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  • How do you maintain healthy sleep habits? What are your favorite things to do before bed? Please share below! Sleep is so important for our entire health and it has NOT always been my priority (especially after working in nightlife for over a decade). I am working on fixing this majorly, and already feeling great about these small changes I'm making. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
    • I usually go to sleep around 10-10:30pm, and I recently used the Screen Time app on my phone to lock any interactive social media apps after 9pm (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, ect...anything that requires you to mindlessly scroll). I have found that this helps me get tired and fall asleep so much quicker. I found that my brain was too stimulated every night, and this worked great.

      Morgan GiannoneMorgan Giannone26 dagar sedan
    • Before I go to sleep I like to clean my face with micellar water, make myself a cup of chamomile and azahar tea, and watch a little tv ♥️

      Lost in SpaceLost in Space2 månader sedan
    • 1) Not watching phones before sleep, those blue light from phones will affect our quality of sleep. 2) All lights off 3) Not eating or drinking too much before sleep. 4) Not sleep more than 30 mins in day time 5) Do some stretching like Yoga 6) Drink some chamomile tea before sleep

      MELS E-Learn Dot ComMELS E-Learn Dot Com2 månader sedan
    • Hey Julia, just came across an old video you did "My life is a lie" or something like that...I just wanted to come to your most recent video and leave you a comment, hoping you'll be more likely to see it. Just wanted to remind you that the accomplishments you've made with this channel and all the hard work you put into it, that's all on you! You did that, no one else and you do deserve the acknowledgment for it. No one can take away what you've created. I feel like you have been very genuine, open and honest about how life isn't always perfect, while also showing that you try your best as much as you can. Please don't feel that keeping some parts of your life to yourself, or having some privacy for yourself is you being dishonest to your audience, it's not, that's you being human and you deserve some privacy, that in no way makes you dishonest. I just hope you remember that you deserve all the good that's come your way and I hope you are doing well. Sending all my love....oh and I maintain my healthy sleep habits by watching your videos each night to relax and unwind. Your "ASMR hand hypnosis for relaxation" is my favorite, that one in particular has gotten me through many panic attacks as well, so I can't thank you enough for it!

      LiptonLipton2 månader sedan
    • The trifecta of sound sleep for me: 1. Mix 2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar in an 8oz. glass of water and drink it (with a straw). 2. Eat a GIGANTIC dark greens salad for dinner. Like, HUGE. Avoid adding sugary toppings or dressings. 3. Take your once-daily fish oil supplement. That's it. You'll sleep like a baby when you do those 3 things in order. Works every time. 👍🏽

      Courtney VoltzCourtney Voltz2 månader sedan
  • Looking forward to watch your new home tour 🙏🌹❤

    Kendira ManushKendira Manush8 dagar sedan
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏😊🌹

    Kendira ManushKendira Manush8 dagar sedan
  • Julia, you're so amazing and I'm really proud of you. I know that I didn't watch the video in that moment but, I would really like to tell you two things that I do for going to bed and for woke up, mabe you do it some times. For going to bed I read some books with a really soft light and then I put a diary (that I have if I have dreams in the middle of the night 🌃). I realized that if I woke up for no reason it's worst go to bed again that wake up. For wake up I open the windows of my room and I put a Palo Santo. I hope it will be help you. Love u, kisses from Argentina

    Luci FerrerLuci Ferrer17 dagar sedan
  • I few weeks ago I decided to delete most social media’s and it has made such a change in my life.

    Ronin StackRonin Stack28 dagar sedan
  • I really need to do this. I’m on my phone way too much and it’s nothing but drama and bad news. I want to start my mornings off by doing something positive - reading, meditating, stretching, doing a small chore around the house.

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • I quit Instagram about a year ago, best decision ever

    Rizaan JappieRizaan JappieMånad sedan
  • Idk why, but ever since quarantine happened- i’ve Been so sleep deprived

    Abigail GarciaAbigail GarciaMånad sedan
  • I was just thinking that I need a break from my phone but didn’t know where to begin with.. still working on it, hope to succeed soon! 😊

    ManuマヌちゃんManuマヌちゃんMånad sedan
  • This is so inspiring! I'm going to keep my phone in another room now when I sleep. I'm also obsessed with listening to audio books while I cook, it's so uplifting

    Lauren WilsonLauren WilsonMånad sedan
  • You need a more calming timer tone. Going from zen to beeepbeeepbeeep seems counter intuitive. Just a thought.

