I bought a house.

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  • Montana? I would love those videos

    Cherie JCherie J4 dagar sedan
  • You are So Beautiful 🙏❤🌹 Stay the way you are... Bless You

    Kendira ManushKendira Manush10 dagar sedan
  • My cousin was Laurence Harvey!!!!!! (Manchurian Candidate)

    amy soboamy sobo28 dagar sedan
  • You're the main character ✨✨✨

    Caro RojasCaro Rojas28 dagar sedan
  • I always thought your smile was so pretty:). Thanks for showing us your routine and letting people know dental hygiene is so very important. In general, it's good for preventing heart disease and it's really just a kindness to others. I don't think anyone likes to be subjected to halitosis from those that don't care for their teeth lol

    jacky ojacky oMånad sedan
  • You bought a house or you got a mortgage? Big difference. You don't wanna do the latter.

    Michael MachMichael MachMånad sedan
  • Hi Julia, congrats on the house. I’m excited to hear where the location is. You will be an amazing home owner. I love how real you are in your videos. You are more honest than most people I know in really life and you come across so well.

    Heather WornerHeather WornerMånad sedan
  • So strong! Big hugs.

    Criss SandsCriss SandsMånad sedan
  • I'm very happy for you and als looking forward to everything you choose to share with us :-)

    Nathalie C.Nathalie C.Månad sedan
  • Im super excited for you! As someone who is going through this process too, its nice to see that it works for people. ¡Felicidades!

    CORACORAMånad sedan
  • I can see her Moving somewhere like France or Spain😁 I will wait to find out maybe sometime!!! GOODLUCK AND MUCH LOVE👊💕

    Gaby BIZGaby BIZMånad sedan
  • Congratulation ! I never thought of anything you said or film which deserve any nasty comment. I always felt very inspired by what you showed and incorporated a lot of your tips in my life, at least tried. It feels really nice to see you on video always. To the future !

    Cassie Temple-BoyerCassie Temple-BoyerMånad sedan
  • 13 years! Thank you for the inspiration. The guy I’m into is going through a program right now and I have that fear that he would relapse. But knowing that it’s possible for someone to continue their sobriety for that long is truly inspiring and gives me faith.

    MadonnaMadonnaMånad sedan
  • I bet this woman has a very high tech "wand", just a hunch.

    Dan MorganDan MorganMånad sedan
  • Where did you get your mouth wash pads from? And why a copper tongue scraper?

    david valensdavid valensMånad sedan
  • Youre refreshingly genuine

    ttMånad sedan
  • Asmr pays well

    Grioui HaithemGrioui Haithem2 månader sedan
  • I’m a bit behind in seeing this. Deep appreciation for your sharing your authentic life and mad respect for keeping pieces private. I am always stunned by the unlike button - only assume unhappy people. Genuinely happy for the wonderful things happening for you. I believe it’s karma and natural progression so please lean into and enjoy 💕 as you so deserve. I imagine you will never fully recognize how sharing your truths and desires for constant improvement and setbacks inspires so many. And how your ASMR gift soothes and comforts. Cheers to you Julia, I will enjoy watching your path in 2021 - lol my daughter would say I sound like a mom and in some ways I feel that same pride and protection for you. God bless and may you have a very happy bee year!

    Julie PoulosJulie Poulos2 månader sedan
  • Every video that I watch of yours, it feels like I’m visiting a friend’s house. I also love how clear & concise you are. You’re so in touch with life & I love how you explain yourself. I’m so happy for you ❤️

    Madalyn CarterMadalyn Carter2 månader sedan
  • Congratulations! ❤

    PeePee PooPooPeePee PooPoo2 månader sedan
  • Congratulations on your new home and overcoming obstacles. I miss you ASMR videos, I do hope to see in the near future. They've helped me sleep tremendously. 💤 😴 Head up high, don't let miserable people ruin your happiness ✨ 💯

    Yari GarciaYari Garcia2 månader sedan
  • That's fantastic news, Julia! Congratulations! :) Great job! And great job, Nick!

