My HUGE horse has arrived 😳 (18hh+...omg)

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  • What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened in your life lately? Share below.⚡️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz7 dagar sedan
    • Just went vegan🌱 SO EXCITED!

    • I just bought my first house on Thursday! I'm so excited to get a piano and a dog!

      Heidalwave 8Heidalwave 8Dag sedan
    • uhhh ':[ idk i stay inside almost never go outside-

      weird noodleweird noodle2 dagar sedan
    • I’m planning a trip for my husband’s 30th birthday! We’re going to do a comb jelly bioluminescent kayak tour! It’s been on his bucket list for a while and we’re super excited. ☺️

      jobojobo3 dagar sedan
    • Got out of a toxic long relationship! It was heartbreaking, but now I’m actually excited about this new beginning. Call me crazy but I think there is something really beautiful about being alone, and gaining back independence. Focusing on self love ❤️

      Jamie PomeroyJamie Pomeroy3 dagar sedan
  • Congrats! I'd really appreciate hearing any more heart rate tips/insights if you have them 😊

    ClareClare4 timmar sedan
  • As someone that has been lucky enough to have horses her whole life and knows just how amazing they are I am so glad to welcome someone as amazing as you to the horse community!!!! You need to move to Yorkshire in the UK! I have a minimum wage job and I manage to rent my own house and have my own horse and live fairly comfortably!

    Samantha HardmanSamantha Hardman8 timmar sedan
  • I just made that same leap - I grew up with horses and just started leasing. My biggest conversation before leasing was talking with my boyfriend about the time commitment. He’s used to me spending one day a week at the barn, but now I need to be out there at least 4. Yeah, the money is scary, but the time is somehow more scary to me!

    Rachel SullivanRachel Sullivan21 timme sedan
  • As a horse owner of nearly 20 years I can confirm they are a walking void for money. But their worth every single penny! He seems very calm to say he has just arrived and a very handsome lad. Can’t wait to see the journey you take together. Horses are incredible for helping with stress and anxiety 💗

    Hayley SheridanHayley Sheridan23 timmar sedan
  • wow i never noticed you were so thicc

    Jovi ChicoineJovi ChicoineDag sedan
  • Anxiety, depression, period, money anxiety, depression, social justice, more money

    Judah RiseJudah Rise2 dagar sedan
  • So incredibly happy for you. My daughter wants a horse but since it’s such a large commitment, we are going to volunteer. But I didn’t know about leasing.... interesting. Regardless, excited for you! Enjoy your life.

    Liz GomezLiz Gomez2 dagar sedan
  • You are just fucking awesome. Lol

    Erika ShafferErika Shaffer2 dagar sedan
  • Holy freaking crap! You+I=best friends. Where the hell are you? We need to hang out! Lol

    Erika ShafferErika Shaffer2 dagar sedan
  • Were did you get him from if its from center stone thats mack i miss that guy so much they sold him :(

    ?•yøur løcal Frøppÿ•¿?•yøur løcal Frøppÿ•¿3 dagar sedan
  • Leasing anything is a great way to waste an incredible amount of money

    Vegan DollsVegan Dolls3 dagar sedan
  • Why am I crying???? This is just so beautiful and I’m so happy for you!

    Sara MilewskiSara Milewski3 dagar sedan
  • Equestrian communities in California need so much support! We’re in danger of being taken over by developers and leaving horse owners no choice but to relocate or sell their horses. Can’t wait to see more videos of Dully. 🐎 ❤️

    Cynthia Anahid Velazquez GarciaCynthia Anahid Velazquez Garcia3 dagar sedan
  • after a few years of leasing, i’m finally in the market for my own horse! your guy is so cute! hope all works out☺️

    Lane LewisLane Lewis3 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful! If you ever find yourself in Florida and want to do an asmr video and need a model I volunteer! I also have 5 family horses!

    Jessie DamboiseJessie Damboise3 dagar sedan
  • Sorry my English. I from Russia. I very like yor channel and your voice. 👍🤗

    Артуро ГаттиАртуро Гатти3 dagar sedan
  • I hope you and your potential new pony can form a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m really excited for you! I had two horses and remember all the meet and greets when I was looking. Sometimes personalities did not mesh well, but that’s ok. I found two wonderful horses a quarter horse and a fiery little Morgan mare, that was problematic towards more experienced riders, but for some reason, liked me and we worked together well. Go figure 🤗 Wishing you the best!

