Our NEW morning routine (at home) 🏠

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  • What is everyone up to today? What kind of lifestyle content do you want to see more of right now? Let me know! ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz10 månader sedan
    • Travel contentttttt

      Boi So FlyBoi So Fly9 månader sedan
    • Love the down too earth, open minded..

      Jeffery MeadowsJeffery Meadows9 månader sedan
    • itsblitzzz love the video! Maybe one day if you feel like it you could do another asmr make up routine / get ready with me. I loved that first one!

      Jill EspositoJill Esposito10 månader sedan
    • A

      Danielle AnnaDanielle Anna10 månader sedan
    • I've always enjoyed your food prep and meal cooking segments.

      YRYR10 månader sedan
  • I love watching you cook it helps my anxiety so much!!!

    Chels LeeChels Lee3 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia! Desesperatly trying to find a nice minimalist to do list notebook as the one you use. Can't find the brand (I am sure you talked about it a long time ago). Can you please share it? Thanks a lot!

    LaurieAnne RLaurieAnne R3 månader sedan
    • @itsblitzzz Thank you very much!

      LaurieAnne RLaurieAnne R3 månader sedan
    • Hey! It's from Shorthand in LA but you can purchase online! One of my favorite writing shops! You can find it here: bit.ly/34UuJHC

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • Love your videos from Israel!!!

    Maia DeeMaia Dee4 månader sedan
  • I like that TERROR hoodie! 👊🏼

    Scottie BScottie B4 månader sedan
  • Мне импонирует, то, что у Вас, всё как есть, без прикрас.И вместе с тем всё подчинено чёткому планированию. Объединение одному представлению о досуге, превращается и как метод вливания финансового потока. Возможно это ещё одно виденье и о распределение обязанности уже на двоих. Мне импонирует, что Вы по мере возможности и делаете это всё сообща... Предпочтением увлечённостью :- "А именно, любите кошек, гуляющих сами по себе...." Благодарю Вас за уникальную возможность быть приглашенной к Вашей хронике будней. Обнимаю! Отличного настроения и отдыха!!! Приятного аппетита!!!. С наилучшими пожиланиями из России!!!

    Людмила ТурноваЛюдмила Турнова4 månader sedan
  • I love your sence of fashion/style

    kitty peachykitty peachy5 månader sedan
  • Love the lists you made.

    Karen OKaren O6 månader sedan
  • No one will read this and Idk anything about this lady in particular but don’t compare your life to anyone else’s. I had a friend who had a ‘lifestyle’ like this. She was beautiful, her life looked glamorous af. It was all shallow. She was broke, miserable and destroyed all her relationships - over money mostly. Social media was the only place she got any validation. It’s SO much better to actually be a well-balanced person than it is to act like one.

    Devin JDevin J6 månader sedan
    • itsblitzzz Hi! No actually, it was well-articulated and an important message, though I do know you’re a real person so I’m sorry that it offended you. What you create with your videos is an art form. You put your content out for others to see and react to. It’s a brave thing because not everyone will react positively to it or in the way you expect. I had a reaction. My message was not disrespectful to you personally. It was social commentary. That being said you’re also allowed your reaction to my comment. Take care.

      Devin JDevin J6 månader sedan
    • If your message is that we should not to compare our lives to the lives of others, then why are you comparing mine (someone who know very little about) to your friend's? Perhaps a well intentioned piece of advice that was not well thought out and articulated a bit offensively. I share real pieces of my life on here. Of course it is impossible to share everything and there are some things which should be kept offline and sacred, but most people are here because they find something about my journey through life relatable. Best wishes. X

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz6 månader sedan
  • I love seeing people being productive during quarantine while all I’ve been doing is sleeping and watching Netflix and SEcrone 😂😂

    Paige McKenziePaige McKenzie6 månader sedan
  • No offense but why put your normal life in youtube? Everybody has their lifes. It is yours more important than that ours?

    El PanteraEl Pantera6 månader sedan
    • You’re watching aren’t you ?

      Hailey RaeshelHailey Raeshel6 månader sedan
  • Fellow dry shaver! I have the same brush and razor 🤓 Also, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT SONG?

    Nathan CzerniakNathan Czerniak7 månader sedan
  • Do you feel vloging helps you to communicate in deeper and more connective ways with significant people in your life?

    Shelby McCoolShelby McCool7 månader sedan
  • Nick was so cute being excited in the morning.

    Ashley StormyAshley Stormy7 månader sedan
  • your bf looks like a burglar

    死体ちゃん死体ちゃん7 månader sedan
  • How have I only just seen this. ‘Okay Nick’ loling

    HattyHatty7 månader sedan
  • You guys look so much more comfortable and happy to be together on camera then the earlier videos. Seems you guys have gotten closer to each other! I love it. It Brought on a smile.

