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  • Really sad week for me and a health scare. Update on everything at the end of this video. Thank you everyone for being nice. 💓💓💓

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • God Bless u❤️

      AtarahAtarah29 dagar sedan
    • Sorry to hear your cardio dr was passive about your symptoms, they do that a lot with young people, sometimes you have to see several specialists to finally find one who is willing to take you seriously. There is also a longer term heart monitor called a loop recorder which is a small implant under the skin and can stay in awhile. Hope you can feel better soon and get some answers.

      Twilight Doll ASMRTwilight Doll ASMRMånad sedan
    • I do the same i clean when i am stressed, Sending good positive vibes and i wish that you stay healthy❤

      Shahd S.rajoubShahd S.rajoubMånad sedan
    • Hi Julia!have u ever think of trying homeopathy?its the most natural way of balancing yourself and cure!hugs from Greece!Maria

      My profile My messageMy profile My messageMånad sedan
    • @Melanie Lee Retire for a horse can mean they go to horse slaughter tho

      Eris ManaEris ManaMånad sedan
  • 56:17

    Emily MckayEmily Mckay5 dagar sedan
  • I first saw you as an ASMR artist. I only have about 4 ASMR artists I actually watch. Now I watch your vlogs. It’s so sad to see the news about the Horse. I’d be devastated. I like your healthy style.

    New Protein Vegan EatsNew Protein Vegan Eats19 dagar sedan
  • It sounds like you may be on the Autism spectrum like me. I haven't gotten an official diagnosis but I am 90% sure I have it along with ADD.

    Kendra MoranaKendra Morana19 dagar sedan
    • I do not have Autism. I fully support that you are looking into a diagnosis but strongly discourage you from attempting to diagnose others online. I would recommend that you see a psychiatrist or neuropsychologist for some clarity if you feel it is needed. Stay well. ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz19 dagar sedan
  • we all hope u feel better and safe x

    Robert JRobert J21 dag sedan
  • I Think you Plan Everything.

    Lana RaymanLana Rayman22 dagar sedan
  • Girl, as someone who LIVES for horses, I totally get this. If the horse cannot stay sound, it is in the best interest of BOTH you AND the horse to retire him and for you not to purchase/lease. We have 17 retired hunter jumpers, many who can no longer be ridden and the owner felt guilty selling them to anyone because they would have to be pasture pets, so she kept them all. Don't feel bad. The horse will find a place that is best for him and his health! 😊

    Megan RobertsMegan Roberts23 dagar sedan
  • everything is a learning process, its actually a great thing there was a vet check and a retirement plan.

    trippy.fungustrippy.fungus24 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't alcohol kill the probiotics? Sorry it didn't work out with the horse as it seemed you were bonding...maybe another horse will enter your life and be THE ONE.

    Diana QueenofcatsDiana Queenofcats25 dagar sedan
  • Its honestly just a learning curve! Owning a horse is a HUGE responsibility - and I think that it was the right thing to send him back if it was not going to be a good fit. I've been riding horses for over ten plus years off and on and have never yet had the luxury of owning a horse yet. You can still keep up the journey girl!

    Rebecca ClaydenRebecca Clayden27 dagar sedan
  • No you definitely want to wash mushrooms. The water absorbing thing is a myth, they barely absorb any and they have a LOT of gross dirt on them.

    Jane DoeJane Doe27 dagar sedan
  • Well, now everyone knows and he doesn't have to make an even worse trip because you wanted to give him a try. 😔

    whateveryousaywhateveryousay28 dagar sedan
  • Julia, you are a sensitive soul always thinking of others and hoping their paths will be as smooth and successful as possible including this large beautiful horse that was blessed to have you in their life for the meant to be time! Your heart is so large and your sense of adventure and ability to try new things and conquer them is an inspiration.I don’t know if it’s because we’re both from Baltimore ;-) but you are able to reduce overwhelming anxiety that triggers great pain and nausea, and you help me turn that into tolerable moments and eventually peaceful sleep thank you thank you thank you!

    Marjorie PendletonMarjorie PendletonMånad sedan
  • I have been dealing with the same kind of health issue. I have anxiety too, and I just feel like something's not right. My EKG always comes back ok, but when I exercise (i.e. run), I feel like garbage. Here in SoCal it's tough to find a good doctor, but I will keep pushing on. I'm so glad you found someone who will listen!