    Luke FarmerLuke FarmerMånad sedan
  • Was that online alarm clock? I have PTSD from it

    JCBJCBMånad sedan
  • Reading before bed, I have found, is the best way to fall asleep for me.

    AlanAlanMånad sedan

    Loud MouthLoud MouthMånad sedan
  • I call this being grounded

    Abigail PerryAbigail Perry2 månader sedan
  • Because of my boyfriend, who lives 3 hours away from me, I cannot just abandon my phone like that. I do know for sure that I would be more relaxed and less stressed if I didn’t have my phone or constantly texting my boyfriend. My boyfriend is toxic so I have to let him know EVERYTHING so when I do things, I get anxiety and stressed about letting him know what I’m doing at all times and making sure I have my phone to always reply to his messages and calls. My goal is to not be addicted to my phone. I hope one day I can wake up without looking/touching my phone for at least an hour..

    Aileen SAileen S2 månader sedan
  • That quiche looks amazing!!

    Alivia PinnixAlivia Pinnix2 månader sedan
  • your videos really do bring me so much peace. thank u

    Andrea AmayaAndrea Amaya2 månader sedan
  • “7am is really early for me” *sobs in 4am-3:30pm work schedule*

    MariaMaria2 månader sedan
  • Julia do you have a video about sheets at all? Or maybe you could make one if that's something you're interested in? I'm considering buying silk sheets but I've never had them and I know you would probably have some good insights ◡̈

    M. HabischM. Habisch2 månader sedan
  • I’ve loved your content for SO long but the reason I’m trying to be friends right now is because no one understands my love for Desperate Housewives and I need friends like that. 😍✨🏡 💃🏼

    Brit RichardsBrit Richards2 månader sedan
  • I love your riding teacher so much haha

    WhiteLiteBarbiiWhiteLiteBarbii2 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia ! I read the book "24/6 The Power of Unplugging one day a week" because I felt a little like you about social media apps/sleep/my use of my phone. If you haven't heard of it, I just wanted to comment to give it as a recommandation. When I actually tried a day without screens it was one of my best night of sleep I had in a long time. Love xxx

    Raphaëlle RitchotRaphaëlle Ritchot2 månader sedan

    pan con quesitopan con quesito2 månader sedan
  • I once saw an interview with an old Fléger who was in the Faculty of Science, Charles University. The Flute said that COVID 19, or some kind of infectious disease, got there. And as the Flégers became infected, he said that then there was a big MEASUREMENT and there must have been freezers with corpses in the streets !!! MEASUREMENTS and freezers with corpses, that's exactly what he said.

    plaskackaplaskacka2 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia :) pls do a video on how to incorporate good energy/ feng shui into your bedroom. I’m wanting to make my bedroom a tranquil and beautiful place to chill, but would love some practical tips

    Carley HermanCarley Herman2 månader sedan
  • Removinh social media totally brings even greater results :)

    FakeZOrFakeZOr2 månader sedan
  • Sleep has been a problem....because of all the things I listen too. Right now Im recovering from a foot surgery. Its slow going. I have cooked spinach everyday w my eggs and brown rice. I add Lysine to the spinach as it cooks. It cooks down faster and it has so many healing properties. Also helps w pain.

    WickedlysweetWickedlysweet2 månader sedan
  • Me watching this as a western rider- ma’am her shoulders were perfect 😭😭😭 (I’m assuming she is riding English bc I’ve never seen a western rider so clean 😳)

    Oikawa tōruOikawa tōru2 månader sedan
  • Love me some Desperate Housewives

    Megan RileyMegan Riley2 månader sedan
  • This just made me realize idk how to set an alarm clock

    Ray LuvRay Luv2 månader sedan
  • WHEN ARE U MAKING MORE VIDEOS?? U know i can't live without you!

