Big news.

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Things in this video…..
Tomato Corn Pie (Epic!!!) (I make a gluten free crust for it)
Fruit salad (requested): Raspberries, Blackberries, Kiwi, Navel Oranges, Clementines, Lime Juice
Easy Green Salad (requested): Spinach mix, cherry tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, fresh grated Parmesan cheese, vinaigrette (I love Bragg's brand)

Products mentioned (NOT sponsored, consult your physician before adding any supplements to your diet):
Magnesium (Calm):
Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate:
Equestrian lower back/lumbar support:
Back stretcher: (upon using this, I don’t think it is a necessary purchase)
Resistance band set:
Ankle weights (2 lbs each, 4 lb set):
Mini foam roller:

Stretching videos I love: (Yin yoga)

The music I use in my vlogs:

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  • Feelin pretty good about these non-sponsored vids lately, HBU???

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzzMånad sedan
    • I definitely enjoyed watching you as excited and energized as you were talking about the big news. As always, I hope you are well and thriving, regardless of what any of us think😸

      Caitlin KellyCaitlin Kelly6 dagar sedan
    • Loving it

      Sarah GortlerSarah Gortler26 dagar sedan
    • good for you both!!! 💛

      denisedenise27 dagar sedan
    • With how many views you get on your asmr videos I would expect more subscribers 😁 I also miss your asmr videos very much

      hailey marvinhailey marvin28 dagar sedan
    • I love seeing you happy in your own element. Your happiness is key 🥰

      Boho BBoho B29 dagar sedan
  • Ha the last video I watched from you was in like 2011 to cut up t-shirts! So glad you’re still vlogging, now to catch up on videos!

    iiiskyllliiiskylll23 timmar sedan
  • Nicks performance was incredible! Such a talented artist in so many ways. Congratulations, SNL is huge! Totally rocked the guitar solo on "Lonely" I've been listening to it constantly. Something about the pop punk feel of it vibes my heartstrings and I just feel energized, ready to pounce on whatever comes my way, good or bad. Amazing and so necessary right now.

    Caitlin KellyCaitlin Kelly6 dagar sedan
  • What was her BIG news? I watched it twice thinking I missed it....🤓

    Lady OrleansLady Orleans7 dagar sedan
  • I also do that tap w my oatmeal 🤣. Add nut butter in it, sooooo yummy!

    Véronique & CharlieVéronique & Charlie7 dagar sedan
  • I recently moved to the US and as I'm building my life, I want to say you have been an inspiration and a role model to follow. I look forward to all your content always.

    Alma SilbertAlma Silbert9 dagar sedan
  • The fact that she might get hate for drinking real milk is hilarious to me...

    Rebecca NewmanRebecca Newman10 dagar sedan
  • I stopped birth control over a year ago, and everything stayed steady until about 9 months later (around July) and since then my PMS has been off the charts, clearly some weird hormone stuff going on... I'll look into spearmint, thanks for the recommendation :)

    Mélissa MirandaMélissa Miranda12 dagar sedan
  • I love to stretch my hip flexers and hamstrings on the edge of the bed. It works well and is much softer than a floor. Both are very related to lower back issues when too tight. Hope this helps. Thanks for the sharing part of your day.

    Adrian HigginsAdrian Higgins13 dagar sedan
  • Follow me

    MOROCCAN FIGHTERS NEWS المقاتلون المغاربةMOROCCAN FIGHTERS NEWS المقاتلون المغاربة14 dagar sedan
  • Nick killed it at SNL!

    siljebeefsiljebeef14 dagar sedan
  • Inversion Table: Degenerative disc disease runs in the females in my family tree. Inversion tables help to stretch the lower back and spine. Truly life changing, helps promote healing, blood flow and pain relief.

    KarmaKarma14 dagar sedan
  • I love you so much

    Samantha MichelleSamantha Michelle14 dagar sedan
  • i love her

    Victoria ReynagaVictoria Reynaga16 dagar sedan
  • Me trying to guess what you were making for dinner as it was happening: "Pasta!?...Pizza!! pie? QUICHE!....Tomato pie?? *confusion at the addition of corn* ....That looks SO delicious whatever it is!!"

    Kelcie BeanKelcie Bean16 dagar sedan
  • Very beautiful 😍👍

    Lolo GLolo G16 dagar sedan
  • Great video!! I taped this SNL & after watching this video I went back to see your boyfriend. My GOD he is talented!!!! Did a great job!!!! More More More please. Loved his guitar solo & this song is my favorite. Makes me think of my parents who passed on. I cried. Very emotional song. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    Victoria HillVictoria Hill16 dagar sedan
  • Just keep moving ☺️ I like to do Yoga yoga yoga and walking some HIIT . I'm 54 I have the same feeling I don't want to get stiff an unable to be agile. Veggie diet for 25 years helps I think you will be fine. You seen very aware and take care of yourself well. Thanks for the video ❤️

    Julie ColeenJulie Coleen17 dagar sedan
  • Love this so much! Just as relaxing as an asmr video but we can connect with you even more. Just curious if you can make a more detailed video about your stretching routine?

