The truth about your thirties (and aging)

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  • How has aging felt for you? What is some advice you would offer to others on getting older? Everyone has a different perspective and I know my audience is extremely varied in age. If you feel comfortable, share your thoughts and feelings as a response to this comment. I look forward to reading everyone's responses. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzÅr sedan
    • Just turned 30 last month and I literally felt anything different except I have started to feel a little self-conscious when saying my age to ppl as apparently they all expect me to have figured out life by now and have a husband, a long term-bf, a child etc. Meh!

      EPEPÅr sedan
    • i turned 21 about one week ago. fucking scary, honestly. i have been told my whole life that i am very mature but still connect deeply to 18/19, and now it seems that i am learning of life’s truths, that there are less ‘breaks’ when you grow up, that i must be self sufficient and figure myself out. but i know i am VERY young still and have so far to go and so much life to live! X

      Madeleine MironukMadeleine MironukÅr sedan
    • I definitely still feel 16 even though I'm 28 but that is both a good and bad thing, but despite that I do feel like I value family, having lost so many in such a short time period and at such a young age. Always be thankful for every day you have your parents (whomever is reading this if you do), both of mine are gone and it affects my every day but I am thankful the family I still have.

      froodytowelfroodytowelÅr sedan
    • Turning 18 in a couple months and I'm freaking the fuck out

      Desiree KorterinkDesiree KorterinkÅr sedan
    • At 36 I'm starting to see visible signs of aging and it causes me lots of anxiety. I'm hoping as time goes on I'll learn to accept and appreciate the aging process but as of now 😩.

      B&K 4EVERB&K 4EVERÅr sedan
  • Great advice❤️ Nick cracks me up. He sounds like my son Nick and My husband Nick. I'm surrounded 😂 in a good way 😂

    Jackie PetrovJackie Petrov29 dagar sedan
  • LoL I'm 58 and still do everything I did in my 30s your still a baby!

    Niche MildiNiche Mildi29 dagar sedan
  • Make it count 👍

    Jackie PetrovJackie PetrovMånad sedan
  • Cannibalism causes kuru disease.....prolly should stay away from that yogurt lol. Even if it is a small dose. Eat organic grass fed red meat, it will help your hair grow, heme iron helps hair and nails. I hope I don’t sound rude....I became anemic when vegan and now I know the healing properties of red meat I want to share the good news.

    Joe KernelJoe Kernel2 månader sedan
  • i got marriedat 42 hes amazing most gorgeous man ever inever ever excpected to be so happy hes given me reason to stay clean softened me was sure at 40 id stay single was over it never excpected life to suddenly change

    katerina zkaterina z2 månader sedan
  • I love your sunglasses! ♥️

    Melinda KnightMelinda Knight2 månader sedan
  • I write a to do list everyday too!

    DaviniaDavinia2 månader sedan
  • Your 30s slow you down a little and make you acutely aware of your mortality. That's about it!

    Dani BananiDani Banani2 månader sedan
  • Age is natural, stress is not, the older you get the more you realize the detrimental effects of stress, you also think more about the community and not just yourself.

    Rizaan JappieRizaan Jappie2 månader sedan
  • I've successfully reversed biological again and am now an immortal.

    Muha PohuidzeMuha Pohuidze3 månader sedan
  • I dont understand why aging has to be seen as this concept of impending doom. I think its beautiful to actualise how much life experience you have, and if anything the proof that shows physically is a reflection of what youve been through. Judgement of age is just another prescribed idea from Society(TM). Life is life and it is what it is. Cest la vie, ask yourself what are the most memorable moments in your life and they will be simpler than you imagined ✨

    Khalisha TambunanKhalisha Tambunan3 månader sedan
  • Where r your sunnies from!