    DaryaDarya2 månader sedan
  • You don’t have to defend your life to anyone girl! You are amazing. You are aloud to celebrate your successes and be emotional about ANYTHING you want! Keep being unapologetically you and fuck everyone who criticizes your happiness. :)

    Kate SolomonKate Solomon2 månader sedan
  • I love that you go deep and want to connect. It makes you authentic.

    Samantha McClellanSamantha McClellan2 månader sedan
  • Thank you for sharing. ❤️

    Melissa Ronda - Bad Bitches Losing WeightMelissa Ronda - Bad Bitches Losing Weight2 månader sedan
  • I’m so proud of you! I myself have been clean since 2004 from pain pills and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve overcome it as well. I originally found your channel while looking for ASMR videos and I have found that I truly enjoy these daily life vlog type videos more perhaps. I’m excited for your new chapter in life and I wish you and Nick nothing but love and continued sobriety. You’re both amazing! 🥰😘

    Michelle ParkerMichelle Parker2 månader sedan
  • I have to admit, I didnt watch this video right away because I've been struggling so so bad with jealousy. This year has been garbage for me lol and although I know a lot of others are also struggling, I find there's a lot on social media that I simply cannot handle right now. That said, I'm incredibly happy for you and cant wait to see what comes next.

    Maxine SchuldtMaxine Schuldt2 månader sedan
  • Omg Julia, what a video! You are such a inspiration and a safe haven for relaxation for me. I always come to your channel when I am in a bad place. So you deserve all you desire. You bring so many people happiness, relaxation and a small escape from the hard and dark days of life. So place keep on spreading this joy and happiness. A big kudos for dealing with your own demons and still being able to be a bright spark for all your devoted followers. So a very big bow and thank you for being a inspiration !! PS could it be Paris :)

    KalevyKalevy2 månader sedan
  • Well done on getting through withdrawal. Sounded really tough. And congratulations on the house. Hope you have a fantastic new year :)

    Gina Van UlzenGina Van Ulzen2 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lara OliveiraLara Oliveira2 månader sedan
  • Girl, you do not need to apologize for buying a house! We need more women buying houses. I’m so proud of you and so truly sad to hear that there are a portion of people who watch your videos that don’t want you to succeed. I guess haters gonna hate but there are so many of us who love you and are so grateful for how you’ve changed our lives by relieving our anxiety through your ASMR and then unexpectedly becoming this weird virtual friend we’ve never met but feel such a kinship with ♥️.

    Laura HerbergLaura Herberg2 månader sedan
  • Detroit?

    Emma WhitmyerEmma Whitmyer2 månader sedan
  • Dude. You are awesome and CONGRATS!!!!

    Erica DerbyErica Derby2 månader sedan
  • Where is your copper tongue 👅 guy from??! Also, have you ever used a water pik?! Life changing my friend.

    Erica DerbyErica Derby2 månader sedan
  • Congrats Julia. I've been saving for 3 years and have about 2 more years I expect before I can have a decent deposit. 2020's been a hard year for all of us, I bet the house purchase is a great mood lifter :) Well done to your boyfriend for 13 years of sobriety and for you to overcome your own problems. Lots of love from UK xxx

    pAsDeNoMzUtpAsDeNoMzUt2 månader sedan
  • Don't ever apologize for who you are, maybe for what we've done. We all make mistakes, noones life is perfect. I'm soo happy you are doing great, can't not will I ever imagine what you're talking about. However, if you met me you'd say the same, this year was one I never thought I'd make it out of, and never thought I'd be in either. Yet here I am, appreciating everything and everyone. God is great! When times get tough, the tough get going and most times that's when we realize how tough we are.

    Michelle SabalaMichelle Sabala2 månader sedan
  • yay! super happy for you Julia! Sending you good energy on your new adventure ✨🖤🌙

    Val LVal L2 månader sedan
  • I'm sorry, my english is not the best. I am very happy for you! All the best in the new home! I've been spending all of Sunday with your videos. Thank you for that and for your openness. I like to be part of your life a little. Never let others take your friends away from you. You are great the way you are. Best regards from Vienna, Austria

    Rainer SchmidRainer Schmid2 månader sedan
  • Random thought: not sure where you'll be relocating, but please please while you are still in California, please meet up and collab with Maria! It'd be heaven.

