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  • How is everyone doing?? Highs/lows of the week? Let's talk about them below. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • I dont know. My week was ok but I've just been having terrible moments. I recently shared with close friends about my struggle with suicide and it was recieved well, but now I almost regret it. It feels scary knowing so many ppl know something so intimate about you.

      BergamasqueBergamasqueMånad sedan
    • I think we all needed to pay attention and adjust our relationship with time. Shifting into gratitude and making purposeful commitments all while actually enjoying the moment! To me thats freedom and as awful as this last year + has been I've learned that I am in control of me NO matter what I am suffering from or through. I can be joyful and at peace pretty much always. Let go of anger. Let go of fear. Forgive. Love yourself. If you think about it when we are at peace we contribute to our communities so much more and fewer errors against our brothers/sisters/blood and not blood related family alike. Bettering ourselves betters our world, and doesn't our world deserve our love and respect right now, our time? Im not usually a commenter but just felt called to say something I had learned this last year. Thanks for being a truly honest and real person connected to our beautiful earth and home and helping us each to learn to care for ourselves and each other, the best we can!

      Tiffany NTiffany NMånad sedan
    • @Jonathan Urbina I hope you get well soon!

      Angel SmithAngel SmithMånad sedan
    • @itsblitzzz Thank you so much ❤️ I am learning German! And yes I agree, it is very helpful to learn multiple languages. It’s also quite fun and very interesting, because you get to know so many different cultures and traditions. Very inspiring. I know you always wanna learn new skills, so Italian is my first language and if you ever want to learn it, I’d definitely love to help you out! 😊

      Blomst TōBlomst TōMånad sedan
    • Feeling that whole slow/fast time thing, too. Time is a flat circle on steroids... Any suggestions for someone who wants to learn horseback riding? Loving these videos!

      Ana ValenteAna ValenteMånad sedan
  • Btw Veganaise is pronounced with a J sound like vegetable, not like vegan. I got this info from their website. Their company is so old, it predates “vegan” even being a thing

    skess94skess9421 timme sedan
  • If you lease a horse and fall in love and don’t want to give it up, do you have the option to buy? It must be so hard to give it up after spending extended time with it

    didithurtdidithurt5 dagar sedan
  • Hey girl, what camera do you use for filming ? I appreciate your calmness and soothing energy, thanks for the vibes ☺️.

    Thy Bowlling ManThy Bowlling Man6 dagar sedan
  • Do u take nap?

    Romita RoyRomita Roy8 dagar sedan
  • I could, indeed, hear the fridge.

    Aaron From OhioAaron From Ohio22 dagar sedan
  • Yes I love these videos as well . When will you be doing Asmr I love your Asmr it helps me sleep lol

    comparison compatibilitycomparison compatibility24 dagar sedan
  • I love all of the music you add to your videos. It’s so soothing. Reminds me of Tycho, which is some of my favorite music ever.

    Rose PodorisRose Podoris28 dagar sedan
  • The way you were petting Roxie, she loved that! I don't know why but, that made me so happy.

    Ms. JonesMs. Jones29 dagar sedan
  • You motivate me so much 🥺♥️!

    Kayla LynnKayla LynnMånad sedan
  • You choose amazing music seriously. I mean it's literally my taste :D

    Classic LeslieClassic LeslieMånad sedan
  • lol 6:30 am? good for you but thats a no for me i wake up at 2pm

    OD_LaVaOD_LaVaMånad sedan
  • Love your channel❤️

    Samantha RamosSamantha RamosMånad sedan
  • seeing you happy makes me happy 💕

    ChantelleChantelleMånad sedan
  • Got that Mr Rodgers vibes

    refusefntkrefusefntkMånad sedan
  • Love watching literally any content you gift us with! Also, where is your alarm clock from? Thanks! X

    Alice HaldenAlice HaldenMånad sedan
  • 😍

    Regina GordonRegina GordonMånad sedan
  • Like any new thing it’ll take a while to feel comfortable and even when you find “that horse” for you, Julia’s horse, there will be scary fearful anxious moments then too :) food luck on this adventure!