    Salty SagSalty Sag18 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TRE57 ProductionTRE57 Production19 dagar sedan
  • that is so cool!! also we have the same containers as you and idk why but that made me really happy 😂

    Nia & MiaNia & Mia19 dagar sedan
  • I use spearmint tea to help manage PCOS holistically. It even slows hair growth...way better for my body than spironolactone!

    Angel SmithAngel Smith20 dagar sedan
  • Please please bring back your ASMR vids xx

    kayla faulknerkayla faulkner20 dagar sedan
  • I'll never understand packed oatmeal. Like...why? :D

    plantifulalexandraplantifulalexandra20 dagar sedan
  • I find that taking magnesium at the end of the day helps relax me. I believe it helps with muscle cramps as well!

    BB21 dag sedan
  • I miss the queen of asmr 🥺

    Maisie JohnsonMaisie Johnson21 dag sedan
  • Try lifting weights via barbell squats. I used to struggle with intermittent back pain and aches a lot especially around my period... it's basically disappeared in the last 5 months since I started lifting :)

    PP22 dagar sedan
  • I know it’s probably an American thing over there, but hearing that ‘pie’ not being called a Quiche.. triggered me 👀

    TheOriginalZoboTheOriginalZobo22 dagar sedan
  • I like how Nick is so humble and cute! He doesn't drink alcohol?

    Cheeky CheesyCheeky Cheesy22 dagar sedan
  • Nick shredded it, especially on “Lonely”. Congrats!!!

    Angela GriceAngela Grice22 dagar sedan
  • Would you consider doing a video on your wardrobe? I love all your outfits. I feel like you have a good collection of basics and a minimal style. 💛💛💛

    shelby speedshelby speed22 dagar sedan
  • Loved this video! You look really content. 😍

    Nelia GeldenhuysNelia Geldenhuys23 dagar sedan
  • I just made my first ASMR video....totally inspired by you❤️❤️

    Razz n Spice ASMRRazz n Spice ASMR23 dagar sedan
  • I have a pretty solid case of knife envy after seeing you chop 😍 that blade is so beautiful! Also, love showering with my bf if it's a fancy big shower, but not in a regular one, because one of us is always outside the jet of water 🥶

    LizTiddingtonLizTiddington23 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe I didn't know Nick worked with MGK! Im obsessed with Colson and his music so I guess I'm obsessed with Nick's songwriting too!

    ClurrClurr23 dagar sedan
  • Milk is freakin delicious, the haters can kick rocks

  • Big news or blitzzz news?

  • So cool that Nick was on SNL! Funny - I watched the episode before watching your blog post, and my eyes naturally gravitated to Nick. It didn't click who he was at the time but I knew he looked familiar!

    Mégan AlbaMégan Alba24 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    Abo HashimAbo Hashim24 dagar sedan
  • Can we have a recipes video compilation or something?! 🤤 Everything you make looks so delicious and seeing it prepared is some really nice ASMR 🥴

    Becca SparksBecca Sparks24 dagar sedan
  • my dad bought a back stretcher and it did not work for him but that doesn't mean it wont for you

    Nelly HumphreyNelly Humphrey24 dagar sedan
  • What is your gluten-free pie crust recipe? Also, could you recommend a substitution for the corn, since am allergic to it? Thanks!

    Jose SeijoJose Seijo24 dagar sedan
  • I love showering with my significant other we always have super meaningful conversations

    leslie aragonleslie aragon24 dagar sedan
  • Sorry about the negative energy earlier--I deleted that comment. The irony is that I actually like you a lot, but I'm just very partial to the ASMR videos. My comment earlier was something I typed in haste, not to insult you. My point was not that your personal content sucks but that I just love the ASMR so much and wish you'd do more of that. Sorry I expressed myself in a harsh way...My problem is that I cannot enjoy ASMR videos after I've watched them twice, so I'm always on the hunt for more good ones and yours really are the best. Have a good night!

    Colonel KurtzColonel Kurtz24 dagar sedan
  • Your family is awesome! And wow that's so cool! I missed the show but very happy for you guys to have that experience!

    Katy WebbKaty Webb24 dagar sedan
  • I love my foam roller. I started using one when I was dancing a lot during high school. They are literally so good for working soreness/knots out of muscles post-work out.

