I'll never do this again.

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  • What is everyone watching lately on Netflix/Hulu/Prime? What are your top must see shoes & movies from 2020? I'm making a list and I'll post everyone's recs. Leave them below!

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
    • @Bri H Love it!!

      Nico Eeek.Nico Eeek.Månad sedan
    • Stranger things and binge watching Adam sandler movies

      Pug Boy swagger09Pug Boy swagger09Månad sedan
    • Dexter Nurse Ratched American Horror Story Hannibal-series AND movie (Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs/Red Dragon trilogy) CSI NY & CSI Las Vegas Bones Las Vegas Clockwork Orange (A MUST WATCH- weird but Amazing) Tiffany Haddish _ She Ready & Black Mitzvah Burt Kreischer - The Cabin or any of his stand up specials (he's hilarious) Dolittle w RDowneyJr Book Club Dark Shadows Unbreakable Split Deadpool (both) Grownups The Craft Love, Weddings & Other Disasters Unhinged Suicide Squad Hanna (currently watching) Orange Is The New Black Dark Crystal Evil (omg so good) Cool World SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS (highly recommend given your screenplay) The Gentleman (Guy Richie film-Another highly recommendation) Blue Velvet (another Kubrick great) Moana (extremely adorable munchkin movie) The Willoughby's (unusual but cute) In The Dark Good Girls Shameless The Good Place (just starting) Soooo many more ☆♡☆ Ps. When I used to ride we'd give my sweetpea apples (and carrots) but def cut it half & give open handed (which u unfortunately already found out) Sorry hun, I feel your pain 💛 But you have your fingers 😁

      FrUitbOOtiE_TLCFrUitbOOtiE_TLC2 månader sedan
    • Girl i only watch my fav asmr peeps and hypnotherapy peeps. I am obsessed 😘😍🙏🏼❤🤗👍🏼🤘🏼

      Elsa Marina MartinezElsa Marina Martinez3 månader sedan
    • I'v been getting into hannibal which is on netflix

      SpankinHotDudesSpankinHotDudes3 månader sedan
  • This is actually wholesome ^-^

    Hi ImhereHi ImhereDag sedan
  • I really want to try out native but I don’t need any deodorant at the moment. I watched all the seasons of queen of the south on Netflix and really enjoyed it.

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • I read the video title "I'll never do this again" and then I skipped to minute 6:14 So you never going to take a shower ever again ? lol

    Ali Ra'edAli Ra'edMånad sedan
  • I work at a barn that does public trails in the spring and summer. (we are every lucky to have such amazing reserved trails next to the property) When people bring their children it’s frustrating to see them running around, out of control. Then if a kid annoys a horse too much they get bit and proceed to cry. Parents get mad, we explain to them that we aren’t a babysitting service and how the law protects us. (Yes, we have safety signs) I just find it a funny story, and I honestly tend to laugh when little 9 year olds get their fingers bit and start crying.

    IsabelIsabelMånad sedan
    • @itsblitzzz The scary rich parents did 😭

      IsabelIsabelMånad sedan
    • you sound mad at the world not at the kids..who hurt you??

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • I’ve always wanted to try horseback riding

    LendingGalaxyLendingGalaxyMånad sedan
  • Yeah as soon as I saw the thumbmail I felt bad

    Holly VatHolly VatMånad sedan

    Aisha AbdisalanAisha Abdisalan2 månader sedan
  • My Octopus Teacher on Netflix was excellent - a beautifully filmed documentary. Next up is Ma Rainey’s Bottom with Viola Davis and Chadwick Bozeman (his last film). That one is on Hulu. If you like music documentaries, the Zappa one was very good, as was The Other One, about Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. Oh, and The Bee Gees doc was excellent as well!