    Amy CorderAmy Corder3 dagar sedan
  • Nothing better than working (and living) on a horse farm A smorgasbord of hot 🍑 to stare at (and date) all day long- then you get to go home and discuss the day's displays with your girlfriend

    lockandloadlikehelllockandloadlikehell3 dagar sedan
  • horses are so fucking weird dude lol its like here's an animal that nature accidentally perfectly designed to carry people around. actually all life is extremely weird and I try not to think about it or my knees feel all squigly and weird

    Null VoidNull Void3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, I fucking hate horses. I fell off of one once. Broke 5 ribs, punctured my lung. I had been riding for a while, and this one lost his shit while I was on him.

    vvasvvas3 dagar sedan
  • I have 2 horses I train them iv been with horses my hooolle life we have one taller then me and I'm 5.2ft

    the famthe fam4 dagar sedan
  • as a fellow equestrian i’m so excited for you! having your own horse is such a special experience

    sierrasierra4 dagar sedan
  • Owning a horse is way cheaper than leasing. My fluff man lives at my friend’s house and it’s so much cheaper than boarding him at a facility and he’s much happier with her herd and his life is a lot less chaotic.

    Clevermore MastodonClevermore Mastodon4 dagar sedan
    • It depends on the location and the persons desired level of involvement in sports / how experienced the rider is. In general yes, owning can be cheaper BUT she is learning and honestly most new riders out grow their starter horses very quickly in the beginning. The horse that is a good fit for her now may not be the right horse for her as her skills develop.

      PacakeQueenPacakeQueen2 dagar sedan
  • These vlogs are so interesting and inspiring. I’m not into equestrian life, but this was fascinating!

    Dan McElrathDan McElrath4 dagar sedan
  • Aren't you nervous standing behind a horse like that in the thumbnail? I'd be afraid of getting kicked

    Nathan BNathan B4 dagar sedan
  • Hey I just wanted to say that I've been having a really hard time lately and your videos are helping me calm and like not think about stuff that overwhelms me. thank you for being for us

    Maria DoboszMaria Dobosz4 dagar sedan
  • I’ve lurked for years, but the pony got me to sub. Looks like such a kind schoolmaster

    Holly R.L.Holly R.L.4 dagar sedan
  • Wow. What a beautiful horse....horses are so beautiful

    Rita CaruanaRita Caruana4 dagar sedan
  • Hii Julia!! I just want to recommend you to but a blanket (I’m not sure if u say that in English) on ur horse when he’s on the box , this way his hair will start to grow shorter and look much better. Just a tip 😊

    Ángela SánchezÁngela Sánchez4 dagar sedan
  • Btw, she seriously should have a cooking/ food styling yt channel. EVERYTHING that she cooks looks super pretty and delicious. Oh, those riding pants are ridic. Your butt and thighs are going to get irritated. Every vid or thumbnail seems to have your body in it, which, frankly, your beyond that, and it's needy. Never be that thirsty, needy chic. The Kardashians have that market.👍

    Jenni LangJenni Lang5 dagar sedan
    • If you can't handle a very small pic of me in a turtleneck and full length pants on my own video by all means please leave and never come back

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 dagar sedan
  • Heck forget about this type of riding lol!! You should just find e great horse to buy and start barrel racing with it! 💗 Now that would be a total blast.. Up here in North Idaho, you always see these cute girls out there tearing it up with the barrel racing and having a blast too lol! It's not dangerous etc either. Plus then all you'd have is a boarding fee, health & food costs! Oh and I guess a trainer too lol! I know up here in North Idaho you always see great deals for a lot really nice horses! Heck my last horse was the easiest horse that u could imagine to ride. She was awesome, beautiful and healthy and I paid $500 for her! 😊💗👍🏼 But anyways, I could totally see you doing the barrel racing type of stuff, rather than this english crap lol! Just my opinion is all... 🤓👍🏼

    Wendy BowenWendy Bowen5 dagar sedan
  • 18 hands ? Wow he's huge ! What an amazing , beautiful , handsome strong horse !

    Anna TerronesAnna Terrones5 dagar sedan
  • I can confirm. Horses help a lot with self-therapy (e.g. regarding anxiety). I started myself to ride and to take also some hours in Polo. It is a great experience which I can only recommend to everyone. Speed, force, concentration ... all comes together with riding a horse. Have a great time!

    Patrick ZnewPatrick Znew5 dagar sedan
  • Girrrlllll I loooove your asmr!!! & I just got a horse (Luna) so I’m doing some research because she’s a bit lame but somehow I came across this video & im soooo glad I did!! I just love you all around!! I suffer from depression & I’m hoping Luna will help!