    Amanda WangAmanda Wang5 månader sedan
  • Ladies, don't be scared of ageing. 56 here and life is just starting . . embrace every stage. x

    kerrie coykerrie coy5 månader sedan
  • I'm 32. I didn't care for my 20s mostly. A lot of worrying, depression, job anxiety and so on. My 30s haven't been perfect so far, but I feel better about myself than I did in my 20s. The only thing is I think about having kids now...which is terrifying lol. I still don't love the idea of getting older, because time just goes too fast. But I'm glad I love myself more now.

    Kel BKel B6 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia ! Could you make some ASMR showing your letters or writting desk ? It will be so interresting and soothing I feel..

    Cassie Temple-BoyerCassie Temple-Boyer6 månader sedan
  • I love your content so so much

    ABCD EFGHABCD EFGH6 månader sedan
  • Why the first thing everyone writes when trying a new pen is their name😂😂😂whyy

    No Space For SadnessNo Space For Sadness6 månader sedan
  • Lololol-I thought that you were only like 20/21!!!

    Jenni LangJenni Lang6 månader sedan
  • “I miss drugs” .. I lol’ed 😂💙

    nixlamenixlame7 månader sedan
  • I'm so glad you made this video and I had the opportunity to watch it

    SpacessSpacess7 månader sedan
  • So since your birthday is in July then you are 5 months older than me but you still look like in your mid 20s 🤗 also your hands...I can’t....😌

    HBK 815HBK 8157 månader sedan
  • Tengo que aprender inglés, no entiendo casi nada 😬, de todas formas practicaré con estos vídeos de asmr english 🏵️

    emsems9 månader sedan

    Sarah AlexisSarah Alexis9 månader sedan
  • Be glad to get's a state denied to far too many ❤

    Joanne RaffertyJoanne Rafferty9 månader sedan
  • Nick’s mug is dope. Lol. Made me laugh.

    Laurie WatkinsLaurie Watkins10 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know where to get that tea? I haven't been able to find it anywhere :(

    Lily KingLily King10 månader sedan
  • You probably relate to other zodiac signs when reading horoscopes because you have them in your natal chart, meaning not just your Sun sign but Moon (which is arguably more important than sun), Venus, Mercury etc. Natal charts give you the whole picture of a personality, and thats when astrology starts to make real sense (and gets mesmerizing :) You can get your natal chart on for example which is one of the best astro sources. With love xx

    Polina LuninaPolina Lunina10 månader sedan
  • the coffee mug "i miss drugs" im so weird for cackling at that and i want it now

    katkat11 månader sedan
    • also your relationship dynamic with nick is so cute & literal goals. you guys are so much fun together & nick with the coffee grinder and your funny quips had me rolling

      katkat11 månader sedan
  • I thought she was like in her early 20s like about 22-25

    Rat FaceRat FaceÅr sedan
  • Shout out from S. L. O ♥️👍

    EverEvie111EverEvie111År sedan
  • Addendum (to my already lengthy comment on 'getting old 😁' - spirituality. This has been a major time of awakening for me. I listened to you speak about death and I used to carry the same fear. I've explored religions of all kinds and different ideas of spirituality and while I do believe in God, it might not be in the most traditional sense but it's where I've found my true inner peace & a certain knowing that this isn't it. The bigger picture is so much more than we even have the intellectual capability of comprehending. As much as I love sharing about the things that got me here and to this point of reverence and appreciation for the unknown and the inner peace & certainty I feel with respect to it; I also know it's a journey each individual will & needs to take on their own in order to truly appreciate... everything. Some will disagree, even vehemently, & that's ok. I don't think there's any one right way. I don't think I've ever genuinely believed that even when I once claimed to because I thought it was 'right'. I've experienced so much loss, so much sadness... just so much in my meager 30 something (almost 39) years but I've also gained it in knowledge, understanding, empathy, experience & have something genuine & unique to offer the world because of it. & here come the tears so I'm gonna stop now before I get too emotional (it's not a bad thing but I can only handle so much 'emotion' in a given time period before it becomes just a bit too heavy & I need to retreat... so I'm retreating for the night) ✌💕