    Melissa KesslerMelissa Kessler2 månader sedan
  • It bit u cos when u fed. The apple ur hand wasn’t flat so it will think ur fingers r treats too X make sure ur hold ur hand flat so it’s like a flat surface xx

    Roblox_lillyRoblox_lilly2 månader sedan
  • And I thought that horse bit your fingers🤦🏻‍♂️

    Ash EsAsh Es2 månader sedan
  • I love how your change yourself to be better your very strong

    AsmrDaisyAsmrDaisy2 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lara OliveiraLara Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix but Chocolat is amazing 😍

    Abby RAbby R2 månader sedan
  • Your face as you eat the chip at the end 🥺💕😂

    Abby RAbby R2 månader sedan
  • I know this is late but, I think it's amazing that you ride, I personally have almost my whole life competitively and I want to thank you for recognizing what you did wrong and not blaming the horse! It is an acquired skill 😉 but one day you will get the hang of feeding a whole apple flat-handed 😂

    Emma KempeEmma Kempe2 månader sedan
  • Therapy for what?

    Dimes329Dimes3292 månader sedan
  • What did she say?? “You can’t produce adrenaline and ---(inaudible)-- at the same time” I missed a part... and now I’m dying to know. I’ll keep scrolling through the 500+ comments to see if anyone else asked. So curious!

    1 21 22 månader sedan
    • Totally going to try the native! I’ve been looking for something new that won’t hack with my skin. Thank you again!!

      1 21 22 månader sedan
    • Found it. Oxytocin... thank you for the video

      1 21 22 månader sedan
  • I ordered native but it would not take your channel name

    Bruce LeGallaisBruce LeGallais2 månader sedan
    • No worries! Just checked and the code still works! You have to follow the link above (ITSBLITZZZ2) ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
    • Hi there! Please email support@nativecos.com. Our support team would love to resolve this issue!

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Flat hands flat hands ouch

    Amy AndersonAmy Anderson3 månader sedan
  • Also thanks for the disciunt on Native I was using the one with the orange label. Loved it ... got it from a gift box and couldn't find it. Thanks for putting it up and adding your discount to it!!!! Love their deodorant. Love you too!!!

    Elsa Marina MartinezElsa Marina Martinez3 månader sedan
  • You are my new favorite... I love love pulparindo and anythong tamarindo!!!!! Cool!

    Elsa Marina MartinezElsa Marina Martinez3 månader sedan
  • I absolutely adore you and your videos. Especially the "asmr massages" they relax me so much and calm my anxiety. When I feel an anxiety attack coming I go straight to your videos. Sometimes I even fall asleep which is rare for me. So thank you for all you post. You've even encouraged me to try said massages on my husband and he does me (not as good tbh cause he wont watch the videos but his loss 💁🏻‍♀️) Best wishes to you and yours. Also I love walks as well. I try to go every night they comfort me haha. 💜💕 P.S. check out the crown on netflix.

    Jamie GriffittsJamie Griffitts3 månader sedan
  • I’ve been eating a lot of fruit too. I go walking with my mom when I can. Sometimes I just go by myself and think or listen to podcasts. I sometimes go walking to organize my thoughts.

    Maya ChristianMaya Christian3 månader sedan
  • Ive been watching DEAD TO ME; just started the 2nd season, I'm really enjoying it!

    Tina MckimTina Mckim3 månader sedan
  • 😍

    S BrennanS Brennan3 månader sedan
  • You gotta keep your hand flat when feeding horses... don’t just give them whole apples lol

    katie ccckatie ccc3 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Kerry ChristensenKerry Christensen3 månader sedan
  • This reminds me off I'm gonna take my house to the old town road Like if you want to have a horse 👎

    A JA J3 månader sedan
  • I love Native! I have used the Coconut and Vanilla and love it, now im using the Lavender scent and im loving that as well.

    Britanii HoecheBritanii Hoeche3 månader sedan
    • 💙💙💙

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Yikes Flat hand!

    Brad ShannonBrad Shannon3 månader sedan
  • hey there great video and yes i too love native! even my hubs loves it (he's worksout about 5 x a week and this works)and that is big! so thanks for suggesting it, also when a certain amount is order (maybe up to 30$) its sent for free and we are in Paris so that is really great.