    Dahlia WaltonDahlia WaltonMånad sedan
  • Holy shit! Your friend/horse instructor was incredible in that footage where you are riding the horse that started to get a little too antsy!! She was calm, assertive and clear. I wish I could keep her in my pocket for whenever I start panicking 😂

    Beth BrignacBeth BrignacMånad sedan
  • i missed these type of videos!

    k ekek ekeMånad sedan
  • Greeting the horse that way got my heart ♥️♥️♥️😭

    E VE VMånad sedan
  • This took me back to when I had riding lessons years ago 💙💙💙

    katie Pkatie PMånad sedan
  • Every day does flow into the next... =\

    JennyJennyMånad sedan

    Animal Rights Matter. HUMANITY TOWARDS ALL.Animal Rights Matter. HUMANITY TOWARDS ALL.Månad sedan
  • Julia, hello! Have you heard of what is going on in Russia these days? Alexey Navalny( Russian opposition leader) has issued an investigation regarding Russia's President Vladimir Putin about his Palace worth 1,200.bln.$

    Олег КотовОлег КотовMånad sedan
    • His video has just hit 95 mln views over the last five days... It's been mostly watched lately in Russia. Do you have your own vision on this issue as for Biden who has recently been appointed President of the country

      Олег КотовОлег КотовMånad sedan
  • Life-long dressage rider here! So awesome that you are adding some dressage work to the mix. It will only help-- gamechanger for horses and riders! :) And, I've totally been there with spooks and run-offs. Way to stick it out! Definitely take your time when horse shopping and don't get discouraged if the search takes awhile. The right one is out there!

    Allie AndersonAllie AndersonMånad sedan
  • I love this video! I struggle with my love of horseback riding because I am vegan, but horse back riding brings me so much happiness and it for sure is a very peaceful way to spend time. ❤️

    The MURMEN FamilyThe MURMEN FamilyMånad sedan
  • These videos soothe me so much, Julia. Would you ever consider doing a video talking about your connection with the horses in more detail/the overall experience. Thank you🤍

    Louetta CreeseLouetta CreeseMånad sedan
  • As a Swiss person I had to take a double-take at your mug at 00:35 :)

    SaraSaraMånad sedan
  • Ayo the pizza here, but you see the person behind the camera. Go off girly

    Pizza MannPizza MannMånad sedan
  • OMG YES!! Bridgerton!! I am one of those who are obsessed with it! So happy to know you are watching it haha. I'm a little late to the video and the show but really ridiculously pleased to be sharing this with you lol

    Carolina MariscalCarolina MariscalMånad sedan
  • okay... that bagel... *chef's kiss* -M

    Grace Yoga LifeGrace Yoga LifeMånad sedan
  • Your pink turtleneck is so nice. Please, please, please tell me where you got it from?

    S JS JMånad sedan
  • ur so pretty omfg

    jana xdjana xdMånad sedan
  • Yes we do hear the fridge dear🤣 nevertheless, it's so worth the watch❤️ you're amazing

    C cC cMånad sedan
  • I love how there's "I'm not happy." video and the next upload is IT FEELS GOOD such a mood

    Hannah Lennert KristiansenHannah Lennert KristiansenMånad sedan
  • Just want to feel as happy as Roxie was during the greeting 🙏

    sedagive3sedagive3Månad sedan
  • Whaaat, you were up in Sacramento and didn't say Hi?

    JessJessMånad sedan
  • I rode down a high hill on a mountain bike with my friend Keera and she was very supportive with getting me through it. I was so fearful because I am pretty heavy and it made me feel really good when I gained the courage to ride down the steep hill. I understand how you feel with the anxiety portion of a new challenge or hobby. I recently started riding bikes with her and it was so much fun I can't wait to do it again.

    Caroline CCaroline CMånad sedan
  • I’ve been wanting to volunteer at like the ranch near where I’ve been living for like 3 years and never have. Reinspired

    Gabrielle PereiraGabrielle PereiraMånad sedan
  • Bridgerton was fire! Watched the whole season in a day and a half.

    JoJo Dot O.JoJo Dot O.Månad sedan
  • I love horses!! Roxie is gorgeous!! The horses there look super healthy!

    JoJo Dot O.JoJo Dot O.Månad sedan
  • OMG Maria lives in the Sacremento area...what a sad day for the ASMR community that you guys couldn't collab 😬

    Ryan BrunsRyan BrunsMånad sedan
  • Hi Julia, may I ask, is the water you are pouring from water distiller? ( If yes, could you please tell me where I can find it? TIA!

    maral amaral aMånad sedan
  • Roxie is so beautiful 🥺💘

    Liv FulfilledLiv FulfilledMånad sedan
  • It sounds like you are have found a perfect situation for you at this point in your riding with your current coach and barn. I would also recommend, if you have the time, to also take recurring lessons in a completely different discipline from any english discipline. Taking polo lessons made me a much less tense rider, built insane core strength, increased my riding confidence and overall really positively impacted my jumping after I hit a mental and physical plateau. I think there is a misconception that riding or competing in different disciplines will counteract each other and prevent you from progressing or ruin your equitation, but that is a lie!

    aSkelet0naSkelet0nMånad sedan
  • You making a vegan BLT just reminded me of the time my Muslim friend ordered a BLT burger from Hungry Jacks (Australian Burger King). I felt so bad having to tell him that the “B” in BLT stands for bacon 😭

    Ruby BromwellRuby BromwellMånad sedan
  • Aww you visited my city! 💜💜

    brandagebrandageMånad sedan
  • I feel like Nick is on the outskirts of your life lately. Not judging. It’s a chapter in your life. I’ve had many and can relate. Love your love for horses. My dad is a farrier now for 40 years. I used to be his apprentice. Much love for the horse world. Each horse has a distinct character of their own. You will find the one you click with. Nothing more liberating (well- maybe buying a house on your own!) than getting back up on the horse that gave you anxiety. Not to lease per say- just to get back on and off at YOUR comfort not the horses.