    Aspen MontgomeryAspen MontgomeryÅr sedan
  • I will be 39 this month and it's incredibly surreal. There are so many feelings I have about it and honestly, it's been difficult too because my life has not gone the way I planned, my story does not look like everyone else's or even the majority & if I'm completely transparent, it led to a serious depression; not aging per say but accepting my story, seeing the positive in my story ,which, has been the most difficult bc it's been punctuated by so much tragedy & loss. I don't speak much about the particulars bc one leads to the next and honestly, it's so crazy that people just kind of wind up jaws dropped, speechless, not sure what to say or do, be happy or sad & it's potentially super awkward. I'm thinking a book might be in my future (seriously actually, it's always something I've wanted to do whether anyone ever reads it or not... it'll cut down on the awkward 1st person story telling... so there's that). Back to aging... Life's a journey. We all take it. It's how we choose to perceive it, interpret it, approach it that actually matters 👈 sounds cliche but it's the most honest thing I have learned and can say about it. Having suffered from crippling depression at times, I feel like I've often cheated myself out of so much bc I didn't want to live it at times but again, that was a part of my journey & now I use those times to reflect on when I want to procrastinate or take the safe road. It's never over (til it's legit over) so never tell yourself you're too old to do anything. F it. Just do it (👈 thx Nike). Superficial bs is exactly what it is. Superficial. There is no one way, no proper way, no chronological way to do anything. Do you. Be you. Focus on what makes you happy, what brings you joy & withhold judgement of others. Aesthetically, eat well but don't deny. Stay active. Be good to your body. Be grateful for good genes (👈 thx mom; that's about all she gave me but it's a goody). Be kind. Love. Be strong but vulnerable.

    Aspen MontgomeryAspen MontgomeryÅr sedan
  • for someone who turned 20 a few days ago (on march 5th precisely), I was totally freaking about entering a new decade of my life, a decade when I'll leave my familial house, start news things for me, it was just so overwhelming I cried, but now I'm done watching your video (yeah I know it's pretty old but whatever) and now I feel more eased and relaxed thanks to you and your advice, so thank you, a lot

    perseu.sperseu.sÅr sedan
  • Hi... Aging for me is just another single day... I workout... I stay to a strict diet... And watch alot of Asmr of u.. since its wat gets me via the night... Being in your 30 is an adventure... If u keep positivr thoughts... And let go of the past memoirs... Seeya ... Stay positive... Age is just a number...

    Ahmed ShaiqAhmed ShaiqÅr sedan
  • 19:45 What IS that thing

    777 666777 666År sedan
  • ☼ 15:00 this is why you *ALWAYS* complain in life.

    JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V lJC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V lÅr sedan
  • *☼ aging: dont do it* . yeah star signs are bs. 31...o_0 the beginning of the march towards death ...

    JC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V lJC Rising Late ʕ•ᴥ•ʔߛ ̋ l Verified l V lÅr sedan
  • That’s because you don’t truly know what astrology is about. If you know you’re whole astral chart you would be sourprise.

    Burgell FamilyBurgell FamilyÅr sedan
  • My thirties are a lot better than my twenties were, even though I have gotten 3 autoimmune diseases but I do not stress about so many problems I used to when I was in my twenties, so it is all worth it.

    Sjudit84Sjudit84År sedan
  • such a sweet cat, ty for saving a life

    The SummerlandThe SummerlandÅr sedan
  • it's so confusing with different humour, you guys laugh at shit I don't find funny at all

    NefelibataNefelibataÅr sedan
  • those emojis are taking over the world

    NefelibataNefelibataÅr sedan
  • omg you look 22

    REVVOREVVOÅr sedan
  • Whattt a cute birthday

    Nicola RodriguezNicola RodriguezÅr sedan
  • I would have never guessed your age with that flawless skin!

