This is my life now (send help)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I thought I would share a mixed vlog with what's going on in my life + some easy recipes. This video was originally going to be a ‘what I eat in a day’ but every day has been filled with kittens SO YOU GET BOTH. Hope everyone is doing well.❤️

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Cheesy Breakfast Burrito Recipe at a glance:
Eggs scrambled with cheese & topped with salt and pepper
Served on a hot flour tortilla
Sliced Avocado
Hot sauce

Tuna Salad Recipe
1 can tuna (I use a large 12 oz one so we have leftovers)
To taste:
Vegenaise or mayonaise (the Grapeseed oil vegenaise with the purple label is my favorite!)
Black pepper
Garlic Powder
Chopped pickles
Celery (optional)
Fresh grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

Vodka Sauce Recipe:

Garlic Bread (Great Depression Recipe):

Frozen Peas Recipe :

My kitchen tools:
Microplane grater:
Garlic press:

Music used in this vlog:

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  • Drop your best kitten name suggestions below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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    • Forest and fragrance

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    • Milky and Mia if there girls and Mickey and Jack if there boys

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    • kita & stormy dawn & dusk blue & sky

      mangomango7 månader sedan

      Joel EspositoJoel Esposito8 månader sedan
    • Gibson, rascal, Sebastian Lucy, Bella, Raina

      iinqtalieiiiinqtalieii8 månader sedan
  • Do you work out??! Do you drink alcohol? You’re gorgeous and so is your life. It’s so relaxing...🌹

  • What breed are these kittens?

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  • Why send help thats a good life right there

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  • 2:38 I’m done su cuteeee 💗🤗🥺🥺🥺

    Minecraft Nub2386Minecraft Nub23865 månader sedan
  • I started fostering kittens during quarantine. It was one of the main things that got me through this. Im already on my 3rd set of 2. One stuck with me. Lol. Its the best when you go in and they start recognizing you voice and face. Its so rewarding. ❤ good job guys!

    Amanda BradshawAmanda Bradshaw5 månader sedan
  • Mittens and Mia

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  • I can’t Believe you watch Clara! I love her channel and have watched all the videos. 😭

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  • The tuna sandwiches look delicious, I’ll try this recipe. 👄

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  • if one day I find a man that all cats love and obssess over, I'll marry him, 'cause really it can't get better than that, I mean a cat whisperer??? that's the dream man

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  • Awwwwwww it's so cute

    Ana Paola Muñoz MoralesAna Paola Muñoz Morales6 månader sedan
  • I suffer from migraines. I wanna change the way I eat feel and live my life. I think this is a great start

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  • Omg omg how sweet. Sweet babies

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  • Cats are the best alternative kids

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  • Aww the sound of tiny kittens nursing is so sweet. They are precious. I love to wrap them in a soft fuzzy blankie, cuddle them, nuzzle the top of their cute little heads and watch them kneading .

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  • When you sit outside do you put sunscreen on? Your skin is so fair and pretty.

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  • Super sweet 😊👍🏽

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  • When I see your graceful hands my brain thinks that it's a asmr video 😆 p.s. and also I want to say you prepare so appetizing foods 😍

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  • Aweee ❤️❤️❤️

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  • For the tuna fish, Try adding capers & Onion & Green Onion & kalamata olives, slice the olives & the onion. For the Kitty name...Bart-E. & you are definitely on a Parmesan kick girlfriend. LoooooooooooL

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  • Hit it with just a little more parmesan

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  • Your tuna salad recipe looks so delicious! i think I will try the chic pea version as I don't eat tuna anymore.

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  • OMG they way the kittens 🐱 are eating they are acting like you are starving them. Lol

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  • A couple years ago my stepdad found two stray kittens by where he was working, and he took them home to us. It was our second time taking care of kittens, and we had planned on taking them to a shelter once the shelter was ready for them. In the meantime, it was my job to look after them, since I was on summer break and the only one not working. They were about 4 weeks old, and one of them was really bad off. He was really tiny and weak and despite being skin and bones he had a big belly that was full of worms :( he got really bad at one point, and of course we took them to the vet and got medication for them but he couldn’t even lift his head and we weren’t sure if he was going to survive. He was with me all the time and all he did was just lie on me whenever he could. Eventually he got his strength back, and he started walking around more and playing with his sister 😊 we got so attached to them after that we couldn’t give them up. That was two years ago, and now he is my little boy. He has the weirdest and most human-like personality I’ve ever seen in a cat, and I take him to college with me as my emotional support animal to help my anxiety. It warms my heart watching this video and it reminds me of our kittens :)

    Micayla RobbinsMicayla Robbins8 månader sedan
  • Did you want some tuna with your Parmesan

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  • 2:37 Me: ^●o●^

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  • You have a bright and beautiful soul, I am sure you do

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  • Hey just after seeing your latest post have you ever considered pen pals? I think your awesome and i find it so refreshing writing a letter and learning about someone who lives on the other side of the world

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  • A good name is Dynasty and Optimist

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  • Wait quick question- when you foster animals could you keep them? If like, let’s say you get attached and want to keep the animal you are foster, could you?

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  • Yes! I love watching Clara's videos. I am happy you are doing that for the kittens because someone did that for our cat when he was a baby and I am grateful for that person!

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  • Do you know what breed they are? They're so cute 💕

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  • @Itsblitzzz You are truly amazing❤.. And you took care of those poor kittens...I LOVE your videos so much its very nice, relaxing, and so much more. Keep up the amazing work. Hope you stay safe and healthy.😘

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  • I sometimes top my tuna sandwich with a little olive tapenade. May sound a little weird, but it's really good on a hot day served well chilled.

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  • You are wonderful to take care of these little ones...I would instantly adopt one...but I live in Helsinki Finland...Have fostered even smaller kitties once upon a time...

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  • Don't drain it in the sink! Drain it in a bowl for the cats! My cat freaks out for tuna water.

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  • last year my parents were helping to clean out my grandpas old house. Inside a tiny damp box was a little newborn kitten , like actually about 1 week old. We did this with her and this is bringing back so many memories

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  • I also watched Clara's recipes. Another one you might enjoy is Phylis Stokes from Southern She was an older lady from the south who recently passed away shortly after her husband died. She was battling cancer when she lost him and died shortly after she lost him. Sweet, sweet lady.

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