    Sassy KayySassy Kayy5 dagar sedan
  • Hi Julia! I would be very interested in horse ownership cost breakdown! Dont do it just for me but heres a vote for it! Thanks for everything you do

    Savannah BrookshireSavannah Brookshire5 dagar sedan
  • Dudeeee yes David Sedaris is so good! My parents played one of his audio books growing up in the car and it was dope to watch my slightly homophobic dad have to listen to his gay stories (:

    thebuttshipthebuttship5 dagar sedan
  • what is the vegan attitude towards owning and riding horses?

    Samuel OwensSamuel Owens5 dagar sedan
  • What a gorgeous horse, I’m so happy for you! And he’s over 18hh? What a dream. I’m so excited to get to a point where I can financially care for a horse again. I can’t wait to see more horse content from you ☺️

    The Candy UnicornThe Candy Unicorn5 dagar sedan
  • Could also try and find someone to share the horse lease if the cost is too much??

    po pill skipo pill ski5 dagar sedan
  • I first had anxiety issues as a child. They went away in my teens and came back in my early 20s when I finally sought medical treatment. It finally dissipated in 2018 and I came off my medication, but 2020 took its toll and I've sought help again. I have no doubt I'll swing out again, but I am really glad to hear I am not the only one who experiences these waves. And Dually is super handsome and sooo big! Big horses are the best 😊

    J T HowellJ T Howell5 dagar sedan
  • A fiction book recommendation is Long Way Down By Jason Reynolds and narrated by the author. It’s a fast passed novela on gun violents and gang culture. Its fantastic and was Shortlisted for the CLIP Carnegie Medal 2019.

    Jennifer OceanJennifer Ocean5 dagar sedan
  • He’s beautiful !! Very cool undertaking!!

    ArmedCadaver illustratesArmedCadaver illustrates5 dagar sedan
  • A Non-ficition Audible Original recommendation A Grown-Up Guide to Oceans and there is also a Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs both narrated by Professor Ben Garrod and are free if you have an Audible account

    Jennifer OceanJennifer Ocean5 dagar sedan
  • He is so big, I’m obsessed with that canter stride omg! What a dream. Congratulations!

    Britt Scott ClarkBritt Scott Clark5 dagar sedan
  • Really,? You’re outside wearing a freaking mask?

    Hovermaster 4000Hovermaster 40005 dagar sedan
  • Ohhhh yes Horse ASMR.

    Denyse EspositoDenyse Esposito5 dagar sedan
  • OMG! He's huge and gorgeous! What breed is he?

    Danielle A. DreimDanielle A. Dreim5 dagar sedan
  • Was one of those horse crazy girls growing up, not gonna lie, so I am loving the new content! 🐴

    Natalie WalshNatalie Walsh5 dagar sedan
  • OKAY - David Sedaris is ~hysterical.~ My recommendation to any and all of Julia's subscribers - if you're ever granted the opportunity (post pandemic, of course): experience him live during one of his book tours. He's truly a make-your-facial-muscles-hurt-from-laughter kind of fella. I went with my mom a few years ago and it still remains one of the best events we've ever attended.

    Britt SimonsBritt Simons5 dagar sedan
  • I have always wondered how tall you are, and seeing you around this 18hh horse finally helps me understand 😂 what breed is he?

    GwenGwen5 dagar sedan
  • My horse was ill over new years eve and it cost 3000 euros. So yeah horses are expensive. I think you are really responsible. For me having a horse is big big world and you have to do your research about. There is sooo much knowledge about horses. I feel like its its own science. So I can recomment reading day and night about horses. There is so much about their body, how to keep them, diseases. You cant compare them with cats or dogs. So maybe I can say: horses are next level responsibility :D but I love them. There are so calm. I feel so connected to my mare when I am around her. I also feel very connected to the nature

    Leonie SLeonie S5 dagar sedan
  • So excited for you! Do you know of Free Spirit ASMR? She has some amazing ASMR videos with her horses

    katslokatslo5 dagar sedan
  • Would love a cost breakdown! And I also love your more vlog type videos!

    Samantha AlexandraSamantha Alexandra6 dagar sedan
  • Hey 👋 big thanks to turning me on to curology!! I love it! Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? It’s really helpful with anxiety and just calming down. I sleep with one but I think they even have them to use as a throw blanket.

    Danielle HincheyDanielle Hinchey6 dagar sedan
  • What's going on with the house you bought? I guess you're not ready to share. Inquiring minds want to know!

