I'm really f-ing happy.

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  • Best thing that's happened to you this week? GO ⬇️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz22 dagar sedan
    • My son had his first day of in-person learning at his new high school yesterday, & he made two new friends. Also, watching this video has inspired me to make borscht for dinner, which I suspect will also be another high point in my week- so thank you! (P.S.- fwiw, I think you look lovely in a turtleneck!) 😊

      Erica ChaconErica Chacon17 dagar sedan
    • Made a 90 on my muscles test in Anatomy and Physiology.

      Elizabeth PoynorElizabeth Poynor18 dagar sedan
    • Last night I had a amazing dream that still desoriente me, I will never forget it.

      Cassie Temple-BoyerCassie Temple-Boyer20 dagar sedan
    • Making friends at my Yoga studio and seeing that your friend is out of prison! Watching the video with him telling his story made me very angry the Feds do that crap to us small people in this country. Be safe and we’ll, please say hello to your friend! 👍🖖🙏💜🤓

      loquaciousloquacious20 dagar sedan
    • @itsblitzzz p.s. You are beautiful. Have a lovely rest of your week. 💜

      asiamoon77asiamoon7720 dagar sedan
  • ok what is that hair brush comb thing??? I want it

    Paula G.Paula G.2 dagar sedan
  • I miss the asmr videos 😌😭

    Andi GramuntAndi Gramunt3 dagar sedan
  • Julia The base recipe without meat etc ( Yorkshire pudding) was used by housewives when rationing was on in the Uk during the 2nd world war The lady would make a large batter cook in a large tin, add sugar and tell the children who ever are the most got the most meat The kids filled up on the dish leaving the expensive, rare, rationed meat for the parents who worked , dad and or mum I remember my grandma showing me this “ treat” one day when I was about 7 xx

    Paul DugdalePaul Dugdale6 dagar sedan
  • Haha this is kind of my favorite color ever, the aubergine/wine red but I am not taking it personally. I do however think it's beautiful on you, but if you don't like it I can understand that you don't like to wear it at all haha. X

    Esmée OttemaEsmée Ottema7 dagar sedan
  • Nicely done.

    BugAttractionBugAttraction7 dagar sedan
  • I found it so interesting that you made Toad in the Hole, I spent most of my younger years thinking that was just a dinner my dad made up 😂 Also, Nick & the turtleneck saga, how could he make such a shocking statement?! 🙀🖤

    Lauren Jay McCallumLauren Jay McCallum7 dagar sedan
  • Julia, I really enjoy your channel - just one thing: could you look into the viewfinder more often? Otherwise it feels like you are talking to yourself.

    IzzybeauxIzzybeaux9 dagar sedan
  • T is silent

    AlexAlex9 dagar sedan
  • If Julia & Nick ever break up, I will not be okay. The turtleneck saga, so funny

    Laura O'CLaura O'C10 dagar sedan
    • Ps. Julia's videos are the ONLY SEcroner videos I would ever comment on

      Laura O'CLaura O'C10 dagar sedan
  • It's okay, my SO doesn't like cardigans for no real reason, and I wore several of them when we first met and I still do. I think he would look really good in one but I can't even get him to try one on.

    Sara JSara J10 dagar sedan
  • ❣❣❣

    2018 20182018 201811 dagar sedan
  • As a Russian and a frequent eater of that dish, I'd like to suggest trying it in a restaurant. It's really freaking delicious and one of the best things us humans have ever devised. My take is that you didn't like it probably due to considerable changes in the recipe and the lack of skill. No hate, obviously it takes a lot of tries to get it right and it's much easier when you know what results you want to get

    Quite BrilliantQuite Brilliant11 dagar sedan
  • Nick saying thank you when he woke up got me triggered because my bf never say thank you 👀

    RacheyRachey12 dagar sedan
  • My family calls it Toad in the Mud

    OmmyOmmy13 dagar sedan
  • i just woke up from a nightmare and watched this. i’d never seen your face before on your asmr videos. you are radiant. thank you for this vid to shake the nightmare away. 🥰

    Julie WinzlerJulie Winzler13 dagar sedan
  • How are you not bloated after eating a full meal? I struggle terribly with it no matter what I eat.

