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  • What is everyone else doing to wind down these nights and stay sane? Leave your favorite night time tips & habits below. ❤️❤️❤️

    itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
    • Where can I find that candle the big one you showed😩😩😩😩

      K KK K2 månader sedan
    • I have something extremely important to say!!!!! You said you’ve tried everything. Have you tried Advion Ant Gel (Amazon)????? I used it ONCE and I haven’t seen any ants (not one!!!) in almost two years and they are really bad where I live. Please excuse the ridiculous amount of punctuation marks and question marks, I was just really excited to share that solution with you. That is all.

      1 21 23 månader sedan
    • I like to read a book before I go to sleep 😘

      Marijke HovelynckMarijke Hovelynck5 månader sedan
    • I take care of family pets and household, then i take a shower, brush my teeth and fall asleep on the couch or somewhere else until my husband wakes me up and tells me to come to bed 😅 not that romantic but that's how it is 😁😂

      chestnutandmushroomschestnutandmushrooms5 månader sedan
    • I journal as my hubby finishes his work notes with chilled cow playlist and then make sure to stretch/ short yoga practice before bed. And of course lots of water 💦❤

      Amanda D.Amanda D.5 månader sedan
  • The ANTS ahhh!! Awful

    Kate MKate M24 dagar sedan
  • Just subbed. That brunch conversation you two were having was hilarious.

    Zay XoZay Xo2 månader sedan
  • I actually very much agree with Nick and his views on brunch

    didithurtdidithurt2 månader sedan
  • i love how during the day you guys mostly wear gray and black and at night yall are both wearing white. so cute.

    Gypsy JaneGypsy Jane2 månader sedan
  • u r too good for him

    Colette WoodColette Wood3 månader sedan
  • bRuNCh is pretentious anywayyyyy

    Idfk UghIdfk Ugh3 månader sedan
  • i swear you're the only person that can get me motivated to clean (especially my bathroom). life saver thank you

    Alexis MasinoAlexis Masino3 månader sedan
  • cant tell if her bf is in his 20's or 50's

    general pattongeneral patton3 månader sedan
  • I love your voice, it's relaxing :)

    Prisilla GutierrezyPrisilla Gutierrezy3 månader sedan
  • Nice profile on Nick in Billboard. Great pic and clips.

    S SS S3 månader sedan
  • Night time snack is essential! E.g. an oatcake with goat cheese, basil oil & dried thyme. I also usually face rub my cat’s head so she gets pampered (her essential routine), then clean my face and moisturise with Kiehl’s overnight masque.

    Heloise ThomsonHeloise Thomson3 månader sedan
  • I had a 30 minute conversation the other night explaining to a friend that the skins of apples and crunchy lettuce make me cringe. I am so glad I am not alone (maybe with the lettuce still though) lol.

    Natalie LunzerNatalie Lunzer3 månader sedan
  • Any updates on the ant issue?? I think about it okay

    louisehelminglouisehelming3 månader sedan
  • Hi. I love the tea kettle. Where can I find one? Thank you

    Teri Barba AriasTeri Barba Arias3 månader sedan
  • I was saving to watch this video during my post-finals spa night because I knew I would find it relaxing and I am not disappointed

    Chuck CharlesChuck Charles3 månader sedan
  • Hi Julia, I know you’ve probably answered this question so many time so I’m very sorry...but where is your kettle from?

    Izumi MIzumi M3 månader sedan
  • Brunch = Breakfast and Lunch

    Kimbella BellaKimbella Bella3 månader sedan
  • Love this

    Gacha_gamerGacha_gamer3 månader sedan
  • Lol

    Gacha_gamerGacha_gamer3 månader sedan
  • Comfy clothes make everything better.

    marlnmarln3 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Lara OliveiraLara Oliveira4 månader sedan
  • you are keep on rightnow. ı got it

    Respect FROM İOsRespect FROM İOs4 månader sedan
  • You can eat Persimmons like an apple. Just a munch

    JessJess4 månader sedan
  • I love the sock thing. I cannot wear socks to bed that I've worn all day! I thought it was just me!!