    KatieKatieMånad sedan
  • The heart monitor is a good idea. I agree with the other comment about SVT, thats what I have and my heart rate shoots up to stupid levels, especially when I'm stressed. I also have something called POTS. Do you have any asthma issues or shortness of breath? I notice you use candles which I absolutely cannot do because it makes my lungs work harder which in turn makes my heart work harder. They are very interconnected. If I dont eat right or regularly im also anxious. Do you have blood sugar issues? When mine dips thats when I'm anxious and the bad heart rate stuff is more likely to happen. I know we are all different but I have really, genuinely been there. I think my hormones have shifted as well. Most important things I've found to help are (ironically) ASMR (your videos and Lune Innate), meditation practiced regularly, keeping blood sugar stable throughout the day - if i have to eat skittles, drink juice, have a fruit snack, whatever - Eating protein, staying hydrated (for some reason cold seltzer helps my panic), spending time in nature, staying away from any and all scented products (have switched to unscented hand soaps and shampoo), staying active (i hear you on the stress cleaning!). Just to name a few of the most helpful. We are all different but I see you struggling and wish I could help. Do you have a monthly period app that tracks your cycle? I notice my anxiety and heart issues seem to be the worst right before my period, so there is a hormonal aspect. Unfortunately, conventional doctors have been zero help to me and I've lost complete faith in the medical system so I go it my own way these days. I sort of think letting go and accepting the possibility that any day could be my last has helped me more than anything, as scary as that sounds. Sorry for writing you a novel, I just truly know how awful it all is.

    Christine BChristine BMånad sedan
  • I have had palpation attacks years and yes doctors tend to "poo-poo" it off in my experience, we have to be proactive about our health yes. Dinner looked lovely.

    Niche MildiNiche MildiMånad sedan
  • I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, I also have some health issues right now...have you checked your hormones?

    BelleofelleBelleofelleMånad sedan
  • So happy that you are getting answers for yourself 💛

    April LynnApril LynnMånad sedan
  • Aww move out of LA and adopt him 💛💛💛

    April LynnApril LynnMånad sedan
  • My heart just breaks for you having to say goodbye to your horse . If you ever venture off towards Florida or Alabama we’ll definitely have to take ya on some trail rides . I hope your health issues get better. Thank you for all the time and energy you put into making the asmr videos .

    Nichole kennedyNichole kennedyMånad sedan
  • I'm so sorry. Sharing your journey is refreshing to me. Life is unpredictable. I feel it helps others to see people on youtube or social media share their journey even when it doesn't work out as planned because that's real life. Sending hugs.

    ViriViriMånad sedan
  • Beautiful Julia stay strong♥️ I share your pain and sadness. May the Lord gift you the most beautiful, strong and excellent horse that makes you forget your loss and pain. God bless your heart. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰♥️

    Snoop DaawgSnoop DaawgMånad sedan
  • Like it

  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Annie MacAnnie MacMånad sedan
  • I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. We’ve been through a similar circumstance with a horse we wanted to adopt. My heart was broken. We currently volunteer at a foal and horse rescue... There is a horse that has bonded with my husband... this guy doesn’t usually like people. Though we can have horses where we live, our property isn’t set up to have horses. We both love horses and love to ride... You tried to make something work. You did your due diligence... There are big ethics in that. And yeah... I’m a house cleaner when I’m feeling really down and out too. I’m in New Mexico... Many horses needing adoption. ❤️ Feel better...

    Lori Cylvan McRoy - Etsy shop - sugardrawersLori Cylvan McRoy - Etsy shop - sugardrawersMånad sedan
  • I have dealt with heart issues and anxiety since I was a teenager. Echocardiograms and heart monitors couldn’t find anything wrong but my doc put me on a beta blocker and it’s been a life changer.

    Naomi JNaomi JMånad sedan
  • I'm so sorry. Don't beat yourself up. You obviously care about the horse and didn't know the checkup would go this way. 💙

    Elizabeth TonerElizabeth TonerMånad sedan
  • Sending love your way. I admire that you don't adhere to one kind of diet and do your own thing. I know we've never met but you seem like such a genuine and kind person and I hope things look up for you.