    Britny RoseBritny Rose7 månader sedan
  • 5:08 LMAO his face 🤣

    Channon ElevenChannon Eleven8 månader sedan
  • I did not know you were from Baltimore/Maryland! You are one of the only SEcroners I am subscribed to from my area, made me feel more connected to you and your videos, love it!

    Ashlyn PreisingerAshlyn Preisinger8 månader sedan
  • What is the 1 music of the video pls

    {yuka studio}{yuka studio}8 månader sedan
  • You didn’t have a part with te morning face care or wash routine. Moisturizer even? I know you’ve covered it several times, always with different products and companies. You most recently talked about curology, before that was something-black Natural oils and handmade glass bottles... any comments, things to add or update, do you use the curology moisturizer and/or others?

    Dahlia WaltonDahlia Walton8 månader sedan
  • wait people actually make their beds??? i got too many pillows for that 😭 okay okay okay the curly hair is definitely a VIBE i love

    Zahria SpencerZahria Spencer8 månader sedan
  • Sorry but is it just me but the man looks nice but way too old for her? ☝️😅

    XxKawaii_cat xXXxKawaii_cat xX8 månader sedan
  • I love watching your videos of your massages I wish I lived in America so I could come for a head shoulder and neck massage they are so relaxing to watch x

    Sandra HoltSandra Holt8 månader sedan
  • The most underrated youtuber ever

    Sara PennerSara Penner8 månader sedan
  • I love your sheets and bedding, so random, but what brand/s do you like? They look linen-y or thick cotton which is absolutely my favorite.

    Mad MaxMad Max8 månader sedan
  • Hey! If you’re trying to strengthen your immune system try some turmeric tea! Has been my holy grail! -almond or oat milk two shakes of Turmeric a little black pepper and a little cinnamon! Heated up!

    Hayliz07Hayliz078 månader sedan
  • I'm the exact same way with lists! Even if its small tasks it makes me feel accomplished and organized to check each thing off when I'm done :)

    Olivia CusickOlivia Cusick8 månader sedan
  • why do americans walk around the house in outside shoes?

    anianikkaanianikka8 månader sedan
  • Nick going “Hey guuuyyys, so today...” was so funny hahaha he knows you too well

    Snelly09Snelly099 månader sedan
  • curly julia! omg why do u straighten it? 😭

    GuyGuinivereGuyGuinivere9 månader sedan
  • Omg I love your channel❤️

    tropical candylandtropical candyland9 månader sedan
  • Lmfaaao at the rollerblade, roller skates, and tap shoes...I’m also in the same boat

    LikeItOrLoveItLikeItOrLoveIt9 månader sedan
  • Wow, I don't think I have seen Nick in such a great mood ever, so happy for him, maybe the simplicity of just being home and not really having the stress of daily life is good for him at this moment, and of course being with you. PS: Those pancakes looked really good!

    YRYR9 månader sedan
  • Glad you and nick are connecting again i just watched your Paris video where you spoke about it... hope you visit my city soon again i live in Paris

    IamblessingwilliamsIamblessingwilliams9 månader sedan
  • What a cute couple :-) Much love ♥♥♥♥

    Amy Ouazzani channelAmy Ouazzani channel9 månader sedan
  • Much love to this channel!

    Sydney DenHartighSydney DenHartigh9 månader sedan
  • OMG ur slippers 😂 love theeeeem

    Ricardo IsaulaRicardo Isaula9 månader sedan
  • you should do a asmr video of you eating cinnamon rolls lol 😂

    petrichorpetrichor9 månader sedan
  • I have my days where I have trouble getting out of bed, or trying to find you know, motivation, and I usually try and think positive, and watch routines, and videos like these. This helped me get out of bed, and start working on other tasks, so thank you 😘

    Brianna WilliamsBrianna Williams9 månader sedan
  • U are like my idle I wanna be you 😍🖤

    Emma SeaburyEmma Seabury9 månader sedan
  • Loving the flap ... it’s tap terminology and I would love you to show a routine Caus I live for tap!! Xx

    Just GraceJust Grace9 månader sedan
  • So beautiful girl

    komariyah channelkomariyah channel9 månader sedan
  • Our dog's name is blitz and when I read your account name it sounds like when I shout "itz blitzzzz!!!" around the house all day to her.

