ASMR massage | Deep relaxation for stress relief & rest (whisper)

In tonight's video, I give my friend Elizabeth a relaxing face and head massage. Elizabeth was my first ever ASMR model and she has been in a bunch of my other videos as well. We share some of the same hobbies and interests and she is an incredible source of inspiration. She is a very special individual and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
ALSO, a lot of you have asked why I have been on hiatus from posting ASMR. Basically, I moved to a new house and my camera broke simultaneously. I don't ever want to force content and always strive to make my content genuine, so my apologies for the delay. I have invested in a new camera and I am getting back in the groove of making content I love to create (including new ASMR!). Thank you for your patience!

Find me on Instagram: itsblitzzz

Find Elizabeth on Instagram: e.hatke
- 2 ounces filtered water
- 3 drops peppermint essential oil
- 2 drops tea tree essential oil
- 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil

Natural bronzing body oil:

Rose water hydrating mist:

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  • Elizabeth looks like she could be a famous ballerina. 🩰

    KBeeKBee8 dagar sedan
  • I still love this video. It always makes me feel relaxed. I need to be up in about six hours. Goodnight

    Kay DanielsKay Daniels12 dagar sedan
  • The ending is the best part

    ジェイジェイMånad sedan
  • Seeing these people smile when you compliment them is my favorite part.

    Alex SchneiderAlex Schneider2 månader sedan
  • How many friends called Elizabeth does she have?

    Kiara CamachoKiara Camacho3 månader sedan
  • All the girls that have appeared on your channel are really beautiful

    Natalia MartNatalia Mart3 månader sedan
  • Love these videos. The whisper ones like this are so relaxing. Been watching these videos before bed and they are so calming. I could use one of these massages!

    Jennifer BradfordJennifer Bradford4 månader sedan
  • i love seeing elizabeths hair growth in everyone of her appearances, its almost like an elizabeth through the ages

    Liv DellarLiv Dellar4 månader sedan
  • Did someone watch .. Mulholland Drive movie? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤔

    Maori ChileanchoMaori Chileancho4 månader sedan
  • Oh my, is that a hooman female?

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  • اللهم لا حسد ماشاء الله تبارك الله على الجمال

    Mohammed ProMohammed Pro5 månader sedan
  • I dunno but all her girlfriends are very beautiful on ASMR videos

    Doris RichiyoDoris Richiyo5 månader sedan
  • She's so beautiful✨🖤

    Escaped son of nomadsEscaped son of nomads5 månader sedan
  • She looks like the brunette version of Dakota Fanning

    kerriona Lucaskerriona Lucas5 månader sedan
  • Vídeo perfeito ❤️

    bia dantasbia dantas5 månader sedan
  • O op

    Holly McCormickHolly McCormick6 månader sedan
  • Check her Instagram :0 you can see her pole dancing topless...beautiful body

    FritschiFritschi6 månader sedan
  • Ohhh I'd love that x K from UK x

    Keena HockeyKeena Hockey6 månader sedan
  • What is a good mixture of essential oils targeting anxiety and depression? And need a recipe for I've never done this before. Help pls? And thanks! You rock girl! Love your stuff!

    Biscuit PowderBiscuit Powder6 månader sedan
  • Lol

    Billy RoqueBilly Roque6 månader sedan
  • She is so beautiful

    Camille GonzalezCamille Gonzalez6 månader sedan
  • Лайк на комм если русский💕🇷🇺

    Истории и мыло, слаймыИстории и мыло, слаймы6 månader sedan
  • Holy hell, she looks like Denise Richards when she was 25.

    DJ Deckard CainDJ Deckard Cain6 månader sedan
  • That funny lazy plant in the background made my looks soooo relaxed too in the candle-light 😂

    lou Loulou Lou6 månader sedan
  • She is so beautiful, what the hell

    HeliacalHeliacal7 månader sedan
  • I love these videos! It is my second Time watching this one. Plz make more!

    Elsa TeodoroElsa Teodoro7 månader sedan
  • Your voice is extremely relaxing. Soo soft. Beautiful girl. Love her hair.

    George NelsonGeorge Nelson7 månader sedan
  • I’m at that uncomfortable all the time stage of pregnancy & if it weren’t for these videos I literally would not be able to fall asleep, so grateful!!

    Jas DevoeJas Devoe7 månader sedan
  • The model is really pretty but her hair is the most healthy and shinny I have seen

    Christlyeb VChristlyeb V7 månader sedan
  • this video making me sleeping ohhh😂😅

    مصممه مبتدئه Junior designerمصممه مبتدئه Junior designer7 månader sedan
  • *_Imagine being this pretty!_*

    ZainZain8 månader sedan
  • This relaxes me so much. After you get up at 6! Do your grind, your workout, practicing new stuff, this eases my mind and boosts energy in me. Thanks Julia

    Kerimberdi GadamovKerimberdi Gadamov8 månader sedan
  • Beautiful hair

    sontak wongsontak wong8 månader sedan
  • I've commented on this video before, but I'm kinda stressed out and I'm watching this very relaxing video again!