    BBMånad sedan
  • I can really relate to what you were saying about being young and written off by doctors. I went to Urgent Care because having a hard time breathing. The nurse just wrote me off as some young person having an anxiety attack, and treated me like I was wasting her time. I had to explain over and over again (which was hard because I couldn't breathe) that this wasn't an anxiety attack, it was due to my allergies. Like you, I've had anxiety my whole life, so I can tell the difference between having an anxiety attack, and a medical problem. It wasn't until the doctor gave me some medicine to help my breathing (which made me feel better) did the nurse actually take me seriously.

    Mariam RizviMariam RizviMånad sedan
  • I really love and appreciate the way Nick says thank you every time he sits at the table to eat a meal you've cooked.

    Celine BlancCeline BlancMånad sedan
  • Plus its possible he was sent to the slaughterhouse after that. So wrong.

    ÉtheréeÉtheréeMånad sedan
    • No, he has not and will not be sent to a slaughterhouse. He was sent back to his owner to live on pasture.

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • I like the fact you're not being radical, the only thing that counts about fish or meat is thinking: it's not necessary.

    dieter stockmandieter stockmanMånad sedan
  • sending you so much love! You are always making us feel better so I hope you know we are here for you too xoxo

    Natalie WislerNatalie WislerMånad sedan
  • Would you consider do a cooking asmr, Julia? Have been enjoying watching you performing ur culinary skills for a long time :) P.S. Hope everything goes well and better regarding your health and all the other things in your life!

    Laura InthecavewithdiamondLaura InthecavewithdiamondMånad sedan
  • honey, never feel guilty 4 trying smthin, you didn't know the vet's answer, keep going forward xoxo

    AntoninaAntoninaMånad sedan
  • Your love for animals is so endearing. You did everything right, as difficult as it is please don't put too much pressure on yourself 💗 give yourself a break x

    Kelly BradshawKelly BradshawMånad sedan
  • Hey at least your doing the right thing, some folks would still use/ work that horse still..... so I hope the horse gets to live a nice retirement:) I hope you get better .....and thank you for sharing all of this

    Sophy WilsonSophy WilsonMånad sedan
  • So did u buy the horse? I'm sorry idk how it all works?

    April NeibertApril NeibertMånad sedan
  • I’m so sorry for what you’ve been going through, no doubt that would be enough to cause anyone sadness and anxiety I hope that you were able to do a lot of self-care for yourself over the last few days to help you overcome what you’ve been going through I know for me, spending time with my pets, ASMR, reading, candles, and showers are just a few things that I enjoy when I need to self-soothe or self-care during a difficult time, I hope that might help you to feel better I really enjoy your videos - ASMR and life updates as well Wishing you lots of laughter, wishing you lots of love and wishing everything will be well with your health Thank you so much for your videos, they have really helped me through my journey and they have made me feel like I have a caring friend because you’re so caring in your videos Hoping you get so much happiness in your future 😊❤️

    FamousFatality14FamousFatality14Månad sedan
  • Just want to start by saying that I am not trying to diagnosis you, just sharing my heart and anxiety issues to maybe help you if it can. So, I was having really bad heart palpitations and also having anxiety attacks pretty much every night when I would lay down to go to bed. Went to the doctor, got my blood work done and found out I had Graves' disease, which is an issue with your thyroid over producing TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) and it's typically caused by extreme stress. I'm just sharing it because you mentioned having heart problems while also having anxiety. I hope you don't have anything like that but if you can try and get your thyroid levels checked. If you know it's not your thyroid then nevermind me. Hope it's nothing serious and that it's something you can easily take care of. Sending you healing positive vibes.

    giantjunglegiantjungleMånad sedan
  • I’m so sorry things didn’t work out with your horse. I know that must have been so disappointing. I grew up with horses. They are truly special beings. I’ve always felt like somehow horses pick their human. I know, when the time is right, some special horse will find and pick you. Keep your chin up.❤️ Also, I’ve seen most all of your videos and you are amazing. I really appreciate how open and candid you always are. So refreshing. I look forward to whatever you do next. Be well and keep shining.⭐️✨💫 ~Nikki

    Nicole PalaciosNicole PalaciosMånad sedan
  • Hi Julia, just in case, and you’ve probably checked, but maybe check your blood iron levels for anemia. It used to affect feeling in my heart, though docs would say it was psychological. I love your asmr videos. Thank you :)

    Lucy LanglasLucy LanglasMånad sedan
  • Lots of love and healing thoughts. You have helped me and I am sure sooo many others. Thank you. So sorry for your distress and rough times. 💔💗💝💖

    Tina GingrichTina GingrichMånad sedan
  • Remember that beyond this this is a living animal being passed around for human pleasure. I used to be like you and I stopped.

