A little rusty with the camera lately. Getting back into filming routines. 💘

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  • How is everyone doing?? No wrong answers. ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz6 månader sedan
    • Jealous of your quiet life as I sit here with a bunch of screaming children 😩

      Jenn HillJenn Hill4 månader sedan
    • Very good! Your voice are so calm I never watched a SEcroner that has a calm sound like you! Your amazing

      Christine AbelChristine Abel4 månader sedan
    • LaboNe LourvineLaboNe Lourvine5 månader sedan
    • School has made me actually physically sick lately. I’ve been stressing out so much lately that I get migraines and sometimes pass out. (2x at the moment) I am really behind on coursework and I need to catch up tonight

      Kathryn EsserKathryn Esser5 månader sedan
    • I’m doing pretty bad, just gone through a break up and lost a few things.

      RedRed5 månader sedan
  • Você vive num aesthetic, moça 😳 Adorei o vídeo

    Hayssa DiasHayssa DiasMånad sedan
  • Ain't gonna lie...I was hoping the camera fall in the beginning

    who knowswho knows2 månader sedan
  • I too get headaches which is how I found you. I was looking for head massage videos. So glad I found you Julia, you have helped me to relax so much more. ☺😘⚘💕

    Linda ReedLinda Reed2 månader sedan
  • Hi julia, may I say your cat is truly special and unique with those cute green eyes, and very much in tune with you. ☺😺😻💕⚘

    Linda ReedLinda Reed2 månader sedan
  • LOVE Maria from Gentle Whispering. She posted about you in one of her vids which is how I found your channel.

    yourmomyourmom3 månader sedan
  • Love that Jurassic Park ending! Such a great vid. Where might we find a PO Box link? Would love to send ya nice little finds and such!

    Fairfax VickersFairfax Vickers3 månader sedan
  • Don't forget that if you put a honey into anything hotter than 40"C, it'll literally become only a sugar sirup, because it'll destroy all anzymes and healthy antibacterial effects ;)

    Peter JarunekPeter Jarunek3 månader sedan
  • Hi, Julia. If you're still looking for an uplifting film to watch, as a fellow animal lover, thought you might enjoy The Black Stallion(1979 version). It's a quiet one, but I just love movies where there's a special bond between an outsider and an animal that's been given up on.

    Kris19728Kris197283 månader sedan
    • I remember this film! Thank you!!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz3 månader sedan
  • Love raw

    Whispers LovingLeigh ASMRWhispers LovingLeigh ASMR4 månader sedan
  • 💜💛💜

    Esme :DEsme :D4 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Esme :DEsme :D4 månader sedan
  • I lowe you ♥️

    Ali ŞensoyAli Şensoy4 månader sedan
  • Hello you bitfuull ♥️ you crazy

    Ali ŞensoyAli Şensoy4 månader sedan
  • nobody: julia: in the shower

  • Is this your sister? secrone.info

    Under CoverUnder Cover4 månader sedan
  • Every time I watch your video with food cutting I wondering - where are all the fruit pits?

    Chesnokova KatrinChesnokova Katrin4 månader sedan
  • I love your videos so much!

    ABCD EFGHABCD EFGH4 månader sedan
    • Thank you so much!!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz4 månader sedan
  • Thanks Julia, seriously just thank you so much for being such a unique and beautiful human being. I love watching your videos!

    Mariela ArguedasMariela Arguedas4 månader sedan
  • Funny enough, my 3 go-to asmr channels are you, Maria & Latte! :)

    Jessie on a JourneyJessie on a Journey4 månader sedan
  • Rooibos in the Netherlands means red forest

    Tamara STamara S4 månader sedan
  • Water is something I am prioritizing in my life as well. It really does make the heart work harder when one is dehydrated because blood becomes thicker, and there is less fluid flowing throughout the body causing the heart rate to increase. I've been a nurse for about 2 years and as of recently I am actually taking the advice I give to others, to helping myself. It's easy to research information and tell people what to do to stay healthy, but physically taking action and following your own advice is the best idea. Thank you so much for being so real.

    KingaKinga5 månader sedan
  • Even her towel is peaceful

    Fieldsof yelloWflowersFieldsof yelloWflowers5 månader sedan
  • HI, could you recommend a tv that works really well and STAYs working- easy to set up and all that. I loved my Samsung but it started turning itself off and on by itself! I need one for the bedroom and the living room, but don't want to pay a fortune, especially since i have to pay additional fees to cable for having second tv. Thanks, If you see this.

