What my boyfriend and I eat in a day! (easy + healthy comfort food) 👫🍳

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Favorite Korean cooking channels:
Maangchi: bit.ly/3nXUMEl
Future Neighbor: bit.ly/3m94kvB
Wife's Cuisine: bit.ly/3l93mON
Korean Steamed eggs recipe:
The way I make them:
[Use the recipe above; substitute soy sauce and a dash of sesame oil for fish sauce.]

Korean markets/culinary stores in LA:
H K Market
H Mart Madang Plaza
Hannam Supermarket

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  • How is everyone holding up? What's the best thing that happened to you this week?? Tell me below ❤️

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    • You need to read Pachinko!! It's an amazing novel about a Korean family living in Japan across 3 generations

      Meghan IngrahamMeghan Ingraham2 månader sedan
    • I drove back home to Virginia from school and it is nice to get to see my dad! And I brought my kitten I found outside in New Orleans and she has been watching the squirrels all day

      Mary O MalleyMary O Malley2 månader sedan
    • I got confirmed that I will be catsitting, bringing a lovely cat from my friend to my home for some days! I was the property of a cat many years ago (RIP my beloved Misha) but knowledge update is due. I'm going to search through Julia's blogs in case there's advice for taking care of cats I don't know about 😊

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    • I went to a really good chiropractor this week! Even though I had to go for a big issue, the relief was so nice.

      Lindsay MLindsay M2 månader sedan
    • This is a really good Q to ask people. Makes them Think of the pos. I spent time with someone I love more than anyone in the world .... greatest highs of my life and also greatest expansion and growth when I don’t instantly get my own way 😂🤣🤣

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  • oh my god🤭🤭 so happy to hear that you have leant Korean and you love Korean food 💕 I didn't expect to see 'Ttukbagi' in your channel, so funny 🤣🤣

    Jenny KimJenny KimMånad sedan
    • Plus, if you like onions, you can add them into the steamed eggs :)

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  • You are an amazing and interesting cook

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  • Idk if anyone recommended them already, but Aaron and Claire is a great channel! They've got some really good recipes and they're really fun and engaging people to watch!

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  • Breakfast looks bland. What do korean cooks put in it otherwise?

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  • She used chopstick to eat; didn't expect that coming in the video.

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  • Why does Green Chef look exactly like Hello Fresh?

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    • They are owned by the same company

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  • Cooking for yourself and/or people is such a fun and rewarding thing to do, watching you do all this stuff motivates me to do it more often myself!

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  • It's nice that your boyfriend eats whatever you cook. My boyfriend would never eat rice for breakfast.

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  • Deadlykiss ASMRDeadlykiss ASMR2 månader sedan
  • loved all of this and have been eating these eggs for a week! may i ask where you got the ceramic press and tumblers from?

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  • You need to read Pachinko!! It's an amazing novel about a Korean family living in Japan across 3 generations

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  • Your vlogs are almost just as soothing as your asmr vids ☺️

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  • As a korean, I am very impressed with how you incorporate korean recipes in your daily diet :) Plus, you speak better korean than me haha (I was born and raised in Brazil so portuguese is my first language). Learned how to spell 뚝배기 thanks to your video! :)

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  • I'll get battered for this comment as I've been sent from your Insta to pump the views which I'll happily do for you, but you are coming off as massively entitled. If a deal stipulates that you need to hit a certain number of views to get paid....then you don't sign the deal beforehand. I essentially agree with everything you say in your post, but the onus is on you to read the small print, not retrospectively complain about the situation you have been put in. You are in an incredibly fortunate position right now with being able to obtain brand deals and multiple income streams from your fans and your platform. Do the sufficient research you need to do to not get suckered in. These brands don't care about you, only how much money you can make them.

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