    ThinkinGuyThinkinGuy2 månader sedan
  • Simon Górski ''Szyszynka" Question for normal reason from humanity The escape from war and brutality after death trust me life ... infinity Then deserve to enter to the eternity

    Szymon GórskiSzymon Górski2 månader sedan
  • What’s the song in the back when you’re rolling the dough? Haha so good

    Soul Food SpaceSoul Food Space2 månader sedan
  • For everyone going through a hard time here is a quick verse *the pain you have been feeling now can’t compare to the joy that is coming* 🥰

    Crisanbee EatsCrisanbee Eats2 månader sedan
  • I literally have a crisis every time I get into your content lol. I start to feel so bad about my life and how I’m living and how I’m not sustainable enough or using all this perfect aesthetic stuff. You’re so perfect at everything and sometimes I have to like step away from your IG and videos and remind myself I’m just a stupid ugly normal imperfect human ugh okay crisis over. For now

    Hannah BHannah B2 månader sedan
  • Love that your getting into riding! A very expensive sport though😬 for the saddle you should have about 4 fingers behind your butt to the end if that makes sense. And if your talk you may have to get extended flaps (the part your knee rests in) I’m 5’11 and my saddle is a size 17. Hope this helps!

    Isabella PowerIsabella Power2 månader sedan
    • Fingers laid horizontally*

      Isabella PowerIsabella Power2 månader sedan
  • Hi Blitz. I love seeing your videos and it’s almost like visiting a friend for a little bit. I always feel like you’re talking to me and it’s really nice. I definitely consider you as a friend, lol that might be weird.

    spread ya cheeksspread ya cheeks2 månader sedan
  • I've found that my sleep is affected by what I eat for dinner a few hours prior. The trifecta of sound sleep for me: 1. Mix 2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar in an 8oz. glass of water and drink it (with a straw). 2. Eat a GIGANTIC dark greens salad for dinner. Like, HUGE. Avoid adding sugary toppings or dressings. 3. Take your once-daily fish oil supplement. That's it. You'll sleep like a baby when you do those 3 things in order. Works every time. 👍🏽

    Courtney VoltzCourtney Voltz2 månader sedan
  • Love your robe, looks so cozy! Where is it from? Also thank you for bringing this to light. I deleted my FB and insta about 2 months ago and it’s been amazing. I feel so at peace not knowing what everyone is doing, no pressure to share, and more intimately connected with friends than before. You really have to go out of your way for that phone call or text and I even find myself writing more letters/sending care packages to my long distant friends.

    Olivia MalikiOlivia Maliki2 månader sedan
  • Omg I'm also rewatching desperate housewives! I swear the more I watch your videos, the more the venn diagram of our personalities is becoming a full circle.

    Lysandre TremblayLysandre Tremblay2 månader sedan
    • 👯‍♀️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • I love see her coking. (I don't talk inglish😢)

    Catarina ZumbaCatarina Zumba2 månader sedan
  • Seeing your glasses in the video reminded me that I bought the same ones because of you! I’ve had them for a few months and love them!

    Savannah CochranSavannah Cochran2 månader sedan
  • So excited to start doing this going into the new year, just need a new alarm clock. I'm also planning to more consistently journal like I used to. Thanks so much for posting this.

    Siedah HolmesSiedah Holmes2 månader sedan
  • Love to see you getting into horses! I used to ride at that same facility then get coffee at the cute little shop that also has vegan pastries. It’s always fun to try out new saddles but so frustrating to find the right fit. Like shopping for jeans.

    Taylor MillerTaylor Miller2 månader sedan
  • Ummm, we have the same kitchen knife and the same pepper grinder lol, taste!

    Carly SuplitaCarly Suplita2 månader sedan
  • Merci pour cette video Julia ❤

    Simply SophieSimply Sophie2 månader sedan
  • i feel this is exactly what i’ve been needing. julia always coming through with the inspo

    LeannWRLDLeannWRLD2 månader sedan

    Magnolia ZamudioMagnolia Zamudio2 månader sedan
  • I need 10 hrs of sleep lol! Thank you for the video Julia...Happy Holidays to you and Nick

    Shine Home EscentialsShine Home Escentials2 månader sedan
  • Back in October I decided I was gonna go the whole month without Instagram because it became so toxic to me & it was so unhealthy & caused me anxiety. I was so proud of myself for going the entire month of October without insta . I did end up downloading it again on November 1 but I definitely feel better with the app & I learned not to be obsessed with it & constantly checking it & not letting it affect me mentally. Def recommended people to try it!

