ASMR caring friend puts you into deep sleep | brushing, hand movements, white noise (roleplay) 💤

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Hi everyone! In tonight’s video, I will be helping you wind down with some gentle personal attention and relaxing triggers. My goal is to make you feel safe, deeply relaxed, and assist with a night of great rest! I will be recreating one of my favorite childhood memories on you and adding some pleasurable sounds as well as an element of white noise (one of my biggest triggers). Please enjoy, allow yourself to let go of stressors, and leave any worries you may have behind. ❤️

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  • This video is really special to me because it reminds me of my Mom, who would often put me to sleep in this way when I was very young. She also loves ASMR and watches all of my videos (👋🏻❤️). I've tried to recreate the experience for you with the care she would show to me that made me feel so safe and relaxed. I've also included some of my favorite sounds and gentle white noise - one of my biggest triggers. Hope you enjoy! ❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz2 månader sedan
    • thought you were gonna say she passed away. Glad to know you still have her!

      Metal ArcadeMetal Arcade9 dagar sedan
    • You’re beautiful!

      Jerry Pore Jr.Jerry Pore Jr.24 dagar sedan
    • I will be over tonight !!!

      Richard MondayRichard Monday28 dagar sedan
    • Absolutely amazing video and voice, keep it up😁

      Kyle BuyerKyle BuyerMånad sedan
    • Awe so sweet

      Patrema GilbertPatrema GilbertMånad sedan
  • I just discovered your video. One question I have is, are they real?

    cksammicksammi11 timmar sedan
  • You look beautiful

    Animalmon Inc.Animalmon Inc.21 timme sedan
  • damn, you are good at this

    Wojciech KuchcikWojciech KuchcikDag sedan
  • Had a rough fight with my mom tonight. This was just What I needed. you often help me trough tough times with your videos. Thank you so much❤️

    Julia ÅknesJulia Åknes2 dagar sedan
  • Within 5 mins of you talking i fell asleep :)

    Mark ClarenceMark Clarence4 dagar sedan
  • I like how she always wears turtlenecks when she’s filming asmr it makes it seem like she thinks of it as business which I agree with (sorry if I’m not getting that right though)

    Kokichi OumaKokichi Ouma4 dagar sedan
  • this ASMR makes me melt, you're an amazing woman, so cute and gentle

    Elivelton FagundesElivelton Fagundes6 dagar sedan
  • Sale paja auditiva

    Pablo FarrerasPablo Farreras6 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know where i can find this service in the Queens or Long Island area? Help!

    Sherri TolbertSherri Tolbert6 dagar sedan
  • Can You put me to sleep?

    Cub Fan Lady LakeCub Fan Lady Lake6 dagar sedan
  • You're like a secret bonus mother.

    LysticLystic7 dagar sedan
  • A feminizing of our country would lead to a great decay, but I've watched this video over a dozen times.

    Sean FlynnSean Flynn8 dagar sedan
    • Shut up Sean

      Matthew OckeyMatthew Ockey7 dagar sedan
  • I have always been receptive to asmr especially in person. My mom would always "tickle my face" as i would call it, which is her tracing her fingers along my face, or she would sing me a soft song to sleep. I also get asmr at the doctors during exams or when i used to take piano lessons the lady had a calming voice and a warm house, i would just melt into bliss until she slapped my back for slouching haha.

    John WillisJohn Willis10 dagar sedan
  • Thanks mom! 😁

    ChaosRebornChaosReborn10 dagar sedan
  • After my dad would get drunk and beat the hell outta me, he would leave and go god knows where. After that my mom would calm me down by whispering to me, and I guess I carried that on as a calming thing.

    1970 Dodge Charger1970 Dodge Charger11 dagar sedan
  • My grandma does this when she comes over :3 she uses a tissue on my face and brushes my hair and whispers

    Avery LittmanAvery Littman11 dagar sedan
  • her saying that she is there for me while I was talking about mmy problems.. julia I'm crying

    amyamy12 dagar sedan
  • This was beautiful thank you

    CheyChey12 dagar sedan
  • it was happy ending for me

    unucatineunucatine12 dagar sedan
  • Can we see your full face?

    Angela JohnstonAngela Johnston13 dagar sedan
  • I'll bet you are beautiful inside and out. Love your soft voice!