    Marta VegaMarta VegaÅr sedan
  • I love this video! my biggest fear is dying as well

    Emma DodsworthEmma DodsworthÅr sedan
  • I’m close to 40 and I will forever be a child in my heart I also try not to think about age I want to be healthy physically and mentally and try not to sweat the small things anymore

    Kimberly Cool MamiKimberly Cool MamiÅr sedan
  • It dont matter.😌

    Mey HaqimMey HaqimÅr sedan
  • You and Nick are so darn cute.

    Abby WalkerAbby WalkerÅr sedan
  • You can check your natal chart which shows your entire birth chart with all of your signs according to your time and place of birth. If your bday is late June or beginning July then you’re a CANCER!!! 🖖🏽

    Victoria G CruzVictoria G CruzÅr sedan
  • I turned 40 this year and have decided to quit celebrating it and try to ignore the ever increasing number :)

    KimKimÅr sedan
  • I turn 29 this last year in my 20s. I’ve heard that your 30s are fun so I’m trying to stay focused on that, rather than panicking. I have an extreme fear of death, which is something I have been trying to work on. Hopefully as I age I will have better feelings towards it versus being so afraid.

    SarahsMisadventuresSarahsMisadventuresÅr sedan
  • can you tell us how you whiten your teeth?? also an in depth self care video including your complete skin care routine, please? :) I know you have a few videos on self care but it's not as in depth I don't think.

    lil sherlil sherÅr sedan
  • Legend has it that nick is still grinding the coffee to this day 😂

    Perla GPerla GÅr sedan
    • that's not untrue

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzÅr sedan
  • Any advice for a 16 year old?

    JB NationJB NationÅr sedan
  • I always do the rounding up thing too! I turned 23 in May, but I was referring to myself and thinking of myself as 23 since like...January? Lol

    JulieJulieÅr sedan
  • Holy moly, I can’t believe that you’re 31 😱 I thought that you’re 23. You look incredibly good, so young healthy and fresh ♥️

    Edy EdEdy EdÅr sedan
    • ...??? 31 is going af lmao

      sugar pillsugar pill10 månader sedan
  • I turned 31 on 28th January 2019 so about the same age as you 😊💖😙

    shelly scratch & JJGamingshelly scratch & JJGamingÅr sedan
  • I also round up my age 😂 super weird. My birthday is in March and already sometimes I'm thinking of myself as 27🙈

    CM WesCM WesÅr sedan
  • I round up, too! Usually like 6 months in advance haha, I have no idea why. I turned 35 in May but I was saying 35 since last October. It’s to the point where when my birthday rolls around I have to do the math and check how old I actually am lol. I go back and forth with my feelings about aging. I still look pretty young. I am confused for early to mid-20s most of the time. I don’t think I look that young (I certainly don’t feel that young!) I have lost a lot of friends along the way to 35 - I made it here and they didn’t. I try to remember that. I’m very fortunate to even feel ‘old’.

    Pearl MPearl MÅr sedan
    • ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzÅr sedan
  • Maybe search up the correct spelling for your titles. You don’t spell ageing like aging, and I am pretty sure it tells you it’s spelled wrong. That’s a simple word to spell and a person in their early thirties should clearly know that.

    Briony WoodBriony WoodÅr sedan
  • Wow! I randomly stumbled upon this video but I believe it was definitely no coincidence. I turned 29 in March and it’s been bugging me every day since. It’s weird because, I’ve always been very comfortable within myself and have always been one who walks to the beat of her own theme song , not letting societal “guidelines” define me... but turning 30... that’s been getting to me ... I’m determined to not waste the rest of my 29th year by stressing over turning 30... a fleeting day at a time... it’s nice to watch a vid and read comments to help distract my rambling thoughts ! Thanks to all for the welcomed distraction!

    graybabeegraybabeeÅr sedan
  • God what hotel is this

    Holly MittsHolly MittsÅr sedan
    • The Madonna Inn

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzÅr sedan
  • Bahaha omg u had me at his mug

    Holly MittsHolly MittsÅr sedan
  • oh my god, nick and his coffee got me laughing so much. goals.

    silkenrustlesilkenrustleÅr sedan
  • Your floor looks so clean! But I have children so I’m used to a messy house basically always. Lol

    lunalunaÅr sedan
  • i’m a gemini as well and round up my year once i get 3ish months away!