    GabbbsGabbbs2 månader sedan
  • I don’t know how anyone can do anything in the morning other than forcing themselves painfully out of bed. Trying to meditate would be the end of all efforts to get up 😂 I’d never get out of bed.

    fannfarenfannfaren2 månader sedan
  • I noticed you said you put your phone in aeroplane mode. Something I use which is super useful ,(I think you have an iPhone), is the sleep schedule on your phone. You set up the schedule and can set down a wind down time so at a certain time of the evening your phone will make the display blank so you don’t get distracted and then puts the phone in do not disturb during your sleep time. That way you can set emergency contacts so if they called in the night it would come through. You can also set sleep routines and stuff ! I find it so useful as I’m guilty of going to bed at 23:00 but being distracted until 23:45 or something. It also keeps the display minimal during the night so if you wake up and check the time it won’t show you all the notifications etc! :)

    sibutcherssibutchers2 månader sedan
  • I really like the idea of gifting an audible subscription. Does anyone know if the code applies to international subscriptions as well, or is it solely US residents?

    sunlightstoragesunlightstorage2 månader sedan
  • ASMR!

    Silvana MigliavaccaSilvana Migliavacca2 månader sedan
  • You’d folding is beautiful 😩 I am such a sloppy folder with my clothes, my boyfriend folds things so nicely too lol

    Marisa VeilleuxMarisa Veilleux2 månader sedan
  • Man I wish I could get up at 09:15 Instead of 07:00! 😃😃

    Paul ClarksonPaul Clarkson2 månader sedan
  • Hahaha in regards to the strands of hair in your mouth at the beginning: my mom and my sister and I always have this convo about that because they never feel when they have a hair in their mouth and I always have to point it out while I notice it right away to the point where I have to like drop everything from my hands and fix it immediately cause I feel like I’m choking to death. Random fact about me no one needed to know! Haha. Love your videos

    Diana LifeDiana Life2 månader sedan
  • I get so excited when you post a new video!! I am rewatching desperate housewives too!! I totally forgot about it until I saw it offered on a free app on my fire stick.

    Sheena TroxellSheena Troxell2 månader sedan
  • I love watching you ride! but with saddles, you'd usually only want to buy a saddle if you'er fitting it to a specific horse. While you want a saddle that fits you, it also needs to be able to fit on the horse as well and not all saddles work well with all horse, no matter how many pads, half pads and risers you use! I wouldn't invest in a saddle quite yet, unless you have a horse in mind as well, because they are quite expensive

    Madeline HildebrandtMadeline Hildebrandt2 månader sedan
  • 1. That quiche looks BOMB! 2. I want to live in that neighborhood where you ride horses 😍 3. I will be starting the no phone ritual tomorrow.. this year has made me develop some not so ideal habits...time to start fresh and make new and improved ones💗 As always, thanks for continuing to make videos!

    thischarminglifethischarminglife2 månader sedan
  • I lo key, actually really really hi key just want to have a sleep over at Julia’s house.

    Layla EklomLayla Eklom2 månader sedan
  • Watching the horse riding is so Nostalgic for me , my Mom was a horse riding instructor when I was a child and I got to ride English, it really is a beautiful sport and horses are really funny/pure animals .

    Savannah LaMotteSavannah LaMotte2 månader sedan
  • I also love tidying up my apartment in the evening, doing the dishes, clearing the energy up for a good night sleep and a relaxed morning after. And I started not using my phone in the morning as well and it decreased my stress level so much. I don’t feel like having to be available already after waking up and I can tune into my energy, feel grateful and appreciate life more :) For meditation/yoga the perfect time for me is in the afternoon/evening because then I can fully calm down and reflect, in the morning it kind of stresses me out, I don’t know why tho maybe its just an individual preference... I adore everything about your interest in raising your frequency, it’s all that counts at the moment, I believe! :)

    Maria DanzerMaria Danzer2 månader sedan
  • Does anyone else love how supportive her horse riding instructor is?😍🥰

    Shoshana HarrisShoshana Harris2 månader sedan
  • I love Desperate house wives! Best show! I have a baby. Right now baby wakes me up every day at 830. My goal would be to have less phone time and more baby time. Im a stay at home mom and feel excited by: cooking, cleaning and self care ❤

    Julie JaneJulie Jane2 månader sedan
  • I love all your videos but now even more so your videos with horses in them! Could you go over your history with horses? I think you said you recently got back into it? Buying saddles and working on transitions as you are isn’t exactly a beginner 😊. Before bed I like to gratitude journal and also do my next day brain dump. I find getting all the to dos down on paper really help my brain stop processing because I know I can just pick it up again the next day.

