :(

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  • 🥰

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  • I have never understood ASMR until now. I just randomly found your channel and thank goodness.

    BetsyBetsy4 månader sedan
  • This video give so much strength during my pregnancy, i had 9 hard months. Each day i was battling and trying to be brave. This video means so much to me. Finally my baby angel is in my arms. She was born 1 month ago. I am still watching this video to relax.

    Andrea SanchezAndrea Sanchez4 månader sedan
  • the lighting is so relaxing

    vidalvidal4 månader sedan
  • I had a bad breakout with my face after I waxed it and curology is saving my life rn 🙌🏻

    Denise CandelarioDenise Candelario4 månader sedan
  • This video is the only ASMR video that can actually put me to sleep.... what magic does she have T-T

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  • Ur voice is so soft 🥺🥺

    Hellor lorves AsmrHellor lorves Asmr4 månader sedan
  • I feel SO blessed I found this beautiful channel! What did I do to deserve such HIGH-QUALITY ASMR CONTENT FOR FREE?! I have had a very rough few weeks mental health-wise and this video is beyond lovely! Thank you!

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  • Thank you

    Mustafa KörMustafa Kör4 månader sedan
  • My fav Asmr videos although no idea what happens after 5 mins as I seem to fall asleep so fast! Never slept better!!

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  • My day was alright. I got some new figets for my adhd today and I played gamed with my boyfriend today, but im a bit worried about him. Before we ended the call he told me he felt empty emotionally. It wasn't the first time and it'll probably go away, it happens to both of us. I've been dealing with it longer so I gave him the advice I could and told me to call me for anything he needed, but im worried that he might feel alone right now. I wish I could give him a hug...

    Agender AcademiaAgender Academia4 månader sedan
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  • Could you do a guided muscle relaxation for sleep?

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  • Does anyone know where she gets her turtleneck shirts?!

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  • Something we said here in Spain is that orange juice at night “kills” because it’s so bad at night.

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  • The night time snack is just so perfect for me because i love snacks before bed I have to sleep one full stomach lol!

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