    E.machocolatE.machocolat3 månader sedan
    • 🥰🥰🥰

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • You have to wear a mask sitting on a horse all by yourself? And when going for a walk in nature? ...

    plantifulalexandraplantifulalexandra3 månader sedan
  • Hey, im new here and I just wanted to know if you are a equestrian or not cuz you rode so goooddd!❤️🥺

    MelinaMelina3 månader sedan
  • the childhood horror stories i could tell you abt dip dabs omg

    lauren lewislauren lewis3 månader sedan
    • @lauren lewis 😅😅

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz ahaha i don’t think there’s a place my sister and i DIDN’T spill dip dab sherbet 😂 i was like five, my grandad had just bought a new car, this fancy jaguar with perforated leather seats ... i got it EVERYWHERE , 15 years later nd it’s still a sore topic 🥺😂

      lauren lewislauren lewis3 månader sedan
    • Please share !!!😂

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • Those are some of my favorite candies as well! Have you ever tried Karla? It's like a little white tub full of creamy tamarind. Also, Vero watermelon lollies are really good!

    Gwynn VordrGwynn Vordr3 månader sedan
  • Omg dip dabs😭😭😭

    MeganMegan3 månader sedan

    Erin BussErin Buss3 månader sedan
  • I've given apples with a flat hand many times...?

    AlexandraAlexandra3 månader sedan
  • Me reading the title and thumbnail: so you got your hand eaten by a horse?

    CaramelLovesThingsCaramelLovesThings3 månader sedan
  • 500th comment 😌

    Idfk_:lIdfk_:l3 månader sedan
  • Eee! Hope it heals quickly! I remember Dad teaching me “flat hand” as far back as I can remember- I always thought he was being overly cautious but now I’m glad it’s a habit 😬 Also had a friend have the tip of his finger come off cause he put it through the buckle of his horse’s head stall & she bolted so can recommend not doing that!

    Linga SustainableLinga Sustainable3 månader sedan
  • Your video aesthetic is soooo good to watch! Just finished and exam and it fits perfect to relax!

    Laura BalastreroLaura Balastrero3 månader sedan
  • The bkrewind youtube channel has some great movie recommendations.

    Giannina de AndinoGiannina de Andino3 månader sedan
  • Your french chef knife is nice👍

    Franz MüllerFranz Müller3 månader sedan
  • Wow u grew a lot since last time I saw your channel, a year ago I think it was...

    Franz MüllerFranz Müller3 månader sedan
  • A bit for the cause. Free and wild horses ♡

    Agos AvantiAgos Avanti3 månader sedan
  • I used your sponsorship code for Native last time, and happy to report their products are great - smell lovely (I bought one of every scent in the plastic-free range), last long (one stick lasted about 2.5 months with twice a day applications), and are incredibly well priced (even without discounts) INCLUDING the shipping cost to England. DO NOT HESITATE! Go for it - 23 year old Physicist turned (technically turning) Meteorologist from England

    skarrambo 1skarrambo 13 månader sedan
    • 🙌😊👍

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Are u a gemini ? ♊

    olive rowsolive rows3 månader sedan
  • Lovely video 💜💜

    Queenbella JoyQueenbella Joy3 månader sedan
  • Sort of random, but where did you get that bath towel 👀

    Cait ClarkeCait Clarke3 månader sedan
  • Always ONLY offer food to horses with a complete flat hand. Even a full apple is fine as long as its a flat hand.

    Savannah CSavannah C3 månader sedan
  • IG: @SNKR_SAVAGE Show is called WAYNE on Amazon Prime use to be a series on SEcrone 2k19 got canceled from the writer's of DEADPOOL shows DOPE hope it gets picked up for a couple of seasons. I got nothing else ✌ Greetings from Texas!

    SNKR SVAGSNKR SVAG3 månader sedan
  • I need more videos like this one!!

    Elisabeth VElisabeth V3 månader sedan
  • That’s really interesting about not being able to produce adrenaline and oxytocin at the same time in your body... that explains why if you’re really stressed or triggered you forget the love sometimes...and also why love is the answer to healing stress maybe

    Francesca TreharneFrancesca Treharne3 månader sedan
  • Heh loved the cute moment of joy at the end :-) Have you tried Lovecraft Country on HBO?