    Courtney SzuszkaCourtney Szuszka2 månader sedan
  • i used to horseback ride when i was a child and loved it. i find beauty and nostalgia in your new passion ❤️

    Kayla ProctorKayla Proctor2 månader sedan
  • Where did you get that cute little alarm clock? I think that would be helpful for me to have because I currently use my phone for an alarm. I want to try your experiment too!

    Rachel EpperlyRachel Epperly2 månader sedan
  • Dump the site and I'll give you a psychic reading whenever you want one but you don't need it you already know what has to be done

    Petter PamPetter Pam2 månader sedan
  • you should look into The Light Phone! Been interested in it myself.

    Yoga with KayleeYoga with Kaylee2 månader sedan
  • I have no personal interest in horseback riding, but the way you beam passion when you talk about it makes me so happy. You should do a vid more on your experience with riding!

    maabbmaabb2 månader sedan
  • you've inspired me to pull out my old alarm clock♡ honestly nice to not have to look at my phone to check the time/set an alarm!!

    jessTMjessTM2 månader sedan
  • on sunday nights, I enjoy doing a face mask, lathering myself in body oil, and putting eucerin on my feet and wearing socks for a bit. I've also always loved picking out my clothes the night before and looking up makeup looks on pinterest for the next day. And another good thing to do is put your computer on night light mode starting @sunset and ending @sunrise. it makes your screen colors warmer and less blue and intense on the eyes. Just some fun rituals hehe

    Samantha LuceroSamantha Lucero2 månader sedan
  • kava is a great herbal sleep supplement that can aid insomnia and/or trouble falling asleep.

    Samantha LuceroSamantha Lucero2 månader sedan
  • i love doing 4-a-day keeps the negative away. That's what my mom calls it haha. But I have a little gratitude journal next to my bed that I write 4 things about day that I'm grateful for. I also love watching your ASMR videos in bed and I just put a sleep timer on my TV!!:))

    Samantha LuceroSamantha Lucero2 månader sedan
  • i recently started using apple's bedtime features, you can find them in the sleep app. You can set up a wind down schedule and sleep schedule and it automatically put's your phone on sleep mode for those time frames. It's nice to have a feature on my phone that actually encourages that I put my phone down

    Samantha LuceroSamantha Lucero2 månader sedan
  • Honestly I wouldn't last a day with out WI-FI or social media 😂 is that just me

    AsmrDaisyAsmrDaisy2 månader sedan
  • This is really inspiring!

    MontanaMontana2 månader sedan
  • OMG! This video could not have come at a more perfect time. I JUST decided to do this yesterday. I'm only 24 hours in, but it's not so bad!

    AllysonAllyson2 månader sedan
  • YUM, I love quiche!

    Olivia YinOlivia Yin2 månader sedan
  • My husband and I never bring our phones into the bedroom. They stay downstairs charging at night. I have an Apple Watch and set up the nighttime schedule. It notifies me to start my nighttime routine 45 mins before I have my bedtime set for. I try not to use my phone during that time and I get ready for bed (eg. skincare routine, brush my teeth, change into my sleepwear, etc). Then at bedtime, my watch goes into sleep mode. The screen shuts off and switches to DND. My alarm is on my watch so it just goes off when it’s time to get up. It’s been working great.

    AEW0416AEW04162 månader sedan
  • Get. rid of the TV in the bedroom!

    zuzannahannazuzannahanna2 månader sedan
    • We did that for the past 3+ years and honestly, I much prefer having the option to watch TV in the bedroom. No TV might be great for some to minimize screen time, but it wasn't optimal for me.

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • Julia, I enjoy watching your new journey with horses! I want to learn to ride someday. They're so stunning and smart!

    scs090 scsscs090 scs2 månader sedan
  • I'm kind of dependent on my wake up light because it's pitch dark in the morning this far north. I wish I could set the lights without the phone!