    Colleen WaresColleen Wares2 månader sedan
  • I’m not one to really take advice from people because I tend to stick with my personal intuition on things, but the way Julia talks and her perspectives on life really catch my attention. She’s always so realistic and doesn’t just focus on the things she’s accomplished but the things she’s still struggling with and that’s the kind of person I really look up to.

    Mikayla atkinsMikayla atkins2 månader sedan
  • Congratulations on all your accomplishments you’ve so willingly shared here. I have so much respect for you and how you are choosing to unapologetically live your life. Thank you for allowing us into your life. How much you choose to share should always be your choice. Whatever makes YOU happy. You are a person too and deserve your privacy. You answer to yourself, none of us. Anyone who ridicules, questions, judges, throws shade, revels in negativism, etc CLEARLY has work to do on themselves and should look inward. Keep being your beautiful self and share with us only what you want. We are fortunate to see any of this! Thank you for being you!!

    1 21 22 månader sedan
  • She's very fortunate! Lucky that her older SEcrone videos made her some $$$!! Not everyone can do that! She's very blessed!

    Candice SacksCandice Sacks2 månader sedan
  • 13 years of sobriety is an incredible accomplishment! Congrats Nick so proud of you! Buying a home is also a major accomplishment so congrats to you as well Julia! I’m so glad the horses are giving you joy!

    Courtney HawkCourtney Hawk2 månader sedan
  • Congratulations on buying your Jone💓 congratulations to Nick on beeing sober 13 y. Such an accomplishment😍😍

    Sabiha IsenSabiha Isen2 månader sedan
  • Congrats on the house!!!!!

    Katie FennerKatie Fenner2 månader sedan
  • Heyyy

    Rosheena DanielsRosheena Daniels2 månader sedan
  • Dear Julia, thank you for all that you share and for keeping some mystery alive 😉 And ofcourse a big congratulations on buying a house! You and your content are both interesting, fascinating, inspiring and entertaining to me. Sending you and our community all good things 💗

    Laura BoomLaura Boom3 månader sedan
  • j'adore tes videos Julia ❤

    Simply SophieSimply Sophie3 månader sedan
  • While I am happy for you on your new home - I could NOT be more proud of Nick!! I am happy for both of you because I personally know what that means for your relationship 💕 I'm so happy!!

    Bridget GabrielBridget Gabriel3 månader sedan
  • narwhalfuturism91narwhalfuturism913 månader sedan
  • Congratulations Nick! What an accomplishment!!!👏🏿❤️🙂

    BlessedLady82BlessedLady823 månader sedan
  • Congratulations!!!👏🏿❤️🎉

    BlessedLady82BlessedLady823 månader sedan
  • Very far away... In France? As you love so much my country Congrats on buying a house :)

    Laura Ellecea ASMRLaura Ellecea ASMR3 månader sedan
  • 🤍

    Sara LampkinSara Lampkin3 månader sedan
  • Your oral health is also connected to your digestive health. Just a little fun fact

    Kristina ZhylenkovaKristina Zhylenkova3 månader sedan
  • I'm so happy for you!!! 💗

    Positive Vibes AudioPositive Vibes Audio3 månader sedan
  • I’m guessing Spain or Italy

    Linda R.Linda R.3 månader sedan

    Joy BreahautJoy Breahaut3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations !!

    Tina MckimTina Mckim3 månader sedan
  • Been a while Julia, but glad to be back and watching your vids. I forgot how chill and comfortable your videos are, definitely needed this! x Glad to see you and Nick are going well, congrats on house! Poster scenario is so funny and sweet. Wanted the toothbrush but they don't ship to Australia from what I could see :-)

    Emma MayEmma May3 månader sedan
  • Amazing!

