ZERO WASTE ROUTINE (realistic tips & hacks) 🌱

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Tare Grocery (Highland Park, Los Angeles)

Sourdough tortillas (I cut the recipe in half!):
Vegetarian chili:

Ryan Little - wish you were here. -
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  • I’d love to hear everyone else’s low waste tips & favorite low waste recipes below. Please share!❤️❤️❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz9 månader sedan
    • P

      Julia FoxJulia Fox7 månader sedan
    • Becca Z iyyiieuyyyyyyiyyyyyyyy rytt

      AmandaAmanda8 månader sedan
    • i’m also curious about reusable feminine products but i’m a bit nervous...have you looked into them?

      Nicole PisaNicole Pisa9 månader sedan
    • I used to use 2 cotton rounds a day and felt so guilty. there’s several options on etsy for reusable/rewash-able cotton rounds. I thought it’d be a bit tedious but this seems to be the best value for price and it comes with a container to store them and the bag to wash them in! I do laundry once a week so this seemed like the best option :)

      Nicole PisaNicole Pisa9 månader sedan
    • Whenever I run out of wipes inside the disinfectant wipes container, i notice that theres usually a lot of liquid left. So I’ve been shoving some extra paper towels in there and giving it a good shake! Not necessarily eco friendly to begin with, but a good way to use the product up as much as possible, and then recycle the container once done of course 🤗

      E VE V9 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia, with such beans you need to soak them overnight and boil them in water about half an hour before cooking so they will be ready to use!🖤

    ДудуДуду2 månader sedan
  • I'm pretty late to the party here, but my favorite things to do with food waste are create stocks for later use and freeze them. Preservation or scrapping doesn't always need to be as complex as a jam, ferment, or dehydrated. Our freezer is the simplest way to preserve, and saving scraps and making stock to freeze for later use is a dope technique. My vegetable stock (most commonly used in my house) is made almost entirely with waste product such as onion skins, garlic skins, carrot tops, the fibrous parts of celery, bell pepper ends, etc. Put it all in a huge pot, cover with water, add some spices and a sheet of kombu or some other type of seaweed, boil away for 3 or so hours, and you're golden. I only season with salt or acids after thawing the stock for later use and always fill my glass jars only 2/3 of the way to avoid breakage in the freezer. Anyhow, this is a long winded response for just a simple, functionally sustainable kitchen tip. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Britt SimonsBritt Simons2 månader sedan
  • My fav!! I feel so relaxed watching your videos.

    Kiaa DonaldKiaa Donald3 månader sedan
  • i love this

    wavestomysoulwavestomysoul3 månader sedan
  • 11:57 My heart melted!!!!

    Farah TFarah T3 månader sedan
  • I am so so happy they filled her things for her. that is my biggest worry if I ever decided to go zero waste during COVID19 is that the bulk stores are all in bins and kids and other people are not so careful. So, good on them for taking care of Julia like that.

    Chantale TalbotChantale Talbot5 månader sedan
  • Came from your comment on James charles channel❤

    kaydi gannonkaydi gannon5 månader sedan
  • Omg I have seen this couple and the store. They were featured on 'Goodful'. The earth is round lmao.

    Sara MahmoodSara Mahmood5 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the opening song ?

    Deborah SasserDeborah Sasser5 månader sedan
  • You can put the glass jars with their bottoms up into a drawer. This way you can always see whats inside and dont need label maker. Cheers!