    New Remains • Lexi BrunkNew Remains • Lexi Brunk3 månader sedan
  • YOU have a perfect body. Good content and good sharing. I like your style too. Big love 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤👌

    Món ngon Việt - HànMón ngon Việt - Hàn3 månader sedan
  • A lot of people dont know, but you’re supposed to (or can) eat kiwi skin. It’s texture is maybe slightly chewier than apple skin. One of my fav fruits! 🙌🏽

    supernova7supernova73 månader sedan
  • I really like the charcoal deodorant but the citrus & herbal musk is definitely my fave! The first time I put it on I kept getting whiffs of it and the whole time I was like "who is this sexy man that smells so good" and then I realised I was the sexy man 😂

    Svenja VorthmsvSvenja Vorthmsv3 månader sedan
    • 🙌💙😂

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Angela's great, love seeing a northern girl in American SEcroner's vlogs! (+ dip-dabs are the finest of UK confectionary that isn't made by Cadburys)

    Heather RoseHeather Rose3 månader sedan
  • Animal Fries.. GET IT! So Jealous! Also Im always so envious of your perfectly clean bathroom floor. My cat kicks litter like a champion kicker. Its the WORST.

    Jessica BelandJessica Beland3 månader sedan
  • What you eat for lunch would be a snack for me 🙈 I wish I ate as healthy as you 😊 I struggle with a sweet tooth!

    Emma SmylieEmma Smylie3 månader sedan
  • If I bring whole apples to the stable I will usually step on them with my boot to break the apple apart. That way I can feed it with a flat hand and the horse has an easier time chewing.

    sunlightstoragesunlightstorage3 månader sedan
  • Ah love a dip dab. I don’t know what fun dip is but dip dabs are essentially a strawberry lolly that you dip into sherbet. It’s amazing!

    Rach SmithRach Smith3 månader sedan
  • LOVE that you use Native deodorant too!! Which scent?? Edit: Well shit...I should have just watched the entire video first xD Got my answer, lmao. Citrus & Herbal Musk is my favourite as well!!

    alicaudlealicaudle3 månader sedan
    • 💙🍊✨

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Ugh, I miss In & Out Burger!!!!

    Miss MozzyDeeMiss MozzyDee3 månader sedan
  • As a person with OCD, the 7:47 alarm time is killing me 😅

    ShannShann3 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz Dayum! What kind of monster wakes up without an alarm before 9?! (Night person here - I cant function before 10.😅).

      ShannShann3 månader sedan
    • I actually woke up without an alarm, and before 7:47 - that's just when I started filming ;) ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • Exactly why did you wear a mask riding a horse outside with no one within 6 feet of you? I am honestly curious. You know this is all ridiculous right? My son had it and I cared for him without precautions for 3 days because I thought he had a cold. Well, he did have rhinovirus 1 and 2 and COVID 19. There are 5 of us in this house who had to quarantine...No one else got it and we were tested twice. I am seriously tired of this $#|t.

    Shannon LewisShannon Lewis3 månader sedan
  • Mexican candy is the best candy 🤤🤤

    Karla MoncayoKarla Moncayo3 månader sedan
  • secrone.info/video/YMeRgdm7gZV4apo/video.html I just came across this video for Neigh SMR and thought you might still enjoy it! (Hope your hand is doing better!)

    Adrii LebronAdrii Lebron3 månader sedan
  • Excellent! Love the in & Out touch!

    Pat ClevelandPat Cleveland3 månader sedan

    NicoleNicole3 månader sedan
  • I seriously can't imagine being pregnant during a whole pandemic. Wishing her a healthy & happy pregnancy! Stay safe everyone

    NicoleNicole3 månader sedan
  • Native doesn't ship to Italy. Too bad.

    Monica - world.OF.mMonica - world.OF.m3 månader sedan
    • We hope to expand our shipping options to more countries in the near future! Stay tuned for updates!

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
  • Queens Gambit on Netflix really good!

    Shelby WorksShelby Works3 månader sedan
  • Listen to Ya Sahra by Light in Babylon! I think you’ll love it. ☺️

    Newmoon919Newmoon9193 månader sedan
  • NO WAY I just watched the native ad RIGHT BEFORE repurchasing that deodorant from them! I use the vanilla coconut one and I love it 🥰

    Tara PlaszewskiTara Plaszewski3 månader sedan
    • 💙🥥✨

      NativeNative2 månader sedan
    • Update just got my 3 pack :)

      Tara PlaszewskiTara Plaszewski3 månader sedan
  • Why is the clip of the horse biting you so funny? 😂 lol I’m sorry I hope it heals up quick!