    Emma McCleanEmma McClean13 dagar sedan
  • My mom always did the egg in a hole for us.

    ChrisEliseChrisElise13 dagar sedan
  • 🥰 TI 🥰 AMO 🥰

    Luca CanevaLuca Caneva13 dagar sedan
  • LOL the cat wanted those leftover hot dog frittata crumbs 🤣😹

    Dana GibbsDana Gibbs14 dagar sedan
  • Miss your ASMR videos so much!!! 💖

    Aneta TrzeciakAneta Trzeciak14 dagar sedan
  • I'm from Moldova (next to Ukraine) and we cook Borscht all the time. We never use celery and fennel though. But your Borscht looks great 🤤

    Olga MinkovskaiaOlga Minkovskaia15 dagar sedan
  • Your relaxation ASMR stuff actually makes me melt. Thank you.

    Ibrahim FaridIbrahim Farid15 dagar sedan
  • In the UK you traditionally have your toad in the hole as a main dish with Mashed or roasted potatoes, some veg and then served with a very heavy portion of Gravy to pour over the meal!! (you can get vegan vegetable gravy here in the UK) Not sure if gravy is a US thing but if its available to you I couldn't recommend it enough x

    Gemma HillGemma Hill15 dagar sedan
  • your videos really help me feel at peace, especially these kinds of laid back ones, please never stop filming, you inspire so many!!

    angieangie15 dagar sedan
  • Gotta be honest, I’m not a fan of turtlenecks either, but mostly because they feel suffocating. They look great on Julia!

    Sarah HorowitzSarah Horowitz17 dagar sedan
  • You should try the toad in a hole with thick gravy, roast potatoes and roast veg! As a Brit that’s how I’ve always had it🥰 but you’ve inspired me to try it for breakfast! Makes sense as it’s basically a meaty pancake I suppose 💁🏻‍♀️. (Also, heating the oil in the baking tray first helps it rise and become more airy&bubbly-rather than having a dense soggy bottom🥰)

    JadoJado17 dagar sedan
  • Hello Im a celiac and so is my best friend, before she found out she was a celiac she had unexplained heart issues,. As soon as she went on a gluten free diets (%100) her heart never had issues again. YOu may want to look at this diet. Hope you feel better!

    Javiera Lara-FaureJaviera Lara-Faure18 dagar sedan
  • next time try to make a borsh with sauerkraut instead of fresh cabbage. The taste will become brighter, not so bland. And Garlic at the end of cooking! You will like it!

    [SONA] system of natural attributes[SONA] system of natural attributes18 dagar sedan
  • I JUST SAW YOU IN LOWLIFE.... i have so many questions

    comealongtotocomealongtoto18 dagar sedan
  • “Borsch” - there’s no “t” sound or letter at the end of the word in the original language :) P.S.: vegetarian borsch with white beans is really good.

    Uliya TsybulkaUliya Tsybulka18 dagar sedan
  • I don’t even know why SEcrone sent me here.. You’re pretty cool though, you look like my sister, and that Russian chick from Solaris mixed together

    Joseph A. LopesJoseph A. Lopes18 dagar sedan
  • Polish person here! Borscht looked really good and the version you did was definitely a healthier one. If you'd like it to be a little bit more tastier you should try to do a different version with dumplings, it's way better!

    Flavia JaneFlavia Jane18 dagar sedan
  • I adore your body ink...could you explain the symbolic meaning of them when you have a spare moment?...

    B400B40018 dagar sedan
  • my mother always makes our barszcz from like instant version of it? like a little pocket with barszcz powder in it. she adds water, sour cream and sometimes young beets, called botwinka or something like that. we finish it by adding chopped potatos and chopped hard boiled eggs. i eat it with bread too! barszcz is amazing, a lot of polish people eat it on christmas eve diner.

    Ines UlmanInes Ulman18 dagar sedan
  • The realness of the Christmas present gone wrong and the tiny fight over turtlenecks. I'm cracking up.