    DebraDebra5 månader sedan
  • Is anyone else gonna say hi back? (:_:) hi😳

    lovely animelovely anime5 månader sedan
  • You gotta watch the OA it’s so uplifting in a kind of spiritual way, though it does start off a little dark. My favorite show on the planet, its a mini series on Netflix.

    Shelby WorksShelby Works5 månader sedan
  • I would love to see a video about your plants and how you take care of them, I'm in love with the one hanging from the wall above your nightstand ^^ love you

    Z DLZ DL5 månader sedan
  • You're very inspiring

    chloe montaguechloe montague5 månader sedan
  • Love Maria, Blue Whisperer, Ting Ting & you xx🇬🇧💖xx

    Carole BuckleCarole Buckle5 månader sedan
  • That last fifteen seconds tho

    Autumn StormAutumn Storm5 månader sedan
  • I also love the Japanese cooking shows! Check out HidaMari Cooking! Her channel is ASMR/cooking its so amazing 👏😍

    Sara LaskeySara Laskey5 månader sedan
  • Loved this! I almost only watch you, Latte, and Bluewhispers. What does it for me is the hospitality and beautiful ambiance you all create. For tv, I've been addicted to Succession. Definitely not uplifting though, in fact it makes me feel like shit, lol.#empathproblems

    M WM W5 månader sedan
  • every time you eat a Pizza with fruit on it an Italian dies

    Michaela FuchsMichaela Fuchs5 månader sedan
  • Watching u watching asmr💗

    Shelby HoulahanShelby Houlahan5 månader sedan
  • I love watching your videos!!! You inspire me to become a healthy person. I'm also glad you watch gentlewhisper because I love her too. I love you both and you both inspire me so much to be my better self on the outside, especially more on the inside❤️ thank you for being such a humble awesome person 😊❤️

    WonderKatWonderKat5 månader sedan
  • Blitz more asmr pls kthnx

    Brandon GaitherBrandon Gaither5 månader sedan
  • Hope you are well :) How is Brandon getting on?

    Owen LargeOwen Large5 månader sedan
  • whats the race of this cat?

    Szymet02Szymet025 månader sedan
  • Just found your channel...great vibe here. Love your hand movement vids....super tingly and relaxing. My new go to. Geat content...well done. Subbed...

    Curtis WhittCurtis Whitt5 månader sedan
  • I think you would love Nefertiti ASMR. It's french but honestly doesn't even matter. She reminds me a lot of you as she is also very genuine and makes you feel like a warm embrace.

    Camille Despalle de BearnCamille Despalle de Bearn5 månader sedan
  • If you really wanna melt while looking at cooking videos checkout Hidamari Cooking. She makes my relaxation and hunger wrestle for control of my body XD. Also I don't know how she and her husband stay so thin with that level of pastry cooking. I'd probably weight 600 pounds if I had a wife that made pastries on that level.

    AsavarKulAsavarKul5 månader sedan
  • Hey friend :)

    Domi NikDomi Nik5 månader sedan
  • Romancing the Stone is a 1984 American romantic comedy-adventure film directed by Robert Zemeckis.

    fer redfer red5 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Aszte๕Aszte๕5 månader sedan
  • Yes! I love that video by Maria. I've watched it at least 300 times and it never gets old.

    Rose BRose B5 månader sedan
  • you're the most inspiring person on the internet. like everything you post makes me so motivated to live more healthy, organized and balanced life. sometimes when I want to get calm I just scroll through your ig page and it makes me so satisfied. girl, please don't stop uploading, we need you out there

    Maria DoboszMaria Dobosz5 månader sedan
  • Enjoying you vids ...I only WISH you would make one of your heartbeat. There are so many ASMRers doing it and I know you have the equip to make a great recording!

    David BlakeDavid Blake5 månader sedan
  • can you please do a video on how you plan your meals/shop for groceries/staple foods? love your videos♥️

    Shirley ZhouShirley Zhou5 månader sedan
  • Hey, I’m doing well. I liked the video, but I’m not sure im a fan of the way you cut your Kiwi. 😝

    Javier QuintanillaJavier Quintanilla5 månader sedan
  • ahh! i loveee that physical therapy video by Maria. I've probably watched it 500 times too

    kelli mcguirekelli mcguire5 månader sedan
  • Tout les matins tu fais ça :)

    The yassine MoiThe yassine Moi5 månader sedan
  • OK

    The yassine MoiThe yassine Moi5 månader sedan
  • Highly recommend Ting Ting ASMR!!! She's Chinese, her accent and tone of voice are so soothing, and she does all sorts of different types of roleplays. I've found her to be somewhat similar to Maria, and I absolutely love her.