    Adrian HigginsAdrian Higgins13 dagar sedan
  • Hi🧚‍♀️guys💓hi🤗guys🥵hi🤪guys

    Sippy LpsSippy Lps14 dagar sedan
  • I love how you describe how your mom soothed you as a child. It’s beautiful and easy to see where you get your warm, nurturing and caring from. 💜

    spidergirlw19spidergirlw1914 dagar sedan
  • gozonga!

    immeohmyohimmeohmyoh16 dagar sedan
  • Ты классная

    Joe FrazierJoe Frazier17 dagar sedan
  • sweet

    Rafael ?Rafael ?17 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves u ,repent

    HalfSpinHalfSpin17 dagar sedan
  • anything to get out of your chest "yes, I've been reading spending way too much time reading mangas before sleep, idk if it's now causing me insomnia."

    Margareth SuMargareth Su18 dagar sedan
  • Immensely relaxing, thank you! 😃

  • Julia!!! I just found this asmrartist who says is inspired by your channel. He's great and I thought you'd like to know about him. Here's his channel,and for every body else in this comment section I think you could like his content also 😇

    victoria hawkingvictoria hawking19 dagar sedan
  • No hablo inglés, pero amo estos videos 😭😭💗

    ंᴠᴀɴʏ ᴢᴀᴠᴀʟᴀंᴠᴀɴʏ ᴢᴀᴠᴀʟᴀ19 dagar sedan
  • Somehow. The turtle neck says psychologist. The tattoos say dances naked in the woods.. and the face says. .. well your pretty. Idk

    Mike JohnMike John19 dagar sedan
  • More asmr videos pls

    İrem Bilenİrem Bilen21 dag sedan
  • I would love for you to work on my face in person!

    Anthony BufortAnthony Bufort21 dag sedan
  • Chilled voice instant K.O And she has some sexy Angelina Jolie level lips.

    Chewing GumChewing Gum22 dagar sedan
  • amazing:)

    Roberto CallRoberto Call23 dagar sedan
  • Diablos señorita me duermo siempre cón éste video 💤💤💤🇦🇷 saludos desde Argentina

    Diego Osvaldo DiazDiego Osvaldo Diaz23 dagar sedan
  • You have possibly the most naturally relaxing voice and aura i've ever heard. You're a gem in the ASMR community :)

    Poshdan1988Poshdan198824 dagar sedan
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Jerry Pore Jr.Jerry Pore Jr.24 dagar sedan
  • Is there any asmr for painfull break ups? My boyfriend just broke up with me and i really would feel like something like this would help (like it so she can see it)

    Nicole TorresNicole Torres24 dagar sedan
    • @Jake Lovell a little, but when i think of him, i still feel bad

      Nicole TorresNicole Torres4 dagar sedan
    • Are you feeling any better now?

      Jake LovellJake Lovell4 dagar sedan
  • This is insanely relaxing 😌

    Wayne HillWayne Hill24 dagar sedan
  • 🦉

    Cuomo Killed My GrandmaCuomo Killed My Grandma25 dagar sedan
  • I finally figured out how to play your asmr on repeat on youtube all night on my phone lol it was so easy and I'm so happy. ❤ this is the best, I love this video.

    BethanyBethany25 dagar sedan
  • very very well done. thank you (new subscriber).

    James AloyisiusJames Aloyisius25 dagar sedan
  • You have no idea how much I have missed your asmr videos. You have the most relaxing hand movements

    Shana BeardShana Beard26 dagar sedan
  • asmr comunity is so cool and wholesome poggers

    Ryan WhoRyan Who26 dagar sedan
  • everything about her is so model

    ham sterham ster27 dagar sedan
  • We came for mel but stayed :]

    chile i-chile i-28 dagar sedan
  • me seeing the horse brush: 👁👁 me recognizing it from your insta story: now WAIT A DAMN MINU-

    marie _2116marie _211629 dagar sedan
  • I saw your tattoos and I immediately remembered them from your video with the grey sleeping kitten. That one is my favorite because you talk about how you saved the kitten. This one is phenomenal as well. Thank you!

    Jose BroJose Bro29 dagar sedan
  • ASMR G.O.A.T

    John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan

    John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan
  • olá eu gosto muito de ouvir o seu vidios

    Nedir GodoiNedir GodoiMånad sedan
  • Já dormi!