    Maria OlsenMaria Olsen4 månader sedan
  • PLEASE tell me where to get those socks

    LvnzLvnz4 månader sedan
  • Watching ASMR 😉

    Tina MckimTina Mckim4 månader sedan
  • Love this! 🌟

    S BrennanS Brennan4 månader sedan
  • 👍

    Kerry ChristensenKerry Christensen4 månader sedan
  • I am a new subscriber. My wife and I watched many of your videos today and are really enjoying your channel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, perspectives and amazing ideas on so many topics. My wife and I realized we both need a better wind down routine especially during these challenging times including a better nighttime snack. Lately, she reads and I watch an old movie before sleeping.

    Cinema Dave MediaCinema Dave Media4 månader sedan
  • I drink hot 🍵 tea

    Jude DimatteoJude Dimatteo4 månader sedan
  • I love watching couples banter. It's so entertaining

    Solar's CheeksSolar's Cheeks4 månader sedan
  • I hate to say it, Julia, but I think Nick nailed what brunch is: breakfast with a line that’s an excuse for people to drink with their eggs 😂

    Laura HerbergLaura Herberg4 månader sedan
  • 0:41 Being British who drinks copious amounts of tea that's the strangest kettle i have ever seen in my life it looks like something you water your indoor plants with

    AffectionatepunchAffectionatepunch4 månader sedan
  • I love to make lists:) I need them to help me get my daily tasks complete.

    Hilary L HahnHilary L Hahn4 månader sedan
  • My hubby thinks the same, he doesn't like the word brunch or the ordeal of going to it but he loves a dirty greasy waffle house any day... I on the other hand love brunch, no waffle house. It must be a guy thing lol. Also, some tips for the ants: Try and find where they come in and re-seal or weatherproof that area (door, window, gaps around outlets, etc), you can make a spray with neem oil, a little bit of dish soap, clove oil and water. They don't like clove. Neem oil is great for insects, plant pests etc. Its non toxic and safe for the environment. It has so many uses. Also, you can sprinkle diatomeceous earth on corners and edges. Again, non toxic, safe for animals and environment.

    Gwynn VordrGwynn Vordr4 månader sedan
  • Possible ant problem tip. I've never used it but my best friend who does alot of gardening has for bugs and ants. Either can use just straight vinegar in a spray bottle with alittle bit of water. She also uses alittle bit of vinegar, water and about 1/4 teaspoon of dish soap. Just barely enough to make bubbles in the bottle but not that much. She has animals and she has found using the vinegar and water is safest for them. I know there are others but watching your video just reminded me and thought it would help if you are still having the problem. Congrats one the house! :)

    GamersTwistedFantasyGamersTwistedFantasy4 månader sedan
  • It's funny because when you said you are critical of the way you speak, I was thinking I really like your voice! It is both clear and relaxing ❤️

    Ginger SalGinger Sal4 månader sedan
  • no one is talking abt the ants omg how long have they been there.....also u should call someone

    gec gec !gec gec !4 månader sedan
  • Please do more routine Julia ❤️

    julia havlikjulia havlik4 månader sedan
  • It’s so weird hearing you not whisper when I’m so used to it

    Rue DadiRue Dadi4 månader sedan
  • OMG me too I’m very critical of the way I speak

    tropical candylandtropical candyland5 månader sedan

    hansenhansen5 månader sedan
  • I don’t even know if this works and it sounds ridiculous but I’ve heard a weird thing that ants won’t cross a chalk line. Idk how some people would feel about chalk in the house but it would be so interesting to see if that actually works! At least it’s easily washable 😂

    KLS 100KLS 1005 månader sedan
  • You're AMAZING Julia!

    JoJo Dot O.JoJo Dot O.5 månader sedan
  • I am in absolute LOVE with the restroom tile

    Ray LuvRay Luv5 månader sedan
  • We know what Nick is talking about. Brunch is terrible classist and egregious.

    nonstophomenonstophome5 månader sedan
  • Huge proponent of socks here!!