    Варя и Мудрые УглеводикиВаря и Мудрые Углеводики5 månader sedan
  • Those kittens may be the cutest things I’ve seen all week. Also, when they started squeaking, the momma cat I am currently fostering who just had kittens ran into my room looking around frantically. I think she thought she forgot a kitten in my room. I had to bring her back out to my “cat nursery” as I call it (My entire living room has now been dedicated to me fostering pregnant momma cats or cats that just had kittens) to show her that no, her 10 babies were all accounted for and fine. Unfortunately she can’t feed all of them properly. There’s to many. So I help supplement her milk twice daily to make sure their gaining weight properly, so I feel the bottle feeding struggle. Other than that I give her special nursing mother raw food and vitamin oils to make sure she is staying healthy while still breastfeeding the kittens. She takes wonderful care of them other than the slight lack of milk so luckily I don’t have to make the kittens pee and poo myself. I actually have to separate them from her sometimes because she’s SUCH a good mom she never gets a break to build up her milk again. (Edit:She is always in sight of her kittens and it’s only 1 hour long increments 2-3X daily, while her babies are napping themselves. And once their fully weaned, she will be getting spayed by the rescue group I foster with. She already has a owner lined up for her which is lucky because people always want kittens but not the mommas)

    Curvy DivaCurvy Diva5 månader sedan
  • Wat was the dip?

    Shalynn FosterShalynn Foster5 månader sedan
  • Darn. They don’t even ship outside U.S

    I drank the cat UrethraI drank the cat Urethra5 månader sedan
  • Your picnic time was a whole mood! Thanks for sharing! :D

    emcrew2emcrew26 månader sedan
  • very useful, thanks!

    typical taurustypical taurus6 månader sedan
  • "a little pic nick in the back of his trunk"😏

    typical taurustypical taurus6 månader sedan
  • What's the song in the beginning?

    Maria SMaria S7 månader sedan
    • Anyone?

      Maria SMaria S7 månader sedan
  • Drooling over that store.

    KamieKamie7 månader sedan
  • More videos like this please!!!

    Ellie LitchfieldEllie Litchfield7 månader sedan
  • you literally seem like the nicest gurlie ever (ᗒᗣᗕ♡︎

    ruby roseruby rose7 månader sedan
  • I wanna bottle feed kittens!!!!!

    Tabitha CrouseTabitha Crouse7 månader sedan

    e x m me x m m7 månader sedan
  • Ok.. but the paper bags are also one way and go direct into the garbage. I don’t criticize this video because it was still better than our usual consume. But it is actually possible that we prepare the reusable small bag and own glasses. Most of no package stores are still too luxurious.

    Yuka KawasakiYuka Kawasaki7 månader sedan
  • i love how your mouth looks when you talk...i'm probably not the only person who thinks least i'm being honest

    b connib conni7 månader sedan
  • my boyfriend has very high cheek bones AND bags under his wyes. hes afriad that after this diet we are doing that he will have HUGE BAGS UNDER HIS EYES.....any suggestions? PLEASE. btw i love your channel.

    mallory kleinertmallory kleinert8 månader sedan
  • I like that she calls the people watching her asmr videos her guests idk it just makes me feel good

    Joyce TMJoyce TM8 månader sedan
  • Love all of your videos Julia! could you make a video all about composting, I would love to start doing this! :)

    amalia nicoleamalia nicole8 månader sedan
  • This is so bomb. I have recipes sometimes where I only need a small amount of something and this would save so much money and waste! I love this!

    V JV J8 månader sedan
  • I need you to post everyday. U. Are. So. Cute.

    Stephanie SchorrStephanie Schorr8 månader sedan
  • Oh wow, this store is a dream! I see so many people on the internet that consider waste reduction an all or nothing game, and I like how you encourage people to do their best regardless of where of where on the scale that is

    Hemanth KurthamileHemanth Kurthamile8 månader sedan
  • Missing your massage videos!