    Raul AndradeRaul AndradeMånad sedan
  • Julia, I never comment on SEcrone videos but I feel like this should definitely be an exception. I started watching your videos shortly after being diagnosed with clinical depression last year and it has been life-changing for me. I've been in a really hard place mentally and emotionally for the past several years and I have kept coming back to your videos almost every day when a panic attack begins building or I'm feeling hopeless. You are an incredible person and I can't thank you enough. Also, would you consider putting some audio from your videos on Spotify, please?? I love watching your hand movements (you have the perfect hands for asmr) but I am sure a lot of us would appreciate if we could have a way to just listen too :)

    Rebekah HouRebekah HouMånad sedan
    • Sorry to hear about your troubles friends. I hope you both get through this. Don't worry - everything falls into place eventually. You got this. Try not to think about it too much, and if you need help, just reach out to a friend - it can work wonders :)

      Dusekk76Dusekk7618 dagar sedan
    • My boyfriend passed away in october of 2019. I had the hardest time falling asleep after that. I would go days on very minimal hours of sleep and it caused me to loose my mind I think. I found her videos in my suggestions and ever since her videos have been my go to for everything. Sad, angry. can't sleep etc.

      AmbitchiousAmbitchious23 dagar sedan
  • I've never seen the end of this video because it sends me into such blissful sleep without fail

    Sarah CarianSarah CarianMånad sedan
  • anyone else watch this video every night to go to sleep?

    nate riley jonesnate riley jonesMånad sedan
  • Lara Croft,are you?

    antonio campagnaantonio campagnaMånad sedan
  • مشعل أحبك😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

    أثير السويديأثير السويديMånad sedan
  • These videos help me sleep and have gotten me to sleep in the hardest times in my life , would love if you did more videos like this this video, you are amazing thank you 😊

    Hannah JohnsonHannah JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Oooofff that invite to sleep over sounds perfect. I’ll be right over....

    john dandolajohn dandolaMånad sedan
  • This woman literally puts me to sleep, I love it. How nice that Your mom put you to sleep like this, thank you for sharing. 🙌

    Aj_the great 13 GAj_the great 13 GMånad sedan
  • I have NEVER had a tingle until I watched this video. this is just great✨thank you

    SalemmSalemmMånad sedan
  • Wait.... Makoto is that you..?

    Master Yusuke KitagawaMaster Yusuke KitagawaMånad sedan
  • I feel like you live with me in my house, because there is no day without your videos. I cant fall asleep on my own after such a stressful day having all those thoughts in my head. I feel like you are the one, who really takes care of me, although you don't even know me. Wish you all the best

    Inna DanylchukInna DanylchukMånad sedan
    • Very happy to help. Thank you so much, Inna ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • I’ve watched this 4x in a row because it’s so good

    Brenna KayBrenna KayMånad sedan
  • Your headlights are On.

    Sugar Ray LeonardSugar Ray LeonardMånad sedan
  • Oh! My mom used to do something like that when i was little! She imaginary painted me

    Elena BElena BMånad sedan
  • I like all your videos but I absolutely LOVE this one!! Closest to a personal session as Im gonna get 😁💆🧘‍♀️💚

    Tara G&Co.Tara G&Co.Månad sedan
  • Literally all it takes is for me to lean on my mom and I get drowsy. As a christian I joke that she has "the gift of sleep" lol

    The Operatic OneThe Operatic OneMånad sedan
  • You have such a gentle voice, it feels good to hear you

    Elivelton FagundesElivelton FagundesMånad sedan
  • Finding myself sleeping to this each time I watch it. Your voice is so relaxing, great asmr video. Reminds me when I was a toddler and sleeping next to Mom, her touch on my hair would make me sleep faster. Memories...💭👩‍👧💜 💤

    A ngelA ngelMånad sedan
    • I still love you.

      Edvanni FelipaEdvanni FelipaMånad sedan
  • Unrelated question: is your name from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album??

    MoonlapseVertigoMoonlapseVertigoMånad sedan
    • Yes ❤️

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
  • I’ve been very homesick lately and this helped... I miss my parents, excited to be in a new city but I also miss them so much but I left to further my career and get experience. Hope I get to live close to them again one day

    Rita76Rita76Månad sedan
  • Girl your hands make me 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😇thank you 😘❤️

    Les dèlice de amalLes dèlice de amalMånad sedan
  • i get sleepy when you gently touched the tables.. 😌 please do more of those 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Kharine LaquintaKharine LaquintaMånad sedan
  • She's hott

  • here from harmony nice's video.. so lovely!!