    Tjae RolandTjae Roland9 månader sedan
  • What kind of water kettle is that? 😍😍

    DearxMyxSongsDearxMyxSongs9 månader sedan
  • Wonderful video. Thank you for filming. Thank you for being realistic and for picking me up this evening. Much love

    Kelsey JayneKelsey Jayne9 månader sedan
  • I'm laughing really hard at my own brain being confused by this vid, and because I'm an old mom, and this reminds me of my young, hip years, when I cared a lot more about a lot of things. Oh, and WHY STRAIGHTEN THAT GORGEOUS, CURLY HAIR!!!??? Noooooooo!!! It's too pretty, all tossled and curly!!!💔😢😭

    Jenni LangJenni Lang9 månader sedan
  • I just wanted to mentioned how happy I am that you posed links to cinnamon roll recipes. Like you were posting this and thought “yeah, people are going to want to make these after this”. ❤️

    Kajsa MeierKajsa Meier9 månader sedan
  • I love your ASMR videos and now this was so cute and sweet too!! Thank you for all you do!!!!

    msjsq1966msjsq19669 månader sedan
  • You have naturally curly hair!! You could embrace it with avocado oil and homemade flax seed gel :)

    AriellaaAriellaa10 månader sedan
  • Where is your outfit from??😍

    What the frick MarysvilleWhat the frick Marysville10 månader sedan
  • Omg I spy 3 cats I think! Also your place is amazing. Would love a home/cat tour 💜

    Natalie LunzerNatalie Lunzer10 månader sedan
  • I miss Maryland too!!! I used to live north of Baltimore in Aberdeen. I have lots of friends there. I moved to Florida which I love too. My son moved to LA he loves it and will never move back. I love who you are and your so organized!!! I think making a plan is what in need!!! Be safe!!!!

    Sheri Florida GirlSheri Florida Girl10 månader sedan
  • Thank you for this video and thank you for echoing my intense need to clean lately lol. Random question, does anyone have any nap time rituals they could share? I ask because I am realizing I need to start incorporating naps in my routine.

    Lucy BLucy B10 månader sedan
  • Hey! Those pancakes totally look like the one hungarians make - I waited for you to roll the fig yogurt into it and was really surprised you didn't :D I mean I have never ever seen someone to eat this kind of pancakes this way, but was cute. nevermind, if you still do the pancake breakfast routine, I warmly suggest hungarian pancakes, best with (vegan) sweetened cottage cheese (" túró ")

    belyndra swanbelyndra swan10 månader sedan
  • Мужчинка этот очень похож на ВУРДОЛАКА

    Николай РачковНиколай Рачков10 månader sedan
  • Youre so pretty❤

    Nino PaoloNino Paolo10 månader sedan
  • I loveeee your shower!!

    stewieanastewieana10 månader sedan
  • I just love your channel, such good vibes! During this quarentine I actully have been productive and finally created my youtube channel about fashion and lifestyle. Check it out ;)

    CollectingStyleCollectingStyle10 månader sedan
  • I just started putting peanut butter on pancakes and waffles with a bit of syrup and it’s a game changer. I’ve watched my father in law do it for years and finally tried it and I was surprised at how good it is! I’m going to try your yogurt and pancake combination 😊

    Nicole Palmer vlogsNicole Palmer vlogs10 månader sedan
  • I desperately want your music playlist @itsblitzzz! I adore your taste and music (and you)! Love your channel.

    Shaylee SimmonsShaylee Simmons10 månader sedan
    • itsblitzzz oh that’s awesome, thank you so much! I’m going to check it out 😊💛

      Shaylee SimmonsShaylee Simmons10 månader sedan
    • Hey! I have lots of playlists on my Spotify @itsblitzzz ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz10 månader sedan
  • oh shitt just came from the paris video hahah I see you guys got out of that dark spot!! Good for u guys aaaaa ❤️😁

    Enya AlmeidaEnya Almeida10 månader sedan
  • No disrespect for you or your husband, but he looks like one of Disneys Beagle Boys.

    Dan WeeDan Wee10 månader sedan
  • I don't typically watch vlogs and I stumbled on your channel by accident, but this was quite cute to watch and while I definitely don't have this kind of time on my hands it was nice to see there are ways to keep busy for those with less work at the moment. New sub :-)

    Amy BAmy B10 månader sedan
  • Nick looks like a vampire....🤘🤘🤘

    Journey JonesJourney Jones10 månader sedan
  • Thank you Julia for your videos , you are one of the constant sunshines of the internet

    Simply SophieSimply Sophie10 månader sedan
  • Your pothos is doing awful because you neglected to trim it for probably years. They grow fast, they need to be cut to maintain fullness.

    krankenheim13krankenheim1310 månader sedan
    • krankenheim13 I trim it often! It’s doing “awful” because we moved to a new house and it started getting a lot more sun! A lot of plants don’t love change.

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz10 månader sedan
  • Real food. Yum. Lucky us, who know how to really cook... I'm a list girl. I love to find my list journal years later.

    Theresa KraftTheresa Kraft10 månader sedan
  • WAIT. Is that... Dark Waves?!

    Ashley MorganAshley Morgan10 månader sedan
    • @Ashley Morgan Bro u lucky.

      BTS ÄRMYBTS ÄRMY10 månader sedan
    • @BTS ÄRMY That's so neat! I saw him live in Santa Barbara like 4 years ago. Such a great performer!