    AshAshMånad sedan
    • Thanks for speaking up.

      ÉtheréeÉtheréeMånad sedan
    • That horse needs LONG TERM RELATIONSHIPS, god I hate when people use animals (I’m not saying you are doing this or did, but an animal is a being not a purchase agreement) - sometimes we get animals so we can be what they’ve needed their whole life. Signed, a wildlife rehabilitator of 29 years.

      AshAshMånad sedan
  • aw you guys saying grace was so cute

    E TurleyE TurleyMånad sedan
  • Eat more meat butter raw milk, veganism is not healthy.

    ZZMånad sedan
    • You need cholesterol which is the healthy fat that cushions all of your arteries veins and protects your heart. Your heart may be stressed having to work harder. Raw milk, meat will help you.

      ZZMånad sedan
  • what is this some kind of horse and pony show??????

    agharta42agharta42Månad sedan
  • I hope the horse is safe and well

    mandy wilsonmandy wilsonMånad sedan
  • You are such an awesome and sweet person. I’m glad you shared your journey, it is very therapeutic to see your connection with the horse. It’s definitely devastating to hear he’s ready to retire, but it’s beautiful that you can even have that bond even if short.

    Leah ShirleyLeah ShirleyMånad sedan
  • I had a similar experience last year with doctor's dismissing a condition that was finally revealed after wearing a month-long heart monitor. They dismissed it as covid anxiety until I sought specialized help and had to insist that they look beyond anxiety. Not knowing what was happening definitely led to anxiety.

    gricelgricelMånad sedan
  • I'm a mad passionate horse lover so don't feel bad fs

    Ali BrownAli BrownMånad sedan
  • That must be heartbreaking. How were you to know

    Ali BrownAli BrownMånad sedan
  • I'm not sure what's going on but I had heart problems last year. It ended up being lyme disease caused inflammation in my heart. Good luck Julia we care about you.

  • Love you so much ♥️🙏🏼 after sadness there is always a light of happinesses ♥️

    Mariam MMariam MMånad sedan
  • 😎👍🏿

    Sexy MaskSexy MaskMånad sedan
  • ❤❤❤

    fiveroll officialfiveroll officialMånad sedan
  • Sorry it didn't work out, he's a lovely horse xxx

    Greg MckinneyGreg MckinneyMånad sedan
  • Im an equestrian too, and the horse does probably understand you. They have a tendency to understand much more than we think.

    Hayley EarthstarHayley EarthstarMånad sedan
  • Sorry about that all, Julia

    Emily FastEmily FastMånad sedan
  • The little heart doodle you did on the heart monitor is so cute!

    arigvi101arigvi101Månad sedan
    • I think that's the company's logo, it's printed on there 😂❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • Thank you for being vulnerable with us

    Holly GartshoreHolly GartshoreMånad sedan
  • Much love to you ❤ I'm sorry things didn't go how you wanted with that beautiful animal. I also hope you get answers to the questions about your health. It absolutely sucks not knowing how to work on getting better when no one can tell you what's wrong, but everyone wants to shove pills down your throat like that will fix everything. You've got this!

    biCARRIEousbiCARRIEousMånad sedan
  • Sending you healing vibes 💛 I’ve been through a lot of health issues, both chronic & autoimmune, & can say mindset is everything. Feel the emotions, but trust that your perspective/ mindset on your health really is everything.

    Jessica StancilJessica StancilMånad sedan
  • Sending you love and light and positivity, Julia💕

    Madison JazwinskiMadison JazwinskiMånad sedan
  • You’re the most adorable human being in the world. That just has to be said. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out with your horse friend. maybe you could try to reframe it in your mind and think about him going on an adventure to LA and meeting you❤️ As far as your heart goes, you may have POTS. It’s not entirely uncommon but misunderstood and not well-researched. I work on a cardiac floor and see it frequently.