    Kinsey CKinsey CÅr sedan
  • It depends on your belief and practice

    Vidaa JoonVidaa JoonÅr sedan
  • this was so great. happy belated

    virginia lockhartvirginia lockhartÅr sedan
  • so I just recently turned 18 so I have a while till I reach 30 but just wanted to say thank you to you Julia because you have truly been an inspiration for me to become healthier and take care of myself, I mean I’ve yet to change my eating habits and get some exercise done but I’m on my way ( I’ll start next week lol ) but I really do appreciate your videos. I’ve never had anyone who has inspired me to get better. For 18 years old I’m like an old crippled woman and slowly but surely ruining my body (because of the shit I eat and my lack of exercise haha) but really thank u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    christy callaghanchristy callaghanÅr sedan
  • You’re amazing Julia , I’m 33 and everything you said is on point. Happy birthday and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    kamila Hixonkamila HixonÅr sedan
  • The mug...I relate 100%, but my life is more important to my sons.

    Kristin RiveraKristin RiveraÅr sedan
  • Growing older has been very depressing for me, I have had a very tough journey in my life. Depression, anxiety and discrimination have been the whole story pretty much. I missed out on many opportunities for love, friendship and joy that most people take for granted. Due to my disability and society just discriminating, I could never experience those moments and I can't get them back now. My mother has struggled so much because she has had to look after me and not have a free life of her own. I'm glad that many others don't feel that way and that many others who hit 30 and higher have had good lives, I certainly would never wish for anyone else to go through what I have gone through. I'll be 35 next month and I'm dreading it truly. 35 years on this world and I have nothing to show for it expect sadness and pain and a whole lot of regret. I don't want to grow old anymore, I want to stop. Sorry this is very dark, but that's how I feel unfortunately. I hope no body else feels like this, that would be terrible.

    ShaunTheCHBShaunTheCHBÅr sedan
  • Can we just get a whole video of shots of Nick grinding the coffee??

    Julia miss GooliaJulia miss GooliaÅr sedan
  • Wow, that hotel is just gorgeous! Right down to the key cards! Love it. happy birthday Julia :)

    Six PenceSix PenceÅr sedan
  • When is your birthday? I am also a Gemini.

    Rayannan MorrisRayannan MorrisÅr sedan
  • I'm 19 about to hit my 20s this November. Super psyched but I also feel like I should be doing more. My 20s I really want to set the foundation for myself. Become everything I ever wanted to be and more. I feel positive about my future especially because it's just me to look after. I'm dedicated to bettering myself and giving myself the best one I can live. And if you are reading this say that line out loud and speak out into the universe!!! Anyone want to chat and give me some helpful tips and advice ❤❤🤗

    Ethiopian GoddessEthiopian GoddessÅr sedan
  • yo Nicks coffee game is on some other shit...

    cuttygrasscuttygrassÅr sedan
  • I also mentally round up my age! I start doing it 6 months before my birthday lol. I think it comes from a place of fear. As I've always been scared to be any older than 25, I feel like if I mentally prepare myself before my next birthday, I won't have a nervous breakdown. But I'm starting to genuinely appreciate my age and I can already see that my late 20s and 30s will be great.

    beingearnest123beingearnest123År sedan
  • Hold on, i dont get it, she is 30?

    AuDaXAuDaXÅr sedan
  • AWWW, you guys were in SLO ?! I love the madonnna inn ! Wish I saw you guys around town :)

    Sandra LaterSandra LaterÅr sedan
  • what a trip! i live in slo, lol. i love the bakery at the madonna inn

    Sami BeeSami BeeÅr sedan
  • Gemini?! How...this video is posted on june 30th am i missing something?