    BaileyBaileyMånad sedan
  • Is it only me or she looks half of Angelina Jolie?

    ZnimationsZnimationsMånad sedan
  • Thank you, it was valuable.

    Romney WordswerthRomney WordswerthMånad sedan
  • Hello, I watch your vídeos from Portugal. I Discover you during my second pregnancy, a year ago, and i trully love them and your Simple way to connect with prople

    Lígia VieiraLígia VieiraMånad sedan
  • they shouldnt do commercials during videos like these....

    Robert SteinbergerRobert SteinbergerMånad sedan
  • I listen to this video many many times Im a little conflicted Im now wondering how it ends? Lol Ive gotten as far the spray the airing of the grievances to the beginning of the make up THX IM Literally out

    Bill EldridgeBill EldridgeMånad sedan
  • I’ve watched/listened to this almost every night since you put this video up on SEcrone. Just wanted to thank you for helping me calm down and fall asleep easier. I really appreciate you. I genuinely would not be were I am without your asmr, and even your vlogs. Love ya Julia.

    Emma ArchboldEmma ArchboldMånad sedan
  • the thumbnail for this video led me to believe you were Abigail Shapiro. This is a very nice video.

    pecker556pecker556Månad sedan
  • Do you mind sharing where your top is from? 🥰

    Samantha WhoSamantha WhoMånad sedan
  • 've been watching your videos for months to fall asleep relaxed✨ I've seen and loved them all. So far, nothing has helped me better than your videos. Greetings from Germany 🌙

    Janine MüllerJanine MüllerMånad sedan
  • Thank u so much for all tours videos.... Specialy that's one ! It was a real detox for my brain and my mind !. 😊

    Magali SzafranskiMagali SzafranskiMånad sedan
  • Wow this was great! I always enjoy your videos. I’m so happy you do asmr.

    DreaaundreadreDreaaundreadreMånad sedan
  • I don’t have a mom, so I try to “mother” myself. Thank you for sharing this loving mom energy 🖤

    Nikki VNikki VMånad sedan
  • i like the cozy turtleneck vibe!

    Local_WeebLocal_WeebMånad sedan
  • 👏 HONEY 👏 I'VE 👏 MISSED 👏 THIS 👏 😍

    Dani EvansDani EvansMånad sedan
  • My mom and dad never really cared of my anxiety, I couldn’t sleep for hours and I always went to their room asking for company, but they would shake it off saying “you need to grow up, is a thing we all go through, just don’t bother us anymore. It’s not that important anyways”. This video made me feel so safe and protected, thank you :)

    Shoyo IzumiShoyo IzumiMånad sedan
    • @Shoyo Izumi i hope bro have fun with your life

      Pain _Pain _2 dagar sedan
    • @Pain _ NOOO I’m sorry maaaan. Don’t worry I’m kinda okay rn I guess. I am still trying to process that what I went trough isn’t normal and it’s considered as trauma. But DONT WORRY FOR ME IM FINW I PROMISE

      Shoyo IzumiShoyo Izumi2 dagar sedan
    • You make me sad cuz of your story bro 🤜🏼🤛🏼

      Pain _Pain _3 dagar sedan
    • Your story is so sad. Hope you overcome all that and found your inner peace and harmony.

      AlexanderDolphinAlexanderDolphin5 dagar sedan
  • Большие силиконовые сиськи а не асмр

    Mihail KravcovMihail KravcovMånad sedan
  • Pajama Pants brought me here. 😮👀😍

    Jamie LeeJamie LeeMånad sedan
  • My dad would always brush my hair growing up to help me sleep

    AshleyAshleyMånad sedan
  • Made the mistake of checking this out in the middle of my work day and I about fell asleep at my desk. AMAZING!!!! Will be playing this over and over when I go to sleep

    Ren RachelRen RachelMånad sedan
  • 06:17 👏🏽

    G DG DMånad sedan
    • ???

      ARIES 2.0ARIES 2.0Månad sedan
  • Never on youtube have I stumbled across something so serendipitously that I really really needed. It so friggin crazy that it really works OMG I would totally fall asleep in your arms real quick no joke serious, thank you for being gentle and concerning! 💯