      Ashley MorganAshley Morgan10 månader sedan
    • Yep 😂

      BTS ÄRMYBTS ÄRMY10 månader sedan
  • normally so grat curls! Why you don't like them ?

    NaschalovesmusicNaschalovesmusic10 månader sedan
  • Thanks for using my song Daydream! Great video 🙌🤗

    AtchAtch10 månader sedan
  • 🤘🏿🤪🤟🏾🍻👍🏿

    Kten Xoxo is The king the queen has no powerKten Xoxo is The king the queen has no power10 månader sedan
  • I just saw your ritual commercial! It was great!

    demiurge78demiurge7810 månader sedan
  • Totally off topic, but I just got a huge surprise! You popped up in a Ritual ad on another channel! That’s so awesome! Congratulations! And you’ve given the company some cred, in my book anyways.

    Lisa Loves PhotographyLisa Loves Photography10 månader sedan
  • Shes sweet Also I figured she dated mature men in their 50s Awesome woman here

    Eddie GonzalezEddie Gonzalez10 månader sedan
    • Earth Angel 36

      Eddie GonzalezEddie Gonzalez7 månader sedan
  • I love how to the simple things like cleaning or making breakfast become something fun and inspiring when I watch your channel. There are two other shampoo conditioner products you might be interested to try. They come in refillable bottles made of aluminum and are extremely natural. New Wash and Plaine Products. I've been curious about Function of Beauty myself but can't get past the plastic issue.

    Michelle MinerMichelle Miner10 månader sedan
  • Love the MD candle 🦀🌽

    IvyIvy10 månader sedan
  • you’re like the good version of mother gothel. also you’re so pretty like what-

    emily jeffriemily jeffri10 månader sedan
  • What did I miss? I thought you broke up? Moved to Paris! Huh?

    Lionhead0475Lionhead047510 månader sedan
  • Why he look like doctor doofenshmirtz

    Jada SaaniJada Saani10 månader sedan
  • I completely agree with Nick ... now is the time for 'sacred traditional family recipes' - for me ... my mums mashed potato... boiled potato - mashed with milk and marg 😂 ... it's love in a starch 😍🥔

    gab maygab may10 månader sedan
  • your natural hair is gorgeous omfg

    jo has no lifejo has no life10 månader sedan
  • you guys seem like such a good fit 💕 i love your videos!!

    Sumaiyah BeeSumaiyah Bee10 månader sedan
  • random question: is brandon still in prison? how is he doing during covid? how is it affecting him?

    annann10 månader sedan
  • Ese hombre tiene cara de psicópata

    Vernita GreenVernita Green10 månader sedan
  • Your personality always puts me in a good mood. 😊

    DinoDino10 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else think of this when they were talking pancakes? secrone.info/video/jaWhjcPNmIiZe5Y/video.html

    Charlotte ZimmermanCharlotte Zimmerman10 månader sedan
  • My girl, you're glowing.

    scorpidusferaliusscorpidusferalius10 månader sedan
  • You are so cute!!

    Bri SteeleBri Steele10 månader sedan
  • I am DROOLING over those cinnamon rolls! You can never have too much frosting :D

    kkacilanekkacilane10 månader sedan
  • The pothos could also need a repotting if they’re super root bound :) I love your videos!!

    Abbie RoseAbbie Rose10 månader sedan
  • Love this

    Shaun EganShaun Egan10 månader sedan
  • From iraq and I love you 🥺

    إبن العراقإبن العراق10 månader sedan
  • Why am I just now realizing you have curly thick hair? It looks so cute! I would love to see you wear your hair natural one day in your videos💕

    Carissa ChacónCarissa Chacón10 månader sedan
  • I have a question related to pole dancing, do you use a static pole or a spinning pole? I’m looking into investing one (to put in my home) by Xpole and static is cheaper and i know it’s typically for beginners but i don’t know if i’d enjoy it because not much momentum. Thanks hope you see this ❤️

    MariaMaria10 månader sedan
  • You are so effortlessly chic

    T ST S10 månader sedan
  • I love making bisquick chicken and dumplings.

    J BJ B10 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia! You are one of my absolute favorite SEcroners ever! Thank you for all of the amazing things you share with us! 💞💞💞 I am thinking of starting my own channel and was wondering if you would share your experience creating SEcrone content more..what kind of equipment do you use now/or what did you start off using? Much love 🙏🏼💗

    Isabelle CIsabelle C10 månader sedan
  • With all the crap going on right now, you seem to be handling this well - this was really chill to watch and when you said "alternative use for this product" I spit coffee everywhere lol

    Katie MoxleyKatie Moxley10 månader sedan
  • Hi! I have made a fan account for Julia called loveitsblitzzz and if you could follow it would mean so much to me!

    VivViv10 månader sedan