    MoeMoeMånad sedan
  • Just ride through it.

    Sinead HorganSinead HorganMånad sedan
  • Pro tip from an austrian: try liptauer with salted pretzel(s sticks)! it‘s the best snack ever! greetings from vienna 😊

    Ky K.Ky K.Månad sedan
  • I feel most of your anxiety comes from social media. In almost every video you somehow mention things you do to help keep you off your phone

    Nadine FourieNadine FourieMånad sedan
  • Oh my goodness did miss when you started horse riding?! Amazing 🥰 sorry for late catch up but welcome to the equine world ❤️

    LC EllieLC EllieMånad sedan
  • Love it!

    Relaxing CoupleRelaxing CoupleMånad sedan
  • hows ur kitten ?

    kaede does not approvekaede does not approveMånad sedan
  • My favorite vid of yours, yet! I love the equine life and during my 9 years in Brooklyn I volunteered at the Equine Therapy Saturday program at the Riverdale Stables in the Bronx. I went through periods of volunteering on those shifts, to daily cleaning of the stalls type work, to turn outs, in exchange for dressage lessons eventually... Was the best thing ever. Now that I have moved to south Los Angeles I haven't found anything near me that is remotely the same. I miss it. I'm glad I saw your video today. Really just reignited a flame within me. You're deeply inspirational in your presence. Thanks for this sweet sentiment and video, J x

    Anne BergstedtAnne BergstedtMånad sedan
  • She looks like Yenneca from the Witch Hunter!!!

    Brienna FerencziBrienna FerencziMånad sedan
  • Liptauer is correct, I'm austrian ;) I personally don't like it that much though :D

    CorneliaCorneliaMånad sedan
  • Chocula is beautiful, I love horses, they are so gentle, oh and great tattoos :)

    Elivelton FagundesElivelton FagundesMånad sedan
  • I wish I was one tenth as in control of my environment and life in general as you appear to be in these videos!

    shinjinobraveshinjinobraveMånad sedan
  • "just staying on the horse and overcoming it" that was powerful.

    Maya GirishMaya GirishMånad sedan
  • Keep being the wonderful spirit you are ❤

    Diamond KellyDiamond KellyMånad sedan
  • Helllo from Sacramento (Elk Grove)- love your channel Julia!

    Mary CMary CMånad sedan
  • I love your vlogs and horse content! I've had my horse for 8 or 9 years and she has probably saved my life

    Margaux ChannellMargaux ChannellMånad sedan
  • I got a bit teary eyed listening to you talk about overcoming the challenge and how it has helped with managing your ability to handle your anxiety and know you can do amazing things. I'm so glad you've found something that gives you that feeling! 💜

    Cheryl LugoCheryl LugoMånad sedan
  • **me just chilling to the dope music**

    SweetiePieSweetiePieMånad sedan
  • Yes the time is running feel the same!!

    Dwayne LupoDwayne LupoMånad sedan
  • I’ve been transitioning from HJ to dressage too and it’s improved my riding more in one year than the past 5 years combined!

    Taylor MillerTaylor MillerMånad sedan
  • I love how much you love the barn and horses :D

    Stephanie ScottStephanie ScottMånad sedan
  • the horses are so beautiful!

    Hans-Ulrich RudelHans-Ulrich RudelMånad sedan
  • Hi, the same thing happened to me when Covid-19 struck, so I renewed my commitment to logging and reporting. I've added a Communications log to my logged work hours, incident log, and Kegel log, but am doing the work to keep track of the passage of time, so I keep a record of every day in one way or another. Considering possibilities for the day has also been helpful, and taking a look at myself is how it all began. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this very serious problem.

    The Trusteeship IMIDThe Trusteeship IMIDMånad sedan
  • Saw you on Pajama Pants, you were wonderful❤️❤️

    Vivien MartinVivien MartinMånad sedan
  • I know she's a Gemini, but i also sense strong capricorn (if not then aquarius because its another saturn ruled sign) and virgo/scorpio are also probably placed strongly in her chart. Wish she'd leak her natal chart tbh because every single video I'm trying to determine her moon sign lol

    Miranda NwakahMiranda NwakahMånad sedan
  • You look like my 2nd grade teacher Ms.Ouhl. Just an observation. Spinach life..

