ASMR | Naturopathic doctor consultation & personalized treatment + (soft spoken)

Today’s video has been highly requested, as many of you have contacted me asking how I make the various natural products I use in many of my videos, including my essential oil sprays. We will first be meeting for a consultation and discussing your concerns and goals. I will then customize a basic kit for you to take home with some natural products that I myself use on a regular basis and products that will work well for most skin types. I only use brand new sterilized apothecary jars and sterilized recycled glass containers. They are all refillable/reusable and recyclable (although I highly encourage reuse!)

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GIVEAWAY (CLOSED: WINNER Elaine Chong @tinyvandancer...Thank you to all who entered!)
To enter my GIVEAWAY and receive the products I have made for you in today’s video, please comment below with your Instagram handle (example: itsblitzzz) or with a link to your Facebook page so that I can contact you if you are chosen. This is the safest way for me to do this type of giveaway, so my apologies if you don’t have Instagram or Facebook. One winner will receive the following: a homemade Himalayan pink salt soak specially formatted for sore muscles, a universal face and body tea tree toner, therapeutic warming massage oil, personalized relaxation room spray, a travel sized (and TSA approved) body oil for moisturization & oil cleansing, and a homemade non toxic lemongrass candle.
Winner will be announced in this description box and the community forum in 1 week.
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION FOR PETS: Many essential oils are toxic when directly ingested by pets. These products should be kept out of reach of pets and sprays should not directly sprayed on pets or in direct vicinity. The products in this video are safe to use in a pet household as long as these safety precautions are taken. Candle is safe to burn around pets as long as there is no history of chronic asthma (in which case you should avoid burning anything inside).
Additional pet info: IF YOU HAVE PETS, you should also avoid using essential oil diffusers.

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  • First, I just want to say that this video is so relaxing and well made, you can tell that a lot of care went into making it so thank you for that! I also love that you’ve included safety information for pets since a lot of people aren’t aware that essential oils can be dangerous for them (cats especially)! I’m 2 years late to finding this video, but for anyone else who may still be watching, it’s important to know that essential oils are not water soluble - which just means that they don’t mix with water. This is important because essential oils can be sensitizing to your skin if they aren’t properly diluted, and without a carrier oil or solubilizer, water can’t effectively dilute them. I’m sure most of us are just here to enjoy the video and relax, but I just wanted to add that for anyone that might also be interested in making similar products, especially the facial spray!

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  • This feels charming listen to, but Just to be clear, Naturopaths are not actual medical doctors. Also, what some alt-med practitioners like to call "Western medicine" is just scientifically TESTED treatments proven to be medicinal to a known standard of reliability. And science-based medicine is does not belong to Western societies. People from all around the world contribute to verifiable medical knowledge, and scientific methods are not a matter of cultural tradition, like most alternatives to medicine, like Ayurvedic diets or traditional Chinese potions and needle poking etc. When things like that are actually proven to actually be effective at doing what they're thought to be good for.... then they are called legit medicine. I enjoy the placebo effect and personal attention from a person with soothing presence, like here. As long as I'm not genuinely mislead to believe in the efficacy of a treatment when it's not legit.

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  • While ASMR videos about naturopaths and other pseudoscience can be fun, it’s definitely important to put a disclaimer in the video. Please consider for next time! It’s a responsibility that youtube influencers have. Thanks for listening!

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