    TaraTaraÅr sedan
  • I round up in age too! Mostly accidentally - like how you did. And I love how you were just * slightly * perturbed that Nick did not refrigerate the green tea. Your "thank you" afterwards says it all lol. BUT that does segue me into one realization age has given me... I start to realize more how everyone has their very own way of perceiving the world (because for them it really is the BEST option that their brain could come up with). With age, I have begun to understand where people are coming from and why they may interpret things a certain way. But that only reminds me to not get upset if it doesn't jive well with my plans or ways of doing things in my own life. I just get back into my own schedule & habits and those little things seem to not matter anymore (i.e., you are only in control of yourself). Basically I'm just learning how to coexist! Although its still fine to get slightly perturbed in the moment because we're only human. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also: your delivery of "anger and confusion" was just ... so great)

    Kylie HumphreyKylie HumphreyÅr sedan
  • I do the rounding up thing too, I’m 23 but I’ve been calling myself 24 since like February and my birthday is in August 😂. Appreciate this video, I’m struggling with the feeling of having wasted my youth so this was quite comforting and inspiring 🖤

    Kayla ReuschKayla ReuschÅr sedan
  • I’m 20 and I feel old

    Jason MasonJason MasonÅr sedan
  • I saw that yogurt at Erewhon and was horrified... and then intrigued as well. Thank you for trying it! I think I'm good now lol. Happy bday :)

    maabbmaabbÅr sedan
  • Hi! First of all I love your account! I've been IMA for a while but I'm catching up on videos. :) Anyways I had a question. So summertime sadness. I feel it coming up already. I'm in my testweek, so I have a couple days to go but I just feel the uneasy-ness coming up, and the sadness and lonely-ness. All my friends are going away, so I'll be alone. For six weeks. I am not looking forward to it. Some tips on how to deal with it? Thankyou!! Also; same! Don't like my birthday at all eventhough im only 17

    Desiree KorterinkDesiree KorterinkÅr sedan
  • This hotel is soo campy omg it's like a film set.

    LucaFinn99LPLucaFinn99LPÅr sedan
  • You are so amazing thank you for sharing your life with us as a Gemini this video makes me feel so much hope. Thank you

    andrea yepezandrea yepezÅr sedan
  • Happy Birthday!

    Kaitlyn NelsonKaitlyn NelsonÅr sedan
  • I turned 31 on tuesday

    Mat MacMat MacÅr sedan
  • It’s called the Barnum effect

    catherineellicatherineelliÅr sedan
  • just new subscriber here😍 and your asmr massage is my sleeping pill😍

    AnneAnneÅr sedan
  • I actually cracked up when you woke up the next morning and Nick was there grinding his coffee again

    DibaDibaÅr sedan
  • Nick seems sweet but not all that good at picking out presents. He looks like George Clooney though.

    Radha Das333Radha Das333År sedan
  • 20s are great but I think everyone is very confused because of entering adult life. We worry about all the expectations and just start to learn our first big lessons. Your 30s is when you are usually a bit more at peace. You know yourself better and are familiar with the basic challenges. Time to enjoy growing and learning new lessons - but (hopefully) without as much stress. (This has been my favourite channel for years. I learned so much from you, I won't even go into the tedious details. And I adore you and Nick as a couple. That said, I have to point out: Nick is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.)

    Snow Bleeding WhiteSnow Bleeding WhiteÅr sedan
  • Your always happy to escape L.A. but I would love to escape to L.A

    Drew WDrew WÅr sedan
  • Not sure if you've ever attempted to make your own coconut yogurt but it's super simple and delicious- plus it's only 2 ingredients (probiotic capsules and a can of coconut milk). Definitely recommend trying it out if you haven't already!

    CassandraCassandraÅr sedan