    Elizabeth WackenhutElizabeth Wackenhut18 dagar sedan
  • So have you made Welsh rarebit?

    f0rmaggi0f0rmaggi019 dagar sedan
  • Борщ ❤❤❤❤❤

    A DJA DJ19 dagar sedan
  • Nick's really lucky to have you

    Rachel JoyRachel Joy19 dagar sedan
  • LOVE Native deodorant! It’s kind of become a bit of a guilty pleasure. Even though I’m more of a “you only need 1 of everything” type of person I have a running collection of 6 or so scents and I treat them as my “perfume” since I’m not a fan of alcohol based sprays. Can’t recommend this brand enough!

    Jasmine JacksonJasmine Jackson19 dagar sedan
  • One tip for using deodorant in that kind of packaging is removing the deodorant from the paperboard and then store it somewhere else so you can recycle the package. Because the paperboard tends to get soiled with the deodorant overtime and makes it very hard to recycle (and probably won't be) 💋 Thanks for the video Julia

    Inês CandeiasInês Candeias19 dagar sedan
  • It's a russian/ukrainian soup and I'm russian, and it's supposed to have more of the bouillon and you ahould always mix sourcream with the soup in the plate before eating :) also it's good with garlic toasts

    Ann LemannAnn Lemann19 dagar sedan
  • "Russia, THE Ukraine"? Seriously, Julia? Come on

    May BeMay Be19 dagar sedan
    • This is a common mistake and it was an innocent one on my part with no ill-intentions. No need to be mean here, we all make mistakes.

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz19 dagar sedan
  • What toner do you use?

    sierra drinkwaltersierra drinkwalter19 dagar sedan
  • Hot dog frittatas 💀

    Butter Pecan RicanButter Pecan Rican19 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know if this is weird but I feel like you’re the big sister I always wanted! I was trying to figure out why I love you vibe so much

    Ibarra DemmerleIbarra Demmerle19 dagar sedan
  • What hearth symptoms?!?!

    Rosa de PlataRosa de Plata19 dagar sedan
  • When I was younger I couldn’t remember the correct name for toad in the hole so I always used to call it toe in the mole... this went on for quite a few years before someone realised what I was doing wrong 😁

    Maddlyly BMaddlyly B20 dagar sedan
  • Ее смотрят еще какие-нибудь русские/украинцы, кроме меня?))))))

    Alika ProkopenkoAlika Prokopenko20 dagar sedan
  • Best thing: new brand collaboration that I'm super stoked on!

    Hilary L HahnHilary L Hahn20 dagar sedan
  • giiirrrllll that borscht soup was lacking some key ingredients! I can send you a Polish recipe that I swear by!

    Sara PSara P20 dagar sedan
  • I love the video!

    Slawomir CiupekSlawomir Ciupek20 dagar sedan
  • my baba is ukranian and makes the absolute best borscht, she adds stock though and tomatoes to the broth, garden peas, two different kinds of beans and dill. no cabbage. and we add whipping cream instead of sour cream. hers is a lot darker but she also uses her garden beets. its something she usually makes in the summer so she can use mainly garden vegetables and gives it out in mason jars, such good memories i love borscht (and i always pronounce the t lol)

    Jaelyn PangmanJaelyn Pangman20 dagar sedan
  • My jaw dropped at the turtle neck comment.

    Shari YianitsasShari Yianitsas20 dagar sedan
  • Barszcz for the win!! I didn't think I could love your channel more than I already do but here we are 🇵🇱

    Pamela DybaPamela Dyba20 dagar sedan
  • I hope your tests come out great 😉👍

    Niche MildiNiche Mildi20 dagar sedan
  • This should have been titled Turtleneck v. Hoody: a love story.

    Kalina DonesleyKalina Donesley20 dagar sedan
  • Nick in a goodie with the hood up is life 😂😂😂😂 he should dress as you for Halloween turtleneck and the crocs😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Alex ValenzuelaAlex Valenzuela20 dagar sedan
  • Love when you are in a good mood & doing well you are glowing

    Alex ValenzuelaAlex Valenzuela20 dagar sedan
  • I love your pans! Where did you purchase them?