    Isabela SertãIsabela Sertã8 månader sedan
  • Thanks for the video zero wasted, it's great! Just a quick tip for any kind of bean: soak them the night before in water with salt. Then they will be soft in a couple hours. Enjoy ;)

    Derecho LegosDerecho Legos8 månader sedan
  • I was sent here by gentle whispering am glad i did your voice is amazing

    Jayne cooneyJayne cooney8 månader sedan
  • My heart literally ACHES for a store like Tare near me. What I would give... :(

    GreenOwliveGreenOwlive8 månader sedan
  • The way you’re flipping the tortillas is so funny to me 😂🥺 ( not in a mean way ) I’m just use to doing it with my hands

    Tee VeeTee Vee8 månader sedan
  • The video part with the kittens wasn't what I came here for, but it was what I needed

    Grace KrawczykGrace Krawczyk8 månader sedan
  • Quick question. What did you use to upload?

    xx8 månader sedan
  • What's the intro song from Epidemic titled please!!!!! Has a really WEEZER vibe to it..... I need to find it, Thank you in advance!!!

    Bangin' GearsBangin' Gears8 månader sedan
  • I love how she has Indian-style cutlery!

    ????8 månader sedan
  • What kind of bread was that?

    Gabby PatinoGabby Patino8 månader sedan
  • That's roti and rajma which you had for dinner 🤭 famous Indian meal. Also it's so heartening to see you guys going all sustainable and green. India was mocked for it's sustainable ways earlier but now that it has reached west, we here are flooded by plastics and lot's non biodegradable polymers

    Prakriti PandeyPrakriti Pandey8 månader sedan
  • I love this video sooo much this is the life style I want lol btw very small you tuber here anyone wanna support ☺️

    Bella UltraTVBella UltraTV8 månader sedan
  • That store blew my mind! That’s exactly how I imagine the future of grocery shopping to be.

    Sara MatildaSara Matilda9 månader sedan
  • That bread looks goooooddddddd

    saandayysaandayy9 månader sedan
  • ваше видео настолько интересное, что я смотрю его с субтитрами и с переводчиком на русский язык. хочется понимать сразу же речь иноязычного блогера. вот были бы субтитры на русском ✨

    ДианаДиана9 månader sedan
  • Yessss girl, get that sponsorship!!! Great video x

    Snelly09Snelly099 månader sedan
  • A stovetop pressure cooker has been so convenient for me. Get those beans cooking FAST 👏🏽 Maybe look into one if you have the the funds/space. I really enjoyed this video, and your transparency. Your approach is so warm and welcoming, we are all trying to do better, and I appreciate you acknowledging that everyone can try this at different capacities ♥️

    E VE V9 månader sedan
  • Okay, this video made me think of fast fashion. I really like your taste and perspective, could you possibly do a video on sustainable clothing brands please?? I would love that.

    Ms. JonesMs. Jones9 månader sedan
  • The cats are so cute

    K mK m9 månader sedan
  • those kinds of vlogs are the best ever! please keep doing it often it's so relaxing for me to watch (I'm still stuck at home) and at the same time super informative :)

    MelanieMelanie9 månader sedan
  • If you eat a lot of beans it is definitely worth it to invest on a pressure cooker! Also to cheat time on the bean soaking: use warm water with a bit o salt!

    Paola MotaPaola Mota9 månader sedan
  • I live in a city (Germany) where people often put stuff wich they don't need anymore in a box outside the door or on a windowsill, for free. old toys for example, cds, clothes, books...(stuff should be clean and not broken..). people who walk by can simply take what they need/want. And you don't have to throw it away. (only minus is: some people don't put things inside when it is raining). A friend of mine even got a microwave oven once wich is still working.

    Jennifer FalkeJennifer Falke9 månader sedan
  • Great video! I think Klean Kanteen is an awesome company, too. Just a quick non-related question: I saw you in a music video for artist Poppy from 2015 and was really surprised! I was wondering if you would want to explain the backstory, it would be interesting to hear :)

    Madelene NitzscheMadelene Nitzsche9 månader sedan
  • No offense but ur reduce re use bullshit is pretty funny when u hop in a 3 series bmw the worst gas guzzlers ever LOL 😂 oh society