    Isabella RoseIsabella Rose24 dagar sedan
  • I love seeing what kind of food you have. I’ve been making the goat cheese eggs you made, I’ll add garlic and onion to it a lot! :p

    Nuggy SoulsNuggy Souls24 dagar sedan
  • You’re very beautiful!!!!

    Jerry Pore Jr.Jerry Pore Jr.24 dagar sedan
  • People who are reading this I hope you have a good day and don’t let no one change that!! Stay safe❤️❤️

    Kwarlicorn TVKwarlicorn TV24 dagar sedan
  • Literally had no idea he was a musician, but while I was watching SNL I was like “that looks like Itsblitzzz’ partner.” Too funny.

    Brett HowellBrett Howell24 dagar sedan
    • what video?

      DaveDave24 dagar sedan
  • ASMR tomato corn pie recipe? I think yes!!

    SuperChonga123SuperChonga12325 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making videos that encourage healthy eating and good living.

    Nicholas MillerNicholas Miller25 dagar sedan
  • Okay I just TOTALLY geeked out lol -- he was SO good! I was watching all the reels from SNL and was like "wait.....HUH?" He was amazing! Great stage presence -- congrats to you guys!

    Tory ColvinTory Colvin25 dagar sedan
    • Thanks so much, Tory!

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz24 dagar sedan
  • Finally had a chance to watch SNL! How exciting for Nick! A great episode and he absolutely shredded! Cheers to you both!

    Amy O'DonnellAmy O'Donnell25 dagar sedan
  • Very happy for you and Nick!! I miss your soothing whispers and tapping sounds to fall 😴. Such peaceful voice.

    Yari GarciaYari Garcia25 dagar sedan
  • my husband and i shower together every night before bed. it's just a normal shower but it's so nice to have that time without any screens or distractions to just be together ❤️

    alyssa brightalyssa bright25 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Nick! SNL is iconic. That pie looks sooo good. Side note: why would you get comments for drinking milk?

    NoOvernightGuestsNoOvernightGuests26 dagar sedan
  • that tomato corn pie looks so good. I decided to make it tomorrow omg

    Nicole CarterNicole Carter26 dagar sedan
  • Omg how amazing that Nick wrote those songs on MGK’s last album!! I’ve been listening to that album so so much and I love it! Happy for him that he can finally do these dope things again in the music industry

    richellemellemarichellemellema26 dagar sedan
  • My bf and I shower together all the time it's are time to just come together after a long day ❤

    Cailynn TrujilloCailynn Trujillo26 dagar sedan
  • Nick was INCREDIBLE at the end of Lonely on SNL. Congratulations!!

    Kay MauriceKay Maurice26 dagar sedan
  • JULIA - I SPOTTED THAT XENA VHS. I am so excited/ jealous. That’s so FUN.

    Ashley PaulAshley Paul26 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos they help me relax !!!!

    Fernando MorfinFernando Morfin26 dagar sedan
  • Really loved you sharing your special night with Nick. Everything looked so good! I smiled when you said you were taking a shower together. Such a lovely genuine intimate moment to share -- sexual or not.

    Andrea PAndrea P27 dagar sedan
  • omfg I thought he looked familiar when I was watching SNL! I was like is that Julia's S.O!? so cool

    Alex WallerAlex Waller27 dagar sedan
  • Definitely watched SNL mostly for Nick this week -- HE SHREDDED DUDE!! so happy for him and so happy for you two :) good things coming to good people!

    Sarah GuySarah Guy27 dagar sedan
  • The food you make always looks so beautiful and wholesome.

    DustinDustin27 dagar sedan
  • Ugh I just adore your vlogs!

    April LynnApril Lynn27 dagar sedan
  • You should come out with a sock line “Blitzzz Sock co.”🧦 😍

    April LynnApril Lynn27 dagar sedan
  • Excersizing idea- Jump rope! So easy to travel with too!!

    April LynnApril Lynn27 dagar sedan
  • this is so cool!!!!!! sending love to you both!!!!

    faerie princessfaerie princess27 dagar sedan
  • O.M.G. BRAVO to Nick! We LOVE MGK! #216strong. MGK's last album was the first rock album to hit no. 1 on the billboards in over a year. They put on an outstanding performance. I went back and watched it again and Nick had the black hat on, right? Sooo cool. What an outstanding writer. Kudos! The CLE is a fan!!! 🙌❤

    Beth JudgeBeth Judge27 dagar sedan
  • Oh my gosh, congratulations! I saw the performance yesterday, but now am just watching this. Will have to watch it again.