    Marisol FloresMarisol Flores20 dagar sedan
  • Apparently there’s a white and green version of borsht that sound good. Also one with boiled eggs I want to try. I think I may add “sausage” too

    Courtney HoffmannCourtney Hoffmann20 dagar sedan
  • I'm half Russian so whenever I visit my grandma she always makes borsht! My family and I have tried making it ourselves a couple times but it's so time consuming 😩I wonder how the recipe you used compares to my grandma's because I feel like I don't notice the beet flavor - it just takes like a vegetable soup to me. (p.s. the 't' *is* silent - not sure who in history decided to put it there and why lol)

    Anna NicoleAnna Nicole20 dagar sedan
  • You’re so pretty Julia. I wanted to tell you.

    aimee vargasaimee vargas20 dagar sedan
  • Wait the turtleneck comment?? I get a weird vibe from Nick. He never seems super enthused about anything she’s doing or doing for him

    Hannah BHannah B20 dagar sedan
  • Why do so many Americans insist upon saying, "the" Ukraine? It's not like the United Kingdom, or the United States - it's like Poland, France, Russia. Just so you know in future! Glad to see you doing well, used the Native discount (I've used all your previous ones; the first time I grabbed one of everything, and since then, Coconut and Vanilla all the way baby! These hairy British pits love it haha). Also, on the Toad in the Hole, while the Yorkshire Pudding doesn't really have the right texture from the looks of it, it looked good still so we should think of a name for Julia's gluten-free take on it :)

    skarrambo 1skarrambo 120 dagar sedan
  • As a Russian person here I must say a few things 😊 Russia is not in Europe, borsh is a Slavic dish, I don’t know who came up with adding T to the Borsh but it’s weird people do add it...🤔 not your fault at all ❤️ I think you did a good job with it for a meatless version especially for the first time👏🏼 next time try not adding a carrot and not too much of cabbage. It indeed tastes much better with some beef😬 and bone broth

    BelleofelleBelleofelle20 dagar sedan
  • I love the beet color on you!

    ClareClare20 dagar sedan
  • yayyyyyyyy 💌

    paige kieferpaige kiefer20 dagar sedan
  • OMG when you said that your great-grandmother was from Austria I was SO hyped lol HI I'M FROM AUSTRIA and been watching u for a long time!!! 😂😂👋❤️

    FanitastischFanitastisch20 dagar sedan
  • Russia is partially in Europe but the vast majority is in Asia!

    aysha oomsaysha ooms20 dagar sedan
  • Love days like that. Glad you are good. Us brits love our toad in the whole. Basically sausages in a massive Yorkshire pudding. Yours looked boss though!

    Cally CCally C20 dagar sedan
  • I personally think you rocked that color!! 🤷🏼‍♀️♥️

    DawnDawn20 dagar sedan
  • Hi Julia; you should check out the Yeung man cooking video's he is a guy born in hong kong but living in canada and he makes delicious asian vegan recipes. Take carex

    Zoe PalaZoe Pala20 dagar sedan
  • so good to see u happy🤗

    Ellen BemEllen Bem20 dagar sedan
  • When he said I don't like turtlenecks 😂 I was ROFL

    MxDMxD20 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos, makes me feel so safe and happy 💕😊

    Emma Simple ASMREmma Simple ASMR20 dagar sedan
  • Toad in the hole is just sausages in a giant Yorkshire pudding. The batter has the same mix as pancakes, eggs flower and milk. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone having it for breakfast though, that’s the American twist 😆. Normally eaten with gravy and veg.

    Sarah DavisSarah Davis20 dagar sedan
  • Are you at peace with the horse situation? For what it’s worth, I think he enjoyed getting to know you if only for a short while...

    Miss MMiss M20 dagar sedan
  • My favorite thing about shots of you and nick eating a meal is when he says "thank you." He says it every time and it just makes me smile

    happytobe_herehappytobe_here20 dagar sedan
  • “It tastes like it’s good for us” I know that taste 😂😂😂

    VT nurseVT nurse20 dagar sedan
  • Love that you made borscht! Personal fave recipe :) natashaskitchen.com/classic-russian-borscht-recipe/

    JasmineJasmine21 dag sedan
  • Having it with hot gravy (veggie/vegan gravy available) and vegetables is a staple dish in the UK. Think comfort food. Usually people serve with mashed potatoes and pease or carrots with hot gravy! YAS!!