    Anne DanerAnne Daner6 dagar sedan
  • I'm so happy for you! h'es beautiful

    sleepybunnysleepybunny6 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit I’m so second hand psyched, I can’t believe we all bought a horse!!! (Leased) Cheering you and Dooley on from the audience!!

    Becky Marshall DesignBecky Marshall Design6 dagar sedan
  • I rode for over 20 years and noticed a couple of things about your riding skills. If I may, try to keep your hands from riding up so much and really concentrate on keeping your lower leg back, as it's swinging forward a great deal especially when you're posting. Good luck.

    Linda SharpLinda Sharp6 dagar sedan
  • Ive got three of them ,you must change ones lyfestyke completely.

    John MendezJohn Mendez6 dagar sedan
  • This is so exciting! We all could tell by you buying all these supplies, brushes, over time you may have ended up with your own. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!! So happy for you and best wishes 💞💞💞

    Samantha DohertySamantha Doherty6 dagar sedan
  • Tyhe horse is. Going to love you soon you give him massage 💆‍♀️

    Massiel RMassiel R6 dagar sedan
  • Omg so awesome!

    Katie CoxKatie Cox6 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been off Instagram for a bit now, so it’s so nice to see your content on SEcrone, I’ve missed you! You are so inspiring.

    Emily WestEmily West6 dagar sedan
  • I highly recommand you to search « when horses chooses method » on SEcrone, because I know that you will fell in love with it.

    Louane RobinLouane Robin6 dagar sedan
  • As an european: What is 18hh+ in cm oder meter? xD I can see he's tall - but like 170cm, 180cm or even taller? ^^'

    flamingowithsunglassesflamingowithsunglasses6 dagar sedan
  • Vaya bobadas ahora

    Rosa Del PozoRosa Del Pozo6 dagar sedan
  • Lovely horse, lovely lease-owner.... viewing form another country though I have to ask: what's with the masks outside in the open air and around horses??

    Stéphanie KayStéphanie Kay6 dagar sedan
    • People in some countries have to wear a mask outside. It doesn't hurt to be cautious and responsible when it comes to your health and the health of others.

      Lenka BelánováLenka Belánová6 dagar sedan
  • I'm so happy for you! Even if the horse costs you a lot of money it will be the best investment you ever going to do:-) The best treatment for anxiety too.

    AjomAjom6 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh. .. I miss my riding sessions with this lockdown .... I always wanted a horse

    senileandinsanesenileandinsane6 dagar sedan
  • He looks so sweet & calm ♡ soulful eyes

    Moonflower TarotMoonflower Tarot6 dagar sedan
  • He’s beautiful!!!!!!!!! 😍🐎

    Mickey MayMickey May6 dagar sedan
  • Matt harnacke is my favourite channel ,hope you will find lots of informations about horses ,too.

    gözde tınazgözde tınaz6 dagar sedan
  • Good looking horse.

    Brian WilliamsBrian Williams6 dagar sedan
  • Girl horses are so expensive. Its good responsibility but a large part of your income will go to the animal. Wish you the best of luck. Your trial is a cute one 😉

    Isabella PowerIsabella Power6 dagar sedan
  • Your trainer always saying "good girl!" is my favorite thing ever :D

    Corinna HoffmannCorinna Hoffmann6 dagar sedan
  • He looks like a lovely boy, as my granda would say, he has a kind eye. Hope he settles in well and it works out for you 🤍

    Rachel AndersonRachel Anderson6 dagar sedan
  • Please recommend a Sedaris book for someone who wants to start reading his work !

    lovelybrokenponylovelybrokenpony6 dagar sedan
  • Got to love when you write the check for boarding in front of someone who knows nothing about horses and they go “oh! Is that for you rent?” Nope 😅 it for my horse...and that’s not the half of it 😂😂😂 I know the struggle well! But they are’ so worth it 💕

    Ashley NicoleAshley Nicole6 dagar sedan
  • Hooray for barn therapy! The barn is my happy place and my horse is my therapist. My unbelievably expensive therapist 😹 Congrats on your big beautiful boy, I can’t wait to see what’s hiding under his winter Wookiee coat, and for future ASMR grooming videos (there is NO better stress reliever than brushing your horse, IMHO) If you’re ever in Vegas, look me up and we’ll go for a ride!

    pyromaniacpyratepyromaniacpyrate6 dagar sedan
  • Your trailer sounds so supportive and encouraging.

    haynicola37haynicola376 dagar sedan
  • Julia he's GORGEOUS!! I love my huge gentle giants, my last boy was 17.3hh (and me a tiny 5ft2!) and I really hope he works out perfectly for you. Leasing is such a great way to dip your toes in. I've moved my life to a completely different city as it will allow me to reconnect with my horsey life (rode and competed in hunters for 15 years, 6 years break now), so that's the most exciting thing that's happened to me! Can't wait to follow along with your journey :)

    Sarah CarianSarah Carian6 dagar sedan
  • My cousin is the lead trainer and property manager at TEE in Moorpark if you’re ever interested in English style dressage!