    Sara MackSara MackMånad sedan
  • So sorry to hear that the horse wasn’t sound, that’s devastating. Shame on those people for leasing him out like that. That’s horrible to do to you and the horse. There’s some really awful things that go on in the horse world.

    Clevermore MastodonClevermore MastodonMånad sedan
  • I've had a horse's all my life they are very very expensive and a huge commitment of your life but I wouldn't have my life any other way

    Wyomingpark (Shirimar House)Wyomingpark (Shirimar House)Månad sedan
  • why do i feel like we have the same Thing to do with the heart. i won’t say it bc boundaries but it’s just a feeling i have. maybe i should just get what i also strongly suspect it is actually officially on my chart lmao

    TheFryedIScreamTheFryedIScreamMånad sedan
  • Sorry to hear about the horse not working out. I feel very sad with you 😞 I hope you will feel better soon. Re the cleaning - me too! Helps me clear my mind and calm down during stressful times. Xx

    Zafia KhanZafia KhanMånad sedan
  • What symptoms did you have?

    Valerie OrtegaValerie OrtegaMånad sedan
  • Sorry to hear about your health hopefully it won’t be long until your Doctor finds out what’s wrong ❤️

    mary hartemary harteMånad sedan
  • I am sorry for you. It's an experience and it made you grow.

    Angelina FerchauAngelina FerchauMånad sedan
  • I just wanted to thank you for continuing to share your journey with all of this. As someone who dreams of leasing/owning a horse one day, I've learned a lot from watching your videos, and that includes (almost more importantly) the messy bits. Because that's real, and I think that's important for people to see. Also, I love the way you do life, and appreciate your perspective on things. Thanks for being you ✌️💕 OHH, and I'm so glad to hear that you feel like you're on the right track with your doctors to figure out your possible heart issue. Over the years I've dealt with a few heath issues that doctors were quick to dismiss. Having family, friends, and doctors who perpetuate the idea that you're overreacting, or simply a hypochondriac is maddening. If your body is telling you that something is wrong, listen! Keep pushing through it, the answers are out there, and they are always worth it 👏

    Autumn BrownAutumn BrownMånad sedan
  • There's no shame in taking a chance. There's no shame in listening to an expert. Seriously, you do you. You've done everything right so far. Just keep sharing your experiences, and following the experts, and you'll be golden. ❤️

    Nicholas OlsonNicholas OlsonMånad sedan
  • I've had to wear that same 2-week heart monitor. My docs didn't see anything concerning in the results. And yet my issues persist. They still don't know what's going on.

    phayte3000phayte3000Månad sedan
  • Life will never be perfect !! I wish you the best girl !!

    Claire SauzelClaire SauzelMånad sedan
  • When you did the asmr video of brushing a horse I became a beautiful stallion and I did not think it was stupid.

    Justin CalmesJustin CalmesMånad sedan
  • Had same issues, still not 100 percent sure but my heart palpitations were partly being caused by digestive to them about that and your vagus nerve..and I also avoid anything that could cause heart palpitations like caffeine etc. They kept writing it off as anxiety..but now that I've seen a gastroenterologist after the cardiologist it has helped me a lot . I hope you get answers !! I know it's so scary to deal with. I kept thinking my heart was failing or having a heart attack

    Brittany PyeBrittany PyeMånad sedan
  • Been having heart issues also, but I'm older than you. But my cardiologist told me my magnesium was low and the heart don't like that. Now I take that.

    Dee Dee MarieDee Dee MarieMånad sedan
    • Feel better ♡

      Dee Dee MarieDee Dee MarieMånad sedan
  • I'm so sorry to hear this! I'd imagine it to be really heartbreaking, wishing you the best!

    Rachel MariaRachel MariaMånad sedan
  • You have become so far removed from your original channel it has become bizarre.

    Barbara MilsomBarbara MilsomMånad sedan
    • I started my channel nearly 12 years ago at a completely different place in my life. Life changes, people change, and we all grow & evolve. Nothing bizarre about that - just human nature!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • Don't get too stressed out about your horse. Horses are strong animals and he probably enjoyed being away from home for a while. And don't worry about your own problems too much because there are many others in the same boat or even worse off than yourself. Just live one day at a time and try and focus on the positive things in your life.

    DeanDeanMånad sedan
  • ❤️

    marlnmarlnMånad sedan
  • Hugs to you Julia 💕

    Adalise CasasAdalise CasasMånad sedan
  • 💖 hugs!