    Maisie JessicaMaisie Jessica21 dag sedan
  • I loooove borsch!

    Tatia ZaalishviliTatia Zaalishvili21 dag sedan
  • Hi Julia! I am Russian, in my family we make borsch every week and it is totally different from what you have made, but it also happens that in each family they make it differently, there are many variations of the recipe (sorry for my english)

    Pinfloy ArsonistPinfloy Arsonist21 dag sedan
  • I got worried when you were describing Toad in the Hole with egg and bread - so relieved when it came out looking like what I ate as a child! The ‘crust’ is technically a giant Yorkshire pudding, a staple with any British roast dinner 👌🏻

    Rozi JonesRozi Jones21 dag sedan
  • Oh you're making barszcz! I totally understand how it's impossible to pronounce haha. In Poland we make it a bit different, it's more watery and it has a type of dumplings in it. I think soups from other countries usually have more stuff in them. Here our soups are basically just flavored water lol.

    DianeDiane21 dag sedan
  • I love you. I love you. I love you. I love all of you 😘

    Haley SywakHaley Sywak21 dag sedan
  • I loved this video 😁made me smile

    Karen RileyKaren Riley21 dag sedan
  • Does nick ever cook for you?

    Bibbi NyqvistBibbi Nyqvist21 dag sedan
  • You are so sweet having that for breakfast! Toad in the hole is usually an evening meal in the UK but it definitely works as a breakfast meal too well i mean its sausages and an egg batter so whats not breakfasty about that. Im feeling super positive this morning as well, do you think its the Spring? its definitely 'Sprung' here in central England where i am! Thanks for sharing your life on here.

    RachelSp81RachelSp8121 dag sedan
  • I had borscht everyday in Ukraine. It's really good!! Throw some sour cream in there and chefs kiss!! Such a great comfort food

    Panders BPanders B21 dag sedan
  • As russian I can say that your borsch/борщ looks great, but maybe it’s too thick and you can add more water for the next time. 💕 Im in love with poke, it’s popular in Russia recently.

    Olga D.Olga D.21 dag sedan
  • From a British girl - toad in the hole is essentially sausages immersed in Yorkshire pudding! Yours looks great. For those who are not vegan - try it with meat gravy!

    Tia GrimshawTia Grimshaw21 dag sedan
  • Aw I think the beet coloured turtleneck looks lovely on you ☺️

    Rachel AndersonRachel Anderson21 dag sedan
  • My advise: Borscht is always better on the second day!

    Lisa SattlerLisa Sattler21 dag sedan
  • Add some vinegar to the borscht as well it gives it a nice tang! My bubba taught us

    Sasha NicholleSasha Nicholle21 dag sedan
  • I know these parasocial relationships seem weird but the nurturer in me wishes I could cook for you, like I do for my friends. Please make this Indian street food called Pau bhaji, I think you & Nick would love it. ♥️ from Philly

    Saswati ChandSaswati Chand21 dag sedan
  • I actually got Native from Target the other night. I almost skipped it because it’s pretty pricey for a deodorant, and every youtuber promotes it so it almost made me not want to get it. I thought everyone must be lying, lol. But so far I really like it! It’s only been a couple days but it’s kept me smelling good and so far is working better than my Dove deodorant. I didn’t know about the plastic free one, so I’ll definitely go that route next time.

    Taylor VTaylor V21 dag sedan
  • Can confirm Native is amazing. Started getting it after they sponsored Julia's first video and now I have the subscription service. Citrus musk is a whole vibe. 10/10.

    Lauren HLauren H21 dag sedan
  • your good mood is so infectious!! i smiled while watching this :) LOL @ nick "hot dog frittata". that toad in the hole sounds really tasty, i am definitely going to give it a try. what a treat to wake up to a beautiful breakfast spread! also... not a fan of turtlenecks?!?! has he met you?!?!

    RosemarineRosemarine21 dag sedan