    Kayleigh MonaghanKayleigh Monaghan8 månader sedan
  • Your friend looks like Hailee Steinfeld

    Ivonna VlogzzIvonna Vlogzz8 månader sedan
  • I know some of these videos are old but I’m new to ASMR videos and your videos are the best So relaxing and it helps Me with my anxiety especially with sleeping

    Christine Peters-TynesChristine Peters-Tynes9 månader sedan
  • I know this is an older video but it’s one of my favourites. I would give my left arm to have someone give me a beautiful massage like this. Honestly Julia. Thank you for doing these videos and uploading them for us and for putting in so much time and effort. They’re so beneficial to my mental health (depression and anxiety) in that they help me relax and sleep well. And you’re whispering is beautiful also. Hopefully one day the stars will magically align and I can experience first hand, one of your amazing massages! (A girl can dream ;)) Until then I’ll enjoy from behind the screen 😘😘 hope you’re doing well and looking after yourself x love from South Australia

    Megan KeightleyMegan Keightley9 månader sedan
  • You have so many beautiful friends.

    Viktor6665Viktor66659 månader sedan
  • Her hairs 😭❤️

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  • Seus vídeos são muito relaxantes e bons! Parabéns!!

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  • Very beautiful massage

    mr UsMaN officialmr UsMaN official9 månader sedan
  • I love your talking, your voice is super soothing and it helps me fall asleep when I’m having insomnia. Also makes me feel like I’m the one getting the massage 🤗

    Naria CanoNaria Cano9 månader sedan
    • She was born for this right!! 😃 that whispering IS PERFECT....

      Just DrivingJust Driving9 månader sedan
  • I thought. She was theirn

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  • She is perfect for this and looks as great as you!!!!!!!!

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  • Comment 1000

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  • Omg she is no makeup and soo beautiful

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  • The shape of her face looks perfect. I love her jawline, cheekbones.. her nose, eyes, lips.. everything about her face is perfect. Just wow...

    Morgan iiiviixMorgan iiiviix9 månader sedan
  • Thank you! Because of you, I am researching the best oils to use on my scalp. My back is tingling after watching this video, so I am in heaven.

    Pishosha PPishosha P9 månader sedan
  • I’m a new subscriber, and I must say that you’re amazing at what you do . Thank you for sharing your talents on achieving relaxation ... hello from Wichita Falls, Texas

    Honey Dew MelonsHoney Dew Melons9 månader sedan
  • L O V E your channel

    Ryan SssRyan Sss10 månader sedan
  • she is pure perfection

    rearea10 månader sedan
  • If I were the model, I would not be able to hold my smiles as you said “ talented close friend”. Very professional.

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  • This is what I need.

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  • Every girl she massages is like extremely beautiful!!

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  • Please talk way more.

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  • I knew her name was Elizabeth before checking the description😁

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  • I thought it was Miranda Cosgrove for a second

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  • Using this to help me sleep during quarantine

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  • Can you do the same with me

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  • Каййфффф

  •'re in my favourite videos....I watch you all the time before bed to help me fall asleep. Something about your graceful hand movements when you waft the essential oil around your client that gives me the tinglies

    LoKaee2LoKaee211 månader sedan
  • Keep doing these videos

  • I love these videos

  • Even though I live in New Zealand, I would love to get an ASMR massage from you

    Sophie EllenSophie EllenÅr sedan
  • I were worried she would spill that hot tea over a sitting girl. Really, it was dangerous.

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  • She’s so gorgeous reminds me of an old Hollywood actress. Like a Veronica Lake or some classic beauty like that. Actually more like Katherine Ross in The Graduate 🌟

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  • I just cant get over how there’s people this beautiful, i hope everyone had an amazing womens day, lets keep fighting for equality. what a way to finish the day watching one of your videos. I love you❤️

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  • I like when the chair randomly creeks

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  • I prefer these kinds of massages to full body masages. There are so many light, fleeting touches

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  • She reminds me of the vocalist from CHVRCHES

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  • Am I the only one who doesn't like the clunky and creaky noises? The glass bottles are fine but the chair and the floor (her shoes?) are just too loud and heavy. As soon as I'm relaxed and my eyes are closing, one of those sounds snaps me out of it.

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  • Julia you are so fantastic at what you do. You presence and voice are so calming and soothing.

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  • If I where in these videos I would ruin them coz often with this kind of massage I can't stop smiling and giggling and I think I would be way to loud for the listeners to fully enjoy it lmao

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