    Shavon SullivanShavon SullivanMånad sedan
  • Hi! I rarely leave a comment but first wanted to say, thank you for the JuneShine discount :) It's my all time favorite but is usually a bit too spendy for my budget. I'm so excited to treat myself and get this package. Also, sorry to hear about issues with your heart. That is definitely scary and anxiety inducing. In a totally flipped situation to yours, as a kid I had really bad anxiety and panic but in my youth could only convey to adults that it felt like my heart was racing. Because of this, I spent a lot of time in my childhood at the cardiologist and taking prescriptions for a heart defect I didn't really end up having. It feels so good to know how to be able to speak about anxiety now and ask for the correct help. Wishing you all the best :)

    Christina AmenChristina AmenMånad sedan
    • Thank you for the kind words, Christina! I'm glad you were able to figure things out and work through your anxiety. Very proud of you for seeking help. Also so glad you love JuneShine! Enjoy it & cheers from afar! ❤️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • hugs to you ...

    LouiebearLouiebearMånad sedan
  • Falling in love with an animal and having to separate is so hard 💔

    Maryam LotfollahiMaryam LotfollahiMånad sedan
  • Keep him and start a sanctuary lol

    CatelynGraceCatelynGraceMånad sedan
  • I like how you guys sit at a nice table to eat together, must be healthier than me eating in the bedroom and my husband eating at his computer at random times-never together

    freshlimejuicefreshlimejuiceMånad sedan
  • Also your cat patting a paper wad of trash to add to your "disaster area" footage made me laugh😄

    freshlimejuicefreshlimejuiceMånad sedan
  • I know its heartbreaking to say goodbye to a sweet creature like your horse, but you had the best intentions for him and I believe he can sense that about you. Thank you for loving him.

    freshlimejuicefreshlimejuiceMånad sedan
  • I’m so sorry. We love you girl. Sending love and support.

    Hollye RorabaughHollye RorabaughMånad sedan
  • Healthcare provider here. I know, with absolute certainty that it is human nature, especially when we are worried, or feel like we aren't being heard properly by our physicians, to seek information online, anywhere from Web MD to Dr Mercola to Wikipedia...I know. While we love patients who are interested in learning and taking an active, education seeking role in their own healthcare , online medical info sites ,even when they mean well, are the bane of most Healthcare providers existence. 99 percent of the time, because these sites have to give both best and worst case scenarios, patients invariably end up more frightened and confused than when they began their home research. The amount of patients that come in already certain of their condition and prognosis , basically just looking for us to confirm what they have talked themselves into is Un-freaking-believeable ! And they are so completely certain. These are typically highly intelligent people as well. I know, hell, we all know that human beings will never cease looking for answers on the 'net. Just please, keep an open mind, do not convince yourself that you have a full diagnosis based on symptom matching. And just be responsible, and absolutely follow up with your Dr. If you don't have a good rapport with one Dr, don't settle, your health is too important . Julia, I am definitely sending love and good vibes your way. Hopefully you get answers soon...just know that worrying does not change a damn thing- and the thing we worry about the most seldom comes to pass. I have faith that you will be just fine, love ❤

    Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth TaylorMånad sedan
  • Can you explain the symptoms of this and go in depth about this and the ekg and all that stuff I totally agree with doctors writing you off.

    Alex ValenzuelaAlex ValenzuelaMånad sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you have a lot of people here for you. We're in your corner, rooting for you 100% 24/7

    darthvaderismyherodarthvaderismyheroMånad sedan
  • Awwwww hugs to you and to him❤❤❤❤ I hope you find a horse that fits and don't feel bad for sharing this its a learning process for you and anyone who wants to do that.

    Alex ValenzuelaAlex ValenzuelaMånad sedan
  • Whenever I have a problem, I always ask myself if I will remember it three years from now. Will it matter three years from now. It makes me realize that problems are fleeting.

    Paul SharkeyPaul SharkeyMånad sedan
  • I’m sorry about your horse & health complications ❤️ sending good vibes your way

    Lindsey HendersonLindsey HendersonMånad sedan
  • I get it i had this happen to me twice before it took me trying about 40 horses before finding the one for me you got this❤️

    Bibby RainesBibby RainesMånad sedan