    S BrennanS Brennan3 månader sedan
  • What a huge accomplishment to buy your first home! My family and I are hoping to do that some time in the next few years. Thanks for the pro tip on Brüsh! I just ordered mine and cannot wait to get it! They have a 25% off code on the site now, too. I had been using Quip but did not like that the bristles wore down quickly. Thank you for all your tips and suggestions based on actual experience. You are a kind and generous human.

    Jessamyn LovellJessamyn Lovell3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations

    Lindsey BLindsey B3 månader sedan
  • Enjoying watching someone brush their teeth on the Internet is one of the many things I never envisioned happening in my life.

    silkenrustlesilkenrustle3 månader sedan
  • Late to the game, but so happy for you! As someone struggling, seeing you succeed gives me some hope. Also congrats to Nick. Sobriety can be a rough and rocky road. As the loved one and support system for a recovering addict, it can also be draining at times! Stay well 😊

    Spooky ShelbsSpooky Shelbs3 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Kerry ChristensenKerry Christensen3 månader sedan
  • So happy for you clean teeth queen

    JuleahJuleah3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations for everything, to you and Nick as well!! I’m so happy for you!! Love you Julia, greetings from Switzerland

    Blomst TōBlomst Tō3 månader sedan
  • 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Loulou La Petite RenardeLoulou La Petite Renarde3 månader sedan
  • There will always be envious people as there has always been. This is one of the laws of humanity. You should just focus on the people who are supportive and cultivated. I’ve been watching your SEcrone videos for over 3 years now, and I appreciate every single step that you’ve taken in your life so far. I guess I’ll keep on doing so. Love you so much.. ❤️

    Melissa KantarogluMelissa Kantaroglu3 månader sedan
  • So so happy for you Julia, keep living your life as you do, keep sharing and inspiring us!! lots of love!

    Annalisa NeriAnnalisa Neri3 månader sedan
  • 💕💕💕

    Erica MarroquinErica Marroquin3 månader sedan
  • Greetings, ❤️ & warmth to all. I’m a therapist & I’ve been doing telehealth sessions 7 days a week (by choice) since quarantine began. My self-care has come in the form of watching Julia’s channel with my 11 year-old soul kitty “Belisama” every night before bed. Endlessly grateful for the healing vibes and relaxing videos.

    Michele DuncanMichele Duncan3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations!! Nothing but hopes of happiness, contentment, and fulfillment for you

    AngieLadyAngieLady3 månader sedan
  • Thank you Julia for your continued vulnerability and content. You have inspired me so much, and it’s odd, I watch your videos so much it feels like you are a friend. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to navigate all the negative comments from others. I am so happy for you and your new journey! 2020 was such a hard year but you are incredibly strong ❤️

    Marissa ThomasMarissa Thomas3 månader sedan
  • I’m so happy for you, Julia congratulations!

    jai the veganjai the vegan3 månader sedan
  • I just want to say how much I appreciate you - your openness and honesty, your willingness to share what you choose to share with all of us, your authenticity, seeing you overcome struggles and grow into the person you are now - it's been an amazing journey, and I am endlessly grateful that you've shared this with us. You don't owe any of us anything, of course, and I hate that there are people out there who are not happy for your successes. Very happy for you, proud of you (especially for overcoming addiction, and the new house!), and look forward to whatever additional info you opt to share with us. From another human you will likely never meet: I adore and admire you, and thank you, so much, for being you.

    JenJen3 månader sedan
  • Bless you, sweet Julia! I never comment because I am scared of haters too, lol! Congratulations on all of your achievements and overcoming things that no longer serve you for the better. Happy Thanksgiving!😊

    k d1122k d11223 månader sedan
  • Congratulations! Owning your own house is one of the most stabilizing creative things you can do. You don't owe an explanation of your decisions to anyone. Enjoy!