    Rebecca FredenrichRebecca Fredenrich5 månader sedan
  • Appreciate some very good tips to create an aura of cleanliness and a clear mind.

    oliver rojasoliver rojas5 månader sedan
  • outside of watching a favorite topic on SEcrone on cars or whatever topic might pop up on the screen I try to eat something and then go to bed.

    oliver rojasoliver rojas5 månader sedan
  • Lunner= lunch dinner dinfast= dinner breakfast (not sure what time this would be eaten) and then there's second dinner, midnight snack and all the daytime snacks. Yay food :)

    Gabee eeeGabee eee5 månader sedan
  • "buy some milk"

    KingaKinga5 månader sedan
  • Anyone know where she’s moving to? I’m so excited for her!!!

    Blakely PhilbeckBlakely Philbeck5 månader sedan
  • I thought they broke up or took a break or whatever. What happened? What did I miss?

    FidelioFidelio5 månader sedan
  • أنت لا أنا لا أنتم لا نحن لا هو لا هي لا

    Batih AfandiBatih Afandi5 månader sedan
  • You clean very well. I’m an exhausted NAC in nursing school! Love ya!

    Pat ClevelandPat Cleveland5 månader sedan
  • Julia where are you we miss you! You are a superstar!

    Pat ClevelandPat Cleveland5 månader sedan
  • Nice sharing ❤️❤️👍👍 New friend 👍❤️👍😊😊🌹🌹💐🔔

    The Husain's KitchenThe Husain's Kitchen5 månader sedan
  • oh my god the ants i'm so sorry, i hope you find a way to kill them soon, peace to all creatures but honestly ^fuck ants^

    narwhalfuturism91narwhalfuturism915 månader sedan
  • tip for the ants problem: put some salt on their trail! they really hate it and will rather go away.

    Tina CTina C5 månader sedan
  • I really hate the word brunch too hahahahaha much worse than moist for me which doesn’t really bother me anymore. Also fruits or chocolates in plural 🥴

    Nymfy OfficialNymfy Official5 månader sedan
  • He's right about brunch!!

    tara myketiaktara myketiak5 månader sedan
  • I second your boyfriend's opinion of brunch.

    La ChingonaLa Chingona5 månader sedan
  • where did you buy your shower cap? I need one

    Caroline CCaroline C5 månader sedan
    • Rite Aid 🤓

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • Nick : "People call it Brunch because they want an excuse to drink with their eggs" that's hilarious my bf and i Laughed out loud.

    Veronica MendezVeronica Mendez5 månader sedan
  • Rosacea? Really? What helped you?

    ko buolysko buolys5 månader sedan
  • Best asmr artist 😁

    Alfredo SilvaAlfredo Silva5 månader sedan
  • Hey Julia just wanted to say best of luck today in the election xx

    Ruadh Kelly-HarringtonRuadh Kelly-Harrington5 månader sedan
  • Like the pillow case idea. makes a lot of sense

    Newtz PNewtz P5 månader sedan
  • Is it just me who finds silk pillowcases and sheets to be really annoying. Lol it feels like my head and everything is just about to slide off. Even though that sounds like it doesn't make sense. It is real for me lmao I feel like my skin needs fabric that holds me more in place 😄

    Katherine Grace TarotKatherine Grace Tarot5 månader sedan
  • I loved having more of Nick! He's genuinely so funny and adds more fun to the video :)

    Tiffany MTiffany M5 månader sedan
  • Hi cna you do more hair playing if you have time?

    Everything SherleenEverything Sherleen5 månader sedan
  • I love how relaxed this video is, it’s so realistic and relatable and shows how when you decided to be relaxed you can really emulate that for yourself 💞

    Dahlia WaltonDahlia Walton5 månader sedan
  • For what it's worth, I find you articulate and your words almost always reflect meaningful content for me. I'm on the East coast and was highly suspicious of a "CA girl" doing ASMR, ha, but my sister recommended you and I consider you an important one of my role models ever since. I feel you represent our generation of women wonderfully and I appreciate you. Don't be hard on yourself, we love you, support you, we're your biggest fans, and life's too short, man. Love ya--😘

    Tina YesenofskiTina Yesenofski5 månader sedan
  • The conversations with nick and his to-do list are so funny 🤣

    Kristen RogersKristen Rogers5 månader sedan
  • I love you way you speak, the way you say cotton makes me really happy, but I get that you get conscious about it

    Lauren PicklesLauren Pickles5 månader sedan
  • Omg let the brunch thing go dude haahahahaha

    sugarbluntsugarblunt5 månader sedan
    • Yeah it’s in between breakfast and lunch

      sugarbluntsugarblunt5 månader sedan
  • when I say brunch he gets disgruntled -- so cute.