    ClareClare3 månader sedan
  • Love this channel 😍

    Salty to the Motha fuckin’ soupSalty to the Motha fuckin’ soup3 månader sedan
  • Loved the whole video, but Julia, your mhmm at the end is iconic

    Pauline LobanovaPauline Lobanova3 månader sedan
  • And this is why you’ve got to stretch and open your hand to feed a horse😫 It was the first thing they taught me when I started horseback riding (I was 3 years old, and horseback riding it’s still my greatest passion). By the way I’m really sorry for you, hope you will get better soon!❤️ Sending lots of love and appreciation from Italy!❤️

    Karen MarginiKaren Margini3 månader sedan
  • What are those brown shoes on your dog walk?

    Geoff KellandGeoff Kelland3 månader sedan
  • I recommend the queens gambit on netflix (if you haven’t seen it already) I thought it was amazing

    Teresa WagnerTeresa Wagner3 månader sedan
  • I’m craving waffles with hazelnut spread right now 🤤🧇

    suki‘s ASMRsuki‘s ASMR3 månader sedan
  • Julia, you literally give me so much inspiration and motivation to be productive and positive. I really appreciate you and your incredible content. Hope all is good. Take care!

    Fabiola MichelleFabiola Michelle3 månader sedan
  • Yay, someone who eats healthy most of the time but doesn’t demonize fast food and not eat it at all, acting as if they are “holier than thou” ... thank you for being realistic If you don’t want to eat fast food ever out of your own choice that’s cool but no one needs to have a superiority complex about their preference in food

    Mani LeeMani Lee3 månader sedan
  • I just finished the Netlix show "The Queen's Gambit" It was amazing. It was a great show that took my mind of the chaos of the election last week.

    Sydney LowSydney Low3 månader sedan
  • My mind: why am I watching this 1 day later? My fingers: cause I said so

    Coco_LeSlothCoco_LeSloth3 månader sedan
  • Fellow equestrians here?? I got bit on the arm a month ago- still have the mark lol ponies are demons😂😂

    Gryffindor Equestrian GirlGryffindor Equestrian Girl3 månader sedan
  • Dont worry it happens to the best of us, I cant tell u how many times iv had my fingers bitten ( I now cut my apples into slices just cause its easier for both me and the horses). I love seeing you ride. Beautiful horse btw❤

    Em 17!Em 17!3 månader sedan
  • STRONGLY recommend The Queen’s Gambit, Julia🥰

    Anabella RuizAnabella Ruiz3 månader sedan
  • i really hope they taught you to feed a horse treats flat handed, if not that was a fault on their end. i’ve been bitten before by my barn’s horses, your fingers should heal pretty soon lol

    Erin RoseErin Rose3 månader sedan
  • Julia, isn’t it great to ride? I am considering riding again after many, many years. I took lessons as a child and teen. I am now 68. I have to get in better shape before I do. We’ll see. Be well! 🌹 I loved Ratched on Netflix. I will start the Queen’s Gambit and The Take soon. Also on Netflix.

    debra boltondebra bolton3 månader sedan
  • I love your towels. The waffle type. Where did you get them??

    Mackinzie GraceMackinzie Grace3 månader sedan
  • Equestrian here! You have such a natural and relaxed seat😍

    AndreaAndrea3 månader sedan
  • Omg Dib Dabs are the best, tbh the best thing to do is eat all the sherbet at the end!!!

    Jaime RileyJaime Riley3 månader sedan
  • That crunch 😳😳😳😳

    PoetryRainDropsPoetryRainDrops3 månader sedan
  • In the Midwest for a few weeks for work/ seeing family. Having some anxiety- this made me feel better !

    James CallowayJames Calloway3 månader sedan
  • Note to self: Never... ✍🏽 Feed... ✍🏽 A horse...✍🏽

    m0ach8m0ach83 månader sedan
  • Dawson's Creek just got added to Netflix in Ireland, I've never watched it before so am currently enjoying that!!

    emilyemily3 månader sedan