    Kelcie BeanKelcie Bean5 månader sedan
  • I fuckin love you, Julia! Your videos have gotten me thru some dark days within the past year. Went through breast cancer, chemo and 6 reconstructive surgeries. You have a special gift with people. You’re so kind and genuine. And I just think the world of you. ♥️ Much love from Sacramento, Cali.

    Laurie WatkinsLaurie Watkins5 månader sedan
  • watch the anime Your Name!

    canonettecanonette5 månader sedan
  • I didn’t even know ASMR was a thing in 2013

    L VL V5 månader sedan
  • Thank you for all the info! So sweet.

    kerrylynn dekanskikerrylynn dekanski5 månader sedan
  • Maria's physical therapist visit is one of my go-to absolute favourite ASMR videos and i've watched it so many times i've lost count! Her old videos are somehow the most relaxing for me as she has this sweet, gentle nature that makes you feel so nurtured and taken care of. It's so funny you also go to that same video! I also enjoy the recliner chair one she did (another oldie) super relaxing, do you know it? I've been having a very difficult year to be honest and asmr is such a comfort. You are so cool and genuine, thank you Julia

    SophieSophie5 månader sedan
  • I love everything about you and your channel💛 I’d be super into to a video about your tattoos/ or any after care tips you might have.

    Charlie SzwarcCharlie Szwarc5 månader sedan
  • I could watch you all day

    Jay-TeeJay-Tee5 månader sedan
  • Those are some sick tattoos

    HowDoYouDo 42HowDoYouDo 425 månader sedan
  • hillo

    Amex BlackAmex Black5 månader sedan
  • Music is nice Lets be friends, & grow together!

    Emancipated MeditationsEmancipated Meditations5 månader sedan
  • If you like calming stuff + food related videos, check out Dianxi Xiaoge's channel. She lives in a more rural area in China with her family and big Alaskan Malamute, and they basically show her picking her own produce and cooking it from the areas nearby her family home. It's shot well and just super calming haha.

    Myth.Myth.5 månader sedan
  • Julia, I bought that tea because of you

    Ic babyIc baby5 månader sedan
  • Thank youJulia for your time and love for your audience . I also follow Maria she’s reminds me of you ... very honest , humble and is a beautiful soul. I appreciate you bringing us into you life , we are “ friends “ a community of people supporting each other . I love all your vids from ASMR , to kitty adventures in your home , to you perfecting ice skating ⛸ “ or close to it , “ Have a wonderful day

    Anna TerronesAnna Terrones5 månader sedan
  • My go-to relaxing video to watch is your one in Paris with the girl with red hair. I’ve definitely watch it around twice a week.

    Lindsay RebeccaLindsay Rebecca5 månader sedan
  • Quanto sei bella .. relax..

    SWolvesSWolves5 månader sedan
  • another relaxing youtuber I love to watch is LIziqi!

    Sydney LowSydney Low5 månader sedan
  • Ephemeral Rift does amazing asmr videos, and I've seen how bad the riots and wildfires are in Cali. I'm in upstate new york so the virus is calm and there's no riots by me but sending support. I couldn't live in LA bc it's too crowded and expensive but I wanna visit

    RenpeachRenpeach5 månader sedan
  • Watch all of Studio Ghibli movies, such good vibes 💕

    Saswati ChandSaswati Chand5 månader sedan
  • PLEASE do another POV skincare asmr vid🥺those are amazing

    avaaemlcs Lucasavaaemlcs Lucas5 månader sedan
  • I feel like you could be a therapist

    XavierXavier5 månader sedan
  • A viewing recommendation: I watched the Netflix film Horse Girl starring Alison Brie today. It wasn't a feel good movie in any way, but it ended up being pretty uplifting and left me feeling very serene. I really recommend it to anyone with eyes (the visuals are simple but stunning)

    MikRubinMikRubin5 månader sedan
  • Such a relaxing video 💜 thank you Julia for sharing your regular day and making it look so peaceful. I have some ASMRtists for you as a recommendation. Now that I saw you like Maria, you will definitely enjoy watching Nana Fox ASMR as well, because of her genuine and peaceful aura, hope you enjoy))