    MiaMia5 månader sedan
  • I can’t sleep in socks... but as a dancer I loveee a good fresh pair of socks! I want a sock video 😂💛

    Auburn KilianAuburn Kilian5 månader sedan
  • I have the same length of hair and pull back those sides with medium butterfly clips :)

    Kallie HoriuchiKallie Horiuchi5 månader sedan
  • Thank you for sharing your raw self. I love the first draft of things. You look amazing! Loving this video so much

    Paola AshPaola Ash5 månader sedan
  • Hey, I live in the LA area too, and the ant problem is INSANE over here. I think it's an overall LA thing, the summer's been longer than usual, and that might be a reason.

    Kirthana RamanathanKirthana Ramanathan5 månader sedan
    • Yes it's been so crazy this year!!! Glad it's not just our house but hope it gets better for all of us soon 😭😭

      itsblitzzzitsblitzzz5 månader sedan
  • Hello, lovely video! Not sure about the oils, I agree they suit many skin types but would keep them away from acne prone skins.. At least this is what derm says! I prefer an occlusive such as vaseline as last step which is proven to slow down tewl and it doesn't clog (but can lock in dirt and impurities if we haven't cleansed properly)

    MyLoVeLyMaNMyLoVeLyMaN5 månader sedan
  • Ok but the argument about brunch was actually really cute and funny. I love the face you made when you asked him if he was ok 😂

    Kayla JohnsonKayla Johnson5 månader sedan
  • Wait wait. I'm confused. Grey water. Isn't that dirty water?!!?!?

    Megan GrantMegan Grant5 månader sedan
    • Genuinely asking, btw. Not criticizing.

      Megan GrantMegan Grant5 månader sedan
  • I get even more hungry eating apples. :D

    plantifulalexandraplantifulalexandra5 månader sedan
  • The foot massage while reading conversation had me cracking up! 😂 Totally something I would suggest and nicks response is identical to my partners

    majorphasesmajorphases5 månader sedan
  • 17:27 he has a pointtt he doesn’t like brunchers

    Pankaj O AhujaPankaj O Ahuja5 månader sedan
  • this is the wholesome content i signes up for

    Ro SiRo Si5 månader sedan
  • If I don’t sleep with socks on I literally don’t sleep. Don’t hate.

    Mikayla atkinsMikayla atkins5 månader sedan
  • What’s the name of the song in the beginning?😍

    lily cohenlily cohen5 månader sedan
  • lmfao I get both sides of this brunch debate.

    AA5 månader sedan
  • I try to lay down about 30 min before i need to so that i have time to stretch and do some calisthenics before bed. P.s. Hahaa Nick is the best. What's up dude ✌ What if you brought him back for a nice relaxing ASMR prostate massage 👍 i think that'd be a hit. I kid i kid, you guys rock. Thank you so much for helping me get to sleep almost every night. Cheers

    nlarraldenlarralde5 månader sedan
  • you should try carnivorous plants from your ant problem. i think a pitcher plant or a sundew could probably work

    Julia ColeJulia Cole5 månader sedan
  • Nick is right brunch is an excuse for people to drink with their eggs LOL

    Alexander MayAlexander May5 månader sedan

    Victoria NicotVictoria Nicot5 månader sedan
  • It’s the persimmons recipes for me. 😂

    Laurie WatkinsLaurie Watkins5 månader sedan
  • absolutely yes to the sock series

    Jules LouJules Lou5 månader sedan
  • I love Nick for hating brunch ❤️

    Katie GrimesKatie Grimes5 månader sedan
  • I agree with Nick about Brunch 😂

    Valerie WebbValerie Webb5 månader sedan