    Brett HBrett H9 månader sedan
  • SE41S5

    AknaBlastTMAknaBlastTM9 månader sedan
  • Great video Julia. A similar low waste store opened close to our place. They are also heavily battered by the Corona virus outbreak and the rules for stores to be allowed to use reusable containers. But the neighborhood is giving them as much support as possible. In Germany things are loosening up again as infections are declining. You are an example of how everyone can think about how to implement little steps to improve the world for all of us. For your own mental stability be sure that as an ASMR Artist you provide comfort for many people in these times of anxiety. Please continue to be a good cat mom to your baby's. Our little rescue has grown to be a joy for us in this strange time. Both Stay healthy and keep up spreading your views

    Casper van OschCasper van Osch9 månader sedan
  • I loved this video. I hope you will be ok 👍👍

    holly flynnholly flynn9 månader sedan
  • My lady you are actually doing so well!! I’ve been zero waste for nearly two years and I’m still not perfect - though we need more people like us in the world.. at least we’re trying!

    ATLASATLAS9 månader sedan
  • Beyond fear lies happiness 😊 meanwhile I feel like double dog pooh!

    o fAeBorG oo fAeBorG o9 månader sedan
  • I have this thing that I get nauseous when I look at smal holes or pits all clustered together to I almost threw up when I saw the paprika

    Jadira GrootfaamJadira Grootfaam9 månader sedan
  • this video just makes me really happy

    Morgan HubbardMorgan Hubbard9 månader sedan
  • I am so glad that there are still places that help you lessen your waste. I understand being safe but it breaks my heart for the plastic use increase 😞 thanks for sharing!!

    ConreezyBeetsConreezyBeets9 månader sedan
  • You’re so inspiring, thanks for existing!

    blackwhitecoloredblackwhitecolored9 månader sedan
  • Thank you for sharing and making this video! I love your vlogs ❤️ Hope you’re doing well!

    Mckenzie MinnisMckenzie Minnis9 månader sedan
  • Tare is so beautiful! I'll have to see if they have anything like that near me, way out in NC :)

    Shannon EmerickShannon Emerick9 månader sedan
  • @itsblitzzz what’s the music at the beginning 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    SabrinaGGSabrinaGG9 månader sedan
  • I really enjoy your vlogs. Theres always an element that I find I want to incorporate in my life and this video had many! Thank you for sharing realistic, helpful suggestions that everyone can follow. Also those tortillas were 🔥

    Lauren HLauren H9 månader sedan
  • I read your posts. I hope you’re doing well. if you ever need to talk I’m here, love you❤️

    Jake ZinkandJake Zinkand9 månader sedan
  • 😄

    Sophia GriffinhoffSophia Griffinhoff9 månader sedan
  • I never paid much attention to waste until I started watching your vids, now I’m really conscious of it and am getting better every day!

    Ruby BromwellRuby Bromwell9 månader sedan
  • Hello! First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your content. I have struggled with anxiety for the past year, and your videos are the only things to calm me down. Even the vlogs have been extremely helpful for me to slow my breathing down. I’m grateful for your creativity more than you know! As for me, I just graduated college, and this has been a tough time as I’m struggling to move to Chicago and feel like I’ve actually had closure of college. I’m staying positive by organizing my life during this time, reading books that aren’t actually assigned to me, and laughing with my family. Best wishes to you💗

    Emily ToppenEmily Toppen9 månader sedan
  • These kitties are an absolute dream❤️

    Flor OrtizFlor Ortiz9 månader sedan
  • Can relate to going through personal struggles - feel like your failing? Feel like your life is going nowhere ? Feel like you don’t know what your purpose is?? I can also relate. Having a good support network really helps, especially really good friends, that’s what has helped me. The feeling will comes in waves for me..but it will pass. We are all on our journey.