    Bockman 555Bockman 555Månad sedan
  • You are wearing your mask, when you are alone in your car? Beautiful horse 😍🐴

    Deni ADeni AMånad sedan
  • That bagel looks so good? I’m now craving a vegan blt as well

    KitKatKitKatMånad sedan
  • Back at it again with the two thousand and tWENTY

    Natalie CucinaNatalie CucinaMånad sedan
  • She asmr’d life

    HeartbreakB _HeartbreakB _Månad sedan
  • I’m just starting an apprenticeship with my horse instructor! I am so beyond excited about it and I’m looking forward to one day being able to train horses on my own and teach lessons! I feel the exact same way as you. My time with horses is sacred to me and really helps me feel grounded and calm throughout the week!

    Grace MillerGrace MillerMånad sedan
  • I used to ride when I was a little girl. I've definitely been inspired to get back on because of you! One day, I will own a horse of my own:)

    The La'FlamesThe La'FlamesMånad sedan
  • This is really inspiring! There is a little farm not far from me that I've been thinking of volunteering at and this video gave me the final push to reach out to them. If all goes well I will be bottle feeding baby goats very soon ^_^

    Melissa DouvilleMelissa DouvilleMånad sedan
  • i love the horse girl content. stay on that horse!!! u got it!!!

    RosemarineRosemarineMånad sedan
  • can hear the fridge😂😘

    Natalya maeNatalya maeMånad sedan
  • OMG SO HAPPY FOR YOU JULIA! The minute I heard you were gonna do horse back riding I was like this is gonna be soooo good for you! Literally I rode with my family once and it changed my life. Its liberating, great for anxiety too yes it makes you feel like you can trust yourself. Not to mention the trust you earn from such a beautiful powerful creature!❤️❤️❤️

    Obsidian ButterflyObsidian ButterflyMånad sedan
  • Can absolutely relate to time weirdly crawling by, but also days go from morning to night so quickly.

    Heather BuckleyHeather BuckleyMånad sedan
  • Julia, you remind me of Diane from Bojack Horseman 😊

    Nini KvantreNini KvantreMånad sedan
  • Love all your content Julia ✨✨✨✨✨✨

    Emms ASMREmms ASMRMånad sedan
  • These are LITERALLY my favorite videos from you to watch! 🤍🤍🤍🍈🥥

    IsabelleIsabelleMånad sedan
  • I miss your pole dance videos 💖💖💖

    S CS CMånad sedan
  • Roxie's cheeks

    vagrantones. *music diaries*vagrantones. *music diaries*Månad sedan
  • As a kid I always dreamed about riding horses but I only ever did for a week during the summer because I was so busy playing soccer... anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about picking it back up and doing it weekly. This video is like the last push I needed to actually make that commitment.

    Mareeen14Mareeen14Månad sedan
  • Roxie is a GOLD HORSE?!? Too beautiful!!!

    Malta: Moving On, Up and AwayMalta: Moving On, Up and AwayMånad sedan
    • She is almost gold! She is a palomino Fjord horse ☺️❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • Can I ask what the mirror is there for while she’s riding?

    Aleah MaciasAleah MaciasMånad sedan
  • Heyy can yu please make an oily hand asmr focus video

    Elijah MabonElijah MabonMånad sedan
  • Ahhhh so aesthetic. 😻

    Saloma PanchezSaloma PanchezMånad sedan
  • OMG I felt the moment when the horse just took off, that happened to me twice before, the horse took off off the trail and ran into traffic, I was traumatized and never returned to do it again. But wow, good job staying on it and overcome your fear, that is awesome!!

    erica760606erica760606Månad sedan
  • More ASMR videos, please !!! :)

    Leonardo Leal de LimaLeonardo Leal de LimaMånad sedan
  • Horses are therapeutic! So glad you’re getting to spend so much time with them. Thank you for talking about your anxiety & how riding has helped. I’ve wanted to get back into riding as well, & sometimes my anxiety takes over. The “what if’s” of it all. This gives me hope.🥰

    Ashley WiseAshley WiseMånad sedan
  • I watched this before bed last night and had a dream about you at your new house somewhere and you had all kinds of animals, like tortoises, lizards, foxes, frogs lol. You were sitting on the front porch petting one of the tortoises and talking about all of them.

    annabeth1122annabeth1122Månad sedan
  • As a fellow horse-person I love to see how much joy and life lessons you get from working with horses! Totally get the "riding through things"... I am curious though on why the American way of riding always includes the very arched back and forward leaning position. Even in international jumping competitions you can always tell right away who's American unless they've been trained in Europe. Has your trainer ever mentioned anything by any chance? I've actually been wondering for years.

    Julia XJulia XMånad sedan