    Firehorse 3Firehorse 33 månader sedan
  • I'm so happy for your new home Julia 💚👏 I feel like you're going to move to the middle of nowhere and start a mop cult, if so I'm moving too 😂✈

    Carly SamuelsCarly Samuels3 månader sedan
    • Thank you! (Your application has been approved) 😎

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • You need a water pick. I love my electric toothbrush, but you do have to clean, charge, and dry them (and put them in a sandwich bag) if you plan to travel.

    Orbital HeroOrbital Hero3 månader sedan
  • Why do I feel like Julia bought a house in the middle of nowhere by herself in Alaska to become an ice fisherman and learn how to pilot a helicopter...would seem extremely on brand lol

    Stella LunaStella Luna3 månader sedan
    • haha my first thought was Paris!

      Jessica MartinJessica Martin2 månader sedan
    • Omg literally

      Lindsey HendersonLindsey Henderson2 månader sedan
  • More often then not, people that continually judge your choices are miserable themselves and really just projecting their own self loathing on you. It took me a long time to figure that out.

    Jessica BelandJessica Beland3 månader sedan
  • Just got the toothbrush using your discount code. Super excited.

    Jessica BelandJessica Beland3 månader sedan
    • So cool! Thank you so much for using my code. You will love it ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • I love you & I love you and Nick genuinely and just you lol I’m so infatuated lol

    Ray LuvRay Luv3 månader sedan
  • Here for the dental hygiene influencing

    arynersonarynerson3 månader sedan
  • Buying a house is crazy exciting and stressful at the same time...congrats, I wish you the best, and I send you positive thoughts as you go through the process. Looking forward to hearing more when you are ready to share!

    Amy DAmy D3 månader sedan
  • You are such an inspiration for me, so glad for your house!! Love you 😄

    AnaAna3 månader sedan
  • Just wanted to say congratulations on buying a property. I have been watching some of our videos and I find you very comforting to watch. Some people give people on YT, Instagram and other social media crap for being able to make a career and do well, mostly because they themself failed or feel like they are too late to "do well" on the platforms. The negative comments would affect most people, I hope that you will be able to receive a lot of love and support so that it overshadows any negative gobbling that might try an bring you down.

    Atelier AdelaAtelier Adela3 månader sedan
  • You always make my days brighter and my smile sparkle️ How can I get gorgeous skin like you? Your charm is irresistible!! You look energetic. You have a great smile.

    Sakura MooreSakura Moore3 månader sedan
  • Congrats, Julia!

    LisaLisa3 månader sedan
  • I think you’re moving to the Pacific Northwest! Your whole vibe is very Portland-y to me, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with a home there (or in my home state, Washington). Plus the tall pines, fresh salt air, and foggy days are like natures asmr. I thoroughly enjoy you and am glad there are people like you.

    SadieSadie3 månader sedan
  • I think you’re moving to the Pacific Northwest! Your whole vibe is very Portland-y to me, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with a home there (or in my home state, Washington). Plus the tall pines, fresh salt air, and foggy days are like natures asmr. I thoroughly enjoy you and am glad there are people like you.

    SadieSadie3 månader sedan
  • Congrats Julia you truly deserve this blessing 🖤🖤🖤✨✨✨

    Eric GarciaEric Garcia3 månader sedan
  • Congratulations, Julia!!! That's wonderful news, and I'm so glad you're thrilled!!!

    Mtn GirlMtn Girl3 månader sedan
  • Julia your my favorite , congratulations on your new home !! Excited for your new chapter

    Abby NormalAbby Normal3 månader sedan
  • France?

    AEW0416AEW04163 månader sedan
  • I’m definitely in the ‘want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams’ camp. 🙋‍♀️

    AEW0416AEW04163 månader sedan
  • Ok ok I’m doing it!!! I’m guessing it’s in Paris or Detroit!!! If it’s Detroit, welcome from a Detroiter

    Tara GramboTara Grambo3 månader sedan
    • Also congratulations!!!

      Tara GramboTara Grambo3 månader sedan
  • Ignore the jealous keyboard warriors! You are beautiful inside and out and you deserve all the good things in life! Hugs

    Casey 1Casey 13 månader sedan