    Samantha CusumanoSamantha Cusumano6 dagar sedan
  • working with horses has absolutely saved me during quarantine

    ya girl sarahya girl sarah6 dagar sedan
  • What a handsome boy! He seems so honest and sweet. Owning a horse is such hard work, but they give back what you put in tenfold ❤️

    Stephanie HStephanie H6 dagar sedan
  • i had no idea you rode!! makes me love your channel even more!

    Abby SAbby S6 dagar sedan
  • Omg he’s so cute! As another equestrian I’m so happy for your new journey💕 your trainer seems lovely, have fun with him!

    AndreaAndrea6 dagar sedan
  • I hope she keeps up her videos horses are not cheap to maintain I don't think she has the nine to five job either! Just saying hope she's realistic enough!

    Candice SacksCandice Sacks6 dagar sedan
  • Welcome Dually, what a beautiful boy. Horse ownership is daunting but an amazing experience. Insurance is key!

    Laura Anderson SchwingelLaura Anderson Schwingel6 dagar sedan
  • Would love a cost break down when you feel comfortable!!

    Megan MMegan M6 dagar sedan
  • wowww how awesome i know you were enjoying brushing that gorgeous tail !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wintry KissWintry Kiss6 dagar sedan
  • I highly recommend leasing horses before buying. I rode lesson horses at my barn for 4 years before I did my first part time lease. With my part time lease I rode the horse the week before shows and at shows once a month. I leased that horse for a year. The next horse I leased, I had a full time lease with and showed him 2 times a month. I leased this horse for two years. After riding for seven years and showing for three I decided I wanted to go to bigger shows and that required me to buy a horse. Thanks to leasing two different horses for three years total I was prepared to take on the responsibility of owning a horse easily. I have owned my horse for a year now and have loved every minute of it, but if you are looking into buying horses and haven’t leased one yet I highly recommend leasing first because it feels like having your own horse a lot, but if you decided it isn’t for you, you can just stop leasing instead of selling a horse. I just put this comment out there because I remember years ago when I thought I would never be able to compete or own a horse, but I eventually learned that their are other options that can make it feel like you own a horse and allow you to compete.

    Ellie the Show HorseEllie the Show Horse6 dagar sedan
    • I forgot to mention that not being able to lease or buy a horse due to financial reasons does not mean you can’t ride. If you keep a look at some people offer free leases and I have friends who are able to compete and ride casually on horses that they are using through a free lease.

      Ellie the Show HorseEllie the Show Horse6 dagar sedan
  • I just happened to buy my first pair of compression socks last week! Best purchase in many months... love them!!

    Cherie BCherie B6 dagar sedan
  • David Sedaris is a gifted writer but his delivery is what really seals the deal. Back in the olden days before Audible I worked at Barnes and Noble and I splurged on the box set of his audio books. Still one of the best purchase I've ever made.

    Julia SanchezJulia Sanchez6 dagar sedan
  • This makes my horse girl heart happy.

    SapphirePanoramaSapphirePanorama6 dagar sedan
  • Dooley is stunning! My ex-boss leases horses for his daughters, so I know how expensive and how involved it is - congratulations to you, and ride safely! Also, I finally got to see Nick on SNL and he was amazing!

    Melissa KesslerMelissa Kessler6 dagar sedan
  • I ride equestrian too! You two look like you make a great team 😍 he’s so handsome ❤️

    morgxx7morgxx76 dagar sedan
  • Belllllllaaaaa! LOVE! Your horse baby is BEAUTIFUL!

    Carmen AnnCarmen Ann6 dagar sedan
  • Yeees growing up I did horse lessons and I wanted to do barrel racing so badly! Even that sport is expensive! And I did want a horse but my parents were basically like nooo we literally can not afford that straight up.. also if y’all wanna do horse lessons for free you can clean the horse stalls for a day or two and they exchange it for horse lessons.

    Abby HuertaAbby Huerta6 dagar sedan
  • Love your necklace! Where did you get it,if you don’t mind sharing

    piglettepiglette6 dagar sedan
    • It’s from Catbird! ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz6 dagar sedan