    Hilary L HahnHilary L Hahn27 dagar sedan
  • I suffer from lower back pain as well. A trick I have been doing is taking two pillows and placing them at the edge of my bed. I lay down on my belly/ chest and let my upper half hang off my bed. I take five deep breaths and then come back up. I find it to help align my back and Reduce my pain. Hope it helps! I have been a fan of your content and channel since 2018!

    Isabella DroletIsabella Drolet27 dagar sedan
  • omg the hug, so wholesome

    Anna SarkissovaAnna Sarkissova27 dagar sedan
  • Showering is where I have found I had really connecting moments with my partner. We just chat about our days while relaxing under the warm water. It’s so simple and feels so lovely. Highly recommend!

    Megan BournesMegan Bournes27 dagar sedan
  • No partner to shower with. Single as a dollar bill and Covid is not helping my situation 🥺😩

    dierjrandierjran27 dagar sedan
  • My uncle is a retired jailbird. LOL !!! But, he's awesome too!!!

    Nycole EdwardsNycole Edwards27 dagar sedan
  • I love you tattoos I know you maide a video about them but can you maybe tell us who you get them done by I love theme so much and I love you ASMR 🥰😍

    Regina ZapataRegina Zapata27 dagar sedan
  • Oatmeal is truly one of the greatest foods ever.

    Belinda JoBelinda Jo27 dagar sedan
  • Congrats to exciting!!!!

    Katie MKatie M27 dagar sedan
  • Hello Julia! About your back stretcher, I follow a french physiotherapist who denounces « fakemeds » cause there is not enough legislation to regulate the medical appellation and brands often claims false statements. He recently sued them for using his image for their advertisement. I link you the video just in case (because there is not english subtitles): At least, it may encourage you to dig deeper on your side :) technically it won’t be as bad for you as vulnerable targets are those who buy it hoping it can cure their back aches and you do it in prevention. On that note, I will end saying that I love your values and chill videos! Thank you for your work!

    Hard_CandyHard_Candy27 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for reminding me to streeeeetch tonight! Legs up the wall has always helped with my lower back and hip issues. Something about reversing the blood flow just feels so good.

    Lindsay WhalenLindsay Whalen27 dagar sedan
  • My husband and I don't own a microwave either by choice. We always reheat everything on the stove or in the oven. ☺️ Oh, what are your thoughts on the Always Pan? I've been thinking about purchasing one.

    Leonor QuezadaLeonor Quezada27 dagar sedan
  • LOVE the Calm line of products.

    Erica DerbyErica Derby27 dagar sedan

    willow wilderwillow wilder28 dagar sedan
  • That dinner looks amazing 🤤

    graceypantsgraceypants28 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been making sure I stretch every day too! Not leaving the house like ever really takes a toll lol. Would love an update on the arch stretcher, i’ve been thinking about getting one! I just use a foam roller on my back.

    Nicole PisaNicole Pisa28 dagar sedan
  • Lol there is something very satisfying about smacking all of the oats to the bottom of the baggie, I totally do that too!

    Nat MNat M28 dagar sedan
  • Whoa! I am so here for Planet of the Vampires.

    Mlle GhoulMlle Ghoul28 dagar sedan
  • “Who the fuck is she?!” Lol you are THAT BITCH, love you queen 💕✨

    Kyra CheeraKyra Cheera28 dagar sedan
  • could you drop the recipe for your mom’s tomato corn pie? i would love to make it!❤️

    Jess LopezJess Lopez28 dagar sedan
  • Are there people who *don't* eat their leftovers? Like they would just toss a piece of pie or a whole serving of fresh fruit salad?

    Martha SpizziriMartha Spizziri28 dagar sedan
  • Julia here´s a video that helped me a lot, it's a 10-minute yoga practice for back pain, hope you can watch it, that channel also has nice meditations

    Dani MariscalDani Mariscal28 dagar sedan
  • Taking a nice, relaxing, hot shower with my partner is always a self care thing!

    ArmedCadaver illustratesArmedCadaver illustrates28 dagar sedan
  • watching you make that dinner was the most relaxing thing ive seen in ages omg

    ArmedCadaver illustratesArmedCadaver illustrates28 dagar sedan
  • ohhhh my dad has that foam roller in orange and its lovely

    ArmedCadaver illustratesArmedCadaver illustrates28 dagar sedan
  • Nick kicked ass on SNL. AND it was really good music. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    XHONOR2012XXHONOR2012X28 dagar sedan
  • Ugh! Y'all are so cuuuute!!! Congrats to Nick for SNL!! He is incredibly talented!! Try supported "fish pose" for back pain. My fave!! -M

    Grace Yoga LifeGrace Yoga Life28 dagar sedan
  • If you find yourself still struggling with your back after two months, go see a physical therapist.

    Kyle EllsworthKyle Ellsworth28 dagar sedan