    Dana LDana L9 månader sedan
  • Can I just say, you and Nick cut veggies so beautifully!! Lol I’d totally watch a how to video of the two of you showing the best tricks on how to cut fruits and vegetables. Pretty much everything I’ve changed about my day to day lifestyle and being more conscious about low waste/zero waste has come from watching your videos! Trying to do my part for the planet has always been something I’ve wanted to put into practice more and your east, realistic, sensible approach has helped me put those practices to use in my own life and find what works for me. So thank you! 🙏🏾 PS, I also used your link for Curology and their products have changed my skin game like nothing before. My skin has never looked better!

    Coco FernandezCoco Fernandez9 månader sedan
  • Loooove following your zero waste journey!!!

    Mindful WorrierMindful Worrier9 månader sedan
  • hi ily & i'm moving into my first apartment soon and have a whole list in my notes of the low waste changes i wanna make WOO

    Emma LiebeEmma Liebe9 månader sedan
  • Loved the video! I've always wanted to try to be more waste conscious but it's the getting started that seems so intimating. I would love any tips from how to incorporate it into shopping for everyday things like clothes and/or beauty products. Thanks again for the lovely video :)

    Olivia LynchOlivia Lynch9 månader sedan
  • Damn, all the ladies be sweatin yo manz.

    luke dukesluke dukes9 månader sedan
  • read your message in the community tab and just wanted to say I so enjoy your videos. You have a unique personality and always have great tips on sustainability, which I’ve implemented in my own day to day - love your vlogs and asmr content & would love to see a ‘summer evening’ routine or some budget sustainability tips

    Suzanne VerheulSuzanne Verheul9 månader sedan
  • I always wanted to watch this video at a nice and peaceful time until I completely forgot about it! Now your latest community post reminded my of it. I'm very sorry that you're feeling so sad but also thankful for your reminder :) I hope you'll get better soon! And I really love your attempt of zero waste in this video, it feels very natural :) Edit: Here is a really nice video concerning the topic of indoor composting:

    Shoubidou-bahShoubidou-bah9 månader sedan
  • You’re lovely. Hope you’re doing well ✨✨🌈

    Laura B. HernandezLaura B. Hernandez9 månader sedan
  • Adorable kittens!

    LeriLeri9 månader sedan
  • Love you ❤️

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  • Much love to this channel!

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  • Kueen of KleanKanteen

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  • Saw your tortillas! You go girl! Speaking from a Hispanic heart

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  • love your videos! just saw your post,here to give my support! :)

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  • You give me tones of positive, chilling like minimal, healthy and lovely vibess 🥰

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  • Why were the clips of her cutting the fruit so satisfying lol

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  • More power to you girl...more ,more anddd more power to you.👌🙌💪 You are an angel to do these small changes for our mother earth. Can't thanku enough. ❤💖🌈💫🙏

    Marilyn KapoorMarilyn Kapoor9 månader sedan
  • This didnt show up in my sub Box! Glad i found it anyways! Thank you!!!

    dukannstmichmadukannstmichma9 månader sedan
  • I love you Julia, you've helped me so much with your authentic, calming character. Thanks for keeping it real and please stay strong, you will overcome this episode and you will come out stronger. We are here for you and we are patient, you don't have to be perfect or happy all the time.

    Leonie J.Leonie J.9 månader sedan
  • truck bed meals are the best! Your view on zero waste is practical and makes me feel like as long as you’re trying to do better, that’s great.

    divinedannidivinedanni9 månader sedan
  • Please asmr Julia 🙏

    Cristina OjedaCristina Ojeda9 månader sedan
  • ❤️

    שחף שביטשחף שביט9 månader sedan
  • What a great video to help us all remember to lower our waste. I appreciate the thoughtfulness you bring to conversations like this. Klean Kanteen is great! I have a couple of their products too, and love them!

    rddj623rddj6239 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️

    Daniela CastilloDaniela Castillo9 månader sedan
  • Salt and acid can make beans remain firm. Unfortunately, when using dry beans you often need to par cook the beans to make sure they are soft after cooking.

    Madeline MoreauMadeline Moreau9 månader sedan