    Vilde MonclairVilde Monclair2 månader sedan
  • i'm going to put in a request for baking ASMR! i think its a fun idea, cooking sounds are always very relaxing and all your cooking appliances are even visually pleasing :)

    Nancy XNancy X2 månader sedan
  • LOVE THAT RECIPE! looks amazing

    AntoninaAntonina2 månader sedan
  • Good for you for trying this! It's crazy how quickly we can feel a difference with social media. I did a similar challenge for 5 days and noticed such as improvement!

    Bruna ClaasBruna Claas2 månader sedan
  • My quality of sleep has been drastically changed for the better with my weighted blanket! I get a deeper sleep, and it helps with my anxiety at night.

    Emily ToppenEmily Toppen2 månader sedan
  • unrelated but your folded laundry is ✨ very satisfying ✨ this video couldn’t have come at a better time for me. i’m also working on detaching myself from social media and creating a healthy sleep routine and it helps a lot to see others doing the same!

    orangecarharttbeanieorangecarharttbeanie2 månader sedan
  • I used a sunrise alarm clock from Philips. It wakes you up more naturally by gradually getting lighter until your desired wake up time when it plays a tune. It’s great for the darker mornings as well ☺️

    Rosie TrebbleRosie Trebble2 månader sedan
  • Julia the great! What kind of pots/pans do you use? Anyone know? Thanks!

    Georgia HerdenerGeorgia Herdener2 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz thanks so much for always taking the time to interact with and respond to your followers!

      Georgia HerdenerGeorgia Herdener2 månader sedan
    • We have a set of All Clad pots/pans (they're amazing!) and 2 ceramic non-stick pans (one is by Our Place). ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • Yes please do a video on waking up early for a week! Would love to see that :)

    Caitlin EverlyCaitlin Everly2 månader sedan
  • Caitlin EverlyCaitlin Everly2 månader sedan
  • I’ve been experiencing depression the last few months (first time I said that to anyone other than myself) and I need to start being more present and not on my phone all the time, but it’s so hard. I don’t have any motivation to do things that I love, but I know it’ll help me. I also want to take up more hobbies but I don’t have the money ):

    Taylor VTaylor V2 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz Thanks for your comment and advice, I really appreciate it! I’m definitely a list person and a person who finds joy in getting tasks done and being productive. So this little funk I’ve been in has been extra hard in that sense. I think keeping them attainable is key, because it is very discouraging when you don’t get everything to everything you planned. I will try to incorporate this more, thank you! But, I just found out that I got a $10,000 raise! So that definitely lifted my spirits 💕

      Taylor VTaylor V2 månader sedan
    • Hi Taylor! So sorry you have been going through this recently. I hope it is slightly comforting to know that many others are having a hard time this year and you are definitely not alone in experiencing this. For me, it is really helpful when I make daily lists of what I hope to do/achieve each day. I try to keep them simple & attainable and don't get discouraged when I don't complete them (they are just guidelines!). There are plenty of ways to pickup hobbies even if you don't have a big budget for it. Right now, for example, I am volunteering at the barn I am riding at in exchange for a couple of extra lessons :) Sometimes it takes some thinking outside of the box. Hope this helps ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • I actually use a sleep mask and ear plugs and it CHANGES EVERYTHING, I sleep SO DEEPLY. I'm just struggling now to find a way to wake up that doesn't use sound,, so hopefully there's something out there. Great video!

    Erin BentonErin Benton2 månader sedan
  • Esther has such a lovely, soothing voice.

    Leonor QuezadaLeonor Quezada2 månader sedan
    • She has one of the most amazing voices of all time!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • Good for u girl! I do this weekly, tho it’s random days n times. I will only use my phone for calls, n avoid ANY social media. I feel it’s necessary n soo beneficial for my mental health 💚💚💚

    Zena SaundersZena Saunders2 månader sedan
  • Literally the best thing I ever did to help my sleep quality and ease was to commit (within about an hour of allowance) to going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. Our bodies love consistency!

    NattersfluffNattersfluff2 månader sedan
    • Absolutely so true & I love that you have been able to do this. There are a lot of studies that back up how beneficial this can be! Thanks for sharing.

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
  • me, watching this 2 min after waking up:👁👄👁

    Reilly KatherineReilly Katherine2 månader sedan