    Aurora 23Aurora 235 månader sedan
  • Years ago, I saw a beautiful girl shaving her legs with straight razor. Obviously I can say that, you' ve been getting younger by the time. I am admire of you. I see a healty, beautiful woman living an inspring life. I love every detail about you. ❤😍

    Tahtasız AdamTahtasız Adam5 månader sedan
  • Thanks to you I started watching Maria and Latte. You had mentioned them a while back and ever since then I'm hooked. The 3 of you are my favorite. Thank you and keep doing what you're doing I love all your videos because they feel so raw, genuine, honest and helpful in so many ways ❤ 😊

    Marisol CortezMarisol Cortez5 månader sedan
  • I have been such a huge fan of your for the last couple years and don’t really comment much but hope you are hanging in there and doing as best as you can! You really are a wonderful human being with such incredible content and it never goes unnoticed with the lovely people who follow you, keep on keeping on ❤️

    The Rusty NipThe Rusty Nip5 månader sedan
    • Omg I just realized you replied and I’m actually beside myself! I’m just happy to bask in you artistry! So really I should be thanking you!

      The Rusty NipThe Rusty Nip5 månader sedan
    • Thank you for the love! Appreciate having you here. ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • What is the opening music? It's very relaxing.

    Catherine capassoCatherine capasso5 månader sedan
  • nails are looking beautiful

    jcapuletjcapulet5 månader sedan
  • Zahel AvaZahel Ava5 månader sedan
  • ASMR session for a broken heart?

    Maggie O'RoarkMaggie O'Roark5 månader sedan
  • ANXIETY has become such a big deal now a days ,,,,, even i am feeling ANXIOUS listening of it everywhere!!!

    Quikerr RQuikerr R5 månader sedan
  • ...you know 'chai' is the most popular non english name for tea, so when one says 'chai tea' one is simply saying 'tea' twice...

    Abhishek MondalAbhishek Mondal5 månader sedan
  • What! That exact video was recommended under this video!

    J_Mike214J_Mike2145 månader sedan
  • I would watch an ASMR video of your own ASMR watching ritual... ie setting the mood, getting comfy and cosy and settling in to watch your fav vid 😉❤️☺️

    gab maygab may5 månader sedan
  • Been subscribed for at least a couple years, you're def like top 3 of my fave asmr artists/ youtubers. Thank you, Julia ❤️ And you HAVE to check out Peaceful Cuisine for food ASMR!

    Lois Elaine GuillenLois Elaine Guillen5 månader sedan
  • Ugh I feel terrible for not remembering the exact spelling but Shili TV makes amazingggg Amsr.

    Diane SDiane S5 månader sedan
  • Nice to see your update. I love Marie too and watch her videos all the time.

    Katie MKatie M5 månader sedan
  • So happy to hear Chill Baby is going to stay!! My mom lost her cat of 17 years a few months ago, and she just adopted a gray cat with green eyes too!

    Julie SchneiderJulie Schneider5 månader sedan
  • Icon. ♥️

    Sydney ESydney E5 månader sedan
  • Hiiii im a new fan ! Greetings from belgium :)))

    Monique JacobsMonique Jacobs5 månader sedan
  • My favorite non asmr channel is The Artisan Geek, she’s just so calming to listen to and seems so kind, plus has a wide range of book recommendations

    boopbleepboopbleep5 månader sedan
  • amazing video. loved it 💓

    Stephanie BlosserStephanie Blosser5 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia this video was unexpected but special giving your 'friend's an insight with you relaxing at home with your pets and your favorite cat Chilly🙂You look healthy, relaxed and beautiful like Asmr specialist Maria😘Wow you are also correct about Maria's captivating and calming personality😌Yes it would be soo special if you teamed up one day😊Thankyou both for being Asmr artist for so many people around the World🤗🙏

    stephen bannisterstephen bannister5 månader sedan
  • Does anyone else cut their kiwis in half and scoop it out with a spoon? 🥝🥄

    Kimberly RepeKimberly Repe5 månader sedan
  • ни чего не понял , но прикольно

    PullsePullse5 månader sedan
  • I really love your ASMR videos it is very relaxing myself it means besides that Foster kitten that you adopted is very cute nice videos keep up the good work I love your content 👍👍☯️☯️👍👍

    Gamer manGamer man5 månader sedan
  • Thank you for spreading positive messages and being so genuine.

    Luciana CVLuciana CV5 månader sedan
  • That cat is the perfect specimen of a cat. Just so beautiful and obviously super chill and cuddly. I’m obsessed.

    Melissa SchleierMelissa Schleier5 månader sedan